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Heresiarch Cupich persecutes traditional Latin Mass. Does he believe Confession is about "forgiveness" - Bring it on baby, we'll out you all!

Thanks to Ann Barnhardt for digging up this little gem. If you want to read what Heresiarch Cupich thinks about the Sacrament of Non-Confession, read it all here.
“We use that word “reconciliation” all the time.  It doesn’t mean about giving people forgiveness. It comes from an anatomical root, namely the eyelash, it is called a cilia. So you begin to see eye-to-eye with people.”
Who appointed this heretic to Chicago anyway? 

Speaking of Chicago, the perhaps the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest and Canons of St. John Cantius might wish to Canon lawyer up. 

Trouble will come from this heresiarch.

Bishop bans Latin services

March 27, 2002 11:00 pm  • 
RAPID CITY - A standoff between Latin-rite Catholics in Rapid City and their bishop has left the Latin Mass congregation of St. Michael's choosing to celebrate Good Friday services on the sidewalk instead of in church.
Members of the Latin Mass community, which has met in Rapid City for the past 12 years at Immaculate Conception Church on Fifth Street, say Bishop Blase Cupich has barred them from celebrating Good Friday and Easter vigil services at the church in an attempt to mainstream them into the English-language Mass.
"We've been prohibited by the bishop from celebrating the Easter Triduum liturgies and locked out of our church from noon on Holy Thursday until 8 a.m. on Easter morning," Dan Carda, 58, of Piedmont, said. Carda is a Latin Mass adherent who refuses to participate in the new-order English-language Mass that was mandated by the Second Vatican Council.
Instead, Carda and some of the other 220 members of St. Michael's congregation will gather at 3 p.m. today for Good Friday services on the sidewalk in front of the church.
Cupich sees his decision to not allow Good Friday Latin services at ICC as an invitation to unity, not a denial.
"We're just looking for an opportunity on an annual basis for us to all worship together, for one moment of unity as a Catholic church," Cupich said. "I'm looking for one time each year to do that, and it seems the day the Lord died for us all would be a good day to do it. That's all that this is about."
He said he would like the Latin Mass community to recognize unity with the wider Catholic church. "There has to be some occasion on a yearly basis to reflect the fact that we are one church under one bishop," Cupich said. "I would ask them, 'Why do they find it so difficult, on the day of the Lord's death, to celebrate with their bishop, who is the sign of the Lord's unity?'"
Carda sees it differently.
"This is his most-effective time to crack down, during Holy Week," Carda said, noting that Catholics such as he expect the elaborate pomp and circumstance of the Latin rite during Holy Week.
"I'm quite upset. It's disappointing and very disheartening," Carda, who has drafted a letter of complaint to Pope John Paul II, said. "I don't know why he feels like we are such a danger to him."
Carda and the Rev. Valentine Young, pastor of the St. Michael's community, say celebrating Holy Week in Latin is their right. They have a different understanding of the pope's position on the continuation of the Latin-rite Mass than does Cupich. The bishop's decision to prohibit some Holy Week services, as well as his recent decision to not allow children to make their First Communion or to be confirmed in the Latin rite, is contrary to the pope's wishes, Carda said.
"As long as the pope authorizes the Latin rite, I don't feel like I'm in violation of any of the legitimate authority of the church," Carda said.
After Vatican II, Carda stayed away from the Catholic Church for 30 years, returning only when the Latin rite started being celebrated again in a Sturgis congregation. "To me, the Latin rite is the real church. When you attend, you feel something very special that you do not when you attend a Novus Ordo (New Order) Mass," he said.
Young has said that the Ecclesia Dei document (the papal document allowing for the continuation of the Latin rite for people having trouble making the transition to English) ensures the right to worship in Latin. The document says, "Great respect should be shown to people still attached to the former Latin Liturgical Tradition." Cupich, he said, "is not showing these people respect by what he is doing."
Cupich says he's sorry the Latin Mass community is having trouble with his invitation to worship with him at the main Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help during Holy Week instead of at Immaculate Conception. "I'm supportive of their desire to have Sunday Mass there, and I'm going to be very patient with them," he said.
But his understanding of Ecclesia Dei is that "… eventually, Catholics have to understand that the reform of the Second Vatican Council is, in fact, an improvement and is important to our spiritual life."
Rome, Cupich said, has made it clear that any celebration of the Latin tradition is at the discretion of the local bishop. "And I've made my decision," he said.
Complaining about him to the Vatican and worshipping on the sidewalk probably won't help the Latin-rite cause, Cupich said. "My impression is that it will not help their standing with the wider church."


My Blog said...

If you are a member of the Cleric Gay Mafia, what would you do to change the Catholic Church? Well, you go after the fundamentals. You eradicate the fundamental teachings, sacraments, and practices of the Catholic Church and one of them, if not the most important one is Confession. Why? Because Confession is about admitting and renouncing a GUILT. And since the Gay Mafia considers that their perverted sexuality is not a guilt, then the Catholic admission of guilt (Confession) must be removed altogether, or at least modified so as it will have no importance. And once the guilt of homosexuality is removed from Confession, it can be removed from the Catechism and the Bible, i.e. Jesus' teachings can, must and should be reinterpreted in favor of all kind of sexual relationships.

Dorota said...

That man Cupich talks like some of our party leaders back in Poland. There is no truth, no life in it. They had all the papers, magazines and news media. We all lived this contract every day - if one wanted to succeed, one had to learn to keep to oneself what one really thought. My Father has refused to teach us to do it. The price was high. I was the smartest kid in school, and one most bullied. The kids would pull me on the floor by my long braids, throw me in a cage of sorts, and treat me like a ZOO animal. What fun we had! When my Father complained to the principal, he told the kids "to not play with those who do not know how". How can one not grow up prematurely with educators of this calibre?

The proposition this man Cupich makes is that we grab a group of people be the necks and drag them kicking and screaming to our unity meeting. He calls it an invitation. I WILL have me unity - Cupich says.

This is life in the new world order for you. Language events and anti-human mental exercises. Black is white and white is black, diversity is sameness and sameness is diversity, war is peace and peace is war - Ignatius Loyola would have us believe. Let us join our hands together in a nice circle, and let us have unity. Whaaaat!? - You are against unity? Get back here noooow, I say.

It makes me physically ill.

Dorota said...

Sorry, it just hit me! This man Cupich would never violate the holy, inviolable conscience! If Nancy Pelosi wants to continue in her support and admiration for baby-parts merchants, don't you dare questioning her innocence! Would she be able to attend a Latin Mass in Chicago, if she so desired?

TLM said...

Of course men like Cupich (SOUP-ISH) want to destroy not only the Holy Eucharist, but Reconciliation and basically all the sacraments the the Lord God has given us. As I said before, this isn't a 'straight up or down' plan on bringing homosexuals into complete communion with the Church, this is about total destruction. These are Freemasons that HATE Christ and His Church.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Don't forget that JPII appointed Cupich to Spokane before Francis transferred him to Chicago.

Somewhere in eternity -- and I don't mean Heaven, despite his canonization -- God is calling JPII to account.