A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Saturday 28 November 2020



"I do not want ever to shut down the Church again." 

So said, Toronto Archbishop Thomas Cardinal Collins on November 13, 2020 only to go against his own words by doing exactly that on November, 23. Ah, wait, he is correct, he did not "shut down the Church again," he only banned the public worship of God in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The good Cardinal left the churches open for private prayer to a maximum of ten established by the Ontario politburo diktat of General-secretary Douglas Ford after being advised by the same "virtuous" medical professionals spoken of by our good Cardinal. The same ones that recently murdered a woman by lethal injection, an elderly woman now before God and one who could not bear another shutdown. The Cardinal said he "did not want collateral damage." Well, he got it bigtime.

So, the Cardinal can make a distinction. He did not "shutdown the Church again." He only shutdown the Holy Sacrifice of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

How does this make sense and why has he done this?

If the church can have ten people, why can it not have eight faithful, a priest and one server to make up those ten. I am not trying to justify General-secretary Ford's diktat, but let's just try for a moment to work within the decree.

If ten can gather and distance and mask and sanitize at St. Clare of Assisi Woodbridge which holds over 1,000 to recite the rosary, why can they not gather for Mass? It hurts the brain to try to unravel this riddle.

It is simple. 

As I have been told by more than one who would know, "It is just not worth it." That is the view of the Cardinal, his Auxiliaries, the chancerycrats and the close circle of priests around him. It's just not worth it. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is just not worth it. 

Christ, is not worth it.

You, are not worth it.

You, my friend, you are not worth the trouble of figuring out which ten. But hey, the priest has his Mass. Talk about clericalism. 

Is part of the riddle, the distribution of Holy Communion? We know he has violated the rights of the faithful to receive on the tongue and has approved the dropping of the Host in one's hands, where it may fall on the floor and particles, each of which contains Christ, scatter. We know that without authority, Toronto Public Health and presumably others, have threatened the Church over this matter. It is not acceptable. 

So, let us work for a moment again within the politburo diktat. After all, what would St. Thomas More, who Cardinal Collins so often quotes praises, do? 

"I'd give the Devil the benefit of law, for my own safety's sake." 

The Cardinal has the authority to say that there will be no distribution of Holy Communion at Mass. The faithful do not need to receive the Eucharist at Mass. The priest must, as the Levitical priests old, consume the Holy Sacrifice. It was later, distributed the Hebrew people. Holy Communion can be received by appointment (contact tracing) on the hand or tongue alone as an individual or family circle with proper sanitizing measures before and after. 

If this little layman can figure this out, why can't the Cardinal.

My friends, as Ontario politburo General-secretary Ford is wont to say, my friends, I can only do so much. I am one person, what are you doing? What has happened to us. Do we need to use Adam Skelley as our role model? 

I wrote yesterday that we will back the Cardinal, we will defend his priests, our priests. 

Cardinal Collins, you wear red for a reason. You have forgotten. You will be judged by Jesus Christ for this. Imagine if Our Lord Jesus Christ said in the Garden, "Father, its just not worth it!"

Restore the public Mass in Toronto and Peel now. Do it, now  and do not do what you have done again.

Advise the Premier today that as of next Sunday, we will return to 30% and in order to increase the number of Masses, limit homilies to five minutes and eliminate the distribution of Holy Communion in the Mass and do it by appointment.

Advise the Premier and the Medical Officers of Health that they can issue whatever citation, or fine, or penalty they wish. They can even arrest you and your priests as they did Mr. Skelley, who as of this writing has in his war chest $229,229.00.

Let them drag you in handcuffs from the Cathedral. 

Yesterday, I visited Adamson's BBQ. It was barricaded with concrete barriers and there were over fifty police, none of whom wanted to be there. They were borrowed from across the city. I asked an Officer, "what would happen if 100 or more did this as a protest." He told me, "absolutely nothing, we could not handle it."

Bullies back down.

Unless the coward lets them continue.

Cardinal Collins, you speak much of More and Fisher as you did at the Oratory last Saturday and your Sunday homily from the same Ambo disgraced a few weeks ago by Justin Trudeau, whilst you the servant of us and an Apostle of Jesus Christ, sat behind a pillar, muted  and struck dumb with a face mask. You, were silent whilst Justin Trudeau seized the place of the Word of God and received the Holy Sacrament whilst the cameras panned to the ceiling and for which I have witnesses.


As St. Catherine of Sienna said, "We've had enough exhortations to be silent."

To my fellow Catholics, she commanded us, "Cry out with a thousand tongues - I see the world is rotten because of silence!"

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Kathleen1031 said...

Vox, good on you for this! When you stand before the Judgement seat of God, you will have something to present, you defended God before man. You defended the Holy Eucharist, you defended the Mass. You tried to inspire the faithful to BE faithful and get up off their duffs and do the same! If we are sheep it is too easy for these men to torment us. Take a lesson from the Marxists in America, yell, protest, show up, demand, get rowdy, and you can get your way. If enough people get involved and stand up for what is right it CAN be done! Only when people are so willing to give up their rights can it be easily taken from them. DEMAND better! This is a holy cause, if this is not a holy cause, what would be? Pray, but get going! Get some steel in your spine and take action.

Anonymous said...

Pray for the souks of the bishops that cancel the Mass. They truly need our prayers, especially at their particular judgement.

Tony M said...

No point in taking you seriously Archbishop Collins.
It would put my salvation at grave risk.
I listen to Archbishop Vigano.
He is much more faithful, courageous, and concerned for the spiritual welfare of his flock than you are.
Will pray for you.

FOX said...

