Saturday, 17 October 2015

Hey Heresiarch Cupich - What do you think of this "throuple: oh and how lovely, they want to start a family

Tell us Heresiarch Cupich - in the deranged mind of yours poisoned by modernism, heresy, pride arrogance and a lack of supernatural faith, what thinkest thou of this little group. Will you meet them where they are? 

What a bunch of sickos and any cleric that would  give these filthy perverts Holy Communion will go to Hell.

Gay married couple who got divorced after just one year to include a THIRD man in their relationship now plan to have children with their sisters as surrogates

  • Adam Grant and Shayne Curran, Canada, tied the knot in 2011 
  • One year later they met Sebastian Tran in a nightclub and hit it off
  • Got divorced so the relationship between the threesome could be equal
  • Now all live together and plan on starting a family 


Dorota said...


all will depend now on how the three young people feel in their gut/conscience about the morality of their choices. Will all three of them feel the same? Will one, the one in the middle perhaps, the missing link that was found in a night club to cement the original love and make it even better, consider himself more special and superior to the other two, and maybe make them feel slightly less worthy?

Also, let us not forget that different priests will have different gut feelings about this love, maybe even somewhat related to the nature of their own sexual preferences and practices. Their pastoral guidance will be an original expression of own open-mindedness to the god of surprises.

One thing is sure. These young love-birds are for real. You have to give them that - they hear the calling to proper, life-giving family love, and desire children, made at least partially with their own genetic material. All three want them (the cute babies) at the same time, for now at least. Oh, the sky is the limit to the creative potential of a love such as this. Cupich for pope!

Anonymous said...

Someone suggested a return to the Mosaic Law did Christ not save a woman from been stoned to death for adultery her accusers said the Law condemned her ,was that not the Mosaic Law ,is he suggesting men and women found guilty of adultery should be stoned to death ,perhaps he should move to Saudi Arabia ,strangly its only the women who commit adultery there ,men seem to take no part in it .