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A corporal work of mercy.
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Thursday 22 October 2015

Rise up - the battle is not done!

Are you tired yet friend? How are you sleeping? How is the Synod to destroy the family affecting you? Take some time and write about it and let us know, it will be helpful to all.

Not that I'm into some kind of "sharing" a word that my good friend Tom Rosica likes to use, but it is helpful to know how others are reacting to this mess.

Think about it. Our parents and grandparents sat by at Vatican II because they could do nothing else. They didn't know what was going on until it was too late and even if they did, they had nothing in their knowledge base or toolbelt in order to respond.

These modernists, these sodomites - hidden as they were, these heresiarchs tore out the churches and destroyed the work of pennies from the faithful, they destroyed the Mass, the devotions, the music, the feasts, the liturgical cycle of time, the catechism, the religious orders, the faith.

There wasn't one stone they left unturned. Well one actually. The rosary, because that weak and incompetent man named, Giovanni Montini, didn't have the guts to go that far, notwithstanding the urgings of Bugnini. 

We will not let them to this again.

We will not abide another Pope doing it again.

I am tired. I am angry. I won't put up with it again.

Rise thou that sleepest and read this by  Matthew Karmel the nom de plume of a teacher, freelance writer and translator living in Zurich, Switzerland with his wife and three children. A lifelong Catholic, he is also the author of the blog The Radical Catholic.


Radical Catholic said...

Thanks for the link, Vox! And let me take this opportunity to say how valuable your blog is to so many Catholics around the world. Your apparent tirelessness in shining a light on what tries to remain hidden in the shadows is most appreciated. Prayers for you and yours. -RC

xsosdid said...

I have to admit that there have been times when I was a little desperate - but mostly just angry. I take great comfort in blogs like this, where at least I know it is not me who has lost his mind! I find myself more ready and better prepared lately to face these people head on, because there is really no intellectual power to their arguments. There is just so much fog and misdirection. They turn themselves in knots in order to justify their nonsense! I want to thank you Vox for showing the little guy how it's done!! We need not be afraid of Goliath....

George Brenner said...

David, God Bless you for your love of your Catholic faith. What I could say would fill volumes of books over many decades. My wife and I visited with Father Leonard Feeney for a couple days in 1971 It was Father Feeney years earlier who was at the epicenter of the looming crisis. Let me suffice to say that when Pope Paul VI abandoned taking the papal oath all hell broke loose. The papal oath was first taken by Pope St. Agatho in 678.

"I vow to change nothing of the received Tradition, and nothing thereof I have found before me guarded by my God-pleasing predecessors, to encroach upon, to alter, or to permit any innovation therein;
To the contrary: with glowing affection as her truly faithful student and successor, to safeguard reverently the passed-on good, with my whole strength and utmost effort;

To cleanse all that is in contradiction to the canonical order, should such appear; to guard the Holy Canons and Decrees of our Popes as if they were the divine ordinance of Heaven, because I am conscious of Thee, whose place I take through the Grace of God, whose Vicarship I possess with Thy support, being subject to severest accounting before Thy Divine Tribunal over all that I shall confess;

I swear to God Almighty and the Savior Jesus Christ that I will keep whatever has been revealed through Christ and His Successors and whatever the first councils and my predecessors have defined and declared.

I will keep without sacrifice to itself the discipline and the rite of the Church. I will put outside the Church whoever dares to go against this oath, may it be somebody else or I.

If I should undertake to act in anything of contrary sense, or should permit that it will be executed, Thou willst not be merciful to me on the dreadful Day of Divine Justice.

Accordingly, without exclusion, We subject to severest excommunication anyone -- be it Ourselves or be it another -- who would dare to undertake anything new in contradiction to this constituted evangelic Tradition and the purity of the orthodox Faith and the Christian religion, or would seek to change anything by his opposing efforts, or would agree with those who undertake such a blasphemous venture."

Paul VI abandoned the tiara immediately after his election and it was never worn again.

My Blog said...

What's happening in our Church is the result of the lack of one thing, without it nobody can claim to be a Christian: FAITH.

These clerics never had the faith. Their entire life is fake. They were and are still acting. They are professional actors. If they truly believe in God, the Bible, Jesus, none of what we see now and were seeing for the last decades would have happened.

If these people had the faith, there wouldn't have been any need for Synods, not even a Council.

Faith doesn't need to be changed. The practice of the faith doesn't need to be changed.

And, again, only if the faith is strong, unwaivering, solid it can, consequently, stand the changes of times and society.

Faith changes people, not the other way around.

But, there is no faith among the Catholic Clergy, especially among those who are in leadership positions.

We are reaping the consequences.

Larry Betson said...

Thank you for clarity in this confusing mess we are watching unfold in the Church. Yes, It's seems to be all I speak about with other concerned friends and family in the Catholic Church. I am quite saddened, angry, confused, bewilder, it breaks my heart and boggles the mind. If it wasn't for some good Cardinals, Bishops, my own good orthodox Pastor, and you good and faithful Catholics in the blogosphere, I do believe I would think we were living in the bizaro world. So, thank you for your posts during this trying time. Dear Lord please raise up good Holy, humble, real courageous men in the Church, to combat these disastrous, diabolical, machinations.

Sandpiper said...

