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A corporal work of mercy.
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Friday 18 November 2016

Pope reported to be "boiling with rage" over the letter of the Four Cardinals and the public outing!

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In an interview with Raymond Arroyo on EWTN's The World Over, Edward Pentin stated that his sources have confirmed with him that "Pope Francis not happy at all," with the letter of the four Cardinals on the matter of heretical clauses and sacrilegious actions in Amoris Laetitia. Pentin continued that he, the Pope, is "boiling with rage." He had been "given two months," to respond to the four, and has refused.

"Boiling with rage."

How very sad.

To you priests and bishops in Rome who are faithful to the Church and know first hand what is happening there, whom do you really serve by your silence?

Do you serve Christ and through Him, His flock for their salvation?

What are you afraid of? 

Your priesthood is worth nothing if you allow this to continue. 

You are sworn to obedience, but obedience to what? To this? To heresy? To error? To scandal? To sacrilege? These things you cannot obey even if the Pope of Rome demands it. Your allegiance is to Jesus Christ Our Lord and His Vicar insofar as His Vicar is in allegiance with Him.

We bloggers have been warning for over two years now on these matters. Only now, have we finally been joined and edified by Cardinals who have seen that after the situation in Buenos Aires and the Diocese of Rome, they can no longer sit by in silence.

Nor can you.

The Pope must be warned that, not only will history judge him in the most harshest of terms, but so will God. 

You have a duty. If you cannot encourage this Pope to listen then you must do what the Cardinals have done. Follow Scripture and "take it to the Church," and that means publicly and not "anonymously." You must put your name on your charges and not hide in the shadows. 

Your souls also depend on it.

"Boiling with rage." 

Think on that.


Armigerous said...

Is Frankie still wetting the Papal panties over a bunch of bogus "global warming" computer models?

Ana Milan said...

He'll have to go to confession then. Maybe his penance will be to answer the Dubia. It should be.

Wolverine said...

Francis, Spadaro, Schonborn, Kasper, Cupich, et al....what a nest of catty little spoiled brats posing as men of God!

Their days are numbered if the Remnant, Church Militant, EWTN, Catholic Answers, First Things, New Advent crowd would get out of their fetal positions and raise a war cry demanding Benedict to resume full duties (active not just contemplative) of the papacy AFTER publicly confessing his invalid resignation due to "grave fear" (pink mafia) and "substantial error" (thinking he could split the papacy).


Now is the time to clean this mess up! Delays, due to cowardice, will be held against all of us when we go before our Lord at our particular judgments.

Anonymous said...

Well done Vox Cantoris.

We love Vox Cantoirs here in Ireland.

I can confirm to you that all good catholic circles here in Ireland are outraged and hurt by Bergoglio. He is a terrible pope.

As regards 'boiling with rage' you might link to the YouTube video of Bergoglio losing his temper in Mexico.

Kepp going Vox - you have a LOT of support.

CJ said...

Arrogance, thy name is Francis.

Anonymous said...

"o" dear, the old bloke can dish it out but he can't take it.He really thinks he is above God. We really do have a Judas at the top!

Michael Dowd said...

Very good Vox. We need the priests, Bishops, Cardinals and the Mainstream Catholic Media to man-up. While their accustomed posture is to kowtow and cower must start making like Savonarola less they "melt like snow in the glance of the Lord".

Mark Docherty said...

Well done, Vox! Faithful clergy of all ranks in Rome, what are you afraid of? For this you were born, for this you came into the world.

Anti-Catholic Dealings said...

Benedict is no more a "Pope" then Francis is.

tallorder said...

"In an interview with Raymond Arroyo on EWTN's The World Over"
"Think on that."

Common sense is being restored across the board, even in neo-Catholic outfits. As Dr. E Michael Jones is apt to say, "Logos is rising across the world".

Anonymous said...

Well it appears that Pope Francis has issues a veiled response:


Essentially, it's “Amoris Laetitia cannot simply be reduced to a question of ‘yes or no’ in a specific pastoral situation.” and that anyone who disagrees with him has psychological problems or is a trouble maker and that he doesn't lose sleep over it.

The Pope is clear. The 4 cardinals might give him some time to reflect rather than react, but ultimately they will have to make a decision and possible risk losing the cardinal hat, being laicized, and being excommunicated since Pope Francis is such a petty man and may feel he has no choice but to send a clear message that ambiguity is doctrine so that no other cardinal or bishop defies him.

