A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Friday 29 July 2022

Fifth Toronto area doctor dead. Move along, nothing to see here!

A fifth Toronto area doctor has died in the past week.

But these premature deaths have nothing to do with the demands of the hospitals for a fourth jab of the so-called "vaccines" which don't work, don't last, maim and kill and are not safe or effective except for increasing business for funeral directors. 

Thursday 28 July 2022

“Their passings were not related to the COVID-19 vaccine.” Trillium

Is that right? Of course, they denied it.

Well-founded sources in mainstream media have confirmed with this writer that "Staff are questioning and are afraid to speak out due to bullying." That quote was written directly to this writer. Four doctors, one allegedly from lung cancer, died in a week in Toronto. What are the odds? They still deny it was the Pfizer or Moderna injections.


Trillium is reacting to this blog and the general outing elsewhere on social media and is in a reactionary mode. 

Media outlets are regurgitating the Trillium statement, over a week after the tragedies.

Sorry Trillium, we don't believe you. Trillium Health Partners


Wednesday 27 July 2022


An outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 has hit the clergy and staff at Toronto's St. Michael's Cathedral and the Bishop's Palace at 200 Church Street, the residence of Thomas Cardinal Collins, the Cathedral Rector and other priests. Collins, as readers here will be well aware, declared that it was for the "common good" and "common sense" that the faithful be jabbed with the shots which are now being revealed as dangerous, deadly and ineffective. This has been confirmed by three independent sources.

Collins approved the draconian mandate and restrictions that included the testing of non-vaccinated staff at their own expense, the termination of those that would not and the harassment, which continues, of unjabbed priests.

Question: Did an infected Thomas "No Mass For You" Collins board an aeroplane with a few hundred others carrying the bug to Edmonton to meet Pope Francis?

All for the common good.

Except when it damages, maims and kills.

Tuesday 26 July 2022

Calibreeze Clown of a Priest makes a mockery of the Holy Mass

Can't say much about this. No, can't say much. The pictures say it all.

But the Latin Mass according to the ancient use of the Church is the problem?

Take your Traditio Custodes and stick it where the sun doesn't shine, or a bag. Same thing.

And I'm to accept Vatican II? What about this Calabrian coprophiliac?

A mat as an altar in the middle of the sea, parish priest and faithful in the water. Thus Don Mattia Bernasconi, vicar of the pastoral care for young people of the parish of San Luigi Gonzaga in Milan, celebrated mass in Alfieri, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Crotone area. The parish priest used the mat as an altar.

Don Mattia, together with some boys from his parish, was in Crotone to participate in a field of the legality of Libera.

Being Sunday, they decided to go to the beach, but it was also necessary to celebrate mass, so the parish priest explained what happened: “We had chosen a pine forest for a campsite, but it was busy. It was very hot and so we said to ourselves: why not put in the water? A family heard us speak and made their mattress available which we transformed into an altar. It was beautiful even though we got burned ”.

The parish priest together with his boys carried out excursions and meetings with those who fight the ‘Ndrangheta on the front line. Don Mattia recounted this experience as follows: “It was the first time we did a Free camp and we came to Calabria. We had a strong experience discovering so much beauty, more than we imagined. Not only in nature but above all in people, in the courage to say no to the ‘Ndrangheta, in the desire to have a more just and free land and to stay here to improve Calabria. Our experience, through working with Libera and meeting people, has allowed us to see things more clearly. The reflection is on what we want to do now that we go home: to commit ourselves more to legality and respect or to leave things as they are “?

Monday 25 July 2022


In December 2019, into January 2020, you may recall this writer asking for prayers due to a mysterious illness. Without going into details now, we all know what it was, the Wuhan SARS-CoV-2. I was treated at my local hospital, Trillium Health Mississauga. The care was excellent. Yet, today, something is amiss at Trillium. 

Yesterday, there were rumours online that three doctors were dead. Google searches turned up no mainstream media stories or obituaries except for the death of Dr. Paul Hannam of Toronto, an emergency room specialist who died suddenly whilst "jogging." He was at North
York General Hospital. Yet, the story about Trillium has been repeated on varied social media sites. I became suspicious not that it was true, but that it wasn't. Surely, this is news! I 
placed a call to Trillium's public affairs. I am awaiting a returned call. Clearly, the hospital administrators know that this has leaked out and are trying to develop a communication strategy. There is no comment at the time of writing. There remains nothing, at this point, on the Trillium website. Clearly, there is a tragedy here of some major proportions.

