A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Sunday 31 January 2021

It is Septuagesima Sunday. What is that, you ask? Does it matter? There is still


Nor, has there been since the Monday after the Last Sunday After Pentecost or the Solemnity of Christ the King, if you prefer. Yes, it has been that long. Advent, Christmastide, in a few days Candlemas. All gone. It joins Lent, Holy Week, the Triduum, Eastertide and all the great spring feasts from 2020. Will we have Easter in church this year? (For more on the Gesimas you can read here)

What am I bid?

All gone. Gone for a virus invented in a lab in Wuhan and used to beat the world into cowardice and submission. A virus with a 99.7% survival rate depending upon your age where government and church has failed to protect the most vulnerable and persecuted and prosecuted the rest. Church? Yes. When have you heard Thomas Cardinal Collins or his ilk speak out against the fact that some nursing homes in this Archdiocese have 100% of patients with the CCP virus and the inaction of government to protect the vulnerable? Please, find me the statement. This, is what happens when you take government money to pay your staff, including priests!

The Ford government reduced the number for religious rituals to ten. The Cardinal then outdid him and went to 0! He has now backtracked a little and offers now a Sunday service of Holy Communion. Other bishops in Ontario, St. Catharines, Pembroke and Peterborough, have managed to continue on. 

Ten. Why?

It is the Minyan, the congregational quorum of adult men (post Bar Mitzvah) for there to be sufficient sanctity for the recitation of certain public prayers in a synagogue.

Doug Ford reduced from 30% church and religious attendance to ten to satisfy the Jewish need for a congregation. We, as Catholics, can't even muster the courage to match them.

There are two evangelical churches whose elders and members are being persecuted and prosecuted in Ontario. One in Aylmer and another in Waterloo. These people have more courage than our Cardinal who had the power nearly a year ago to tell the Ontario government that churches would not be closing. He had the bully pulpit.

We were given a child to do a man's job.

Clearly, he was never Bar Mitzvahed.

At least, pray this today.

INTROIT Ps. 17:5, 6, 7

The moaning of death surrounded me, the sorrows of hell enveloped me. In my distress I called upon the Lord, and from His holy temple He heard my voice.

Ps. 17:2, 3. I love You, O Lord, my strength. The Lord is my support, my refuge, and my deliverer.

V. Glory be . . .


O Lord, we beg You to kindly hear the prayers of Your people. We are being justly punished for our sins, but be merciful and free us for the glory of Your name. Through Our Lord . . .

Commemoration of SAINT JOHN BOSCO

John Bosco (1815-88) grew up on a Piedmont farm in Italy. While still a student-priest at Turin, he began his mission for the abandoned boy apprentices of the early industrial era, who roamed uncared for on the streets of the city. Priests and Brothers gathered about John Bosco as his work developed, and formed the Salesian Order, named in honor of St. Francis of Sales. He also founded a community of Sisters to aid needy girls. Today, the missioners of John Bosco carry on his ideals of gentleness and charity among poor children in Asia, Africa, and South America, as well as in Europe and North America.

O God, You made Your confessor St. John a father and teacher for the young and willed that he should found in Your Church flourishing new communities under the protection of the Virgin Mary. Enkindle in us the same fire of love to seek after souls and serve You alone. Through Our Lord . . .

EPISTLE I Cor. 9:24-27; 10:1-5

Brethren: Know you not that they that run in the race, all run indeed, but one receiveth the prize. So run that you may obtain. And every one that striveth for the mastery refraineth himself from all things. And they indeed that they may receive a corruptible crown: but we an incorruptible one. I therefore so run, not as at an uncertainty: I so fight, not as one beating the air. But I chastise my body and bring it into subjection: lest perhaps, when I have preached to others, I myself should become a castaway. For I would not have you ignorant, brethren, that our fathers were all under the cloud: and all passed through the sea. And all in Moses were baptized, in the cloud and in the sea: And did all eat the same spiritual food: And all drank the same spiritual drink: (And they drank of the spiritual rock that followed them: and the rock was Christ.) But with most of them God was not well pleased.

GRADUAL Ps. 9:10-11, 19-20

You are a helper to those in need, in time of distress. Let those who know You trust in You, O Lord, for You do not forsake those who seek You. For the needy shall not always be forgotten, nor shall the patience of the poor forever perish. Arise, O Lord, let not man prevail.

TRACT Ps. 129:1-4

Out of the depths I cry to You, O Lord; Lord, hear my voice! Let Your ears be attentive to the prayer of Your servant.

V. If You, O Lord, shall mark iniquities, Lord, who can stand?
V. But with You there is merciful forgiveness, and because of Your law I have waited for You, O Lord.

GOSPEL Matt. 20:1-16

At that time, Jesus spoke to His disciples this parable:"The kingdom of heaven is like to an householder, who went out early in the morning to hire labourers into his vineyard. And having agreed with the labourers for a penny a day, he sent them into his vineyard. And going out about the third hour, he saw others standing in the marketplace idle. And he said to them: 'Go you also into my vineyard, and I will give you what shall be just.' And they went their way. And again he went out about the sixth and the ninth hour, and did in like manner. But about the eleventh hour he went out and found others standing, and he saith to them: 'Why stand you here all the day idle?' They say to him: 'Because no man hath hired us.' He saith to them: 'Go ye also into my vineyard.' And when evening was come, the lord of the vineyard saith to his steward: 'Call the labourers and pay them their hire, beginning from the last even to the first.' When therefore they were come that came about the eleventh hour, they received every man a penny. But when the first also came, they thought that they should receive more: And they also received every man a penny. And receiving it they murmured against the master of the house, Saying: 'These last have worked but one hour. and thou hast made them equal to us, that have borne the burden of the day and the heats.' But he answering said to one of them: 'friend, I do thee no wrong: didst thou not agree with me for a penny? Take what is thine, and go thy way: I will also give to this last even as to thee. Or, is it not lawful for me to do what I will? Is thy eye evil, because I am good?' So shall the last be first and the first last. For many are called but few chosen."


It is good to praise the Lord, and to sing to Your name, O Most High.


Accept our offerings and prayers, O Lord. Cleanse us by this heavenly rite, and in Your mercy hear our petitions. Through Our Lord . . .

Commemoration of SAINT JOHN BOSCO

Accept, O Lord, our offering of this perfect host of salvation. May we love You in all things and above all things so that our lives may praise and glorify You. Through Our Lord . . .


Let Your face shine upon Your servant, and save me in Your kindness. Let me not be put to shame, O Lord, for I call upon You.