But for now, his approach is to ignore, ridicule, and isolate. And if the formal correction is made, I doubt his approach would change. Only an outright revolt of the moderate cardinals will wake him up. And if there is an outright revolt (as is what happened at the synod), then Robespierre may become the patron saint of Pope Francis and the only ones who can vote in the next papal election are Bergoglians since none of the non-Bergoglian cardinals will be cardinals. This can get very messy very quickly.

Ana Milan said...

The 'Fab Four' have presented the Dubia in the Traditional manner set forth governing the correction of a Roman Pontiff. PF knows he is in deep water & is trying to bluff his way out. If he continues to resist then he excommunicates himself & must resign. The rest of the Cardinals are then obliged to elect another pope from among them. This way no-one is, of their own volition, calling PF a heretic/apostate as he is doing the job himself by his obduracy in not issuing a response. Hopefully he will uphold the Deposit of Faith, Magisterium &Tradition of the One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church when he does comply & rescind all the heretical& blasphemous ideology he has been promoting.

Peter Lamb said...

The POPE is teaching heresies to the Universal Church - therefore, the gates of hell, (heresies), have prevailed - therefore, the dogma of the infallibility and indefectibility of the Church is proved to be bunkum, - therefore, Jesus Christ was a liar - therefore he cannot be God.

Anybody care to fault my logic? See where this heretical R&R position ends you up? Thank you Lord Jesus for giving a dope like me the grace to be a loyal sedevacantist son of your infallible, indefectible, beloved Catholic Church.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

@ Anil Wang

I laughed at your "clear message of ambiguity".
Just read an article on a new word and concept: "post-truth".

What Bergoglio and his church with a very small "c" (for cult) are set to accomplish is a personalized Jesus Christ. In their religion of justice and unity Jesus is what you say He is, or what you feel He should be, There is no objective reality, no objective truth, no factual account of history (as was explained in Lund, history can not be changed, but it should be told differently). For the sake of peace, I suspect, Bergoglio is itching to propose that we don't really know, whether Jesus really existed. Why would we need to know? What counts is that we do social justice, For we all know that the poor and sexual deviance minorities (striving to become the majority via school and media indoctrination, as well as human rights legilislation) are deserving of accompaniment, feet kissing, and worship. These are the downtrodden groups, and nothing matters more than that we give them stuff and privilege.


susan said...

He's doubling down...the EVIL OLD GOAT is doubling down.....


Anonymous said...

If Pope Francis does not repent, he will "BOIL IN THE ETERNAL FLAMES OF HELL".

Unbelievable guy, wow!

Luciano said...

Vox or someone else may know this, but tomorrow is the investiture of the new FrancisCardinals, do all Cardinals attend the ceremony, if so we really need to pray for Cardinals Burke, Caffara, Brandenmuller and Meisner as they will be in very hostile company and must weather being singled out, spoken about, pointed at and all the rest of the garbage that my come their way..remember FrancisMercy applies to everyone but faithful Catholics...

M. Prodigal said...

"Boiling with rage"? That is not the way of saints. I can think of present clergy who have been demoted, exiled, ridiculed, etc. and who have taken it while maintaining peace in their souls even if they had to make a defense.

Peter Lamb said...

Breaking news! Louie Verrecchio is finally getting the message:
"His unwillingness to formally address the dubia directly and plainly changes nothing of the objective reality that is staring us squarely in the face.
Even if others in Catholic media are afraid to say it aloud, at least thus far, I am not:
Francis has judged himself a formal heretic. He is, therefore, an ANTIPOPE." (My emphasis.) Louie has been removed as a speaker at Bp. Fellay get together.
Don't be afraid Louie, we've been saying it for years. :)

Kathleen1031 said...

I grow a little concerned for the Cardinals. What is this petty, vindictive, angry man capable of. He may scream at them, certainly he will try to humiliate them, maybe even strike them. These men are older gentleman, at some point, one worries about the stress of this. I think they must do this, no matter what, but I pray they are joined in numbers by their fellow bishops, who are late, but not yet too late, to do what they must do, defend Christ and His Church. How sad for them all, if their opportunity passes. If today Bergolio went to his rest (?), they would have LOST the opportunity to gird their loins and enter the battle. How terrible for them to lose that opportunity!

Anonymous said...

Like + Archbishop Lefebvre. May he intercede for the SSPX and all TCs.

Unknown said...

"Make the Church Great Again - Bergoglio Has to Go." Spread the word!

wildvortex said...

