Thursday, 15 October 2015

Cardinal Tagle's years exceed his wisdom

“The new method adopted by the synod has definitely caused a bit of confusion, but it is good to be confused once in a while. If things are always clear, then we might not be in real life anymore.”

Is he for real?


Barona said...

This is madness. The world is confused, rudderless, stumbling in the dark.... we have Our Lord, His Truth - which never changes, and cannot change. Why do we seek, when we already have?

The creation of confusion, doubt is the work of the devil. Churchmen who create this, are tools of the devil and are derelict in their duty as bishops.

Dorota said...

I can see the deliberate confusion caused by the so called "god of surprises". I try to imagine Jesus saying: I am so confused - in the sermon on the mountain. I am confused in the emerging new contexts and situations, as my gender identity fluctuates while new narratives take hold of the people. I must be careful NOT to offend anyone.
The only way to not offend, as we know, is to stop using logic first (logic offends irrationality), outlawing The Word next (it contains hurtful language which reinforces inequality - between Truth and lie, God and Satan, animal and human), and ideally - abandoning words altogether. Next step - not looking (in order to prevent micro-aggressions), and then - not emitting CO2.

But I am only a bigot and a backward person. I have no appreciation for satanic confusion.

Anonymous said...

This guy is a joke, a theological lightweight, anti-Tradition and very sleek and cunning. He has no business being in this Synod but only to be props to his puppet masters Bergoglio, Daneels, Baldeisseri and the sodomite lobby.

It is very sad for a Filipino to say this but Tagle and his fellow modernist bishops are rapidly presiding over the rampant secularization and modernization of the Catholic faith in the Philippines. The Church over there is becoming more and more irrelevant in the battle for souls because of the malfeasance, inaction and poor catechism of these bishops. But wait...apparently Tagle is the chosen one by Bergoglio and his sodomites cabal to be the next pope.

Deliver us O Lord from these scourges.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

This is just another example of episcopal careerism. Mimic what the leader says or believes, and you just might get rewarded. This isn't new. Read the following (Pay particular attention to Archbishop Chaput's comments toward Supreme Court Justice Scalia):

A Daughter of Mary said...

We may be looking at a future pope, so be respectful! As said above when the pope went to the Philippines Tagle was touted as just that by many. So young, so refreshing! Leader of millions of Catholics! The voice of the future - not one of those nasty old Europeans!

Dark times are coming.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, refreshing in what way? Is it in pushing for modernist agenda in the Church? Is it in siding against the immutable teachings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on the sacrament of Holy Matrimony? Is it in his silence and not speaking out about the sin of sodomy? Is it in his mishmash protestantised celebration of the Holy Mass?

A Filipino Catholic

tuleesh said...

A Filipino Catholic @6:37p.m.
I think Barbara [@ 4:13p.m.] is using a little sarcasm. She did end her comment with, "Dark times are coming," after all.
Our Lady of Akita certainly warned of times like these.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Cardinal Tagle should read Corinthians: " For God is not the God of dissension." In other words God is NOT the author of confusion.