Wolność dla Mary Wagner

Canadian Catholic sentenced to prison for saving lives of unborn children
Do you know who is Mary Wagner? The 38-year-old Catholic from Canada, for many years, is committed to protecting the lives of unborn children. For this conviction she has been arrested and is in prison in Canada.

Although it seems unbelievable that in Canada there is sentenced to prison someone for Catholic beliefs, it has unfortunately happened. On the one hand, Canada gives citizens the "freedom" to kill unborn children, on the other ties the hands of those who want to use peaceful means to dissuade women from abortion.

Mary Wagner has for many years prayed at abortion clinics, talking to women who intend to have an abortion, many handed white roses and some of the women and their children were rescued.

The presence of Mary at an "abortuary businesscaused her arrest and imprisonment as a symbol that would discourage other pro-life people to commit similar acts.

Mary, however, does not give in and announced that after release will continue trying to save the lives of unborn children and their mothers. As she wrote in her letter during a recent visit to Poland, "my visit to Poland also led me to Auschwitz. I would not go there alone, but did not want to deny my friends. This is what we saw shocked me to the core. Reading the guest book call: "Let this crime will never happen again", I realized that "this" happens again, just before our eyes in another place, in Toronto it is happening now in Canada and around the world.

Let us show our solidarity to this lonely Mary, who struggles with wicked system and use all available means fighting for her release.

Signatures go to the Prime Minister of Canada by email (sign the petition is to send such a message).

Those who have already signed the petition are:

Michael Baran, a board member of the Foundation ONE OF US
Gortych Bartholomew, president of the Catholic Association of Academic SALT DEO
Marek Jurek
Ks. Thomas Kancelarczyk, Brotherhood of small feet
Lech Łuczyński, Institute of Ordo Caritatis
Prof. Ryszard Legutko
Prof. Mirosław Piotrowski
Kazimierz Michał Ujazdowski
Dr. Paul Wosicki, president of the Polish Federation of Pro-Life Movements
Dr. Eng. Antoni Zieba, president of the Polish Association for the Protection of Human Life.