A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Friday 24 May 2013

Father Paul Nicholson and the New Evangelisation

May our Blessed LORD Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother bless this wonderful priest and friend. Father Paul Nicholson, Mission Preacher for New Evangelisation! Find out more about Father's work at www.fatherpaulnicholson.com

The Vox and the future Mrs. Vox are so grateful to this priest and friend for everything that he has done for us. On June 15, he will preside at the Missa Solemnis pro Sponso et Sponsa at St. Patrick's Kinkora.

He has been a great inspiration and spiritual guide to the two of us and we congratulate and pray for him as he embarks on this new Apostolate

Saturday 18 May 2013

"He was alive!"

When I first viewed this profoundly distressing interview the first thing that struck after the deep look of guilt and regret on their faces was that the two on each side were obviously Hispanic, confirmed a few moments later when their names appeared. These were presumably Catholic women. What happened to them and to the main spokeswoman that they could do such things to other women and to the babies. You can see they were brainwashed and still partly in denial; every few times it slips through, "baby" rather than the usual "fetus" reference.

Gosnell's trial is going to cause more of these outings and very soon. Women working in these clinics now are coming to realize that they are accomplices to murder.

It is worthy to remember that the President of the United States of America supports these murders. It is recorded fact that he stood against the implementation of laws to protect babies born alive as a result of what is incorrectly called, "a botched abortion." Make no mistake, there is nothing botched about the baby being born alive through forced labour at these late weeks.

Barack Hussein Obama has blood on his hands. So does Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Joseph Clark, Brian Mulroney,Kim Campbell, Jean Chretien, Paul Martin and Stephen Harper in Canada, especially with all except Prime Minister Harper and the easily forgotten Campbell being Catholic.

Many of us have blood on our hands by our votes, by our direct action and by our inaction.

This video is disturbing, it is moving, but it must be watched. More; it must be spread around. America, Canada, the world must see this, must listen.

This crime will not end until people change; or until God has had enough and can no longer hold back His hand.

Saturday 11 May 2013

Of Rad-Trads and Mad Modernists

There are a few bloggers some well known, (with no link or reference as every hit puts dollars in his pocket) and some less so, who have taken liberty recently and used words such as "rad-trad" and other derogatory terms to describe those who attend and promote the Roman Rite in its traditional form. The authors of these intellectually shallow pieces continue to do a disservice to the Church and for unprovoked reasons take it upon themselves to tear more the garment of Christ and slap in the face those who wish to worship in the traditional Catholic manner.

One can expect this kind of ignorance from the blogosphere and ignore it; when it comes from the pulpit, that is quite another matter.

In the growing condo area of Sheppard Avenue in Toronto is the parish of St. Gabriel of the Sorrowful Virgin. Established in the new suburb of Willowdale in the 1950's, a perfectly good church was demolished when the Passionist Fathers there sold the land around the church for millions of dollars to a Toronto developer who built them an eco-Church that looks more like a library or theatre than a house dedicated to the glory and worship of the Triune God unless of course your god is a dead tree. 

The Pastor, Father Paul Cusack, C.P., is responsible for the homily last Sunday which is linked here and reprinted below.