Three doctors dead; announced within four days!

Dr. Jakub Sawicki was associated with a pain management centre in Toronto's Polish village on Roncesvalles Avenue. A call there revealed that Dr. Sawicki has indeed, passed away. May he rest in peace. A call to the office of Dr. Stephen McKenzie in Mississauga has a recording stating that the "office is permanently closed" due to Dr. McKenzie having a "serious illness." The telephone at the office of Dr. Lorne Segall's office states that he has a "serious illness" and the office is closed and hoping to have a new doctor replacing him by September. Illness? Offices permanently closed?

First, may the Lord almighty grant eternal rest to the souls of Stephen McKenzie, Jakub Sawicki and Lorne Segall and may He comfort their families. May their memories be eternal and a blessing for those who knew them.

The evidence is above and below:

Three doctors at one large Toronto area hospital dead within one week. Another doctor dead whilst jogging. Look at the pictures of these three and the Dr. Hannam in the link above.

Yet, this is not news? Why is there no main-stream media reporting on this? Where is Rebel News? 

Are we all crazy conspiracy theorists for asking these questions?

Did all four doctors take their fourth injection of the Pfizer of Moderna injection? Did the hospital demand this of them? Who else is dead? Nurses? Orderlies? Other staff?

What are the scientific odds of their deaths just happening in one place in such a close proximity of time short of a war?

There needs to be an immediate cessation of all "vaccinations" and a public inquest. 

We are not conspiracy theorists when it is a conspiracy.

Friday 22 July 2022

Archbishop Viganò on the wily and wicked actions of Blaise Cupich and the Holy Mass in Chicago

Following up on the wicked machinations of Cupich, and the Vatican's abhorrent order in Savannah, Wilton Gregory has now added to the list of those effeminate and wicked hirelings. 

Archbishop Vigano has much to say on Cupich and by extension, the rest of these episcopal scum.


Cardinal Blase Cupich, with the bureaucratic authoritarianism that distinguishes the officials of the Bergoglian church, has ordered the Canons of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest who carry out their ministry in the Archdiocese of Chicago to suspend all public functions in the ancient rite beginning at the end of the month of July, revoking the faculties granted to them in accordance with the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum.

It is obvious to anyone that this decision is intended to prevent the exercise of a right that no ecclesiastical authority can deny, a fortiori conditioning it on the acceptance of doctrinal and liturgical principles that are in blatant conflict with the immutable Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

Indeed, every baptized person has the right to attend Holy Mass and to be administered the Sacraments in the form that Benedict XVI’s Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum acknowledged may never be abrogated. Depriving the faithful of Chicago of their right is a very grave abuse, and the fact that Cupich’s decision is tacitly approved by the Roman Sanhedrin adds to the embezzlements of the Ordinary the confirmation of a broader plan intended to cancel throughout the entire Catholic world the sign of contradiction that is the Apostolic Mass. A sign of contradiction because its very existence is a silent condemnation of decades of doctrinal, moral, and disciplinary deviations.

It is no secret that Bergoglio has a hatred of Tradition, and that he does not miss any occasion to deride and discredit those who want to remain Catholic and are not willing to apostatize from the Faith. Just as well known are his predilections for his collaborators and confidants: they are all united by sodomy, lust for power, and corruption in financial matters. It should therefore be no surprise that one of his pupils – an intrinsic friend of the serial molester McCarrick along with other no less controversial Prelates like Donald Wuerl and Joseph Tobin – returned the favor of his undeserved promotion to the See of Chicago by showing himself to be a loyal executor of his benefactor’s orders. A promotion that – permit me to remind you – I strenuously opposed when I was serving the Holy See as Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, and that today appears even more scandalous after the disturbing revelations made by Church Militant (here and here) regarding Cupich’s involvement in the cover up of evidence related to the sexual crimes of Cardinal Joseph Bernardin. And we have also learned that, while Cupich would like to see Bernardin the champion of progressivism canonized (here), there are actually very serious accusations hanging over Bernardin made by one of his abuse victims, accusations which the Congregation of Bishops, the Secretariat of State, and the Archdiocese of Chicago have never followed up on, despite the fact that these accusations mention the profanation of the Blessed Sacrament during a Satanic ritual with minors carried out in 1957 by the young priest Father Joseph Bernardin and his brother priest Father John J. Russell, who was later consecrated as a Bishop and is now deceased.