O Lord, may the faithful be strengthened by the reception of Your Sacramental Gifts. And having received them, may they hunger after them still; and through hungering may they come constantly to be nourished by them. Through Our Lord . . .

Commemoration of SAINT JOHN BOSCO

We have partaken of the sacred mystery of Your Body and Blood, O Lord. remind us always of our obligation of gratitude through the intercession of Your blessed confessor saint John; who lives and rules with God the Father . . .

Saturday 30 January 2021

Brother Bugnolo on the virus and the Masonic plan

"Brother" Bugnolo's blog is at the left. "From Rome."

Video YT erased, reaches 372K views on third-party channel | FromRome.Info

Thursday 28 January 2021

Communist China must collapse upon itself. Are you prepared to help in this war?

It's time. Long past it actually.

Last summer I needed to buy a new barbeque grill. Everything at Canadian Tire or Home Depot was from communist China. Instead, I did my research. I paid more, bought a better product and I ordered it from my local Canadian and independent Home Hardware/Home BuildAll. It is a Broil-King and it was completely manufactured in Waterloo, Ontario. There is also an American plant manufacturing for the market in the United States.

Since the CCP Virus came ashore, in my own protest, I have done what I can to not buy anything made in communist China. An exception is Taiwan, of course. I have done without, or in the case of a small medical device, a pulse oximeter, waited until an American company was able to deliver on production. I paid $400 for it when a trashy and unpredictably inaccurate one from communist China could be had at the nation of Bezos for $50 or less. 

The good people of China are in deep darkness and oppression. Those who know and rebel are in prison, concentration and re-education camps or worse. It seems to me that there is a difference between the Chinese and the Russians and the toleration of communist overlords. The Chinese seem less willing to throw it off. We need that time to come.

Communist China must be punished by the world for the CCP Virus. I have little faith in any of our leaders, particularly now without Donald Trump not on the scene, that this will happen. It is up to you and it is up to me. 

Buy nothing from China. If you need something and there is no alternative, buy it used if you can or do without. Pay more if you must. Do whatever you can do.

We must break this evil regime. We can do it.  

Monday 25 January 2021

Doug Ford and the Ontario medical community are lying to you. A crime against humanity?

This is the data from the webpage COVID-19 (coronavirus) in Ontario as of 10:30 A.M. on Sunday, January 24, 2021. This is not my data. There were 1,436 persons hospitalized in Ontario. This is down from 1,501 the previous day. Those 65 people either got better and were discharged or died or a combination of both. 


There are approximately 464 hospitals in Ontario. The data can be found at the link below.

General Hospital Locations - General Hospitals - Health Services in Your Community - MOHLTC (gov.on.ca)

On average, there are just over 3 people with the China Virus in Ontario's hospitals.

Where is the crisis?

For this, for three people per hospital, we are killing our economy, isolating people, distressing people causing a great rise in suicides, abuse and substance abuse and bankruptcies which repeat the cycle. 

The numbers above prove the comments from people whom I know in health care. There is no overcrowding crisis. There is nobody going without an ICU bed who needs one. 

I have no doubt that people are ill and dying. I have a friend, a doctor with it and he is in the last few days of quarantine and is recovering at home without treatment. A friend's father, noted below, has passed. He was an octogenarian who went into a Toronto hospital for a stroke and caught China Virus there, and died from it. The dead in long-term care are not being transported to hospitals. They are not in those numbers. They are being left to die in the nursing home.

Douglas Ford, an alleged "Conservative" Ontario Premier, is an abject failure. He has lied to the people of Ontario. He has engaged in a cover-up with a corrupt medical community.

Cardinal Collins and the bishops of Ontario have been duped into closing our churches.

The time has come to end this fraud.

Sunday 24 January 2021

On this third Sunday After Epiphany or in "Ordered" Time there is still

However, it could be worse. At least here in Toronto, if your priest cares to follow the suggestion of Cardinal Collins, your parish can offer a Holy Communion service for up to ten; in Hamilton and other places, bishops such as Douglas Crosby has completely shuttered the churches.

We must remember the psalmist, "Put not your trust in princes." Therefore, what can one say other than this?

Spem in alium nunquam habui
Praeter in te, Deus Israel,
Qui irasceris, et propitius eris,
Et omnia peccata hominum
In tribulatione dimittis.
Domine Deus, creator caeli et terrae,
Respice humilitatem nostram.

I have never placed my hope
In any other than you, God of Israel,
Who can show both anger and graciousness
And absolve all the sins
of suffering man.
Lord God, creator of Heaven and Earth
Be mindful of our humiliation.

Saturday 23 January 2021

Demonic Dorsey refuses to remove child pornography from Twitter - victim lawsuit launched!

Jack Dorsey. A "Catholic."

If you have a Twitter account, delete it now. Give no more to this demon.

“What do you mean you don’t see a problem? We both are minors right now and were minors at the time these videos were taken. We both were 13 years of age. We were baited, harassed, and threatened to take these videos that are now being posted without our permission. We did not authorize these videos AT ALL and they need to be taken down,” https://www.blogger.com/blog/post/edit/20981956/824024105754735416#


Friday 22 January 2021

Cardinal Collins, Bishop Crosby and the rest - This, is on your soul!

A few days ago a friend wrote me that his octogenarian father was admitted to a Toronto hospital after suffering a stroke. Whilst in hospital, they gave him the China Virus. He is on life-support and the treatments for China Virus have now ceased. I heard last evening that the hospital has denied the son's request for a priest to administer Extreme Unction. They will not send a chaplain on staff nor can he bring in a priest from outside. 

God will take care of this poor soul. God will not deny him His mercy through no fault of his own. I have written to some of my priest friends to remember this suffering man at Mass this morning. If you are a priest or know one who would do the same, it would be a great act of charity to this man and his son. The man's first name is Stephen, that is all that is necessary, God will know who it is.

The denial of the sacraments to this man will be on the souls of those responsible. It is a crime on the hospital officials.

However, the greater crime is the utter silence of our bishops, particularly Toronto's Cardinal Thomas "Collateral-damage" Collins and Douglas Crosby - who has blocked all sacraments and declares Catholics who disagree as "uncharitable," makes them complicit in this crime against the God-given rights of the faithful. They need to think on this - at the general judgement, they will stand accused for all to see. They will stand accused by Stephen and they will stand accused by the little girl who was murdered for the vaccine that they are recommending to even the offering of our churches as vaccination centres. Open the churches for the vaccine they will, but not for Mass. 

No Mass for you.

