A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Sunday 29 April 2018

Dear England

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Dear England,

What a week you've had. At the same time as your new Royal baby was born, you invoked a fascist ideology to deny the rights of the parent of another to keep theirs alive. Little Alfie Evans is dead, yet, he lives this very day. As a baptized child, long before the age of reason, he was dead in this life and alive in the Lord a moment later. A friend on Facebook wrote a post yesterday with the picture of Terri Shiavo. You remember her, right? She is the woman who was the canary in the coal mine in the United States over a decade ago put to death by a corrupt judge and medical system which has gone awry. She wrote:

Welcome to the Kingdom, Alfie. Charlie’s over there with your nanny. Her name’s Terry. She knows you better than you think. And she’ll keep you warm and happy till Mum and Dad get here. Come in and meet Abba, Father — and He shall wipe away every tear, and Death shall have no dominion.

Think not that this writer hates England or the English people. As a Canadian, that would be impossible. But what England has become in the last half-century reveals the fraud which it had become for over 500 years.

In my fantasies about living in another time, that time would be in medieval England, hardly the Dark Ages. A time when the whole land was Catholic. When the King was Catholic. A time when the monasteries developed a social and economic system that was inherently Catholic. When people's lives were governed by Embers and Rogations and Feasts of Saints. A time and a land where Jesus Christ ruled people's lives because they loved Him and Mary, His mother, was always their queen.

All of this changed when their own wretched "Pol Pot" or Henry VIII, as one commenter put it came on the scene. I would argue it was a generation earlier when his father murdered the last Plantagenet, Richard III, the last truly Catholic King of England. The Tudor's were a satanic force. A pathetic, immoral blood-thirsty family of usurpers. Henry VII, Henry VIII and his bastards, Edward VI and Elizabeth I. The real and rightful heir, Mary, was tainted in history as "bloody" for protecting her rule and attempting a restoration. How just that a filthy brutish devil who would worry so much about his dynasty should have that dynasty end only a generation later. A murderous regime that tortured and executed thousands of its own people who only wished to follow the faith of their fathers. Thomas More, and John Fisher. Margaret Clitherow, Edmund Campion and Robert Southwell and Anne Line. Priest and Bishops, Augustinians, Franciscans and Jesuits when they actually had faith. Laymen and women including Earl's Lady's Knights and commoners. 
Bl. Margaret Pole

A reader has reminded me of Margaret Pole, the last Catholic noblewoman who was murdered by Henry VIII whom I have blogged about previously.


If this were to happen today, the modern world would consider it a religious genocide. England was no better than the Iran of today or the maniacal monsters of ISIS, or the fascist regime of Saudi Arabia. This was their own Reign of Terror,  The French got it from somewhere. England's leaders are no better than Assad or Hussein.

After that, England became worse. It profited from the misery of others as it enslaved Africans and sold them as chattel. It beggared nations as it raped their resources. The sun never set on its empire, yet it was an empire of evil and pillage. It could have been an empire of grace. The whole course of world history changed that day when Richard III was murdered. England would have remained Catholic, the protestant revolution would have no doubt been isolated to central Europe, it would not have been taken around the world as it was by England. North America would be fully Catholic, much of Oceana as well. There would have been no pilgrims to Plymouth Rock. There would have been Catholic immigrants. 

The "Church" of England is a fraud. No bishop is real. No priest is real. The bread is bread. It is a corrupt mockery of the real Church. Anglicanism is a putrid abomination dressed up with pretty music and regal ceremony. 

England went on to pass over more than 50 Catholics to find a heretic apostate to sit on its throne. They would take a German heretic rather than a Catholic Englishman. It engaged in a family feud that butchered millions in the mud of Europe and then extracted such penalties from the German perpetrators that it should have been obvious that a greater war of evil would come from it.

The Windsors are a Germanic family of frauds. Their hold on the Throne of England is as illegitimate as Henry's bastards and as false as the Anglican "Church." The both deserve each other. The English people have been duped to think that their church is the Church and their queen is their Queen.