It is truly difficult, if not completely impossible, to find any justification for the decision of Cupich, who considers the celebration of the Mass of all time to be a sin of injuring the Council, but who strangely enough knows how to be indulgent and understanding towards sodomites, child molesters, abortionists, and profaners of the Eucharistic Species. Cupich pro domo sua. It is Cupich, of course, who, when he was instructed by Bergoglio to preside over the Commission on Sexual Crimes of the American Clergy and was asked about the Memorandum I issued in August 2018, commented with scandalous impudence:

“The Pope has a bigger agenda: he’s got to get on with other things, talking about the environment and protecting migrants, and carrying on the work of the Church. We’re not going to go down a rabbit hole on this. . . . Years ago, if a Cardinal had allowed himself to respond like this, the whole world would have come down; but today obviously times have changed. . . . Here we can also allow ourselves a bit of insolence. So much is known that the media will not tear their garments for so little.” 

You read that correctly: “For so little.” In the secular world, if a manager prevented his subordinates from doing their job and encouraged dishonest and corrupt employees by promoting them and covering up their crimes, he would be fired on the spot and asked to pay millions in compensation for the damage caused to the company’s image. Instead, on the multicolored bandwagon of the lavender mafia protected by Bergoglio, these forms of sordid complicity with evil and ferocious aversion to the Good have become the norm, confirming that moral corruption is the necessary corollary of doctrinal deviation and liturgical license. The crisis of ecclesiastical Authority – beginning from the very top – is undeniable, as confirmed by the creation of Cupich as Cardinal as well as the names of those to be given the red hat at the upcoming Consistory.

If in temporal matters civic rulers who are obedient to the deep state make use of corrupt officials to carry out the silent coup of the “Great Reset,” at the same time on the ecclesial front we see that cardinals and prelates who are no less corrupt and who are obedient to the deep church. With Bergoglio’s placet they are bringing the subversive plan of Vatican II to completion, which is destined to lead to the Religion of Humanity yearned for by Freemasonry.

But if on the one hand it is a duty to denounce and condemn the intolerable abuses of these renegades who have as their goal the destruction of the Church of Christ and the cancellation of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, on the other hand it seems to me that it is necessary to reconsider how certain forms of carefree acceptance of Vatican II on the part of the Institute of Christ the King may have wrongly allowed its members to believe that Rome would have looked the other way regarding buckles and capes as long as they did not criticize the Council or the Novus Ordo.

This shows us that – beyond the impromptu ceremonial connotations that are bit too ancien régime (which however are very moderate in Chicago and in general throughout the United States) – it is the Tridentine Mass in itself that is a formidable profession of Faith and an unflinching refutation of the patched-together reformed liturgy, whether it is celebrated by an old parish pastor or a newly ordained priest, regardless of whether he wears a Roman fiddleback or a medieval chasuble. It is that Mass, and the Mass par excellence, celebrated in the one Rite that is truly extraordinary, not because it is occasional but because it is incomparably superior to the Protestantized imitation that is the Montinian rite, which a Curé of Ars would have looked upon with horror.

This Mass, the Mass of the Holy Church, the Mass of the Apostles and Martyrs of all times, our Mass – this is the Mass that truly causes them scandal. It is not Roman birettas and bows that scandalize them; it is not the mozzettas and rochets that scandalize them. The real thing that scandalizes them is the Catholic Mass, and this is what they rail against, with the rage of heretics – the same people who preach “welcoming” and “inclusivity,” which applies to everyone without condition except for good priests and faithful laity. In reality, this ought to be enough to convince us to totally ignore the last dying wheezes of a Hierarchy that is blinded in both intellect and will because it is alien to Grace.