No Sacraments for you.

You selfish, uncharitable, ignorant simpleton. 

Thursday 21 January 2021

Douglas Crosby, OMI of Hamilton says you lack "charity" for petitioning for Holy Mass

In a stunning criticism of the lay Catholic faithful, the Bishop of Hamilton in Ontario, Douglas Crosby has accused faithful Catholics of a lack of "charity" and a "fundamental lack of understanding" as to why the laity have been banned from the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Unlike Toronto's Cardinal Collins who has relented to allow Mass for weddings and funerals and Holy Communion on Sundays, Crosby has shut down the sacraments for the faithful. Perhaps the good bishop, who wants to guilt the people of Hamilton by comparing the situation to the people of Labrador, might give some examples of the lack of charity. 

"The decision to close our churches and suspend public celebrations of the Mass has been a painful one for our clergy, religious, and all the lay faithful in the Diocese. While the sadness of our inability to gather to celebrate the Eucharist is profound, some of the responses to this closure - in addition to falling short of the demands of charity - betray a fundamental lack of understanding not only of why this great sacrifice is being made, but also whose example we follow in so doing."              

You can read the rest of the Bishop's letter at this link.

Crosby has locked tight the faithful's churches in the Diocese for even private prayer to a maximum of the provincial regulation of ten persons. Perhaps we Catholics in Toronto should develop a greater appreciate for the magnanimity of Cardinal Collins compared to the niggardly Crosby.

He dares to write that we lack charity. No church for prayer, no sacraments. 

What do the faithful of Hamilton think of this?

You can email the bishop in a charitable manner here.

Never give up!

Wednesday 20 January 2021

God save America!


Say it ain't so, Joe.

You should be crying, Joe.

You'll be crying more on your day of particular judgement. Repent, Joe. Do it now. Life is short. 

Interesting movie lineup for today, January 20, 2021 on Turner Classic Movies

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but, they called Noah one too, until it wouldn't stop raining.

6:00 AM Ode To Billy Joe (1976)

8:00 AM Polo Joe (1936)

9:30 AM The Fabulous Joe (1947)

10:45 AM The Story of G. I. Joe (1945)

12:45 PM Joe Smith, American (1942)

2:00 PM A Guy Named Joe (1943)

4:15 PM Pal Joey (1957)

6:15 PM Mighty Joe Young (1949)

8:00 PM Murder She Said (1961)

9:45 PM Murder at the Gallop (1963)

11:15 PM Murder Most Foul (1964)

1:00 AM Murder Ahoy (1964)

2:45 AM Penguin Pool Murder (1932)

4:00 AM Murder on the Blackboard (1934)

Tuesday 19 January 2021

We've been here before

This is a picture of Washington last night in preparation for the fake inauguration of a corrupt and illegitimate American president. 

The Cathedral of Light was a main aesthetic feature of the rallies organised by the National Socialist German Workers Party beginning in Nuremberg in 1933.

There are no coincidences.

Monday 18 January 2021

Selfish baby-boomers cower in fear. What a life without Christ leads to!

This selfish generation of which I, at 64, am at the tale-end of is stealing the future from the current one. They have been a narcissistic, greedy and selfish generation all their lives. The children of the greatest generation are a bunch of cowardly, godless pagans. It almost makes one wonder if this is not just punishment.

This is what a life without Christ is like. 

This is what you must remember.

Psalm 90/91
Assurance of God’s Protection

You who live in the shelter of the Most High,
who abide in the shadow of the Almighty, 
will say to the Lord, ‘My refuge and my fortress;
my God, in whom I trust.’

For he will deliver you from the snare of the fowler
and from the deadly pestilence;

he will cover you with his pinions,
and under his wings you will find refuge;
his faithfulness is a shield and buckler.

You will not fear the terror of the night,
or the arrow that flies by day,
or the pestilence that stalks in darkness,
or the destruction that wastes at noonday.

A thousand may fall at your side,
ten thousand at your right hand,
but it will not come near you.

You will only look with your eyes
and see the punishment of the wicked.

Because you have made the Lord your refuge.
the Most High your dwelling-place,
no evil shall befall you,
no scourge come near your tent.

For he will command his angels concerning you
to guard you in all your ways.

On their hands they will bear you up,
so that you will not dash your foot against a stone.

You will tread on the lion and the adder,
the young lion and the serpent you will trample under foot.

Those who love me, I will deliver;
I will protect those who know my name.

When they call to me, I will answer them;
I will be with them in trouble,
I will rescue them and honour them.

With long life I will satisfy them,
and show them my salvation.

Sunday 17 January 2021

On this Second Sunday after the Epiphany and in the time of the Gospels of manifestations of Our Lord, there is still

I sang a Requiem yesterday. It was very sad as the deceased was known to me. Cardinal Collins partly relented in his inane decision, allowing the Mass for weddings and funerals. The Mass was held within the provincial restrictions proving that it can be done. Cardinal Collins is in grievous error as the Metropolitan Archbishop for his lack of leadership and the shuttering of churches and elimination of daily and Sunday public Mass. 
Your Eminence, I know that you are reading this. Restore the Mass now. Order the priests to comply or face suspension. Each priest is to say three Masses per day. if not a First Class Feast or Solemnity, then  convert the weekday Masses to Sunday. If a parish has two priests, that is six Masses. All can work out a system to stay within the provincial guidelines. Suspend Holy Communion at Mass except by appointment for individual or family and provide on tongue as it is private and the priest and people can properly wash. Respect those of us who will not receive by the hand. Host too small? Use larger hosts or rectangular shaped. There are lots of options. Late or not, partner with our Evangelical Christian brothers who are going to court. Advise the Premier he can arrest all priests and bishops, our churches are opening. Your actions have caused much of what you called in the leaked webinar, "collateral damage." You know well what that collateral damage is. Depression, suicide, increase in drug use and alcoholism, abuse, financial disaster for individual and small business. You closed the churches. You have contributed to this "collateral damage." The toll which the closed churches have taken on the faithful is known to God and will be revealed to all of us at the end of time. 

Are you prepared to answer for that? 

Charity compels me to call you out and correct you in your error!