England has become a fascist socialist swamp. A pathetic shadow of its once great potential. It's Queen, who purports to love Jesus as in her last Christmas message must see her death coming soon. She is close to it, no doubt. Yet, she signed into law the murderous abortion bill that has murdered 7,000,000 of her children. She sat by and did not even use moral suasion to prevent the deaths of Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans. Its people have generally become cowards and selfish. 

Charlie and Alfie may have died, regardless. In fact, the doctors may have been correct about their diagnosis and the prognosis.

The issue then and now is the right of the parents to determine the care, to seek other opinions and other options. 

England is now cursed. It cursed itself more than a half-millennium ago and it is being punished for its actions. In its zeal of hatred for Christ, it has embraced within it the tool which will destroy it, Islam.

To my English readers, God bless you and may Mary keep you. Find your courage, your soul, fight and reclaim your land for Christ, for Mary.

England is dying, it is almost dead, but it can be saved and it is a lesson for the rest of us in Canada, the United States, Australia and elsewhere.

Saturday 28 April 2018

Old Happy Hands Hodgson has cost the Basilians, Bazillians

The very idea that the famous Basilian spokesman would say that the "Basilian Fathers have not yet decided on an appeal" is repugnant and a disgrace. The answer should have been, "the Basilian Fathers WILL NOT undertake an appeal!"

No homosexual must ever be admitted to the priesthood.


Any in the priesthood should be removed and laicised.

Every. Single. One.




Complaints were made about this filthy sodomite as far back as 1947. Multiple times. Yet the Basilian masters shuffled Happy Hands off elsewhere to do it all again.

They were not only sexual perverts, they were sadists as Barona writes

However, I did witness one incident of physical abuse. I saw Fr. Cecil Zinger, wrapping a tie around a boy's neck so tightly,chastising him that he had his tie off.  The result of Zinger's actions was the young man developed a nose bleed. With blood pouring out of the young man's nose, Zinger immediately changed tactics, and took the boy into his classroom. I had a class of my own, and moved on. Sadly, since Zinger remained at the school, the priest was not charged with assault. Zinger is now dead: and lauded by the Basilians. May readers reflect on his assault on this young man, and draw their own conclusions.

I have my own story of these brutes and one day I shall tell it and name, names.

Hundreds, thousands of lives ruined.

Millions upon millions of dollars in reparation.


Thursday 26 April 2018

Alfie Evans and the damnation of England

Pour out O Lord your anger upon them; let your burning fury overtake them. … Charge them with guilt upon guilt; let them have no share in your justice (Ps 69:25, 28).

Shame and terror be theirs forever. Let them be disgraced; let them perish (Ps 83:18).

To those who may be offended or call me a sinner for my "judgmental" commentary, please note the following.

Clearly you have never read the maledictory or what are also referred to as the imprecatory psalms, those psalms which invoke judgement, calamity or curses upon one's enemies or the enemies of God. 

You clearly suffer from the corruption of the Second Vatican Council and the "Liturgy of the Hours" and Responsorial psalms of the Novus Ordo Missae which has either stripped the psalms completely or edited them to be benign. 

Your soon to be "saint" Giovanni Montini, or Paul VI made this quite clear. Open the introduction to you Liturgy of the Hours and read his views on these, particularly how being translated to the vernacular and how they would hurt our modern sensibilities. What a puff.

From Father Z:
Can we – ought we – pray that God strike down the enemies of the Church? Holy Scripture is full of prayers offered for the defeat of the enemies of God. The unfashionable “maledictory – cursing – psalms” (5, 6, 11, 12, 35, 37, 40 52, 54, 56, 58, 69, 79, 83, 137, 139, and 143) call for judgment and disaster to fall upon the enemies of God and God’s people.  Many of these psalms were “edited” or even wholly excluded from the revised psalter used in the Liturgy of the Hours, but that’s a different crock of bagna cauda.