I was about 10 when I recall my parents, aunts and uncles all atwitter about "now the Church says anyone can be saved, not only Catholics". They seemed bewildered. Only in my middle age did I realise the massive revolution of destruction that took place. Of 20 cousins, only two are practicing Catholics!

I've followed this Synod closely and have been praying all year for a good outcome. You did the English speaking world a great service educating us in sodomy's endless perversions. I knew they were depraved, but not as depraved as you pointed out. Deux ex Machina blog also laid out the biological science and pathologies of sodomy in a very cogent way, helping to tease out the ideology. If only most Catholics had access and interest in knowing what they champion in enshrining sodomy.

So many of our churchmen are creepy. Cupich makes my flesh crawl.

Sandpiper said...

Sleeping good. Usually fall asleep saying the rosary.

Dorota said...

The problem with these people is that they have no faith in God, and they put their faith in humanity. It such nonsense, such foolishness, so unbecoming of any Christian!

If we, each of us, just got up every day, asked God to do with us as He pleased, to use us in a way He saw fit, if we listened to what the Church has always taught, none of these issues with the environmental pollution, exploitation of little people by the big evil capitalists, massive population migration, total sexual immorality, and so on, would be happening.

These men, if they believed, would know it. God made us, God provided instructions, free will and countless opportunities to receive forgiveness for the misuse of the free will. All we needed from them was to believe in Him and to be His faithful servants. Now they dethroned Him, deconstructed Him, led the way to a hell on earth for some of us a lot of time.

I admit, I am extremely upset, I am scared, I am not sure that I can do it, that I can go on and fight, and never let them see that I am angry and scared.

And yet, I have good reasons to believe (after a recent near-tragedy in the family) that despite my unfaithfulness and doubt, He forgives, He listens, He is in control, He gives strength. He does miracles. When I was in the middle of this unbelievable event (husband went to brother's funeral across the ocean, and went missing), I got so much strength and unexpected health, and such incredible extension of each hour, when I needed to arrange for things, I still can not believe it really happened. It HAPPENED TO ME, though people called me strong and brave, I know I didn't do it. I was very weak and very scared.

Watch out, betrayers of our Lord and Saviour, betrayers of your mission from Him which you took on willingly - He sees everything and provides everything we need to do His will, and he will call you to account for this evil, all in due time.

Dorota said...

@ Sandpiper

While lay people, chasing some kind of an American dream, not spiritually matured to know to seek the Kingdom of God first, can easily be misled into accepting this "mercy" scheme, where we simply love those afflicted with same-sex attraction, rather than despising and abandoning them, I am sure all our bishops, cardinals and the pope know very well, how far things have already deteriorated. Christians are now officially a hate-group, if we refuse to celebrate sodomy. Christian orphanages are being closed down. People lose livelihoods for refusing to serve at sodomite weddings for reasons of conscience (oh, this man Cupich, with his unconditional respect for the inviolability of each deformed conscience, knows this very well), all Catholic children are being forced to receive training in sexual immorality and to support sodomy and premarital sex, as outlined by the UN inspired by the paedophile Kinsey and his Institute, the greatest authority on "sexual health", much greater than God, of course.

I have no doubt they know, how hard we struggle already. They know that sodomites are now a group with special privileges in our Western world, a group determined to destroy Christianity everywhere.

I would be using the word "homosexuals" out for respect for people afflicted with an unwanted attraction to people of same sex, rather than "sodomites", were it not for the militant sodomites' and other homosexualists' determination to take over the language.

Anonymous said...

There is one weapon faithful Catholics have that they do not, Faith in Christ truly present in the Blessed Sacrament and the Rosary of the Blessed Virgin ,she who is destined to crush Heresy and Heretics ,Our Lady of Fatima gave the faithful the remedy ,which is why they play down that event.there is also Our Lady of Good Success Church approved which 400 years ago described these times we are living in, and promises that when all seems lost the Queen of Heaven will bring forth a magnificent victory.http://www.ourladyofgoodsuccess.com/frames-3-4-2005/article-ologs.html

Anonymous said...

My name is Diego. You want to know how I feel? Look at my comment here:

I am sending you this because I think you will enjoy it and feel a little better for a moment.
God bless you.

Principal, Robert Bellarmine Academy said...

David, you are a steadfast defender of the faith. It is true that Christ predicted these "wolves in sheep's clothing", but it does not make it any easier for the faithful who feel that they are marching toward their spiritual martyrdom. Satan is in his last hours of being able to destroy the Church of Christ and he will stop at nothing and use anyone (yes, even a Pope) to accomplish his task. We need to voice our OBSTINATE OBJECTION to the opening of the Synod in Rome and have it known to the members of the synod that Christ has categorically defined what a family should be and we (priest or not) have no authority to change HIS will. Many prayers and rosaries are needed to help God's plan for Our Lady to finally crush Satan's head and usher in an era of peace. In the meantime, I think it important to note Cardinal Burke's response that, as always, faithful Catholics must follow the higher authority - Christ. If the synod re-defines the family and allows Catholics living in mortal sin to receive Our Lord in the Eucharist, great punishments will come from God due to the whole scale Sacrilege to the Body of Christ. Pray fervently that this does not take place and faithful Catholics around the world are not decieved by these heresies.