There is an antiphon set to polyphony by Palestrina called Tribus Miraculis. It is an Epiphanytide text that recalls the ancient traditional belief that the Epiphany, the Baptism of the Lord and the Wedding Feast at Cana all happened in their specific years on the same date. Epiphany once had an Octave, done away with by an ill-advised Piux XII as recommended by Annibale Bugnini. The liturgical rot began that long ago. The Octave Day was the Baptism of the Lord, January 13 with the Gospel being the Lord's Baptism at the Jordan by John the Baptist and the next Sunday, today, followed with the Gospel of the Wedding Feast at Cana. As for the calendar in the modernist rite, the moving of Epiphany to Sunday along with Baptism the next Sunday acknowledges this "octave" at least nominally and without calling it such. On one Sunday in the three year cycle, the Gospel of the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time has the Marriage Feast of Cana gospel. As someone who never attends it, I have no idea what year this is. The Sundays between now and the Gesimas all are oriented towards similar manifestations of Jesus as the Christ, the Messiah. One other matter about today, the actual Collect is the same in both, the only Sunday of the year that this occurs as Father Zuhlsdorf explains.

If we were at Mass today in either the traditional or modernist, assuming the modernists would use the actual offertory chant proper to the day, you would hear what is arguably the most wonderful Offertory antiphon of the church year, it is certainly my favourite. It appears again in Eastertide, though on different Sundays.

Since you cannot attend Mass today, may I suggest Matins and Lauds from the Divine Office, specifically the Divino Afflatu that has none of the tainting of Bugnini or Pius XII or John XXIII. It will take about 45 minutes, but what else are you doing today? I will guarantee you that it will be a greater offering to God and more efficacious than watching a Mass on your computer screen. You are, after all, not at Mass. 

Not the familiar Salzburg but at least I won't disgrace this post with Subdeaconess carrying the cross. Pure and beautiful voices, real faith.

Saturday 16 January 2021

Ratzinger and Bergoglio receive Wuhan Virus, abortion-tainted vaccine!


The father who abandoned his spouse and children to an evil and abusive stepfather have committed the ultimate child abuse today, not surprising since they spent years covering up abuse.

Popes Francis, Benedict receive their first doses of COVID-19 vaccine (catholicregister.org)

They took a vaccine for the Wuhan Virus that was developed using the stem lines of an aborted baby for testing. In the post one below, Thomas Cardinal Collins, Metropolitan Archbishop of Toronto stated:

Good luck boys on your particular judgement. I expect at the Last Judgement, the victim will be there to accuse you to all of us.

Vengeance is mine, and recompense, for the time when their foot shall slip;                      because the day of their calamity is at hand, their doom comes swiftly.                                                                                                                     Deuteronomy 32:35

Friday 15 January 2021

Cardinal Collins of Toronto relents - Mass permitted for weddings and funerals - "encourages" Catholics to take a vaccine tested on aborted baby's stem cells!

On January 13, Cardinal Collins issues a memorandum to "all clergy and staff" of the Archdiocese of Toronto now posted on the web page at Cardinal Collins update - January 13, 2021.pdf (archtoronto.org). One might ask why this was not addressed to the directly to the "faithful." Unless one's priest communicates these or you look at the web page, or read Vox Cantoris, how would you know what the Cardinal is doing or advising?

No doubt under intense pressure as many have been inundating the Cardinal with over his inane decision to ban the public celebration of Holy Mass but permitting a "communion service," Collins has permitted Mass up to ten persons for weddings and funerals. If for weddings and funerals, why not just every day, Your Eminence? Why not order it to happen in all parishes, daily rather than leave it to the Andy MacBeth's of the world to shut down parishes completely as he has done at St. Margaret of Scotland. He's still looking for money all over the parish bulleting. MacBeth shuts the church but expects you to open your wallet. And the Cardinal permits this.

In a salute to big-pharma and the globalist cabal, Collins says that we "pray" for a vaccination process even though the currently available vaccines were tested on the stem lines of an aborted baby. Collins even offers church property to the "virtuous" health officials to jab you in the arm. At the document above, Collins gives you links where theologians twist themselves into pretzels justifying why it's okay to take a vaccine that has used a murdered baby in its development. 

We can open our churches for an abortion tainted vaccine but not for Holy Mass.

Quite the legacy.

Monday 11 January 2021

Bergoglio legalises women to be Instituted Lectors and Acolytes

Giving yet one more reason to abandon the Novus Ordo Missae, its errors and the culture which has formed it and which it continues to form for tradition, Bishop of Rome, Francis, has today formerly permitted women to be Instituted Lectors and Acolytes. 

For those unaware, a little history. Prior to 1973 there were two orders on the path to ordination in religious orders and seminaries. These were the minor orders of Porter, Lector, Exorcist and Acolyte known as the Minor Orders and Subdeacon, Deacon and Priest, known as the Major Orders. At one time, these minor orders were not just reserved to those on the path to the priesthood but were open to laymen as servants of the Mass, particularly Lector, to sing the Old Testament Lessons, never the Epistle (Subdeacon) and to serve as Acoyte - to bear the candles, the cross was carried by the Subdeacon. In 1973, Paul VI eliminated these to be replaced by Lector and Acolyte for seminarians but also again for laymen. Other than the Diocese of Lincoln and at one time in LaCrosse and in the odd and rare situation for a layman to support the liturgy in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, no bishop that I know of ever made wide use of the provision for an Instituted Lector or Acolyte. No doubt because it could no include women and an Instituted man would displace Susan from the Parish Council reading at Mass. Don't even get me started on Serviettes - Girl Altar Boys.

Today, Jorge Bergoglio has changed all that. If he were ever truly interested in instituting the laity in this manner why did he not do it in Buenos Aires. 

This is about sowing seeds and tearing down. 

A few days ago, a priest said to me, "They are trying to build a new church."

Indeed they are.

One more thing.

With the tragic situation in Italy and the world brought about by germ warfare unleashed upon the world by communist China, with all the unemployment, the loss of business, the loss of life, the depression, suicide, alcoholism and more, this is what Bergoglio focuses on.

Nothing this writer writes will change his mind. Nothing will move him. It does not matter. We must always speak truth to power. We must never submit to these evil men. The man is not your friend, nor mine. He is no friend of Christ. 

Pope Francis Admits Women to Ministries of Lector and Acolyte in New Motu Proprio| National Catholic Register (ncregister.com)

Sunday 10 January 2021

It is the Feast of the Holy Family or, if you prefer, the Baptism of the Lord and you know the line.

 For Thomas Cardinal Collins and the clericalist overlords there is a Holy Mass. But there is 

And given what Doug Ford is going to do this week, there won't be one for a long while.

Bergoglio tells you to take the China Virus vaccine - "It must be done!"

For nearly eight years, I along with may others have exposed the errors and horrors of Jorge Mario Bergoglio. How many times have I written that the man is an evil monster?