I was shocked when Pope Francis let himself get sucked into the climate change propaganda by George Soros supported Catholic institutes. I guess that was a precursor of more to come.

wildvortex said...

I was shocked when Pope Francis let himself get sucked into the climate change propaganda by George Soros supported Catholic institutes. I guess that was a precursor of more to come.

Anonymous said...


Eponymous Flower linked to this post on their blog (they softened the title, though):


In Christ the King,


Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

@ Karl Rahner Jr.

I do not think this is in the cards for the time-being, I mean - in our Lady's warnings.
It is probably going to get much worse, before it gets better.

Anonymous said...

Rescind Vatican II !!

Unknown said...

Comon B16 was and is no better. He endorses ALL that his twin POBAMA does.

TLM said...

Absolutely Dorota!!!!!!!!!! 'Gird your Loins'.........we are entering the real WAR!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

After this I can with a good continuous call Pope Francis a Heretic. His response to the four good Cardinals of the Holy Catholic Church to which this Pope Francis has a diabolical hatred for in his comments and in his actions. Its the devil Satan saying I am going to continue in the direction of that I am going in the Council and it's spirit of the Council as my predecessors. Well Pope Francis your predecessors were not as Heretical as you are. Judas is sitting in the Chair of Peter! Pope Francis might as well wear a black robe.

Anonymous said...

Pope Francis is the Catholic Churches Hillary the Witch Clinton and John Spirit Cooking Podesta. Pope Francis is leading George Soros Catholic Spring revolution. Why did George Soros pick the color Purple for his revolution against Trump because Purple is the most reverent color for Advent and Lent in the Holy Catholic Church. Did anyone see the color Purple worn by the Clinton's and the excommunicated Tim Kaine. Then Muslim in Chief Obama wearing Purple ties now. Pope Francis is going to Revolution the Catholic Church to the image of George Soros in the name of the spirit of Vatican II. This is what Satan has used since the Vatican II Council. We have Judas sitting in the Chair of Peter.

CP550 said...

And he dared to take the name of Francis, probably after Francis of Assisi. St. Francis warned about an anti-pope 8 centuries ago. He was talking about THIS Pope. He must be rebuked for his heresy.

UnamSanctam said...

When I am elected as Pope Sophronius IV, my first act will be to accept the Oath of Loyalty from the entire College of Cardinals in public.

My second act, which will follow immediately my first, will be to remove every single last one of them from the College of Cardinals.

The third act of my Glorious Pontificate will follow the first and second by a matter of minutes, when I appoint Catholics to the Cardinalate. Naturally, every single last one of them will be Traditionalists.

Eirene said...

Peter Lamb - I am confused by sedevacantists.
Whether an elected Pope is good, bad or simply indifferent surely does not change the FACT that they were duly elected and proclaimed. Would that it were not so! Maybe we need to recognise that the Popes since Vatican 2 were given to us as a chastisement by Almighty God for NO-ONE (other than SPPX) standing up against the smoke of Satan at that time. The lack of courage cannot possibly be rewarded by God and we will continue to reap what we have allowed to be sown until it is eventually called out by faithful leaders. But just dismissing them as Anti-Popes simply puts the whole acceptance of God's chastisement of the Church to one side. Just saying, Peter.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Eirene, I'm sorry, I've been off line, so I've only just seen your comment. For sure, if legally elected by valid Cardinals he is legally pope, but that does not necessarily mean that he is a true Pope. If a true Pope were to turn bad, then it depends on what kind of badness he embraces. If he sins against Morals - adultery, theft, murder etc. - then he is a mortal sinner, but still a valid, true Pope. However, if he sins against Faith - heresy, schism, apostasy - then, just like anybody else, he is automatically excommunicated from the Church and is no longer a Catholic, let alone Pope. The big difference is whether he sins against Faith, or Morals.

Now the conciliar "popes" were all heretics BEFORE they were elected. Therefore they were not eligible for election and were never formal (true) Popes. The masons HAD to elect an invalid pope, for the simple reason that the Holy Ghost WOULD NOT ALLOW a true Pope to teach error, (heresy), to the Universal Church. (Dogmas of Infallibility and Indefectibility of the Church.) The same dogmas assure and ensure that a true Pope could never BECOME a public heretic. This has never happened in the history of the Church, (St. Bellarmine and Vatican I ), and Our Lord has promised that it never will in the future. All of the above is rock solid Catholic doctrine.