If I were to give this sermon a title it would be ‘God spare us from the righteous.’ I’ve been reading a couple of novels recently about the time of Cromwell and Thomas More and Henry the 8th. They were harsh and cruel times in which to live. If you didn’t toe the line with whoever had religious authority at the time and stuck to your convictions you were either hanged or burned at the stake. You had Protestants killing Catholics and Catholics killing Protestants and both of them killing the Anabaptists all in the name of true religion. The intolerance found in the histories of world religions is amazing, both Christian and non- Christian. Everyone thought their way was the only way and any other way was to be mercilessly stamped out. The same is true in our own times. Religious fanaticism is alive and well in our day. There are people who are willing to destroy the lives of others convinced they are doing God’s will, convinced they are giving God glory.
We find this intolerance in the first reading of today’s Mass. We hear of Jewish Christians who basically resented the fact that the Gentiles, the non-Jews had received the word of God and that God’s spirit was working within them. They were convinced that for these Gentiles to be ‘real’ Christians they had to be circumcised and follow the Law. ‘Unless you are circumcised according to the custom of Moses you cannot be saved.’ But the fact of the matter was circumcision was a ritual of initiation into the Jewish people as the people of God but it was not a criteria for salvation.
For Paul and Barnabas a person’s salvation, a person’s relationship with God was sealed by the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. To settle this controversy Paul and Barnabas went to the church in Jerusalem for guidance. We read of the decision of the whole church, ‘it seems good to the Holy Spirit and to us to impose on you no further burden than these essentials – they abstain from meat sacrificed to idols, the non-consumption of blood, the meat of strangled animals and they were to avoid illicit sexual unions.’
Those who made these decisions hoped this would bring peace to the valley but it didn't  Paul still had troubles in the many churches he founded over this whole issue of circumcision. Paul always insisted on what is of first importance, ‘a truth that he himself received, that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the scriptures and that he was buried and that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the scriptures.’ St. Peter would come to a similar insight when he wrote, ‘the truth I have come to realize is this, that any person of any nationality who does what is right is acceptable to God.’
In our long history as church we've always been afflicted by those who make it their business to decide who is or who is not a member of the church. They take it upon themselves to decide who is the ‘real Catholic.’ Someone once wrote, “One of the most seductive temptations of the believer is to identify the will of God with the will of the believer, and not the other way around. God’s will is squeezed into patriotism, leftism, capitalism, feminism, hierarchy, civil law, financial success, ecclesiastical tradition. In extreme cases, the supposed will of God can be harnessed to justify leaving a spouse, breaking a promise, even killing those who do not believe as they believe.” People have and are using religion to justify the domination or exclusion of women, the exploitation of the poor and even slavery.
We have good Catholics questioning the right of other Catholics to receive communion because they don’t agree with some of the church’s discipline. Some would put us back to the Latin Mass, limit the role of women in the church, object to the use of inclusive language all in the name of true religion.
We all should keep this in mind, people who push their way forward to rebuke the Christian practices of others need to be careful how they speak for God and what kind of God they are witnessing to by what they say. We might think twice before we set ourselves up as a mindless meddlesome officious busybody for the Lord.
Jesus always respected and accepted all those who came into his life, be they friend or foe. It is Jesus and his word that we ought first and always to remember, love one another as I have loved you.
We are all good people and as good people we are to accept and respect the good will and faith of others, whether they be of our faith or of another tradition. As St. Paul tells us, say only the good things people need to hear, things that will really help then. Then we will be building up the body of Christ, the church.

Indeed, "spare us from the righteous" but, shouldn't it be Father, the "self-righteous?"

Where did this come from; this straw man. Why the insult to the "Latin Mass?" I know of no organisation contemplating the celebration of the ancient use in this monstrosity of a building. I know for a fact that Una Voce Toronto has never, nor would ever do so. Why does Father Cusack find it necessary to take a shot from the pulpit and publicly to those of us who while often working and worshiping in the new Rite also serve and may even prefer the former?

Frankly, his whole argument against those questioning the debate over circumcision was ignored when he used their example of narrow mindedness, ignorance and bias towards those who attend the Latin Mass and then exhibits it himself.

The Missal of 1962 was "never abrogated" except by priests and bishops of a spiteful and angry mind-set such as Father Cusack. The fact is, the first language of the First, Second and Third Edition of the revised Roman Missal is Latin. In an interview with Father, he explained that he feels that the "Latin Mass is going backward." Yet, he offered no defense or reason for his unjustified and critical commentary to the faithful in the pew at St. Gabriel as he filled their unsuspecting heads with a prejudiced bias.

The fact that the homily exists online gives those of us a rightful opportunity to challenge it. It is not Christ-like or proper for any priest to stand in the pulpit and cast
 aspersion upon a Rite of the Church. 

There is much else to tackle in the homily; particularly in the light of Kermit Gosnell and Ariel Castro, one can certainly question Father that we are somehow "all good people".

When asked about the millions of dollars for the catholic land sold to a private developer, Father responded, "what concern is that of yours?"

Indeed Father, and as for those of us who embrace both Forms of the Roman Rite "what concern is that to you?"

Wednesday 1 May 2013

Catholic Chapter House - where trusting in God takes on a whole new meaning

Vox is very happy to have found this new promotional video from Dave and Teresa Gilbert. and to lend support to their business. After presenting already Michael Voris and Scott Hahn, Peter Kreeft is next in Toronto. Good luck and God bless our friends at Catholic Chapter House.

Visit them by clicking on the logo below and finding out more.

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