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were tested on the stem lines of an aborted baby. Other vaccines are worse in that they are using stem lines in production. This is not hyperbole. Theologians can debate the degree of evil and participation with it in the same way as they can debate how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. 

Let those theologians debate it with Jesus Christ, King of the Universe at their particular judgement. I will be held accountable for much including calling this man who at least denies being the Vicar of Christ, "an evil monster." I will take my purgatory for that, I will not take Hell for the vaccine. I will not have that baby beside Jesus at my judgement to accuse me of taking part of her body for this.

What will you do?

Friday 8 January 2021

Guest post by Pater Ignotus: A Reflection on the Feast of the Epiphany, 2021

A Reflection on the Feast of the Epiphany, 2021 

In the Traditional calendar we are now in Epiphanytide. We continue to reflect on this Mystery of light, the manifestation of Christ to the nations. The importance of this Feast theologically and liturgically cannot be overstated. St Peter Chrysologus observed: In the mystery of our Lord’s Incarnation there were clear indications of his eternal Godhead. Yet the great events we celebrate today disclose and reveal in different ways the fact that God himself took a human body. Mortal man, enshrouded always in darkness, must not be left in ignorance, and so be deprived of what he can understand and retain only by grace (Sermon 160 PL 52, 620-622). This mystery and all mysteries need to be celebrated in all their splendour and import, lest we be left in ignorance, and so be deprived of what [we] can understand and retain only by grace. In the Church, this instruction is generally speaking accessible in the sermon or homily; and the grace to retain what we have learned is obtained through the celebration of the Sacraments and our willingness to be formed by the doctrine of the faith. 

The Epiphany celebrates the truth of Our Saviour revealed to the nations as the world’s salvation and glory. He who is the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega is both the ontological and cosmological centre of our life. When we consider the journey of the magi guided by the star, we are given to understand something of the grandeur of the Mystery of the Incarnation. The whole of creation, the world itself, the stars and the heavens, the cosmos in its entirety proclaim the wonder of this Mystery and through the nature that He has created, God reveals and announces the world’s salvation. There is no other means to salvation than Christ, for in him all the fullness of God dwells in bodily form (Col. 2:9). The revised liturgical calendar fails to give this Feast the recognition it merits as this Feast is in most places relegated to the first Sunday of the new year. 

There is much to learn from the magi about our own journey to God. These men undertook an arduous journey in search for the truth. We can imagine the challenges they faced travelling as they did on foot and with the aid of animals. Their experience resonates with those of the faithful who in this unprecedented time certainly in our country set out on journeys in search of the sacraments and especially the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. We think also of the priests who are now beginning to undertake their own travels and journeys from place to place in their efforts to bring the sacraments of the scattered and fervent remnant faithful. 

Anyone who assents to Our Lord’s invitation of salvation undertakes a very personal and intimate journey out of the self. This is perhaps the hardest of all journeys because we leave behind in some cases the illusion of spiritual and moral self-sufficiency and in others, the prisons of despair and doubt that prevent us from living the fullness of life in Christ by the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. Just as the star beckoned the magi out of their country, so the light of God’s truth beckons us out of the darkness of ignorance and the chaos of lies that afflicts the world in the absence of the light of God’s truth. 

The prince of this world appears at this time to have the upper hand, certainly as it concerns the exercise of our freedoms and especially our freedom to worship God. Our Lord says of the devil: He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks according to his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies (Jn. 8:44). The excuse of the pandemic is being used to deprive us of the basic tenets of justice. This is increasingly evident as the duplicity of the ruling class is exposed. This chaos of lies has spilled over into the ecclesiastical sphere and in many cases it would seem, has found more than a ready welcome. A “health dictatorship” is fast becoming a tyranny and those who govern the Church, with very few exceptions, have made common cause with the governing class in what amounts to the oppression of the Church. Is this cooperation willful, that is to say, formal? The effects of this new ungodly order are already seen in the trivialization of the Eucharist in its different modes of reception, some of which can only be described as sacrilegious. Those who govern the Church have a grave responsibility before God for the souls that He has entrusted to them. Cardinal Manning soberly observed that sacrilege carries the seeds of its own dissolution. Those entrusted with the care of souls, and this includes parents and educators, do well to ponder these words. The sacraments and most especially the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass cannot be in any way compromised by even the faintest hint of irreverence and most especially sacrilege. We may soon witness the dissolution of the great façade of a worldly church, of the antichurch that has relativized the truth of Christ and is now silently complicit in the attack against the truth of Christ and by consequence also the Church of Christ with her deposit of the faith (depositum fidei). 

Those who love the Messiah, Our Saviour and the Church he founded must now imitate what St. Leo the Great calls the obedience of the star [that] calls us to imitate its humble service; to be servants as best we can of the grace that invites all men to find Christ. The obedience of the star that leads to Christ becomes the obedience of faith (Rom. 16:26) by which we ourselves are drawn evermore deeply into the Mystery of Christ and in turn, lead others to Him. The deepening of faith accompanied by a willingness to sacrifice for the sake of the truth of Christ gives birth to a life of genuine piety and the fruits of a devout life: love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness [and] faithfulness (Gal. 5:22), to name but a few. A devout life in Christ lived humbly and generously in a spirit of prayer is what we the faithful need to be fortified in this time of trial and the witness of such a life will invite others to find Christ. The magi inspire us to become co-workers of the truth (cooperatores veritatis), willing especially in these our times to search out places where the truth of Christ is cherished and proclaimed. The journey of the magi is our journey into the Heart of Christ Our Saviour, King and centre of all hearts, and in whom are all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. -- Pater Ignotus


I wish more Catholics in Toronto loved Mass more than they fear (a tiny risk of) death

The title of this post is borrowed from Dorothy Cummings at LifeSiteNews,  I wish more Catholics in Scotland love the Mass more than they fear (a tiny risk of) death.

The communists in Poland could not shut down the Holy Mass. Yet, here in Ontario, many parts of Canada and the United States our politicians have done it and where they have not, our bishops and Cardinals, such as Cardinal Thomas Collins here in Toronto have done what the communists in Poland could not do.

If Catholics in Toronto rose up and demanded that Cardinal Collins open churches for Mass, even at ten, and threw down the gauntlet to Ford that we would be reestablishing Mass at 30% and that he must immediately declare church attendance as "essential," do you not think he would do something? The man is fundamentally weak and ineffectual - that has been proven by his dithering and reversing of decisions in the past. True to form, this kind of personality can also be tyrannical, as has happened recently with a certain priest forced into early retirement. If you've watched the leaked webinar, he repeatedly said, "I will shut you down, I will shut you down, I will shut you down." 

