Thursday, 22 October 2015

What will Francis do?

It is clear that the Kasperites and sodomite supporting manipulators, such as Cupich, at the Synod are on the run. They kept telling us to trust the "Holy Spirit." We did, it was they that betrayed Him.

Yet, this is not over. The desperation of these malefactors knows no bounds. Their allies inside the Vatican and the radical "catholic" media will not stop. They will now go after and demand of Pope Francis that he ignore the bishops and do what they want. At least seven of the ten appointed by Francis to write the final report (it has already been written) are heterodox. This manipulation is not over.

Michael Voris lays it all on the table today how these rotten men, this boil on the Body of Christ, His Church; have manipulated this Pope from the very beginning and taken advantage of him.

The Pope must act and he must act as a Pope ought to act in the situation where the sheep are being abused by the shepherds.

The Pope needs to rid the Church, of these malefactors that set this up. We know their names and so do you, does he? We don't need to repeat them here, they are already outed on this blog. Will he? If he does not, then will he accept their pressure and betray Christ and His Church? 


My Blog said...

Unless the Pope follows blogs or the Internet to begin with, how would he know the Truth? The people he appointed are the ones who give him the daily news. And they are anti-Catholic. He says that he never watched TV.
No Internet, no TV, no people telling him the truth...How about newspapers (not the Osservatore Romano)?? But even if Francis goes away, the Gay Mafia still remains and they will never stop trying until THEY go away.

Dorota said...

First these men select the pope (it wasn't the first try, anyway) for his many unorthodox views and qualities, then he selects them, because to him they are likeable? Is it the best Michael Voris has got?

The hole process was dishonest, and had nothing to do with respect for the truth and concern for souls. The views expressed by the pope and these men are often heretical, and can not possibly be inspired by the Holy Ghost.

Whatever the pope does next, and it is not going to be ousting the heretics, for they not different from him, it is not going to be for the benefit of families and souls. Even if the world today is a total rot. and there are only a few sheep, who understand the gravity of the mistakes of V II, the only way to help the others is in teaching them truth, not giving them a false sense of security. Tome for some mercy.

Damask Rose said...

Vox, the Pope is part of it. But thanks for being charitable.