This umpteenth show of strength by Cupich, who is cynical and ruthless towards the faithful even before the Canons of the Institute of Christ the King, can constitute a healthy moment of reflection on the many omissions and equivocations that need to be clarified, especially in the matter of acceptance of the Conciliar mens and the Bergoglian “magisterium.” I trust that the Canons of Christ the King and all of the Ecclesia Dei institutes will be able to see in these days of trial a precious opportunity for purification, courageously witnessing to the necessary coherence between the profession of Faith and its cultic expression in the Mass, and the consequent irreconcilability between these and the doctrinal and liturgical deviations of Vatican II. Because it is not possible to celebrate the Mass of Saint Pius V and at the same time to accept the errors of its enemies.

Cupich knows this very well, and this is why he wants to prevent the celebration of that Mass. He knows how much that Mass is a very powerful exorcism against the servants of the devil, both those who wear miters and those who do not. He knows how immediately that Mass is understandable to anyone for its supernatural sense of the sacred and divine – the mysterium tremendum of Moses before the burning bush – and how that Mass opens the eyes of the faithful, warms their hearts, and enlightens their minds. After decades of unspeakable torments, the faithful are finally able to approach the Majesty of God, to be converted, to change their lives, to educate their children in holiness, and to spread the Faith by their example. What could be more desirable for a Bishop who is truly a Shepherd of the Sheep entrusted to him by the Lord? And what could be more detestable for those who want to see the Sheep be torn to pieces by wolves or fall into the abyss?

The lay faithful, priests, and Bishops have the sacred and urgent duty to rise up against the decisions of these completely discredited characters and to demand, without yielding an inch, that the venerable Tridentine Liturgy remain an inviolable bulwark of doctrine, morality, and spirituality. We must obey God rather than men (Acts 5:29), especially when these men have demonstrated by their reprehensible conduct, that they do not love either God or their brothers in the Faith.

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop
20 July 2022

Thursday 21 July 2022

Gaudium Vitae - the Reversal of Humanae Vitae

That's right.

Remember where you read it first.

And, here it is, oh yes, if it is in this pathetic rag, you know its coming.


Too long to post here, you will need to use a translating app.

Assistant to the Editor of Toronto's Catholic Register, Michael Swan; "The failure of Catholics" to willingly be raped and pillaged

A so-called journalist with Toronto's Cardinal "No Mass for You" Collins owned The Catholic Register has blamed Catholics for the failure of Canadian bishops to live up to "their" commitment to providing financial resources for programs to somehow make up for the matter of Residential Schools.

Reconciliation fund approves first project (catholicregister.org)

Writing in the July 20 edition, Swan states, "Given the failure of Catholics to raise $25 million in a “best efforts” campaign that ran between 2008 and 2013 — that campaign fell $21 million short of its goal — the Indian Residential School History and Dialogue Centre is watching closely this time around."

There is an old saying about a fool and his money soon being parted. Any Catholic that gives one penny to these spineless episcopal campaigns has fulfilled that saying. 

Classic gaslighting. Blam the victim. Blame the long-suffering Catholics in the pew for their own "failure."

Not one penny!

Tuesday 19 July 2022

Is Francis really coming to Canada?

Is Francis really coming to Canada? He is scheduled to arrive next week to engage in a farce of apology to the native people of Canada. He has recently cancelled a trip to Africa and that was not the first. The Canadian bishops and Vatican clowns have pagan imagery in the logo and a phrase just reeking of ableism, "walking together" as the theme, clearly excluding those in wheelchairs. That, no doubt, will be the next apology.

Briefly, graves were discovered on the grounds of some residential schools. Graves, in what were cemeteries. Not "mass graves" as in one open pit NAZI or Pol Pot or Stalin style. The children died of many things, influenza, Diphtheria, pneumonia and many other diseases. There is not one piece of evidence that any of these poor children were murdered. It is all a lie. Were some physically or sexually abused? No doubt, some. This happened in all boarding schools. None of it should ever have happened in Catholic schools. One was too many. The residential schools were official Canadian government policy. They wanted the natives off their lands for resources, railroads and farmers from Ukraine. The "Crown," the Government of Canada, broke every Treaty it ever signed. All Christian religious denominations in Canada, along with the Catholic Church, took government money -- all of them took children from their homes, families, and communities and took them at the government's orders to their boarding schools. That, particularly for the Catholic Church in Canada, was a crime against them and the Faith. There can be no debate about this. It was wrong, the Bishops should never have done it. Children always have a right to be at home with their parents, the Church and State never have a right to remove them unless they are in obvious physical or emotional harm and culture and language and history do not equate. But, it was done by all at the coercive hand of the Crown.

