Thursday, 22 October 2015

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THE SYNOD: The decentralization of the Church offends the Faith and common sense


(by Roberto de Mattei IL FOGLIO October 20, 2015)

On October 17th 2015, Pope Francis announced how the Synod on the Family is going to conclude. Just a few days before the end of the work by the assembly of bishops, they have reached an impasse, and the way out of it, according to the Pope would be the decentralization of the Church.

This impasse is due to the division among those in the hall, who refer with firmness to the perennial Magisterium on marriage and those “innovators” who want to overturn two thousand years of Church teaching, but above all – the Truth of the Gospel. It is, in fact, the Word of Christ, the natural and Divine law, that a valid marriage – celebrated and consummated [ratum et consummatum] – by the baptized, cannot, under any circumstances, be dissolved by anyone.

A single exception [to this] would annul the absolute, universal value of this law and if it were to fall, the entire moral edifice of the Church would collapse. Marriage is either indissoluble or it isn’t and a disassociation between the principle and its practical application cannot be admitted. Between thoughts and words and between words and facts, the Church insists on a radical coherence, the coherence the Martyrs have borne witness to throughout history.

The principle that doctrine doesn’t change, but its pastoral application does, introduces a wedge between two inseparable dimensions of Christianity: the Truth and Life. The separation of doctrine and praxis is not of Catholic doctrine, but of Hegelian and Marxist philosophy, which turns upside down the traditional axiom according to which agere sequitur esse. Action, in the perspective of the innovators, precedes being and conditions it; experience does not live the truth but creates it.

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Me said...

Here's an interesting article, even with Google Translate.
"Head of the UGCC "matters of faith and morals can not be decentralized""

Dorota said...

God destroyed Sodom, He sent the flood.
Rather then LISTENING and allowing Sodom to speak new truths into Him, God wanted no unity with those co-creators of the universe, those rulers from the top of the inverted pyramid (as the pope would deviously describe Church Hierarchy).

These experiential truths of the Sodomites are seen as the inevitable breakthrough in the evolutionary process that our most evolved and enlightened theologians so clearly discern - from God Creator of man, to man creator of god.

I however, can see clearly, what liars and therefore - fools they are. What prevents them from seeing their own nakedness, are pride and arrogance. They are no longer capable to morally discern that denial of the foundational truths of Catholicism makes them non-Catholic. Why won't they leave? What would happen if they admitted their open and obvious rejection of the eternal and unchanging dogma?

As long as we let them get away (and by "them" I mean the pope, too) with the open denial of dogma, as they mock dogma and us "fundamentalists", we deserve these leaders.

George Brenner said...

.....and now is the hour to pray intensely for our Pope for all eyes and ears will shift from the Synod to the next words the Pope speaks. As the Vicar of Christ it is NEVER too late to do the right and moral thing. It is never too late to denounce evil for that which is holy and righteous.