Toronto Catholics, what are you doing? Do you care about the Mass more than the fear of really, really, really tiny risk of illness or death where there is no documented evidence that any of this came from the Holy Mass?







I wish more Catholics in Scotland loved Mass more than they fear (a tiny risk of) death | Blogs | LifeSite (lifesitenews.com)

Thursday 7 January 2021

Cardinal Collins to pay churches to livestream - what are the implications? What does this really mean?

Earlier today, the Archdiocese of Toronto under the authority of Cardinal Collins and issued by Jim Milway, a layman and Chancellor of Spiritual Affairs, a memorandum to all priests and parishes. The Archdiocese will give a grant of up to $10,000 for adding or improving the capability of live-streaming. 

Those parishes that have done live-streaming are apparently learning that is valuable beyond just the celebration of the Holy Mass according to the document.

But what does this mean? What is the Archdiocese telling us by the issuance of this memorandum and grant which could be in the millions of dollars.

Cardinal Collins is telling us that we are far from having any regular restoration of Holy Mass and church life. They have refused to do their duty and defend the Church from the diktats of politicians who have attached our constitutional rights and they are in panic mode. 

Panic mode?

The funds come out of the trust from the Family of Faith campaign not regular collections and the cathedraticum. The are in panic mode because they see the cathedraticum collapsing as parish contributions dry up.

They close our churches and expect we should still open our wallets. They deny  us the sacraments and expect us not to deny them funds. They will stop at nothing to fine every way to keep in touch with us because they know that Epiphanytide is history and Lent, the Triduum and Easter are gone too. They want to reach into your computer to keep a hold on us and our wallets. 

Why not just suggest people watch the feed from St. Michael's Cathedral? 

Because it is all about money and as I've been told by many a Toronto priest, the post-China Virus Toronto Church is going to look a lot different. Mass closures are coming. 

Nobody is coming to save us. 

Except Our Lord Jesus Christ. "Put not your trust in princes."

Wednesday 6 January 2021

We are living a lie and Dumb and Dumber want you to keep buying it. Now, who are Dumb and Dumber?

You'll find them somewhere, they are on this blog. Smiling and cajoling one another. I know where I'll be at 12:00 Noon Saturday. 

Today is the Feast of the Epiphany, it was not last Sunday but regardless, there is still, according to the diktats of Toronto's Cardinal Thomas Collins


And it is an utter disgrace. That this man, this so-called Shepherd of the Catholic faithful in the Metropolitan See of Toronto, has since before Advent cancelled the public celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. That is quite the legacy in what will no doubt be his last year as Archbishop of Toronto. This man has denied you the Holy Mass. This man has denied God His due right to public worship. This man has denied you the sacraments because many of his presbyterate have chosen to cower in their rectories out of more fear for a bad flu than of God and Hell itself. This man's people determined that it is "just not worth it" to have Mass when the church must be limited to ten by provincial diktat of an imbecilic unchurched lout. This man, this Cardinal, has failed utterly in his duty before God and His flock to defend the Church, to uphold the rights of the God and the rights of the faithful. He has put mammon from the government ahead of you and your desire to worship God.

Yet, there others, other priests, many other priests who will never be identified by this writer here or anywhere else who are ministering to the faithful who do not refuse to offer the Holy Sacrifice. These priests who are loved by God and by his people. These priests who are risking everything for the faithful. To these priests, to these men of Christ, to these humble servants who have a higher obedience, to Jesus Christ Himself rather than sinful men who have put in their lot with the corrupt state, to these priests, and you know who you are because you are reading this, we salute you. we thank you. we love you. May God bless each and every one of you and protect you from the diktats of a corrupted church and state.

If you cannot get to Mass on a rock, or in a basement chapel or on a dining room, or in the forest or a barn (and don't think for a moment that I am exaggerating) may I suggest you pray at least Matins, Lauds and Vespers for today from the Divine Office tab which you find above. It will take you to today's date and my recommendation is according to Divino Afflatu. 

Please enjoy the uplifting music for Epiphany. God bless you.

Sunday 3 January 2021

Today, Sunday, is the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus and there is still


Today is the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus, it falls on the Sunday after the Octave Day of Christmas and Feast of the Circumcision and before the Epiphany. Today is not the Epiphany.

INTROIT Philip. 2:10-11

At the name of Jesus every knee should bend of those in heaven, on earth, and under the earth, and every tongue should confess that the Lord Jesus Christ is in the glory of the Father.

Ps. 8:2. O Lord, our Lord, how glorious is Your name over all the earth!

V. Glory be . . . 


O God, it was You who conferred the name of Jesus upon Your only-begotten Son, the Savior of the world. Grant that by venerating His holy name on earth we may enjoy His presence in heaven. Through the same Jesus Christ, Your Son, our Lord, who lives and rules with You in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever. 

EPISTLE Acts 4:8-12

In those days, Peter, filled with the Holy Ghost, said to them: "Ye princes of the people and ancients, hear. If we this day are examined concerning the good deed done to the infirm man, by what means he hath been made whole: Be it known to you all and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom you crucified, whom God hath raised from the dead, even by him, this man standeth here before you, whole.

" This is the stone which was rejected by you the builders, which is become the head of the corner. Neither is there salvation in any other. For there is no other name under heaven given to men, whereby we must be saved." 

GRADUAL Ps. 105:47; Isa 63:16

Save us, O Lord our God, and gather us from among the nations that we may give thanks to Your holy name and glory in praising You.   

V. You, O Lord, are our Father, our Redeemer. From eternity is Your name. 

Alleluia, alleluia! V. Ps. 144:21

My lips shall speak the praise of the Lord; let all men bless His holy name.


GOSPEL Luke 2:21

At that time, after eight days were accomplished, that the child should be circumcised, his name was called JESUS, which was called by the angel before he was conceived in the womb. 


I will praise You, O Lord my God, with all my heart, and I will glorify Your name forever. For You, O Lord, are sweet and mild, abounding in kindness to all who call upon You, alleluia! 


O Most Merciful God, may Your blessing, which gives life to all creation, sanctify the sacrifice we offer in honor of the name of Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Let this act of praise be pleasing to Your majesty and profitable towards our own salvation. Through the same Jesus Christ, our Lord . . . 

The Preface for Christmas is said. 


All the nations You have made shall come and worship You, O Lord, and glorify Your name. For great You are and do wondrous deeds. You alone are God. Alleluia! 


