Fr. Dan Fitzpatrick
This is not a spoof post. This actually happened.
So my in previous article I wrote about how Fr James Martin SJ and Fr. Dan Fitzpatrick had been tweeting about how the Holy Spirit was female:
Father james martin
dan fitz
And how both of them had been sharing posts saying that ‘Ireland is for gay marriage because it is Catholic’.
Fr. Dan 1
And I gave them both a jolly good clip round the ear about openly contradicting the teachings of the Catholic church. Well, this morning I got a message from Fr Dan threatening me with legal action because I was ‘defaming his character’.
Fr dan legal 1
I messaged him back saying:
“Would you like to tell me the 2 statements that cause you upset? I would be happy to rephrase anything that is not correct.”
He messaged back with:
Fr dan legal 2
Edited out some of the abusive comments??! I did nothing of the sort! The truth is that there were no abusive comments to begin with. It is all there in black and white, clear as crystal for the whole world to read. There was however an extremely abusive comment from a lady who seems to hate me. I was able to track her IP address to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Does anyone know who Christine Wright from is?
Christine right
Anyway, I wrote back to Fr. Dan saying:
“Again, if you tell me exactly what 2 statements are bothering you, I am happy to rephrase them. From a legal point of view, because I have offered to amend any offending statements, the problem can be resolved and there is no reason to take the matter further. Your solicitor will be able to explain this to you in more detail.
Besides, suing me because I pulled you up on calling the Holy Spirit ‘her’ is going to be rather difficult for you as what you said is in direct contradiction to the Catholic faith!
As I said before, the best thing you can do now is to admit you didn’t understand the ancient Hebrew, and stop listening to Fr James Martin. I’m throwing you a life line here! I gave you the chance to put your side across before I wrote the article. I’m giving you another chance now to redeem yourself. Don’t waste it. I will always support priests who defend the churches teaching. Come back to us Fr Dan. Don’t sell yourself out. I couldn’t bear to watch that happen to a young priest. All my prayers and fasting next week is for you xx”
A few hours later I was alerted to the fact that Fr. Dan had posted a rather bizarre Tweet:
Fr dan apology
WHAT???!!! I did nothing of the sort! What am I supposed to be apologising for?
I’m afraid to tell you that I did no such thing. This is a bare faced lie from Fr Dan, obviously trying to close down the whole affair because he realises by this point that I am not one to be scared off by threats or bullying. But wait.. there’s more! Then his best mate Fr Marc Lyden-Smith gets on board:
Fr marc apology
I’m sorry – am I missing something here?! Has everyone seen this alleged apology except me?! Can anyone tell me what I apologised for?!
Fr Marc is the other half of the duo ‘The PodFathers’ With Fr Dan. You can hear their pod casts at
'The PodFathers' - Fr. Dan Fitzpatrick and Fr Marc Lyden-Smith
‘The PodFathers’ – Fr. Dan Fitzpatrick and Fr Marc Lyden-Smith
Actually Fr Marc seems rather pleasant in the above Tweet. Much more pleasant than he was last night:
Fr Marc 2
Hmmm… Where’s all your feel good peace and love gone Fr. Marc?
And then of course there was this:
Fr Dan seen sense
I’m not sure Faith in Our Families has ever been described as an offensive blog before?! But I guess there is a first time for everything! I also guess it’s good news that I have ‘seen sense’ and deleted all these fictitious libellous comments!
Please – Fr Dan, could you produce these libellous comments for us all to see? No, I didn’t think so.
What appalling behaviour from 2 Catholic priests. It’s just embarrassing. I will be speaking to their Bishop.
Well, time is ticking on. There is only a few hours left until midnight, when Fr Dan will launch his legal campaign against me. Although I’m not sure what suing a Mum of 3 with a recovering husband will do to for his already damaged reputation. He certainly wont get any money out of us – as regular readers of this blog know, our family has not had an income for over 18 months now!
Someone please notify Michael Voris would you?! And the CDF while you are at it! I’ve got a headache…

UPDATE: This is from Father Fitzpatrick's Twitter. The bottom line is that no priest should be Tweeting in this manner and should never, ever threaten a lawsuit against a layman or woman. Maybe now these clericalists will learn and humble themselves to be priests of Jesus Christ.

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