A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Friday 30 June 2023

Another Archdiocese of Toronto priest forced to grovel before CityPanic24 and the Alphabet fascist brigades.

Two years ago with the attack on the Church in Canada due to the reports of alleged graves of children in residential schools, a much-respected pastor at Merciful Redeemer parish in  Mississauga spoke out and made the statement that not all things in the residential schools were bad, some good came from them. CITY 24, always an amateur and bombastically Marxist media outlet in Toronto, and others crucified the good monsignor. CITY and CBC are continuing their anti-Catholic hate. For the record, the Indigenous residential schools in Canada were Canadian government policy that, like the lockdown of Mass, the Church mistakenly went along with in exchange for mammon. The pastor was forced to leave the parish, he and it had been threatened with violence, and Thomas "No Mass For You" Collins and his sidekick, Neil MacCarthy threw the Monsignor under the media bus whilst pinching incense to Ba'al rather than defend him and the truth. Some good, maybe much good came out of the residential schools in spite of the policy of the Government of Canada.

Throwing Toronto priests under the media bus is not new for Neil and the gang of apparatchiks in the chancery. It happened a few years earlier when a Toronto archdiocesan priest at St. Leo the Great in Brooklin, Ontario, northeast of Oshawa, had the nerve to mention certain sins to school children using the fairly typical "examination of conscience" pamphlet with which most of us are familiar not dissimilar to that found at this link. The actions of the communications bureaucrats at the chancery office were deplorable, literally condemning the priest to the media because some TwitYourInstaFace Karens ran to the CBC that Father was talking about sin to children.

These same officials told priests a few years earlier not to discuss the issue of gay-straight alliances in Catholic schools; that they were "handling it." I was told by more than one priest that they were ordered by Neil MacCarthy not to preach on it from the pulpit. Imagine that, a communication director-- a layman ordering priests. Oh, Tom and Neil handled it all right. Badly. They trusted a government headed by a lesbian Premier who threw her cuck husband into the basement so she could bring her new babe into the family home. Good move. 

Now to the latest.

At St. Gertrude's parish in Oshawa, east of Toronto, the pastor allowed the distribution of a flyer condemning the attack on families and children by the Marxist alphabet mob. The mob has taken over the movement so far beyond the rights of same-sex attracted people to not be harassed or discriminated against that even many of them are questioning it

Is it any wonder the chancery spokesman, Neil MacCarthy, is the butt of jokes and held in such disdain by the diocesan priests and so few of them trust the bishops?

“While the insert in question was not created by the parish, the pastor had allowed for it to be distributed. We have reached out to the pastor and he highly regrets permitting this to be circulated and is preparing to apologize unequivocally to the congregation at all Masses on Sunday. Please know that the Archdiocese was not made aware of this material in advance, had not given permission for it to be created, printed or distributed as it is clearly unacceptable and offensive and has no place in the church bulletin or elsewhere for that matter.”

The Archdiocesan officials and presumably Archbishop Francis Leo, as in the case above, threw the pastor under the bus loaded with anti-Catholic bigots and forced the Pastor to grovel as the chaceryrats held his feet to the fire. 

“I recognize that much of the content was inappropriate and offensive and caused hurt and distress starting in our own parish family and reverberating out into the wider community. I should not have allowed it to have been circulated. I sincerely apologize for my actions.”

It's reasonable to question the prudence of the pastor in allowing an outside flyer to be distributed at the church. I've seen the flyer and it will not be posted here. It reveals private contact information. While one can sympathize with the writer, they did Father no favour. This is not how you fight back, illogical rants are not the way. One lowers themselves to the level of the cultural Marxists and becomes the antagonist themselves. The literal online hatred and bile being spewed at the Church should have been foreseen. No priest needs this, no parish. That being said, it is disgraceful that he was hung out to dry, publicly by the Chancery proving that pastors are nothing more than branch managers. A few weeks ago, St. Michael's Cathedral in Toronto and others promoted a talk by Thomas Rosica using the alphabet moniker? How prudent was that? Lowering people to an alphabet label is not Catholic!

Rather than wade into the public debate on the legitimate fears of most Catholics and particularly, parents about their children and the attack on their faith and morals, a teaching moment was wasted as the new Archbishop is seen as just another weak and ineffective shepherd refusing to be a defender of faith and culture. 

The question we all have is this; Does the new Archbishop, Francis Leo, sanction this public flogging of his priests or is this just another case of the chanceryrats pushing back on him and letting him know who the real boss is.

Well Archbishop Leo, what say you?

Did you approve of this?

Was this Neil acting on his own once again?

Do you wonder, Your Grace, why you can finish the sentences at the Tuesday priest visits? 

Thursday 1 June 2023

Hamilton Diocese OMI priest, Jarek Pachocki is a Christophobe and supports homeheresy!

Hey Jarek, you realize I can still you see you on a different browser when not logged in, right?



Douglas Crosby, OMI, was appointed Bishop of Hamilton in the Metropolitan See of Toronto in 2010. Over 35 years ago, he was pastor of St. Joseph's Ottawa on the campus of the University of Ottawa. The parish has long been a hot-bed of liberal dissent against the Faith. It was from this parish that the outrage was led to remove the fledgling Oratory of St. Philip Neri at St. Brigid's. A demonic scandal for the faithful. I know, I was there. 

Not long after he arrived in Hamilton he brought two OMI priests in from Labrador where he had been bishop. They were appointed as "co-pastors" of St. Lawrence and St. Patrick in Hamilton. This is what they were in Labrador. Contacts in Labrador at the time provided some information on what to expect.

Is it not bad enough that we have the assault from corporations and media and governments. Here it is from our own priests. Jarek Pachocki has made it clear what he is and what he thinks of us.

He will tremble in fear one day before the LORD whom he was to serve.

It won't be nice.

Pray for his repentance and conversion.


Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy upon us. Send forth Thy vengeance, O LORD.