O Almighty and eternal God, who created and redeemed us, graciously hear our petitions. Receive kindly and favorably this saving Sacrificial Victim, which we have offered to Your majesty in honor of the name of Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Pour out Your grace upon us, that we may rejoice to see our names written in heaven under the glorious name of Jesus, who is the pledge of our eternal predestination. Through the same Jesus Christ, our Lord . . .

Friday 1 January 2021

Trinity Bible Chapel in Waterloo, Ontario shows Cardinal Thomas Collins how to lead, how to pastor, how to love Christ and how to stand up to tyranny!

In Waterloo, Ontario in the Diocese of Hamilton whose bishop, Douglas Crosbie, OMI has followed lead of Toronto's Thomas Cardinal Collins to cease public religious services, police have charged the elders of Trinity Bible Chapel for holding religious services against the diktats of the Ontario politburo headed by Premier Douglas Ford. 

Jacob Reaume has issued a press release which should be an embarrassment to Thomas Collins who has lots of money and lots of lawyers to fight the unjust provincial diktats. He even lacks the courage to follow them to the letter because his presbyterate won't obey him.

Read Pastor Reaume's letter. Tell me that this is not more Catholic, more God-fearing, more Christ-loving than anything coming out of the Chancery in Toronto or most of our parish priests. This man speaks as Thomas Collins should speak. This man builds up as Thomas Collins should build up but does not.

Jacob Reaume is more Catholic than the hirelings in the Catholic Church.

Have a nice New Year's Dinner, Eminence. 






Press Release - All Elders of Trinity Bible Chapel Charged | Trinity Bible Chapel


By Jacob Reaume    |   December 31, 2020    |      

New Years Eve, December 31, 2020



Yesterday evening, all six of the elders of Trinity Bible Chapel were charged under Section 10.1 of the Reopening Ontario Act (ROA) for holding church services on Sunday, December 27. We are peaceful family men seeking to pastorally care for our families and our church in sincere obedience to God. We are not criminals. Officers from the Waterloo Region Police Service (WRPS) showed up at each of our homes last night at roughly 8pm and gave us each a summons to court. While other pastors in Ontario have faced similar charges under the ROA for holding church services, to our knowledge this is the first time that each and every member of an entire elders board has been charged for gathering a church to worship. Although we know of officers within the WRPS who personally disagree with these charges, it appears the WRPS is trying to make an example of us. For years we have taught our children to respect police, and now our children and grandchildren are witness to their fathers and grandfathers receiving charges from police for worshipping Christ with our church. It is a dark day for Waterloo Region and Ontario.

Since we decided to re-open the church in June, implementing various COVID protocols in our services, we have not had a single outbreak traced back to our church. We thank God for that.  Instead, we have heard a plethora of stories from many of our congregants about how they were negatively affected spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and financially during the first lockdown. On December 3, we informed our governing authorities that we cannot shut down the church again in an open letter entitled, “Here we Stand: The Church Must Meet.”[1] Not one of our officials replied with an attempt to work with us.  Our church community has become a vital refuge for hundreds of people during these times of despair. Our government is destroying our society to prevent the spread of a virus with a fraction of a fractional death rate.[2] This is evil. Nowhere does the Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantee freedom from risk or virus, but it does protect the freedom of conscience, religion, belief, and assembly.[3] These are unlawful laws, a violation of God given rights, a contravention of Section 176 of the Criminal Code, and an infringement of the Charter.

We have ancestors who fought in wars to protect us from state abuses of this nature, and many of our families fled police states that eerily resemble what we are being subjected to at the present. Our high school teachers, parents, and grandparents warned us against governments that act this way.

While we seek to honour and pray for our governing officials, we are also grieved over the apparent hypocrisy and arbitrary applications of law. Several politicians have been caught violating their own laws by visiting cottages, hosting gatherings, or jaunting to warmer climates. Our very own Chief of Police, Brian Larkin, publicly endorsed much larger public gatherings in June. While Ontarians were restricted to outdoor gatherings of 5 or less persons, the Chief of Police offered the “full support” to a protest in which the “crowd may have been between 12,000 and 20,000 strong.”[4] Chief Larkin explained to participants, even as they contravened lockdown orders, that police “will ensure you have the support needed to practice your democratic right and have your voice heard.”[5]  The arbitrary rule of law is dangerous even as it is contrary to our inherited values.

Our Saviour shed His blood to purchase the church, and therefore, deeming the church “unessential” is tantamount to deeming the blood of Christ unessential, which is a public act of blasphemy.  One day our elected officials, bureaucrats, and police will stand before the court of God’s justice for these acts.  We earnestly pray that the Holy Spirit would draw them to his Son, Jesus Christ, who offers free grace and forgiveness to all who would repent and put their faith in him.

Jesus Christ is the King of kings and the Lord of lords, and therefore we must honour and obey him above all earthly governments. We emphasize that our hope in Christ’s goodness is firmly anchored.  Our Saviour is just, equitable, and loving towards his people.  He has every hair on our heads numbered, and his eyes see all things. He will lead us through the valley of the shadow of death, and we will fear no evil.  He has taught us to love our enemies, pray for those who persecute us, and to count our sufferings as pure joy.  We embrace his will in humility by submitting to his heavy hand trusting that in the proper time he will exalt us because he cares.

Members and adherents of Trinity Bible Chapel can anticipate internal communication by Friday at 5:30 PM.  If you are a member or adherent and do not receive that communication please contact one of the elders.

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience” – C.S. Lewis

[1]From https://trinitybiblechapel.ca/here-we-stand-the-church-must-meet/, accessed December 31, 2020.

[2] The CDC’s survival rates are as follows:

0-19 yrs old: 99.997%

20-49 yrs old: 99.98%

50-69 yrs old: 99.5%

70+ yrs old: 94.6%

From: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/planning-scenarios.html, accessed December 31, 2020.

[3]From https://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/const/page-15.html, accessed December 31, 2020.

[4] From https://kitchener.ctvnews.ca/as-it-happened-thousands-of-people-gather-for-peaceful-black-lives-matter-march-in-kitchener-1.4966927, accessed December 31, 2020.

[5] From https://www.wrps.on.ca/en/news/wrps-supports-solidarity-march-for-black-lives-matter-we-stand-united-with-you.aspx, accessed December 31, 2020.

An Octave Day of Christmas Open Letter to Thomas Cardinal Collins - what will be your legacy?