Prior to the publication of the Liturgy of the Hours, Pope Paul VI decreed that the imprecatory psalms be omitted. As a result, approximately 120 verses (three entire psalms (58[57], 83[82], and 109[108]) and additional verses from 19 others) were removed. The introduction to the Liturgy of the Hours cites the reason for their removal as a certain “psychological difficulty” caused by these passages. This is despite the fact that some of these psalms of imprecation are used as prayer in the New Testament (e.g., Rev 6:10) and in no sense to encourage the use of curses (General Instruction # 131). Six of the Old Testament Canticles and one of the New Testament Canticles contain verses that were eliminated for the same reason.

If anyone had "psychological difficulty" it was Giovanni Montini!

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Alfie Evans lives. For how long, only the good Lord knows. 

Make no mistake, the hospital and National Health System is hiding something. Worse, they fear that if Alfie does not die, and die soon, they will be discovered for the corrupt frauds that they are.

You will not be surprised that the judge that sentenced Alfie to death is not only a sodomite but a Freemason.

The situation with Alfie and Charlie Gard before him is more than tragic or sad, it is evil. The world is watching England betray its people, its history, its culture. At one time, England was the bastion of liberty and justice; now it is become a land of fascists and satanists. 

Fundamentally, the problem that Alfie finds himself in and Charlie before him, is that their country betrayed its Catholic identity a half millennium ago. World history changed when Henry VII murdered Richard III and it changed again, for the worse, under his son Henry and his evil bastard son Edward and his whore bastard daughter, Elizabeth. These evil monarchs who stole the throne from not only Richard III but the just Queen, Mary, daughter of Catherine of Aragon, set England on its current path. The murderous whore Elizabeth I buried the last vestiges of England's ancient faith. 

Elizabeth II, my Queen, will burn in Hell under a just God for what she has done to Alfie and Charlie. Rather than save these children and save her nation, she has chosen her lot. 
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Charlie Gard, murdered by Her Majesty's Hospital

Shame on Elizabeth Regina.

Shame on the Royal Family. 

They celebrate the birth of another heir and stand by whilst a corrupt system murders another. England's monarchs have never repented for their betrayal of Christ, Our Lady and the English people. Until they do, England will continue on its downward slide into barbarity, dictatorship and perversion. 

Islam and its future sharia is a curse set upon England for its deserved crimes. 

How are we to understand that in a free and democratic nation, the parents are barred from removing their child to home to die, if that be what comes, or to take him abroad at no cost to England? How are we to understand that this little family are treated as wretched criminals.

Damn England!

God dam the Royal Family, a corrupt, heretical mob of sons of bitches and whores and bastards if there ever any and it begins with Elizabeth Regina, a cowardly pretender.

Damn my Queen!

Where is our Magna Carta?

There is a stench from England. From the rotten Queen to the rotten, silent Prime Minister and Home Secretary. To the filthy bastards at the hospital and in the constabulary. What is worse is the obvious display of cowardice on the part of the men of England. Feminised, sissy Englishmen. Shame on you that you stand by whilst your corrupt fascist government murders this baby.

They will all go to Hell.

When Charlie dies, as a baptised Catholic child, his pure soul will be instantly with God. He will be a Saint. The others, will rot in the pit of Hell.

An email from a friend.

