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A corporal work of mercy.
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Friday 30 November 2018

Threat from someone in Buffalo in the combox

I've been threatened in the combox.
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Father Bryan Zielenieski of Buffalo - Diabolical n...":"Be very careful when you put (baseless) accusations in print. You can be held legally liable for defamation. Hiding behind some fake name doesn't mean you are hidden from view. There are ways to find out who you really are and hold you responsible."
According to Statcounter, the I.P. Address is, the ISP is Spectrum.

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Using the map in Statcounter, we find this.

Using Google Earth, we find that one block away from the ping point is the Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church.

Exploring the web page ones find this. http://www.holycrossbuffalo.com/

A Catholic priest, presumably, dressed as a Rabbi with tassels and blowing a shofar.

And of course, bongos!

Catholics in Buffalo need to worry about their local Church and the perverts that raped and sodomized so many boys. They need to worry about a Bishop who has moved around a priest with known accusations of sexual crimes. They need to worry about the loss of faith that would produce this abomination and sacrilege and a priest who dresses as a Rabbi and mocks his own priestly vocation.

As for threatening me? 

It's been done.

Rosica claims Basilians are "humbled"

The scandal of abuse at St. Michael's College continues. As reported previously, a student at the prominent and costly "Catholic" private school in Toronto was sodomised with a broomstick and a video of the crime was posted online. Six students have been charged by Toronto Police; eight in total have been expelled from the $20,000 per year tuition school. The President and Principal have resigned, they failed to report the crime to Toronto Police, it was known by the public through media and the police came calling and the Board remains intact. The Board of priests and two laity, one, a lawyer with Fogler Rubinoff, Nina Perfetto, represented Thomas Rosica on pro-bono basis in his attempt to sue this writer. The other, Toronto businessman Nick Di Donato bragged about hosting the largest same-sexed, so-called "wedding" in one of his operating facilities.

These are today's Catholic "leaders" of Toronto.

Yet, there is one more. Thomas J. Rosica, in an interview with Michael Swan of The Catholic Register, Rosica has literally lifted from this blog, the problem at St. Michael's College School. Rosica states that “The deeper question is what has our influence done or not done with these students?... If we have been unaware of this for a long time, how is that? How can that be?” 
Image result for thomas j rosica
“Without that pursuit of truth, we would not know it. Some of the journalists — excellent journalists in Toronto and the editors and the hosts on television — have done a superb job,” A complete and utter failure of the Basilians and school leadership is admitted by Rosica, it took Toronto media and this blog and Toronto Catholic Witness to ensure that the Basilians "know it." At least he admits total and utter failure of duty!

Rosica continues that “Our Basilian motto — ‘Teach me goodness, discipline and knowledge’ — is not something we emblazon on walls or wear on t-shirts and on mugs because it’s cute. But if we take that seriously we have to look at this crisis and say, ‘Where was the goodness’ Where was the discipline? Where was the knowledge? If they were absent, then we have to make sure we inculcate those values into the students.”

Indeed Father Rosica, where was it? How is it possible that only now these abuses came to the knowledge of Tom? He knows well what this writer endured fifty years ago. Oh yes, he knew it, he knew the Basilians provided a settlement with no admission of guilt and then he turned around and abused this writer by a vexatious and frivolous attempt at a lawsuit. 

How is it possible that only now, Tom Rosica and the rest of this Congregation of priests have come to the realisation that their motto is a fraud? Rosica admits that the clericalism has created a "culture of prestige, entitlement" but then includes the "clericalism of the laity" which is non-sensical. Where is "clericalism of the laity" in all of this? The laity can be blamed for being badly behaving Catholics for forgetting Jesus or for giving undue deference to the school, but I see no clericalism of the laity that has caused this problem.

Rosica asks if "we modelled our system on a system of the world? And how have we failed to incorporate the vision of Jesus in this? The answer is a resounding yes! 

In the posts this blogger has written, I emphatically repeated that the problem at St. Michael's College School starts at the top, that the crisis of abuse is historic, endemic and part of a deep-seated Basilian culture. I have written that they have sold out for the riches of the world and long ago left behind their motto.

It seems that Tom still reads this blog. He seems to be finally learning.



Monday 26 November 2018

Father Bryan Zielenieski of Buffalo - Diabolical narcissism and a whole lot more

The Catholic faithful of the Diocese of Buffalo has had much to suffer. The sexual deviant priests and a bishop who covers it up and redeploys them even now and uses the Altar of God to hold his coffee pretty much sums it up.

