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Late last week we had reports from Michael Voris that a priest who challenged Gatineau Archbishop Durocher, had his press credential revoked. The next day, it was reported that a homosexual lobbyist who was not a journalist, was given credentials.

LifeSiteNews now reports on the identity of the priest barred by the Vatican and that a second "orthodox" priest also had his credentials removed.

What scondrels these men in the Vatican are in the manipulation of this Synod. Do they really think we're this stupid?

How many times did Pope Francis use the word "dialogue" on his trip to American? 

Dialogue for everyone except Catholic, right Holy Father? 

I wonder which dog-collared lap-dog assistant to Lombardi did the dirty work.

Hmmm.... I wonder.

Vatican revokes Catholic priest’s press credentials after he challenged archbishop

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ROME, October 12, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – Amid continuing concern about the Vatican press office’s “manipulation” of the family synod’s message, a priest who has been covering Vatican news for over 15 years had his credentials revoked last week, and was told to leave the premises “immediately.” The revocation came after he had challenged an archbishop following the October 6 press conference over comments claiming that allowing Communion for the divorced and remarried is up for debate.
Archbishop Paul-Andre Durocher made the comments in response to a reporter’s question about whether the matter pertained to Church discipline – which could potentially change – or doctrine, which is fixed.
“To be quite honest, there might be differences of opinion on that,” Durocher said. “Let’s be honest. Is that a question of doctrine or is that a question of discipline? I think that’s probably going to be one of the questions that will be debated in the small groups.”
"If you want doctrine, go read Denzinger,” he added.
Father Nicholas Gregoris
As Archbishop Durocher walked back after the press briefing, Father Nicholas Gregoris approached him and questioned him on the remarks.
“I told him that I think it was very dangerous to say the Church can change her teaching on the divorced and Communion,” Father Gregoris told LifeSiteNews. In particular, the priest told Archbishop Durocher that “conciliarism is a heresy,” referring to the idea that Church councils can establish doctrine independently of the pope.
Father Gregoris noted that he was “agitated” by the archbishop’s remarks, but argued that “speaking passionately” is not a crime.
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Anonymous said...

"The Church of Nice ain't so nice."

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

A blogger usually does not have press credentials, does he.

What exactly is required to have one and what kind of bodies issue such?

Churches and Institutions, certainly, Newspapers and other media also no doubt ... I suppose without such, I have some difficulty of claiming my blogging is online journalism, even if in essence it is?