Sunday, 11 October 2015


Someone sent me the message last night that I am "obsessive." It was a reference to posts on Facebook and Twitter about the Synod and what certain bishops and cardinals have said and what has been said by certain priests and more likely, one in particular.  

I am convicted and to paraphrase St. Paul, "I am obsessive for Christ and His Truth and His Church" and if that makes me a "fool for Christ," so be it.

I would rather be doing other things. Renovate parts of my house, watching a movie with Fox, reading, sitting in the garden. Instead, I blog so that you and others will know what is going on, so that in some way we can hope that this noise we are making is going to get through.

If if doesn't, and we fail; at least we will know that we did what we could.

A friend and his wife have told me that they have sworn off the news and the Internet during the Synod. Not that they do not want to know, they know too much, but for them, they have determined that the only solution is continual prayer. How wonderful and supportive of keeping the world ticking so that we can do this. Yes, prayer. For others, this. It is not one or the other, it is both and some are better at one or the other.

I would rather the Lord say to me, "you were a little hard in that battle but I forgive you because you did it for me and my little ones" then "why didn't you fight for me with the talents that I gave you, I do not know you."

My parents hated what happened after Vatican II, but they accepted it because they had no choice and they knew no better. Your parents or grandparents did the same thing. We cannot, we must not.

Look at what is happening.

Caution, descriptive language

This is what our Churchmen want you to accept as normal and "gifts" to offer to the Church. The insertion of the penis into the anus of another man to be used as a masturbatory force. Mutual masturbation. Oral sodomy  the insertion of the penis into the man's mouth often through the use of "poppers" amyl nitrate contained in room deodorizers to soften and open the muscles of the anus or throat. The swallowing of the semen of another man. Anal fisting. The expulsion of excrement is common during these actions. Well, what do you think happens? The oral licking of another man's anus. Do you know what a "slurp ramp" is? How about a "glory hole?" Felching? (you won't want to look that up) How much disease and death is a result of this immoral behaviour which when I was born was a criminal offense? 

Yes. that is some of what they do.

This is not about love. They are liars. This is not about the colour of his and his towels. Have you ever wondered about the order of their homes or the pillows or their cleanliness or fastidiousness? It is because they are trying to scrub it off but they cannot. Their subconscious knows the filth of the excrement and sin and they cannot clean it off until they wash it in the Blood of Christ.

Pervert protecting bishops and priests

These filthy perverts in the Catholic Church and media, many, many of them priests and bishops and cardinals are attempting to normalise what homosexuality is and what sodomites and lesbians do. They want to give them a "blessing," the state already calls it "marriage." They want to change the words of Our Lord Jesus Christ and two-thousand years of teaching and truth. 

This is what Bishop Bonny and Cardinal Danneels want you to accept as normal and other spokesman who would change language and mole priests such as Charamsa as well, that there is something wrong with you if you don't agree. They want to bless these relationships? They want to change the language? Are they all homosexuals themselves? They are certainly homosexualists!

No, I will not be silent. I would much rather blog about music and liturgy or shut it down all together.

I will obsess.

Pray for me. Pray for Barona and Steve Skojec and Ann Bardhardt and Hilary White and Mundabor and so many other bloggers and writers. Pray for Michael Voris and his team in Rome who are getting us as much of the news as they can. Pray for Edward Pentin. Pray for Cardinal Burke.

Do you understand? They are pillaging our Mother. They are turning Her upside down and calling evil, good.

Yes, I am obsessive and may I always be. May I always obsess for Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church.

Until the day I die. 

Courtesy of Rorate Caeli blog, today.

Congregati sunt inimici nostri,

et gloriantur in virtute sua:
contere fortitudinem illorum, Domine, et disperge illos:
* Ut cognoscant, quia non est alius qui pugnet pro nobis,
nisi tu Deus noster.

