Monday, 19 October 2015

San Juan Archbishop Roberto González Nieves supports public outing of adulterers!

Oh for heaven's sake, can you clowns get original? The pillory's been done away with. This moronic cleric wants a public outing of adulterists before they come to Holy Communion. Well, that's merciful, eh?

Who authorised the ordination of this man?  San Juan Archbishop Roberto González Nieves told the 270 prelates at the gathering that the practice of remarried Catholics entering the Communion line with their arms crossed to indicate they wish to receive a blessing, instead of the Eucharist, demonstrates that “spiritual communion is not enough.”
“This gesture shows and suggests several things,” González said of that practice during his 3-minute address to the synod. “It is a manifestation of the desire of sacramental communion and they humble themselves before the community by making clear to all their illegal status; as if to say: Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!”
Saying he wanted to present proposals to “enter into dialogue with the complexity of the pastoral reality and the salvation of souls,” González suggested to the synod that certain divorced and remarried persons might enter into something akin to an "order of penitents" through participation in "places of encounter with Jesus Christ."


Anonymous said...

Where do they get such bishops? Some people join the communion line, although not going to communion, in order to receive a blessing. Not as a manifestation of humility.

And not everyone abstaining from Communion is in a sinful (or, if you prefer, an irregular) union. They may feel unable to receive because they're seething at something their lawful spouse did, because they're furious at some inanity in the sermon, or because of a host of other reasons.

Really, Our pastors just don't know how strange and varied their flock is.

Felix M

TLM said...

My question exactly Felix, how is it that these men are even allowed to wear the Roman Collar???????

As I read somewhere about Cupich: (I'm reading so much in so many places, I cannot remember who said it) "How is it that this guy was able to receive his first Communion let along ordain him as a Priest of God"???

FLOR solitaria said...

The old 'good cop, bad cop' routine.

Truth Seeker said...

As long as the Eucharist is not given during the accompaniment, I see no harm. After this process of spiritual growth, and their love for the Church increased, they will choose to receive the Body of Christ over the fleeting pleasure of sexual inter course. They will then witness's in front of their community and children that with the grace of God all things can be overcomed. Thus, the sacraments of Matrimony and the Eucharist will not be diminished to meaninless acts devoid of santifying grace. Let's raise the bar not lower it to acommodate evil dressed as sheep. Renovation but never misguided innovation for the sake of getting the applaud of the world, for in doing so souls will be led to perdition. May Jesus and Blessed Mary guide Archbishop Roberto Gonzalez Nieves. Amen.