Tuesday, 20 October 2015

How does a Catholic Bishop speak? Look no further than Bishop Krzysztof Białasik

This is how a true bishop and apostle of Our Lord Jesus Christ speaks.

One who is manly and not sold out to the world having been overcome by a guilty conscience due to their own predilections for sodomy, pornography and riches.

(translation: Toronto Catholic Witness. You are free to use, please credit us). 

Bishop Krzysztof Białasik on gender ideology and abortion:
"There are different influences that promote ideologies against the family. One of these is gender [ideology].  This ideology, which destroys life, and supports abortion, homosexual unions and the adoption of children by them; euthanasia - therefore this promotes death. As John Paul II said, it is a culture of death. God is the Lord of life and not death. Therefore, we are working so that the family will find new impulses of life.
Today, abortion is a very serious problem. In many places, as in Bolivia, some physicians say that abortion is not a problem, just a small operation, the removal of "lumps consisting of a few cells." We know well and the Church teaches this: that the human being must be protected from the moment of conception. It was once thought that the mother's womb was the safest place, this is not the case today. Many women think: "it's my body!". But it is not their body, but another person. Parents have no right to kill, because it is murder. Today abortion is a holocaust on a global scale; I call it the third world war. It is done in white gloves, but it is a holocaust" 


Dorota said...

My countryman.

Too often Catholics opposed to homosexual unions, laymen and clergy alike, do not mention the problem of adoption by sodomites. If I read trends correctly, many Catholic adoption agencies have been forced (due to non-compliance with adoption for sodomites) to close operations, while many non-religious agencies, enamoured with their own progressiveness, rather than concerned with the well-being of children, favour sodomites. In addition, once it is established that a couple does not celebrate sodomy with the rest of the world, adoption is denied to them.

There is also the unreported by MSM and academia alike problem with the ostracism of those children of sodomitic "families", who later on in life speak up about the negative aspects of living in such "families". Often only hand-picked children of sodomite friends of the so called queer studies sodomite "researchers" are taken into account in evaluating the so called outcomes.

Obviously, if the desired outcome of child-rearing is to create a populace with no discernment about sexual morality, sodomites are best suited to do child-rearing.

Barona said...

It is fascinating how the Holy See Press Office in the major world languages is SILENT; as is the official "Catholic" media SILENT in major world languages, on true Catholic words coming out of the mouths of true Catholic bishops. Well, we just have to keep doing what we are doing - the job that the Holy See Press Office should be doing!!!

And of course when they are outed (no pun intended)as in the Australian case; they go ballistic with anger.

There game is up; they are exposed (again, no pun intended; their narcissism is such that they do not know when to be quiet, thus, they continue to trumpet for adultery and sodomy from the rooftops.