Then Judas, and his brethren said: "Behold our enemies are discomfited: let us go up now to cleanse the holy places and to repair them." And all the army assembled together, and they went up into mount Sion. And they saw the sanctuary desolate, and the altar profaned, and the gates burnt, and shrubs growing up in the courts as in a forest, or on the mountains, and the chambers joining to the temple thrown down. And they rent their garments, and made great lamentation, and put ashes on their heads. And they fell face down to the ground on their faces, and they sounded with the trumpets of alarm, and they cried towards heaven.

Then Judas appointed men to fight against them that were in the castle, till they had cleansed the holy places. And he chose priests without blemish, whose will was set upon the law of God. And they cleansed the holy places, and took away the stones that had been defiled into an unclean place. And he considered about the altar of holocausts that had been profaned, what he should do with it. And a good counsel came into their minds, to pull it down: lest it should be a reproach to them, because the Gentiles had defiled it; so they threw it down. And they laid up the stones in the mountain of the temple in a convenient place, till there should come a prophet, and give answer concerning them.

Then they took whole stones according to the law, and built a new altar according to the former. And they built up the holy places, and the things that were within the temple: and they sanctified the temple, and the courts. And they made new holy vessels, and brought in the candlestick, and the altar of incense, and the table into the temple. And they put incense upon the altar, and lighted up the lamps that were upon the candlestick, and they gave light in the temple. And they set the loaves upon the table, and hung up the veils, and finished all the works that they had begun to make.

1 Maccabees, 4:36-51

(Lessons for Matins for this Sunday for the Roman Breviary - 20th After Pentecost, 2nd in October)


Anonymous said...

Protecting the innocent from the wolves is not obsessive.

I remember Mundabor and all the bloggers who hold and teach the Catholic faith.
The Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

We must pray for one another.


Pedro Erik said...

Excellent post, my friend.
May God give you always strength. And support tour family.
Pedro Erik

TLM said...

KEEP OBSESSING VOX!!!! Praying for you and all of us who are in a uphill battle against these freemasons. They are VICIOUS wolves out to destroy our Mother AND US!!

Anonymous said...

Grateful thanks for all your hard work. It is marvellous to get the translations of Archbishop Gadecki's blog so quickly. We hope and pray that he continues to get the word out and that the traditional Cardinals & Bishops send the sodomites packing. They must remain strong and focused. We need a new Conclave to elect another pope of supreme fidelity to the Magisterium, Deposit of Faith & Tradition - we haven't had such since Vatican II and the wasted fifty years since then have done untold damage to Holy Mother the Church.

Our prayers and thoughts are with you.

VerbosityAbridged said...

You are right to mention what homosexuals do together.

I've met to many pro-gay pro LGTBQ people who always say things like, "But gays are really nice people."

My response is always the same. "There is nothing 'nice' about one man sticking his penis up another man's anus or into his mouth for sexual gratification."

Naturally, I get accused of being a homophobe. My response is, "It's better than being ignorant."

Then I get accused of being intolerant. My response is, "Being tolerant of error is another sign a person is ignorant."

If they persist in arguing from such an ignorant platform, I mention felching. And explain the gross practice to them.

Then, like all ignorant people who know nothing about apologetics, but just like having a 'My opinion is bigger than yours' argument. The personal abuse starts.

You are also right that as Roman Catholics, we must use the talents God gave us to the best of our ability. We wouldn't have the New Testament if Saints decided that the only thing to do was pray all day, and never write.

Bl James Alberione had the best take on the modern mainstream media. He said something along the lines of, "The devil uses it to promote error. We must use it to promote the Truth."

minbee66 said...

Vox, the naive like to think it is about two guys going shopping together and holding hands. As you point out, it's much more than that, and approval of "gay marriage," etc. really is legitimizing the extremely harmful and disgusting acts of perversion you describe.

In addition, the homosexual "lifestyle" is characterized by other acts of violence and the prevalence of STD and AIDS. A summary of statistics is available at For example, according to sthe US Centers for Disease Control, MEN WHO HAVE SEX WITH MEN ACCOUNTED FOR 63% OF NEW SYPHILIS CASES IN 2008; HOMOSEXUALS WERE 200 TIMES MORE LIKELY THAN HETEROSEXUALS TO BE DIAGNOSED WITH AIDS IN 2010.