Saturday, 17 October 2015

German Heseriarch Cardinal Marx of the pornography producing German bishops is hosting lavish parties for Cardinals and Bishops of the Synod

In complete and utter defiance and a display of hypocisy when the Pope desires his bishops be humble and get out of their palaces, the German Heseriarch Marx has been hosting lavish dinner parties for other Cardinals.

Is he lobbying them to take up his heterodox positions?

Perhaps, he is showing him the pornography collection from the publishing company owned by the German bishops.

Edward Pentin reports:

Cardinal Marx Hosting Extravagant Dinners for Synod Fathers?
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Cardinal Reinhard Marx, who is attending the Synod on the Family as president of the German bishops’ conference, is allegedly holding extravagant dinners for synod fathers at a multi-million euro villa in Rome owned by the archdiocese of Munich.

Around 20 bishops from a number of countries attended a lavish dinner at an archdiocesan-owned guesthouse located on Via delle Medaglia d’Oro last Sunday.
According to an informed source, there was such an abundance of food “the bishops’ stomachs were hardly able to take a break.” Another similar banquet is planned tomorrow.


Barona said...

Yet a number of bishops were hounded out of large houses that were in reality guest homes, offices etc.

Barona said...

No doubt the evil Cardinal's parties are paid with the widow's mite, courtesy of the apostate bishops' financial arrangement with the "4th" Reich.

Dorota said...

This is obviously completely unrelated, but reading this I remembered the story of one priest in the US, who complained to his bishop about fellow-priests bringing their boyfriends to Christmas parties. The bishop reprimanded... the complaining priest.

One with a dirty mind wonders, how much love is spread around at (or after) such celebrations.

Ana Milan said...

I trust Cardinal Pell won't be attending either night.

Jonah said...

The Vatican seems to have generous benefactors:

BrazilianJoe said...

"Heresiarch", that's it! It's about time to stop using terms and words redefined to serve an evil agenda. In the Church there's no parties, there's no "conservatives" or "progressives". The Church is One. What we've been seen lately is a battle between Catholics and Heretics. Those are the right words. We cannot any longer be trapped into that Newspeak.
Sorry about my poor english.

Anonymous said...

Sounds more like a rich mans club ,what did Christ say "Its easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle ,then for a rich man to enter Heaven ".They need to take a long hard hard look at their lifestyle ,the thought that Churches are investing in Pornography ,and the exploitation of many who are abused is beyond belief and deeply disturbing .

Aged parent said...

Maybe this could be a good thing. If the invited Bishops are of like mind with Marx they might eat so much that they will explode.