Your Eminence, I noticed that in the video you speak of collateral damage. You say "we don't want any collateral damage". You reference those in deep despair, those who may think of suicide during these trying times. You also say that you do not want to close the churches ever again. But you have.

So what about all that collateral damage? What of those who may be turning to drink or other vices, the poor, the lonely, and those with no hope, and indeed those who feel that suicide is the only way?

Your Eminence, is it not better to provide the sacraments to the people? How is it that you say you don't want any collateral damage yet you have taken away the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass from the faithful? What of all those people with little or no hope?

The Church, Your Eminence, is the one place that those with no hope should be guaranteed to find it. Open our churches now!

Barona said...

Cardinal Collins definitely seems to be living in fear of these public “health official”. There is no need to. We will back him up. The Catholic Church wields enormous influence in the City. If the Cardinal threatened to pull the charitable works the City would in a massive crisis. This would be his “doomsday” bomb against Herr John Tory and his thuggish enablers, busy drafting guidelines and designing “glory holes” to stop the spread - so THEY say- a deadly virus rampaging through our city. We Catholics could bring these fascists to their knees; and if we joined forces with the Orthodox, separates brethren, Jews and Moslem’s we’d have Tory and his thugs defeated in 24 hours.

you know said...

Our Blessed Lord said to Simon "feed my sheep" and thus by extension to all the bishops and the Church hierarchy. Regardless of anything the church may have said or written contrary, can we actually say that the lay faithful do not need to receive the Holy Eucharist when Christ himself taught "feed my sheep". Are we Christian? Will He find faith when He returns?
As for the Cardinal, who wears foliage the color of the flag of communism, Jesus has also these words for him "No man can serve two masters. For either he will hate the one, and love the other: or he will sustain the one, and despise the other. " Matt6:24 . He and many like him in the church today are building the new new church. A church being built by human hands without Divine assistance, or Christ's teachings.
I am travelling a little further for my Sunday mass now, it will be about an hour drive as opposed to 5 minute last week. No one said these times would be easy. Anyone believing they should be is a fool and should familiarize themselves with what some of the saints went through to get to mass, even in times outside of chastisement. Then ask 'Do I want to be a saint? '. If you are not sure, you may need to find out what the alternative to saint is, and how they spend eternity. It should be pretty clear, and then what God asks of you does not seem so difficult.

Anonymous said...

Obeying only when what a superior says corresponds exactly to our ideas and our choices is not obeying God but obeying ourselves; it is not doing God’s will but doing our own. If in the case of a difference of opinion, instead of questioning ourselves we immediately question the superior’s discernment and competence, we are no longer people who are obeying but people who are objecting.

Leo D. Lion said...

A new title for these types in the church:
Pope Day 5,
Cardinal Day 5,
Bishop Day 5,
Priest Day 5.....

I was meditating on the Image of Our Lord, painted under the instruction of St. Faustina and opened the booklet.
I opened it to the page explaining Day 5 of the Novena of Divine Mercy... In summary it said Day 5 is to pray for all the heretics and schismatics in the church...

Anonymous said...

Good for you Vox.
There is only one thing I can say these cardinals and bishops will get their judgement from our Lord and they will be dumped in purgatory for their unfaithful ways. They are basically saying that our Lord is not worth anything. I feel sorry for all these fakes and the rest of unbelievers of this world because when our Lord comes back it will not be pretty...
God Bless everyone.

Unknown said...

Hey from Ottawa! So glad a friend in Toronto sent me your blog! Excellent. We in Ottawa have been restricted to 9 laity and the priest at Mass. I am blessed to belong to an FSSP parish and attended a private Mass this morning. The 3 priests are celebrating 2 per day, 3 on Sunday by registration. It's not perfect but at least they didn't say "not worth it..". I want to share something else. I work for the local health unit and since March we've been at times over 100 jammed on one floor (no working at home for us!). There are still around 40 on my floor, most work from home but this is new in the last month! So, it's unsafe to have more than 10 at Holy Mass but safe and acceptable to allow for months, 8 or more hours per day 100 plus staff!!? Petty hard for me to take this numbers game seriously. How is it that there wasn't a "deadly " outbreak in my work place... Covid you are a tool of Satan but God has dealt with you on the cross.

Christina ofs said...

I was attending a Parish that allows pro-abortion MP, Francesco Sorbara to receive the Holy Eucharist. Chomping on the Holy Eucharist he deliberately grabbed an elderly man's hand & loudly said, hey, how are you, in Italian, and this man was on his knees head down as he just received Jesus, this all 1 pew in front of me while I was on my knees receiving the Holy Eucharist & I just happened to look up at that moment for some reason! God needed me to see it, Im guessing! 1 month earlier I told Mr. Sorbara I would not vote for him his platforms for abortion, gender agenda, etc. I caught him collecting his votes the week before shaking hands of all the Italians & other. This allowed by Cardinal Collins, Bishop & Priest. We have other traitor pro-abort, gender agenday politicians that do the same & will crank it up with a rigged Fed election around the corner in Canada! How do we give Cardinal Collins some great exposure??? How do we stop this profanity & sacrilege of our Lord, unless we speak out? How do we stop the sackiing of holy priests? I know of 4 in Canada, one is stripped of everything. I'm a Traditional goer now but hard to find a Church near us or not over capacity! I'm posting my comment here because you have No Reply email, which is perfectly fine! So you can post this comment or not, but really its purpose is to ask you to give it some exposure here and elsewhere! CHRISTUS VINCIT!

Vox Cantoris said...


My email is on this blog in “about me.

You can write me at voxcantoris@rogers.com.

Collins doesn’t care. He will do nothing.

Have no scruples about the SSPX.

God bless.