Here we have Bryan Zielenieski the Pastor of Our Lady of Charity parish in Buffalo

Bryan likes to roller-blade into Holy Mass. He likes to say "me" and pass over "God" when the children praise him. Parents would do best to keep their kids far away from this one.

Bryan is a diabolical narcissist.

Methinks it obvious what else he is.

Saturday 24 November 2018

It's about the doctrine, it always was and remains so!

It's about doctrine.

The Social Kingship of Christ.



There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. 

The Church of Christ IS, the Catholic Church, Christ does not "subsist" in any other. 

Those who may be saved outside of the Church, are saved through Her and cannot ever be known to us and can only be known to God. God is not bound by His sacraments, we are. God can work through anyone, clearly, He works in non-Catholics converts or they would not convert, but no other church is the true Church.

There is no other way. Jesus is the "Way, the Truth and the Life," and "No one comes to the Father," except through Him. Period!

One group at the table is Catholic. One is not.

Related image

Communiqué from the General House of the Society of Saint Pius X concerning the Nov. 22, 2018 meeting between Cardinal Ladaria and Fr. Pagliarani
On Thursday, November 22, 2018, Fr. David Pagliarani, Superior General of the Society of Saint Pius X, travelled to Rome at the invitation of Cardinal Luis Ladaria Ferrer, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. He was accompanied by Fr. Emmanuel du Chalard. Cardinal Ladaria was assisted by Archbishop Guido Pozzo, Secretary of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei.
The meeting took place in the offices of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Its purpose was to allow Cardinal Ladaria and Fr. Pagliarani to meet for the first time and together to take stock of the relations between the Holy See and the Society of Saint Pius X since the election of its new Superior General last July.
During the meeting with the Roman authorities, it was recalled that the fundamental problem is actually doctrinal, and neither the Society nor Rome can escape this fact. Because of this irreducible doctrinal divergence, for the past seven years, no attempt to compose a draft of a doctrinal statement acceptable to both parties has succeeded. This is why the doctrinal question remains absolutely essential.
The Holy See says the same when it solemnly declares that no canonical status can be established for the Society until after the signing of a doctrinal document.
Therefore, everything impels the Society to resume theological discussions with the awareness that the Good Lord does not necessarily ask the Society to convince its interlocutors, but rather to bear unconditional witness to the faith in the sight of the Church.
The future of the Society is in the hands of Providence and the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, as is demonstrated by its whole history, from the Society's foundation to this day.
The members of the Society want nothing else but to serve the Church and to cooperate effectively in her regeneration, to the point of giving their lives for her triumph if necessary. But they can choose neither the manner, nor the terms, nor the moment of what belongs to God alone.
Menzingen, November 23, 2018



Friday 23 November 2018

Red Pilled on Pope Francis w Patrick Coffin, Dr Taylor Marshall, Timothy...

I red pilled on March 13, 2013 at about 3:50 P.M. EST


Bergoglio appoints two Homosexualists Cardinals to Commission to Study Sexual Abuse by Priests!


The Bergoglian Anti-Papacy by Ann Barnhardt

When Jorge Mario Bergoglio came out on the loggia that evening I sat watching on my computer screen. I did not know the name, I had never heard of him, but as I watched, a deep sense of foreboding came over me, I wanted to vomit, I had chills. There was a reason.

Ann Barnhardt lays out the whole problem with Joseph Ratzinger's resignation in a logical and methodical way. 

Is she right? 