As I sit watching the sickening situation in Liverpool develop, I’ve been praying for Alfie’s father specifically. Can anyone really be surprised that the culture of death has evolved this far? To me it is a natural progression that reflects a complete and total abandonment of not just a Catholic anthropological sense, not just a Christian one, but a wholesale abandonment of the very idea that humans are more than animals that can be dispatched at will. I’m thinking of a story I read a long time ago about Dagger John Hughes of New York. Maybe it’s apocryphal, but it serves to make a good point. As I remember it, when protestant mobs threatened to burn churches in NY, Dagger John called the men to arms to defend their faith and their church. Thousands of Irishmen surrounded old St. Pats and other parish churches, but when the prottie mob saw the men standing their ground and willing to defend their churches with their lives, they stopped the attack. What prompted all of this was a fight over the right of Catholic parents to have schools where their children were taught the faith. The God-given natural law right of parents to determine what is best for their children. These men, rallying around their bishop, were willing to die “merely” in defense of their ability to pass on the faith – they weren’t fighting for their lives, but to protect church buildings. Now in the 21st century we have parents whose right not only to decide what is best for their child, but their right to keep their child safe from harm, to give their child FOOD is being taken away. Where are the Catholic men? More importantly, where are the bishops to lead them? The few Catholics who have the courage to make a charge from the trenches will be mowed down while their generals fiddle as the family burns. What will be left of the Catholic family after the pew-sitters realize – even subconsciously – that their fathers in Christ just don’t care enough to risk their own comfort? That the vicar of Christ will prostitute the father of a child about to be murdered for a photo op, and the CBCEW equivocates and actually PRAISES the hospital doing this is just demonic. Absolutely demonic. Whomever participating in the writing of that statement must HATE Christ. This is not just about Alfie. They want priests? Where the hell do they think they will come from? They want a laity who is willing to give sacrificially to support the church? Where the hell do they think they will come from? If there are no Catholic families there will very quickly be no Catholic institution. The silence of the bishops, the lack of a call to defend the fundamental unit of our faith and our Church – from Rome on down  - is an act of ecclesiastical suicide just as much as sitting in a car with the garage door closed and the engine running. It will be a slow death and a quiet one as parishes are merged and then closed, but it will still be, inevitably,  death. I’m not a father of any stripe, and will never be, but if it were my child laying there waiting for the doctor to come down the hall with a lethal injection I’d be totally justified in sitting there with a gun and shooting anyone who came into the room to try to kill my son. I’d end up being killed by the police, but if this isn’t a case of “Greater love hath no man that to lay down his life” then I don’t know what is. Sorry for the rambling and probably faltering rant, but this has been floating around in my head since yesterday evening. I have no pulpit, no blog and no voice but I have to get this out of my head – maybe having written it down it will stop my mind racing.

Monday 23 April 2018

No peace, no truce

Let us pick up here on a thought by Mundabor. In his post, No Rest for the Wicked, he writes; "Some FrancisShills have started to promote some sort of “truce” concerning the way this disgraceful Pontiff is treated by bloggers."

I've seen these calls as well. No. not at all, no truce, no peace, no letting up on exposing the corruption of Jorge Bergoglio. There will be no relaxation on the reporting of the manipulation of his election, which may ultimately be invalidated and he declared an Antipope. No retreat on exposing his evil ideology of globalism, communism and Masonic fraternalism. No retreat against rationalist attack on the supernatural faith. There will be no silence while Bergoglio and his filthy minions continue to attack Catholic doctrine at the same time denying it. 

Can the Pope change doctrine? asked Richard Gaillardetz in National Catholic Reporter and quoted often by many priests, including Thomas Rosica. "No, doctrine changes when pastoral contexts shift and new insights emerge." They don't quote this any longer because they were caught. Instead, these Bergoglians have just gone about doing it. 

In the video interview below and in the book, The Dictator Pope, Dr. Henry Sire reveals that the reforms sought by the ignorant Cardinals, ignorant of the Peronist boil they were putting on the Seat of Peter, have been trashed. Instead, what has emerged is a political, megalomaniacal tyrant, not a Shepherd but a hireling and an evil heresiarch.

Harsh words directed by a lay Catholic to the Vicar of Christ. Yes indeed. harsh words. Francis is the Pope, the Law states it, the priests of the Diocese of Rome verify its fact. The Catholic faithful have accepted it. He is Pope. 

Reality can be very harsh and what some of us have known since March 2013 is now becoming known by many more. That an evil presence has arisen against Holy Mother Church. The Holy Faith is under attack. History, however, can be very harsh and the judgement of future Pope or Council is going to be made upon this period, upon this pompous Peronist, upon bishops such as Coleridge, Cupich, Maradiaga, Danneels and minions such as Faggioli, Spadaro and dozens of others. They will be "judged and found wanting" and they and all their filthy work will be declared anathema.

May the good Lord show mercy upon us and deliver us from these malefactors.

