A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Tuesday 14 July 2015

Chopped babies and their parts sold by a presumed Catholic - Deborah Nucatola - Repent lest you be judged

If it was good enough for you Deborah!

Deborah Nucatola!

You have many happy pictures on your Facebook; even with your smiling niece. Thank God she wasn't cut up and sold off as spare parts.

One can only presume you were baptised as a Catholic, given your name and obvious Italian heritage.

Shame on you.

You have achieved your 15 minutes of fame with a salad and a glass of wine.

May it bring you to repentance and God's mercy before you find His justice!

Postscript: To the many thousands that have found their way here from Michael Savage at WND, welcome and God bless you. Would you consider this so that some good might come out of such vile evil?


Anonymous said...

Unspeakably evil. One day, Ms. Nucatola will come face-to-face with these humans she dismembered, where they will be perfect in body. (Where did I hear that at the Last Judgement we are all going to be the perfect age--that being 28 or so.) They will meet her gaze, and if she doesn't repent the enormous injustice she did to them will fill her with a crazed remorse. Her agonal cry will reverberate through Heaven and Earth and then the Demon will escort her to Hell where she will relive the blood-soaked brutality she inflicted forever and ever. And that will be that.

Anonymous said...

Only one comment? This is akin to the Nazi torture and extermination of Jews. Only in America. God have mercy on us.

Anonymous said...

Most will bury their heads in the sand and continue on because this is just SOOOOO hard to understand, how anyone could talk about this in such an "everyday" fashion is just disgusting. I am speechless. The devil is alive and well, and things like this can only be inturperated as a sign that the end is near. Pray for this poor creature and hope that she ones to her senses and blows the lid off this demonic practice. Also, do your homework on whom planned parenthood is associated with, they are receiving money from so many "good" charitable groups like RELAY FOR LIFE and many others. God bless.

Anonymous said...

In today's world Catholics aren't really Catholic, or even Christians really Christian. The Bible says, "by your works I will know you". A Christian cannot join the false religion of secularism and still be a Christian. One chooses the world and its ways or God's. There can be no walking the fence, or supporting non-Biblical views.

Anonymous said...

That thing went to medical school.

Incidentally, not many take a Hippocratic oath any more.

Anonymous said...

Since they've redefined at what point a human being becomes a person ,they have no problem selling body parts or using aborted fetal cells in vaccines or cosmetics , worse than pagan times when people sacrificed their young ,only that was before Christ and they did not know any better .So much for the so called civilised world ,beneath the civilised exterior ,they are 100 times more savage and barbaric in their sterile white slaughterhouses.

Anonymous said...

When she was explaining the procedure for salvaging intact organs by turning the baby breech, I just lost it. It is pure evil and these people don't even realize it. We need to do everything we can to keep the pressure on these people and expose this disgusting behavior.

TLM said...

There are now several independent investigations that have been launched into this hell hole of an organization, one by Congress of the U.S. Then of course it must be reviewed by our so called 'Justice Dept.' Why would anyone think that with this evil administration at the helm, this would go anywhere, no matter what kind of evidence they bring. Nothing will be done, as the administration of the U.S. is in collusion with these diabolical pawns of Satan. The U.S. is now living under the most EVIL TOTALITARIAN Dictatorship since Hitler's Germany, which has been sanitized and made to look 'progressively' acceptable and even a preferred ideology.

Our corrupt lawless government is still going after The Little Sisters of the Poor even after the S.C. ruled in their favor for being exempt from providing artificial contraceptives to their employees via their insurance co. This when the government has two different programs in place to provide contraception for those who don't have access. Yet.....they want the sisters to violate their consciences and their faith, the Judge that ruled against them even telling them that to comply with the government is 'NOT IN VIOLATION OF THEIR FAITH.' The narcissism of these dictators is something to behold.

TLM said...

Oh yeah, one more thing.....Deborah Nucatola is the modern day Dr. Josef Mengela.

Anonymous said...

Their argument that the fetus is not a human is exploded by, why are we salvaging and selling body parts for transplant from a non-human???

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

Lord have mercy. And this is the beginning of utopia, folks. Just when you think the blood that cries for venegeance could not possibly have a new voice.

Doni said...