0:00 Intro and acknowledgments
01:42 Why make this video?
03:25 If anything in this presentation is illogical, irrational or detached from reality, let me know
05:03 THE False Premise: Jorge Mario Bergoglio is not now and never has been the Pope.
06:48 WHY isn’t Bergoglio the Pope?  What happened?
08:16 The principle of Reversion to the Status Quo
11:37 Canon 188 – the text of the law
16:09 The plain sense of the law is the last line of defense against tyranny
18:04 SUBSTANTIAL ERROR: the key criterion
19:51 Pope Benedict XVI in his own words: “Always and forever…I remain in the enclosure of St. Peter.”
23:24 Essential precision: Pope Benedict’s mind is NOT the arbiter of reality, nor does his substantial error change the ontological reality of his status as Pope.
25:47 We know from logic that a Pope can commit substantial error in the context of an attempted resignation and still retain his office
27:18 Archbishop Georg Ganswein’s approved remarks from 20 May ARSH 2016 in his address at the Gregorianum in Rome
35:02 There cannot be a “Pope Emeritus”.  Either a man occupied the Petrine See, or he does not.
36:37 Yes, Popes absolutely CAN resign.  The issue here is the VALIDITY of the attempted partial resignation in February ARSH 2013
37:44 +Ganswein. Who is this omnipresent guy that is playing both sides?
38:35 STUPID TROPE ALERT: “But both Pope Benedict and +Ganswein are sub-verbal and don’t understand the words they are saying!”
40:10 The most intelligent people (and angels) make the biggest mistakes
41:13 The second invalidating criterion: FEAR
43:00 Just vs. Unjust Fear
45:28 Never underestimate the viciousness and violence of the sodomite.
46:32 Satanism is real and its global nexus today is inside the Vatican
48:41 Archbishop Viganò is in hiding for fear of his life.
49:03 The Southern Italian Mafia: longtime mercenaries of the Freemasons and sodomites
50:26 Fear of blackmail by the sodomite mafia using PAID false witnesses
53:05 “Pray for me, that I may not FLEE for FEAR of the WOLVES.”
54:22 STUPID TROPE ALERT: “The fact that Pope Benedict resigned is proof that he wasn’t coerced!”
55:57 MASSIVE BODY OF VISUAL EVIDENCE, the conscious retention of visible signs of the Papacy by Pope Benedict XVI after 28 February ARSH 2013
01:02:50 Prophecies: Apostasy from the Top
01:05:17 Pope Benedict XVI, worst Pope ever, notorious for quitting.  The 300 page dossier on the sodomite/satanist infiltration of the Church, delivered to him on 11 December ARSH 2012
01:07:15 Pope Benedict’s warped metaphysics of “meaning”, not “being”
01:08:26 Pope Celestine V in the mind of Pope Benedict XVI
01:09:12 Pope Benedict’s mind is NOT the source nor arbiter of reality.  He needs to be told this, not asked.
01:09:54 VALID YET ILLICIT – an essential precision
01:11:11 What anyone WANTS is not germane to the question. Binary objective reality.
01:13:35 Charity should immediately cause us to ask, “Holy Father, what did they do to you?”
01:14:55 What if Pope Benedict VALIDLY resigned tomorrow? It would confirm that the February ARSH 2013 attempt was invalid
01:16:58 STUPID TROPE ALERT “We can’t know who the Pope really is, and it doesn’t matter anyway!”
01:18:09 Why won’t people even discuss this? EFFEMICACY and SLOTH
01:25:20 The Sedevacantism Red Herring
01:30:00 “But what if Pope Benedict dies…?” Binary Objective Reality.
01:31:58 “What is Bergoglio dies or goes away somehow?” Any “conclave” called while Pope Benedict is still alive and occupies the See will be invalid, just as the March ARSH 2013 conclave was invalid
01:33:27 We MUST get thi 100% right.  Half-right won’t cut it. The Parable of the seven demons.
01:35:00 Jorge Bergoglio
01:36:33 Electioneering of ARSH 2013 “conclave” is completely irrelevant because THERE WAS NO CONCALVE IN ARSH 2013.  The only relevance the faux-concalve of ARSH 2013 served was to expose the corruption and criminality in the College of Cardinals and Curia
01:38:43 Jorge Bergoglio: arch-heretic.  Informative but not germane to Bergoglio’s status as antipope. Only a confirming corollary.
01:40:35 STUPID TROPE ALERT “There have been heretic Popes before!”
01:44:17 Ann misspeaks – John the XXII, not John XXIII
01:44:34 Bellarmine and Suarez believed that the Petrine Promise precluded a heretic or man who had lost the Catholic faith to be the Pope.
01:46:27 Having faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ and His promises is being viciously attacked on a daily basis by “conservative” and even “Trad Catholic” “thought leaders” as “papolatry”.  The only way to hold the false premise that Bergoglio is the Pope is to ruthlessly attack the Papacy, and thus the Virtue of Faith itself.
01:48:20 Papolatry has NOTHING to do with the global cult of Bergoglio.  It is 100% ideological tribalism driven by the fact that Antipope Bergoglio RATIFIED PEOPLE IN THEIR SINS AND APOSTASY
01:52:07 Attributes and characteristics of the False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist
01:53:30 MORE visible confirmations that Bergoglio is not now and never has been the Pope
01:57:07 STUPID TROPE ALERT: “Papal Infallibility only applies to those things the Pope says that are true!”
01:58:05 It is precisely the AUTHENTIC authority of the Papacy that will be needed to fix this mess – and everyday “conservative” and “Trad” Catholic “thought leaders” attack the Papacy in order to continue to hold their false premise that Bergoglio is the Pope.
02:00:10 The concept of “Popular Acceptance”is NOT in play because the See was never vacant in ARSH 2013.  The Mob/Vox Populi can not change ontological reality.
02:03:15 STUPID TROPE ALERT: “We believe that Novus Ordoism is a completely different religion to whose authority we MUST SUBMIT!”
02:04:42 The mystery of how “even the Elect would be deceived…” We are living it. Right now. The Elect are being deceived.
02:09:32 The greatest act of violence against the Papacy is to call a man who is not Peter, “Peter”.
02:10:12 Antipope Bergoglio has ZERO AUTHORITY.  What will you do, Father, is Antipope Bergoglio tries to abrogate the Mass of the Ages?
02:12:21 What to do? Speak up. Man up. Defend Pope Benedict! Fast and pray – Matthew 17:20 Initiative
02:13:45 Deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ. “Jesus, I know that you love me.”
02:14:57 Conclusion. Please mirror, copy and spread this video. Closing prayer.

