Tuesday, 20 October 2015

You stupid, idiot Canadians, especially you idiot Catholics!

A young Justin Trudeau, he forgot much, but he had nice hair then too.
Well you did it.

You threw out the most respected government in the western world and a Prime Minister of class and dignity, despite what other faults he may have had. An economist for a drama teacher. That is what you traded for. Our country has the lowest taxes compared to GDP in half a century, economic stability and a balanced budget, security, respect from others around the world.

What was broken?

You threw this away for a cretin who admires "China's basic dictatorship." A pot-smoking imbecile. A man who has promised to raise your taxes, run a budgetary deficit, put our country in greater debt. He has no problem keeping citizenship for terrorists, women covering their faces at citizenship ceremonies or hanging around radical jihadists in mosques - hey, take a look at how many Islamists you morons just elected.

He will stop the gateway pipeline and back the malefactor in America by not building Keystone. He will sign on to every globalist environmental treaty and he is nothing more than a puppet for globalists, Marxists and the New World Order and global governance. He hates our military, he will endanger our national security.

He is a bad man.
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You elected a Marxist who will accept what those holding the strings on his mouth tell him to say. Justin Trudeau will help to usher in the New World Order and One World Government, just as our Pope as evident in Laudato si.

Worse and this is for you, you corrupted Canadian Catholics.

You elected the son of an publicly immoral psychotic mother who instead of being home with her family danced at a New York disco with her pantyless bottom exposed for all to see and photograph. His Jesuit educated fascist father nearly bankrupted our country and brought us abortion on demand and a Charter of Rights we did not need which will gave us so called "marriage" within the sexes and euthanasia for which he will not attempt to stop. He will legalise marijuana. He is an bad Catholic and moral imbecile. 

And even worse.

He will do what Harper cancelled and that is use our taxes to murder the innocent in the wombs of their mothers around the world. You, my stupid, stupid idiot Canadian Catholics will be party to murder! As for here, he will prohibit any governing Member of Parliament from talking or thinking or acting for the unborn. 

Read that again my Catholic friend. You voted for the most aggressively pro-baby murder government in the history of this country.

Happy now you stooges?

You elected a drama teacher.

Get ready for it.


Siobhan said...

Vox, in the States the same idiot Catholics put Obama in office twice. I simply don't know what's wrong with these people. To vote for someone who openly supports child murder and sodomy is plain evil. Obama is an obvious puppet who has destroyed my country. I pray this doesn't happen to your great country. St. Joseph, patron saint of Canada, pray for your people!

Kitty said...

I live in the US and remember well Margaret Trudeau's 'antics.' And now the son. When I read the news, I came right over to your site for your opinion, knowing what you would write. This is very sad, very bad, news. May God help us.

BillyHW said...

Substitute drama teacher. For a few months, at least.

Jim J. McCrea said...

Both Obama and Trudeau are proof that Democracy no longer works.

It can only work when the electorate are properly informed - but instead they are formed by the propaganda of the left.

Lee said...

Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite is now officially our Prime Minister, Bravo!


Lee www.canadiancatechist.com

ps Great work Vox! Praying for you brother!

Unknown said...

I see you hate catholics huh? Well I am one, and me and manny manny of my friend had organized a ralley and held facebook accounts to stop the Liberals to win, us catholics made Brown become the new Conservative Party leader as if it would be him it would be the red conservative Christine Eliot, me and my friends stayed on face book talking to people for hours to persuade them to vote for Harper, but look closely i dont know where you from but here in Toronto, the what they claimed to be the biggest anemies of Liberals aka Muslims in the ridings where there was no kids in school for over a month do to massive protest of sex education implemented by Liberals i Toronto, were all red! I dont know whether the catholisc elsewhere were voting for Liberals but i can assure you that Ontario Catholics were voting for Harper. And as for covering their face this was what won the Liberals the Muslims vote, they chose to vote for someone that allowes them to cover their face on the ceremony that happens once in a lifetime over the common good of their children their ethernal life and the whole good of this country, why? because they simply dont give a dam about it why? Why should they they came from 3rd world and they canot live in the 1st world country so they try to do to lower it to their standards, so instead of calling the catholics stupid you should talk to your fellow Canadians about the political correctnes going out of the way and warn them that being scared of the disrimination word is not going to do them any good. It is not the Catholics that brought this upon this country, as a true catholic would neve choose a pro death candidate and as they are hard to find these days. It is the Canadians that let themselves brainwashed into thinking that killing is a freedom of choice, the canadians who love to have freedom to smoke wheat, its the canadians that love the gay and Muslims so much that they entrasted someone like trudoe to rule the country, and as per how many Muslims are being let in, they let themselves in as there is plenty of them in the govt already. So please in all the respect blame the Catholics for this mess, as you pointing finger at wrong people.

