A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Monday 19 October 2015

My fellow Canadians including my family and friends

To my fellow Canadians and to my family and friends who are free to unfriend me or otherwise consider our relationship as you will. 

Read my words.

TODAY - Monday, October 19 is election day in Canada.

Two leaders, Trudeau and Mulcair are Roman Catholics. They are apostates, and they are party to murder.

Steven Harper is a coward, he is not a Catholic and therefore cannot apostatise. 

The Canadian bishops will tell you that the environment is important and social justice is important, that capital punishment is important. They have mislead you. We have every right to disagree on prudential decisions on how the economy should be, social supports, employment and law and order. We have no right to dissent on the matter of Life.

Abortion is murder and Justin Trudeau of the Liberal Party is a dictator that ordered that any candidate must sign that they support abortion. No Member of Parliament can bring forward even a Private Member's Bill to protect Life. Thomas Mulcair of the Socialist Party has the same policy.

Harper and the Conservatives have no policy on abortion. They hold a neutral or cowardly position. He allowed private member bills to come forward but would not support him. We have no laws on abortion at all, not trimester limited, not partial-birth restriction, nothing.

However, Harper prohibited Canadian taxpayer dollars from being used to fund abortion in foreign countries. The Catholic Trudeau, would restore these murders.

As a Catholic with an informed conscience, (which this letter is about) you cannot vote to commit evil. You cannot vote Liberal or NDP without voting for abortion to continue in Canada with no ability to reduce it, and in fact, increase it worldwide. By voting for one of these you will be participating in the murder of the innocent.

If you have a pro-life candidate you should vote for that person, but you will NOT find him or her in the Liberals or NDP. You may find them in the Conservatives or a fourth party. Your vote for a fourth party may put in a worse candidate, Liberal or NDP, who will also not restrict the coming euthanasia abomination which I believe the Conservatives will from what Party sources have confirmed.

Trudeau has vowed to legalise marijuana and fund foreign abortions. He has admitted smoking pot, since being a Member of Parliament. Sorry, pot messes with your brain and Justin is proof of that.

If you vote Liberal or NDP you will a commit a crime against the unborn. 

You cannot vote for evil and you cannot vote for the lesser evil.

You can vote neutral and to for those who would do less evil considering that they're mostly a bunch of self-serving, arrogant, egotistical and corrupt incompetents. Having worked for Cabinet Minister on Parliament Hill and Queen's Park, I can attest to that.

If you vote Liberal or NDP, do not call yourself a Catholic.

In case you've never seen it, this is what abortion looks like.

For a different take on Harper being the last man standing against the globalist government consider Lord Monckton's thoughts at LifeSiteNews.


Pedro Erik Carneiro said...

Great Vox,

I think you want to say "but you will NOT find him or her in the liberals and NDP".

Also, despite some Pope Francis and JPII words, capital punishment is accepted by Catholic Doctrine.

Keep fighting my friend. I love your country and miss her.

Pedro Erik

Unknown said...

What does a lay faithful do when their pastor openly administers Holy Communion to the liberal candidate of their city (who happens to be a parishioner)

tigga wild said...

Thank you for this breath of fresh air. So many Catholics completely misunderstand the principle of the lesser of 2 evils; i.e. that the principle can only apply if there is no other option and clearly not voting is another option. I was unable to vote in our General Election here in the UK recently. No Catholic leaders gave any guidance on this. Thank you again for all you are doing, Tigga

Dorota said...

Anna, if you say something to the priest, you will likely be told to mind your own conscience. He will say that he has no right to impose or meddle in his parishoner's conscience. If you wanted to say something to the parishioner, he will likely complain to the priest, who will support him.

These pro-abortionist and pro-homosexualist politicians have been open about their views for decades. Has the Church hierarchy ever refused them support? Has the hierarchy ever say anything against the homosexual-normal alliances obligatory in all schools?

You will branded a close-minded, liberty-opposing fundamentalist, or soon - a terrorist threat. Have you heard about the case of the imprisoned Mary Wagner? Is the catholic hierarchy supporting her, speaking against her imprisonment?

I speak out against these things. Sometimes people come to me, and when no one is listening, say: Sorry that I did not say anything in your support. This is not the time. It is pointless. I need my job.

Unknown said...

Thank you Dorota, I know, have already been branded by many because I just can't stay silent -- Mary Wagner and Linda Gibbons, where are prayers for them during Mass intentions? I know this is all too much sometimes, especially if you have children. But we must hold our crosses firmly, The Lord will see us through this . God bless you Dorota, please pray for me as I will for you .

Dorota said...

Anne, I will, and thank you. Our so called shepherds have thrown us to the wolves. For about a decade and a half I had been a contributor to the whole anti-God humanist agenda, by raising my daughter to doubt the existence of God. I had lost the faith myself. Though I take responsibility for the part I played, and ask God for forgiveness, I know that it was our priests, who let us down the most. They have not protected us, and now they have prepared the way for a full-blown Christian persecution. I thank God every day for waking up. What did it for me? - Simply seeing what even the most kind and well-meaning people with very high IQs and university degrees become without God, exposed to this madness from crib to grave, believing Satan's propaganda, using it as THE narrative for their life story. Thank you again.

Gabby said...

Based solely on the pro-choice position I cannot vote for any candidate in my riding. Yet not voting goes against everything I believe in regarding the political process. Spoiling my ballot, as I have done in a provincial election, accomplishes nothing because it's just noted as spoiled.

I want to be able to go to the polls, be handed my ballot and declare that because of their pro-choice position I can't vote for any of the 3 candidates. And I want my ballot refusal to be counted as it is in 4 of our provinces during provincial elections. This has been discussed before and I would like to see the Elections Act amended to make it possible.

Lara said...

Gabby I would still vote Conservative ... I am in a similar situation. I am not thrilled with everything my local Conservative MP has done; however, I will vote Conservative in the hopes I prevent the NDP or Liberals of forming government. Vote strategically? Thanks for this post Vox!

Gabby said...

Unfortunately, my Conservative candidate is the infamous Peter Penashue. Not happening.

Lynda said...

Bravo! The priests and bishops and mothers and fathers and teachers ought to have taught and admonished those to whom they are responsible, with regard to their moral duty when voting for government and legislature.

Lynda said...

Pro-mass baby slaughter. "Pro-choice" is a meaningless term coined to hide and normalise egregious evil.