Thursday 19 April 2018

Evil idiots at the top of the Church of Christ

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The German Heresiarchs have stated that there will be "intercommunion" between Catholics and Lutherans.

It seems that there are a few Catholic bishops left in Germany seeking clarification in a rather weak attempt to stand up for the Catholic faith.

It was reported earlier this week that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, with the approval of Pope Francis, has written to the German bishops to state that the expected "intercommunion" cannot occur.

It has then been reported that Pope Francis has ordered that the letter to the German bishops be kept "secret."

The German bishops are denying that the Pope has sent a letter.

Heresiarch Cardinal Marx is going to visit Pope Francis.

That is all.

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Tuesday 17 April 2018

Another attack on the Catholic faith

First, it was the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate and then, the Sisters who were told, "they pray too much."  Not so many months ago, the Mariaweld Trappist Monastery was closed down. Their commonality? A new and growing traditional Catholicism.

The Fraternity of the Holy Apostles was established by the former Archbishop of Brussels, André Léonard. Not long after his retirement and his replacement by his replacement De Kesel, a radical protegé of disgraced pervert protecting and Bergoglian promoter Godfried Danneels, the Fraternity was dissolved. 

A group of lay people sought to appeal the decision to the Apostolic Signatura, the highest court in the Church. Before that appeal could be heard, it was summarily ended. The news is now out that Francis Bergoglio has unilaterally used his full, complete and universal jurisdiction to permanently dissolve the Fraternity.

Let this serve as a warning to the SSPX and FSSP.

More importantly, let this serve as a warning to Bergoglio.

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Thursday 12 April 2018

No Bergoglian apology without bloggers

As you may have heard, Bergoglio has issued a screed against bloggers. I won't print it here.

He has issued a rather pathetic apology to the victims of homosexual men in the priesthood in Chile.

Do you think for one minute that he would have issued that "apology" without the intense pressure put upon him by outraged Catholics around the world who were informed by bloggers?

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Wednesday 11 April 2018

Bergoglio eats crow over Barros

“I have made serious mistakes in the judgement and perception of the situation, especially due to a lack of truthful and balanced information.”

Thus, Jorge Bergoglio, Bishop of Rome admits his grievous error stemming from his own pride and arrogance not to believe the truth when it was given to him.

He insulted the victims in his own pitiful rage.

Shame on him.

Tuesday 10 April 2018

Did Bergoglio's sycophantic lapdog Spadaro write the latest vindictive papal assault on faithful Catholics?

It would surely seems so according to Sandro Magister.

Including the slap in the face to Cardinal Sarah.

The interweb is full of Bergoglio's minions from Spadaro to Martin to Crux to Faggioli on others telling us the "five takeaways" from this monstrous document. A man who quotes himself as "authority" in a document that insults Catholics and reveals at it's core that Bergoglio is a Lutheran. To some, that was evident in his first exhortation five years ago. To others, it was when this monster emerged on the loggia dressed for lounging. A fraud of humility staying in a room more costly than the papal apartment in a bed for more luxurious than what is there.

The man is a fraud.

For five years we have put up with this boor, this insulting, demeaning, abusive father. The Catholic faithful have had enough.

Cardinals, do your damned duty and do it now!

Call an imperfect Synod and denounce this man as the heretic that he is.

A "Fomenter of coprohagia," he surely is.

