Monday, 12 October 2015

Silencing of the Lambs at the #RosicaBlockParty

The Catholic faithful who have received their rights to raise issues of concern to the Church by Vatican II and articulated in Canon Law will not be silenced!

Father Thomas J. Rosica is the Vatican's English language spokesman and Executive Producer of the little watched and ill-regarded Salt + Light Television in Canada. All the English news on the Synod, unless spoken by a bishop or Cardinal, is filtered through this priest under the direction of Federico Lombardi, S.J.

Father Rosica has said that the Catholic Church suffers from a "ghetto mentality" and has supported "shared communion" according to this interview in the Windsor Star, whilst he was a Deacon. Have his views changed or have they simply progressed along a certain continuum?

We have evidence that the filtering is leaving certain things out. For example only "one or two" raised the issue of homosexuality, yet last Monday's press conference and the secular media that lapped it up made one think it was all they talked about.

Catholics reacted and took to Twitter and Facebook. The only outlets that they have. What does Father Rosica do? He goes on a blocking campaign and then accuses people of acting badly. Two of the people whom I know don't have a bad bone in their bodies and they were blocked. So who's telling the truth and who needs to go to Confession?

The hashtag "RosicaBlockParty and a Facebook "support group" are the result of frustrated Catholics; frustrated that the Vatican's communication expert, a man who sits on the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, won't!

This Catholic priest then takes to calling people names, like "toxic." Not a Christ-like thing to do. We need to change the language and reach out to those faithful Catholics in the peripheries who smell like sheep, but sheep who won't be silenced on the way to the slaughterhouse!

He blocks on Twitter thinking that will end it. He doesn't realise that all one needs to do is open Twitter in a browser that one is not signed in on or take out another account and resume contact. Pontifical Council on Social Communications, really?

Father Rosica, will not shut down the voice of the faithful who have seen through the sham of this Synod which is intended to soften the Church's words and teaching on sodomy and divorce and undermine the Sacraments.

It is not about the family. It is a sham that starts at the very top.

We will not allow it, even if it is from Francis himself. 


torchofthefaith said...

Dear Vox,

Thank you and may God bless you for all that you are doing to keep these key issues at the forefront.

It is encouraging to the remnants of the Faithful all over the world - including in this small corner of England!

Too many - even in orthodox circles - seem to prefer to shoot the messenger to remain in a form of denial.

As your consistent witness and exposure of the evils happening at the top testifies: it is much, much too late for silence or faux joy.

Yours in Christ
Alan and Angeline.

Vox Cantoris said...

God bless you both and thank you!

Vox Cantoris said...

God bless you both and thank you!

Francisco Vilaça Lopes said...


Blogguy said...

I must preserve my blood pressure so I avoid "ssault on Light

Unknown said...

Thank you for standing witness to truth and educating some of us who have been blinded by deceitful men in the Church. I decided to write the email address at "Salt + Light" this past Saturday wondering if the email would get back to him. I am not sure if the exchange was ever between he and I or one of his spokesmen. Here is the exchange (the initial email was to
Veritas Augustine: "What Fr. Rosica is speaking is pure evil and folly!!! It is shameful! But, praise be to God for the Blessed Mother's apparitions that have forewarned of these wolves in sheeps clothing!
It is utterly scary what is being preached by men like him. The only place he is wanting to meet people is on their path to the eternal fires of hell. It is false mercy he is preaching!
In Christ, VA
Response from Thomas Rosica ( "Go to confession before you go to mass (if indeed you go to Church!) It doesn't sound like it. I will celebrate mass for you tomorrow morning here at the Vatican. May God help you since you don't know what you are doing, what you are writing, and even what you are believing.
Fraternally yours in Christ,
Fr. Thomas Rosica
Rev. Thomas Rosica, CSB
Chief Executive Officer "
Lastly, I did write two more emails and he provide no response to either.
In Christ,
Veritas Augustine

Vox Cantoris said...

Veritas Augustine,

Yes, that is him. I have a very similar email from him


I shall publish it.


Unknown said...

Please someone just defrock this man, he is a shame to the Catholic Church. Mr.Rosica is toxic, is derogatory in his comments, in the heresy he preaches. " Go to confession", does he tell people living in unnatural unions (homosexual) to go to confession, does he tell people who attend Mass once in a blue moon, yet receive Communion to go to confession, he should take his own advice, perhaps he goes to confession to priests like Mr.Charisma, then I understand everything.

Anonymous said...

Why does Fr. Rosica post a photo of New York City's Grand Central Terminal with one of his comments? Does this make any sense?

Let's hope Fr. Rosica is quickly removed from his position of authority. Then he can travel by rail and visit GCT and walk to St. Agnes Church, where Archbishop Sheen preached his famous Good Friday services.