The legacy

Dear Cardinal Collins,

On January 16, 2022 you will turn 75. On that date you will tender your resignations to the Pope, whomever he may be at the time. Rumor has been for a while now that it will be immediately accepted, assuming Francis is still Pope. Does he still hold his rageful anger against you and the others for your signature on that letter when you had courage and were part of the thirteen. We were so proud of you then. Of course, it didn't last long considering you went on to praise the heretical document, Amoris Laetitia

Leaving other details aside for now, the failure to clean house upon your arrival, leaving heretical priests who deny the Holy Eucharist in their parish offering invalid Masses and abusing the faithful (anyone want to guess where?) and banishing faithful priests to early retirement (yes, Eminence, we know) You've left homosexual priests in active parish ministry, and you banished a traditional religious order because they followed a higher law on how to administer Holy Communion (FSSP), and so much more. So much more that this writer knows personally.

This brings us to where we have been since the beginning of Advent and where we are now on the first day of the new secular Year of Our Lord, 2021. There is a Mass for you, Eminence, but no mass for me or my wife or for any of us. No Mass for us. 

While Douglas Ford may be an ignoramus a simpleton and an unchurched lout, you, are to be our shepherd. You, are to be our spiritual father. As you have said yourself, you are the pope in the diocese. You know better and yet, what do we see? A double-down on the Premier's insane decision and the cessation of the public offering of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Without a doubt, you know you have erred. How do I know this? Because you have replaced the Holy Mass with an Anglican-style Service of Holy Communion. You are trying to back-track without anyone noticing. What you don't know is that you are in a hole and you need to lay down the shovel and stop digging. Your idea of assembly theology that could once not comprehend the idea of separating the Holy Mass from Holy Communion has done exactly that. 

I know Catholics, myself and my wife included, who have not had Holy Communion in nine months because we will not take It in the hand. I have seen Latin Mass communities since June increase in size even though Holy Communion is not distributed. Now, the Mass been ripped away from us again. Not by Ford, but by you and many of your brother bishops. (Pembroke and St. Catharines being the exception) Yet, now, you allow Holy Communion without the Mass. Ironically, you have actually partly taken some of my advice. What was that?  Separate Holy Communion for the people from Mass - suspend it except by appointment during the week thus allowing more Masses on Sunday to cope with the Premier's ridiculous diktat, a diktat that you are now unable to stop because you accepted it for too long. 

As the post below this one eludes, what is the real reason? I will tell you what I have discerned through your actions and my own research.

You now know, no doubt because of the pressure of this writer and others, that you were wrong. You are trying to reverse it with a substitute. You have built into it the option to ignore you because you know that most of your presbyterate do not want even this. Andy MacBeth in his own bulletin online proves it. Therefore, how could you ever reverse yourself on Mass for up to ten persons? Heck, most won't even open the church for private prayer. They instead cower in their rectories just like MacBeth. No Mass. No Holy Communion. No private prayer. How many more Andy MacBeth's are there?

I will tell you what you need to do, Your Eminence. I will do the job for you that those around you will not do. Not your Auxiliary Bishops, not your circle of priests whom you rely on, not your lawyers or accountants or communications experts. I, a simple and sinful layman will tell you what you need to do.

Immediately issue a Memorandum, just like the one below. 

1.    All priests MUST open the churches for set hours. Adoration daily and reparation for an end to this virus and the demonic uses of it be evil men.

2.    All priests will develop a reasonable lottery to select the people to attend Mass and develop a rotation.

3.    Homily is limited to three minutes and Holy Communion is suspended at Mass using this as a teaching moment that we go to Mass to worship God, give Him thanksgiving, seek forgiveness for our sins and ask for our needs. Not one of these four reasons for Holy Mass is to receive Holy Communion. You've already proven that Mass and communion can be divorced from one another. Holy Communion is by appointment during the week to individuals or family units, on the tongue if requested because the priest can thoroughly wash his hands with soap and water, and wear a mask, as he should even when giving into the hand.

4.    A priest will offer three Masses during the week and five Masses on Sunday. Parishes with two priests or more, follow accordingly.

5.    Any priest who refuses is called in to your office personally and asked to explain. Any refusal to follow your direction will be met with immediate suspension and an order to vacate the rectory. Any fear that you would need to close churches for the reduction of priests is moot. You've closed them anyway. (After all, you've sacked or forced into early retirement good priests for lesser reasons or none at all, no?)

6.     Immediately contact Pastor Peter Youngren and join his legal suit against the government (only the injunction, hard to get, was refused.) Provide your lawyers and money and round up the rest of the Ontario bishops to get on side. Notwithstanding the lateness of this legal move, (you should have done it in March 2020) it must be done, notwithstanding.

You know full well, as you reportedly told the Premier. that the virus is not being transmitted at Mass. You know full well that your "worship safe" guidelines have been followed and the people have, no matter how reluctantly, cooperated. You know full well that the Toronto Board of Health and the "virtuous" doctors have made unreasonable and unconstitutional demands. Your lack of leadership in this regard has caused deep sorrow amongst the faithful, the very faithful who would be your greatest supporters. The very ones that would defend our churches and our priests. 

What will be left, Eminence, of your post China Virus Church? What will be left? Your own words and those of your staff on webinars reveal the interest in money. The need for point of sale devices and pre-authorised giving. You want our money, but you give us no Mass. You have closed our churches but you expect us to open our wallets. You have, rather than rely on your faithful, taken stained money from the government to pay your employees and your priests. You have taken Cesare's gold and Cesare now controls you.

On this day of the new year, this Feast of the Circumcision, this Octave Day of Christmas, I can give you no peace, you are undeserving of it. You have stripped peace from me, my wife, my friends, the readers of this blog and faithful Catholics in the Archdiocese of Toronto and across Ontario. You have denied us the Holy Mass, for that, you can have no peace.

As with Ebenezer Scrooge, you can expunge what will be a legacy of failure and banality of lost opportunity and of collapsing parishes that your successor will need to address. A legacy of no Triduum, no Masses for last Easter, no time after Pentecost, no Advent not Christmas and I have no doubt, no Easter 2021. This, Eminence is your legacy. A Shakespearian tragedy and a mockery of the priestly heroes of the Tudor persecution whom you so often quote. A legacy of failure when it could have been a legacy of courage and of leadership. A lot of alleged "charity" but too little "clarity." Too little to none of speaking truth to power.

Will you change it? Will you repent of this? Will you act like a Shepherd and not a hireling? Speaking truth to power is not easy. It is not always liked. It is, however, always necessary and today, I have done that.

Vox Cantoris