Thursday 22 November 2018

The abuse at St. Michael's College School, "Starts at the top!"

Kyle Fraser attended St. Michael’s College School between 2009 and 2013, and he believes its “toxic masculinity” and “culture of hazing” played a role in the scandal involving the school now.

Kyle Fraser is a 21-year-old former student at St. Michael's College School. He is interviewed by the Toronto Star (no friend of Catholicism). Fraser left the school after Grade 10, he was continually verbally abused, though he does not state if this was from students, lay staff or priests. Fraser states that the problem, "starts at the top."

Fraser is correct. The reporters call the issue, "toxic masculinity."

While the behaviour and culture are "toxic" it is certainly not proper "masculinity." Men protect, men lead, men champion truth, men govern with "goodness, discipline and knowledge," something this school and the Basilian Congregation long ago forgot, They exchanged their motto for money, power and sexual perversion.

The President, Principal and Board are a disgrace and should resign. Some should face lawsuits and prosecution.
Image result for congregation of st basil

I can personally testify that my own experience with Basilan priests at the age of 13 was one of physical brutality, verbal abuse and public humiliation. Let me assure you that the scars of abuse victims are carried all their lives. Prayer, therapy and support can assist in coping and moving forward but the marks last forever. I will take mine to my grave. The effects of the abuse and assault on this boy at SMCS, around the same age as I was, will be with him all his life. He needs to accept that and not try to bury it, as I did. He must seek resolution in prayer, therapy, family and true masculinity. I still bear the scars and the effects. The boy and his family must hold SMCS and its leadership, including the Board, accountable. It took this writer forty years to seek justice from that filthy congregation of brutes, abusers and perverts. How little did I know then that a few years later, another Basilian would come at me again? Thomas J. Rosica has sent me over a dozen emails of insult, rudeness, degradation and judgement. He attempted to sue me into poverty because he feared the truth. Thomas J. Rosica learned well in Rochester from those Baslians who were familiar to him there. His pattern of behaviour to me is indicative of the long-standing problem of that Congregation. It has continued at SMCS today. 

In both cases, from 1969 and 2015, I took on these wretched Basilian abusers and thugs and triumphed. 

The problem at SMCS indeed, "starts at the top." It starts with a rotten Congregation of priests who long ago exchanged Jesus Christ for the world of money, greed, power, perversion and sodomy.

They gave that boy a broomstick up the rectum. I was lucky, I escaped their filthy clutches before that could happen to me. 

Yes, the problem started at the top.


Ontario jury sets record punitive award against Catholic Church over priest’s abuse

Victim of abuse by Sudbury priest awarded $2.5M

Toronto man sexually abused 50 years ago by predatory priest awarded $2.6M

Former student alleges repeated abuse by Calgary priest, high school teacher

Victims of disgraced Windsor priest launch new $3M lawsuits against Catholic Church

Elderly sex offender priest to be released from prison on Thanksgiving

St. Mike’s sex abuse victim sues priest

Monday 19 November 2018

The Shame of Toronto's Basilian St. Michael's College School

SMCS had the video at the bottom of this article taken down. Thanks to Barona who downloaded it and then uploaded it again.