The Church in Canada had every obligation in the name of Christ to convert the natives and bring them to Christ. This should have been done by living amongst them as did St. Jean de Brebeuf and his companions, not removing them from their homes.  

As for an apology, the Canadian government already did it as did Pope Benedict XVI and the Canadian bishops. This new action is a political show to force an official apology directly from the Pope in order to set up each diocese in Canada for a massive lawsuit due to the collective guilt they have accepted and the apology they will give. That is what this is about. The Canadian bishops are fools for inviting Bergoglio. Any Catholic who gives one penny for this visit or reparations is an equal fool. Justin Trudeau has already granted $30,000,000.00 for the visit of our tax money. 

The texts of the Masses and Vespers have been seen by this writer. They are the basic Novus Ordo Mass texts for the day. Nothing odd. However, as expected, a smudging ceremony will be undertaken in Edmonton. A pagan ceremony will be used to "purify" a Catholic Church and Bergoglio.

As with his worship of Pachamama which unleashed a horror on the world, do not expect anything good to come from the worship of false idols and false religion by the one who walks in the "Shoes of the Fisherman," or goes along with a ceremony of Smudging to purify a the Temple of God. What utter blasphemy from a blasphemous nation and Pope.

But I return to my original question. Will Papa Hagan Lio actually make the trip or will he cancel at the last minute leaving Canada's Catholic bishops holding the bag? And speaking of a bag, just what kind of bag is it? Is it a Prada? A Ferragamo? A Louis Vuitton? 

Saturday 16 July 2022

Day of Spite and Petty Malice - a contemporary take on the Dies Irae

With credit to:

Day of spite and petty malice!
When a document most callous
Came forth from the papal palace.

Oh, what nuisance it inventeth,
And what rancor it fermenteth,
As the faithful it tormenteth.

Loud complaints will be resounding
Every chancery surrounding
Bishops with a headache pounding.

To what end this persecution?
Whom enriched by diminution?
For what is this the solution?

See, the faithful are divided
By the place where they resided
Some shepherds took, while some provided.

Lo, the ones whose loss is graver
Traded for a tyrant’s favour
May God send them leaders braver!

When the figures are recorded
They will tell a tale most sordid
Enemies of faith rewarded.

Those with modern ways complying
Parishes once vibrant, dying
Gone, the sound of babies crying.

Long neglected, yet deep-rooted
Ancient vineyard richly fruited
Might for envy be uprooted.

Prayers that pestilence averted
Rites that continents converted
Shall such treasures be subverted?

May we never take for granted
Beauty sculpted, written, chanted
Save, O Lord, what Thou hast planted!

See, the sacred incense rising
Michael’s sword the foe surprising
Smoke of Satan exorcising.

Those with rigor still sustaining
And the older fasts maintaining
Will stand firm, their strength not waning.

Those the narrow way pursuing
Those to purity yet hewing
Will not here find their undoing.

Though it may not soon get better
With each poison papal letter
May God yet His Mass unfetter.

Like the Church of old, forbidden
Underground, in places hidden
Spreading though with troubles ridden

Spiteful day, of harvest rotten
Better to be soon forgotten
For this purge, O Lord, prepare us
(Though we’d rather You would spare us!)

Lord, we ask on this dark day
Make this nuisance go away


A heartless thing our shepherd did - wait for it!

Dom Alcuin Reid and the situation in Fréjus-Toulon

For those readers here who have not seen this article regarding Monastère Saint-Benoît - Home (monasterebrignoles.org) on Rorate Caeli, you may wish to read it. It lays out the current situation there quite clearly. The Monks are now effectively in the same position as the Society of St. Pius X. Fortunately, they own their property and cannot be evicted by corrupt Vatican apparatchiks. 

There are unsubstantiated reports that will surely be clarified by tomorrow that Blaise Cupich is about to banish the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest from Chicago. I seem to recall that they also own their building having purchased it from the Archdiocese of Chicago. Maybe not so "unsubstantiated." ACTION ITEM: Prayer to avert a serious act of persecution – UPDATED | Fr. Z's Blog (wdtprs.com)

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, pray for us.