Luke said...

I wouldn't have been so vituperative, but I totally agree. We're in for a rough four years.

Vox Cantoris said...

Dear Sylvia,

You do realise that I am a Catholic, right? I am in Toronto, as it states on the left column which you clearly didn’t look at. You’ve let a headline upset you instead of reading what was written. Do you know how many Catholic there are in the Archdiocese of Toronto and the GTA? In 2014, there were 2,086,000 Catholics in the Archdiocese which includes Toronto, Oshawa, Mississauga and Brampton, north to Barrie and Penetanguishine and east to Port Perry. That is 34.75 of the total population and you want to blame Muslims? Well, at least the Muslims voted in their interests and as a block with many candidates now elected to the House of Commons. So, think for a minute. Do you think 35% of Catholics in Toronto voted Conservative when nearly every seat went Liberal? If every Catholic voted against the anti-life policies of the corrupted Trudeau he would not be Prime Minister designate today. Now, shall we talk about Quebec?

So yes, I am blaming Catholics. Stupid Catholics. Immoral Catholics. Badly catechised Catholics. Self-serving Catholics. Catholic teacher unionist and other Catholics In Name Only. Those Catholics voted for marijuana, euthanasia, abortion permanence, abortion funding in the Third World, prostitution and I won’t even talk about the economic pain, taxes, security issues from and Islamist sympathiser and the One World Government this malefactor will help usher in.

Yes, I am blaming Catholics because if we were united like the sodomites, Marxists or Muslims, the situation would be different and we could end abortion nearly overnight. We would rule the country.

Fox said...

Stalin has great hair too! Remarkable resemblance.

Fox said...

In more ways than one...

Unknown said...

Dear Vox, yes i did miss the part that you too are from Toronto, but i am not stupid, when i say a real Catholic i meant real one, the one who would never choose a pro death advocate. You say they are not united, yes we are you and i are the proof and there is many more, the problem lays in the fact that there isnt any more dedicated catholics, very few. the rest choose to modernize our religion acording to their own selfishnes, God gave me a free will therefore i can have a choice either to be gay or abort a baby and still call self a catholic. i get your point perfectly, and mine is the same but please do not call us the real catholics the reason for this mess, i know people that for the past month miss time with their new babies and put themselves at risk to be jailed because they had work so hard to stop the Liberals to win, you hurt them. As for me blaiming Muslims for this they were promising to go with NDP (no lesser evil) and yet all the areas where they reside were all liberals, and taking in account the fact it is them that hates harper to the bone they were sworn in by their superiors to go and vote, not for better but to stop Harper it is mostly their fault, as many catholics had not even gone voting. Me too, i am beside myself to what had happened and did not imagine that in my worst dreams, hoping that if they vote NDP liberals wont get as many seats, unfortunately they lied and also as our fellow "catholisc" they choose a couse that matters to the the most, that not necesary is at good with their religious teachings. but really whats there to unite us? Even our church is at the brink of collapsing. The canadian society is brainwashed to the core, the % of votes Harper got can be translated into a number of canadians that actualy still have a brain and is able to still use it on their own, sad statistics isn it?

Vox Cantoris said...

Dear Sylvia,

You are NOT one of the "stupid Catholics," nor are your friends, so take no offense. Welcome to the 20% of Catholics left that still somewhat practice their faith.

I think in Canada, if there are 1,000,000 who attend Mass every Sunday, strive to live the Commandments and Faith and do not contracept, I do not think that I would be underestimating.

Yes, it is that bad.

George Brenner said...

The punishment that we have endured for the last half century is not only permitted by God it is willed by God. We are reduced to a remnant of true Catholics because it is the Catholics in name only that wanted a smorgasbord pick and choose faith and so God gave the Church what the people wanted and deserved including many weak and immoral clerics. Ask ten Catholics their views on the core teachings and precepts of the Church and you will get eight to ten different answers. Catholics for the most part HAVE lost their faith. They vote for the destruction of their faith because they do not live their faith. They believe in the popular modernist immoral positions of the day. We must live and fight for our faith but above all not loose our own faith and convictions we cherish on centuries of sound Catholic TRUTH.

FLOR solitaria said...

It doesn't matter who votes, but who counts the votes.