UPDATED, 11/21/2018 18:00hrs.

It is confirmed in media today that the Principal of St. Michael's College School knew about the assault on a student but did not report it to police. Greg Reeves reports that he did not call police because the boy's mother had not yet been informed.

It was Reeves' solemn duty to call the police, regardless. Meanwhile, alumni are calling for resignations and an end to the "bullying mentality" endemic in the institution. No reform is possible without the complete exposure of the Congregation of St. Basil.

The Board today, which includes a prominent Toronto lawyer Nina Perfetto of Fogler Rubinoff and businessman Nick Di Donato of Liberty Entertainment issued a statement today giving full support to the President and Principal of the College. The Board members themselves have lost all credibility with what they have said today:

A Statement from the SMCS Board of Directors - November 21
Toronto, November 21, 2018 – The Board of Directors of St. Michael’s College School issued a statement today surrounding the horrific events that recently took place at the School. Board Chair Michael Forsayeth said, “We are deeply saddened by the recent incidents that have taken place at our beloved school. They are offensive to everything we stand for and to the values we strive to instill in our students. Throughout this difficult time, our first priority remains on the victims and the safety and well-being of the entire student body, faculty, and staff.
"As a Board, we are united in our support of the School’s leadership. Both President Fr. Jefferson Thompson, CSB and Principal Greg Reeves were hired because of their dedication and care for students throughout their careers. That remains the primary focus, and they continue to have the full support of the Board for how this situation is being handled. They are both men of the highest integrity and continue to have our trust to lead us forward. Witnessing the standing ovation at last night’s alumni meeting, many of whom are current and past parents, I believe that Fr. Thompson and Mr. Reeves have their overwhelming support. As a school community, we want to ensure that these incidents do not happen again.”

The law is quite clear. Those in authority over minors are legally obligated to report cases of suspected abuse to the police or child family services under Ontario statutes. Were these so-called, Catholic leaders more concerned about the reputation of the school than the physical and spiritual welfare of a boy in its charge?

The law was not followed! 

Every Catholic in Toronto should be justifiably outraged over this failure and betrayal. This is nothing new for this school or the Congregation of St. Basil who have paid out millions of dollars in damages for those abused under its care.

This writer knows first hand from a half-century ago, the brutality of priests of the Basilian Congregation. The history shows that the culture of abuse and bullying in Basilian schools is endemic and irreformable.






Joe Warmington and the chronology of events.

"Since 1852, St. Michael's College School has been educating and forming young men in goodness, discipline, and knowledge for lives of leadership and service. We are Canada's only Catholic, Basilian, faith-based independent school, educating young men from Grades 7 to 12 in a university-preparatory programme, and forming them with a foundation for life." 
Catholic Education, St Mike's style
St. Michael's College in Toronto is facing another grave scandal. This latest involves alleged criminal activity including sexual assault, perversion and child pornography on the part of a group of students. It is alleged that the school reacted slowly to the situation and did not contact police.

Teach me Goodness, Discipline and Knowlege!

Over the last half-century. the Basilian Congregation which owns and operates St. Michael's College has paid out millions of dollars in damages to the damaged souls who suffered under the infestation of homosexual perverts into that once august religious congregation for years of sexual abuse and rape by sodomite priests. Parents pay $20,000 for their boys to attend this school. Much of it is documented here: History of Basilian and St. Michael's College sexual perversion and abuse at Sylvia's Site.

The parents at St. Mike's shouted "bugger off" to the media. Indeed! Get the buggers off!

A long history of sexualised violence. St. Michael's College School Has Long History Of Sexualized Violence: Alumnus

The alleged crimes were not reported to Toronto Police Toronto private school didn't report alleged sexual assault to police: cops

The latest news can be linked here:  CURRENT NEWS! 

The pictures here were captured by Barona from a student video linked at the end of this article.

Boys will be boys, eh?

Image result for rosica st michael's college
The spokesman for the Basilians is Father Thomas J. Rosica who said, " We are deeply saddened by the events that have come to light over the past days, ... Our primary concern in all of this situation is the protection of students, young people and vulnerable persons." The Board of Directors has an interesting member, a certain "pro-bono" lawyer. http://voxcantor.blogspot.com/2015/02/this-blogger-being-threatened-with.html. Barona at Toronto Catholic Witness was a student there and has his views at the following links.