Friday, 9 October 2015

More Synod scandal - Gay activist lobbyist has press credentials - priest journalist stripped of his. What is going on at the Synod? Who is behind this?

The Synod of Shame continues. It is an affront to the faithful that this secretive and manipulative sham should be allowed to continue without openness and debate for all to see. What is this darkness that the Synod is operating under? This is without precedent. Synods, by their nature, are open and there is voting. This is an affront to Christ and His faithful.

Michael Voris reports that the Executive Director of New Ways Ministry, condemned by bishops as not being Catholic, had press credentials listed to his "blog." Yet, the priest journalist who challenged Canadian Archbishop Durocher's ignorant and disgraceful comments about dogma and doctrine was stripped of his.

Michael Voris reports at The Vortex—Gay Press Conferences | The Vortex with a full transcript if you are not able to view/listen. 

Here is a snippet; you'll want to read the rest there:

I've been corrected that Federico Lombardi, S.J., the head of the Vatican's communication bureau does speak English and yet, he hired Father Tom Rosica to be the spokesman. Does Father Lombardi monitor what is going on in the English press?

The mask is quickly dropping.


Barona said...

Who is behind it: agents in the Holy See Press Office; probably working as creatures for very highly placed members of the Curia.

TLM said...

This entire Synod is a SHAM!!!

Anonymous said...

Where do you get the info that Lombardi doesn't speak English (PS Rosica wasn't there under benedict when Lombardi was appointed)!! "In addition to his native Italian, Lombardi speaks French, German, and English, as well as reading and understanding Spanish and Portuguese.[4] Thavis, John (8 September 2006). "'Sala Stampa' style change: From toreador to low-key mathematician". Catholic News Service (Washington, D.C.: U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops). Retrieved 14 January 2009.

Vox Cantoris said...

You are correct, I was wrong. An Italian friend also corrected me that an Italian of his education would have English knowledge. How could I think ill o the Italians!

So question. If Lombardi does understand English, is he monitoring what is or is not being said and how it is being received?

Will he do anything about it?