The official presentation at the Vatican press office, on Monday April 9, of “Gaudete et Exsultate” - the third apostolic exhortation of Pope Francis after  "Evangelii Gaudium" and "Amoris Laetitia" - was a completely useless exercise, in terms both of the worthlessness of the things said, which were not even put into the routine bulletin, and of the insignificance of those who said them: the vicar of the diocese of Rome, Angelo De Donatis, the former president of the Italian branch of Catholic Action, Paola Bignardi, and the journalist Gianni Valente, the latter a close friend of Jorge Mario Bergoglio since before he was elected pope. All three with the air of having done no more than to read in advance the document they had to illustrate, without knowing anything else about it.
To make up for this, however, the director of “La Civiltà Cattolica,” the Jesuit Antonio Spadaro, stepped in immediately to fill in the blanks of the official presentation.
Fr. Spadaro, in fact, posted online that same day, on the website of his magazine - which is printed with the pope’s imprimatur - a presentation of his own, in four languages, of “Gaudete et Exsultate” that right from the title proclaims that it will reveal its “roots, structure, and significance.” And he did so with such abundance and precision of information as to make one think that if the initial compilation of the papal document was not his work, it wasn’t far from it.
In “Gaudete et Exsultate” there is nothing that Bergoglio has not already said and written, even long ago. And Spadaro furnishes the index of this:
- the first big interview of Pope Francis with “La Civiltà Cattolica” in August of 2013;
- the idea of the “holiness of the door just down the way,” borrowed from the French writer Joseph Malègue, dear to Bergoglio;
- some passages of “Evangelii Gaudium,” the agenda-setting text of this pontificate;
- the “Reflexiones sobre la vida apostolica” written by Bergoglio in 1987;
- the presentation made by Bergoglio in 1989 of the book “My ideal of sanctity” by the Argentine Jesuit Ismael Quiles, who was his professor;
- the maxim “simul in actione contemplativus” of the Jesuit Jerónimo Nadal, one of the first companions of Saint Ignatius of Loyola;
- the book “Discernimiento y lucha espiritual” by the Jesuit Miguel Ángel Fiorito, the spiritual father of the young Bergoglio, who wrote the preface to this in 1985;
- the maxim of Saint Ignatius that is so precious to Francis: “Non coerceri a maximo, contineri tamen a minimo divinum est” (Not to be constrained by that which is greatest, to be contained in that which is smallest, this is divine);
- the concluding document of the general conference of the Latin American episcopate in Aparecida in 2007, of which Bergoglio was the main architect;
- and finally, various morning homilies of Francis at Santa Marta.
But on this basic backdrop, with the general theme of the “call of everyone to holiness,” Pope Francis arranged to weave in a bunch of his invectives - these too recurring in many of his previous writings and talks - against his critics and their objections.
On his objectors within the Church, Francis sketches in “Gaudete et Exsultate” a profile that is prejudicially dismissive.
They are those with the “funeral faces” who have an “obsession with the law, ostentation in the treatment of the liturgy, the doctrine, and the prestige of the Church.”
They are those who bend religion “to the service of their own psychological and mental lucubrations.”
They are those who conceive of doctrine as “a closed system, devoid of dynamics capable of generating questions, doubts, interrogatives.”
They are those who close themselves off in a “tranquil and anesthetizing mediocrity,” made up of “individualism, spiritualism, becoming closed off in little worlds, dependence, systematization, repetition of prearranged frameworks, dogmatism, nostalgia, pessimism, taking refuge in the norms.”
They are those who love “to get teary-eyed in a presumed ecstasy” and assert “a ‘dry cleaner’s’ sanctity, everything beautiful, everything just right,” but in reality “fake.”
They are, in two words, the modern “Gnostics” and “Pelagians,” a current version of these two ancient heresies.
In these invectives of Pope Francis against his objectors, is it possible to recognize any reference “ad personam”?
According to what Fr. Spadaro writes, the answer would be yes.
There is one passage, in paragraph 26 of “Gaudete et Exsultate,” that seems to wipe out two millennia of contemplative monasticism, male and female:
“It is not healthy to love silence and avoid the encounter with the other, to desire repose and reject activity, to seek prayer and underestimate service. We are called to live contemplation even in the midst of action.”
And this is what Spadaro writes, in making his exegesis of this passage:
“This is the Ignatian ideal, in fact, according to the famous formula of one of his first companions, Fr. Jerónimo Nadal: to be ‘simul in actione contemplativus.’ Alternatives like ‘either God or the world’ or ‘either God or nothing’ are erroneous.”
Attention. “God or Nothing” and “The Power of Silence” are precisely the titles of the two main books by Cardinal Robert Sarah, the most authoritative representative of a vision of the Catholic Church alternative to the one advocated by Pope Francis.
In addition to the invectives against his opponents, in “Gaudete et Exsultate” Francis also inserted some responses to criticisms made against him.
For example, in paragraphs 101 and 102, the criticisms of his way of handling the question of migrants:
“Some Catholics affirm that it is a secondary issue with respect to the ‘serious’ issues of bioethics. That such things should be said by a politician preoccupied with his success is understandable, but not by a Christian.”
Another example. In paragraph 115 the pope goes after those “Catholic media” that try “to compensate for their own dissatisfactions” by violating the eighth commandment: “Do not bear false witness,” just to “destroy the image of others without pity.”
Curiously, however, the day on which Francis put his signature to “Gaudete et Exsultate” was March 19.
Which was the feast of Saint Joseph. But it was also the final day of the “Viganò saga,” the most colossal piece of “fake news” fabricated so far by the pontificate of Francis, and moreover at the expense of his innocent predecessor, Benedict XVI.