OK, so let's complicate things further: What happens when the cardinals go ahead and elect somebody, who is not eligible for election because he is a heretic, and they elect him anyway? Well this is precisely where we have been since the election of mason Roncalli. The guy is not a Catholic, not a Member of the Church, but he has been elected anyway - according to the fully legal process and by the proper electors. Well, he is now LEGALLY, (in canon law), the pope. We describe him as being "materially" a pope. He is the lump of clay (material), from which a beautiful vase, (true Pope), can be made, if the correct shape, (form), is given to the lump of clay. If he is baptised, professes the Catholic faith and has no canonical impediment, the lump of clay, (material), receives the desired shape,(form), and becomes a beautiful vase, (true Pope.)

So what we have is a succession of lumps of clay, (material popes), who have never received the proper shape, (form), because they were heretics, who do not profess the Catholic faith. They do not have the AUTHORITY and OFFICE, (form) of a Pope. They are not formal, (true), Popes and the proper term for them is anti-popes.
The bottom line is that a public heretic cannot become Pope and a formal Pope cannot become a public heretic.

I recently quoted Vatican I, three Doctors of the Church, two Popes, a handful of Saints and a bunch of theologians who have all stated unambiguously and categorically, that any Catholic is automatically, ipso facto, excommunicated and loses any office he might hold in the Church, by divine law, the instant he commits the sin of public heresy. This is Catholic doctrine in concrete.

So, dear Eirene, please understand that us sede nuts do not simply dismiss these miscreants as anti-popes - Catholic doctrine does. XXX

Eirene said...

Thank you Peter for your explanation. God be with you and your beloveds!

Vox Cantoris said...

Sorry, accidentally deleted with fat thumbs on a phone.

That Catholic Dude has left a new comment on your post "Pope reported to be "boiling with rage" over the l...":

Sedevacantism is a tricky slope, because you folks have a hard time trying to explain just when and where Jesus Christ abandoned His Church (was it after the death of Veneable Pius XII or St. John XXIII, or maybe Blessed Paul VI) and left it without a Supreme Pontiff, and so you write mini-novels in your comments in an attempt to defend your position.

First, being a heretic does not make one an invalid Pope. Look at Pope Honorious I, who was dug up from the grave by one of his successors and judged as a heretic. He is still on the official list of Popes, and the Church still sees him as a Pope, so he's a Pope. Likewise, you're confusing what Papal infallibility is. Papal infallibility only occurs when a Pope speaks in his office as Supreme Pastor ex cathedra, defining for the whole Church an issue of spirituality or morals. This has only happened two times in modern history with the definitions of The Immaculate Conception and The Assumption. Popes can still speak error in documents or orally; every single word they utter on faith and morals isn't infallible.

In terms of Francis, then, whether or not he's a heretic has nothing to do with his validity as Pope. He may just be a bad Pope. We've had a few of those.

Anonymous said...

Rumors that Pope Francis are looking into EWTN because of Raymond Arroyo's interview with his arch nemesis Cardinal Burke... And he just ordered three Priests removed from Congregation for being Critical of his thoughts.
While the shift can most clearly be seen in the dubia by the six Cardinals, four of whom went public, it can also be seen in the growing concern expressed by official and powerful Catholic entities such as EWTN. The Catholic media empire founded by the saintly Mother Angelica has in their television programming with Raymond Arroyo, in their newspaper the National Catholic Register with Ed Pentin, and in their UK blog run by Deacon Nick Donnelly, taken to accurately and unapologetically reporting on the controversies caused by Pope Francis. This made Pope Francis fix his gaze on EWTN's Raymond Arroyo and EWTN in general. This is a war and he's keeping his eyes on the network and especially the Mass at EWTN, he had collaborators to visible see if the Priests at EWTN say anything contradicting in homilies or those who fail to mention him. One friend said if this backlash of EWTN continue at him he will dismantle their MFVA's community started by Mother Angelica, a priest/brother Community like he did with the Franciscan friars of the Immaculate. Scary thimgs for EWTN AND MFVA'S. Here's a link to the article of him dismissing the three priest. http://www.tldm.org/news32/francis-orders-three-priests-removed-from-congregation-for-the-doctrine-of-the-faith-for-being-critical-of-his-thought.htm

Anonymous said...

The Catholic faith has become a laughingstock among most of our youth. They deny belief in any of the teachings of Jesus Christ and refuse to validate the authority of the Church. Can you blame them when what they hear now from the supposed head Pope Francis is nothing but heresy? Pray dear friends that there is a revolt among the Cardinals and a surge to renew the faith among all people.