(English translation by Matthew Sherry, Ballwin, Missouri, U.S.A.)

Monday 9 April 2018

What fresh Hell is this from the mouth and pen of Bergoglio?

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Late last evening, the Vatican released the latest "Apostolic Exhortation" from the Bishop of Rome.

In it, he derogates contemplative Orders. You know, those are the Religious Nuns and Monks and and Anchorites throughout history, who even in the Old Testament, sought to escape the world and pray and contemplate God. Once, I heard Raymond Arroyo answer someone who opined that those Nuns of Mother Angelica didn't really do anything, - they didn't nurse, or feed the poor or march in protests or ride buses. Arroyo's answer was clear and I will paraphrase, "The fact that the bus that just missed you when you were crossing the road and did not run you over and kill you was due to the prayers of those Nuns!"

Bergoglio has chastised and insulted thousands of Nuns and Monks in today's world and in history and has accused them of not properly loving or serving Christ, calling it "not healthy," that they "seek the prayer and belittle the service." When did they "belittle the service?" When is prayer, not "service?"

Contradicts Our Lord Jesus Christ

Luke 10:38-42  38 Now it came to pass as they went, that he entered into a certain town: and a certain woman named Martha, received him into her house. 39 And she had a sister called Mary, who sitting also at the Lord's feet, heard his word. 40 But Martha was busy about much serving. Who stood and said: Lord, hast thou no care that my sister hath left me alone to serve? speak to her therefore, that she help me. 41 And the Lord answering, said to her: Martha, Martha, thou art careful, and art troubled about many things: 42 But one thing is necessary. Mary hath chosen the best part, which shall not be taken away from her. Douay-Rheims translation of the Latin Vulgate

It is clear that in the mind of Our Blessed Lord, Jesus, that the contemplation of Mary was the "best part." Not that Martha's active service was not of value and important but that Mary's contemplation was better.

What an evil, dastardly and diabolical thing to say. What a lie. What a filthy, stinking slander against those Saints of history and those praying to be one today. He goes so far as to question the Holy Spirit's action because it does not conform to his diabolical "god of surprises."

This man, this Pope in law, has again disgraced the Faith. Again he has mocked Catholics, today and throughout history who have attempted against all odds to follow Jesus and live a holy life. He is a disgrace. 

No man who truly has a Catholic heart could write such bile, such slander.

I will no read the rest of this pathetic document. 

Nor will I relent on the pressure that must be brought to bear on this evil man.

O God, deliver us from this man Jorge Bergoglio and his evil minions. Convert them or take them to Your judgement. Send to us, O LORD, in Your mercy, a holy Pope who will "restore all things in Christ."

Declaration of the Rome Conference

"Therefore we testify and confess…"

Final declaration of the conference "Catholic Church, where are you going?" Rome, April 7, 2018

Due to contradictory interpretations of the Apostolic Exhortation "Amoris laetitia," growing discontent and confusion are spreading among the faithful throughout the world.

The urgent request for a clarification submitted to the Holy Father by approximately one million faithful, more than 250 scholars and several cardinals, has received no response.

Amidst the grave danger to the faith and unity of the Church that has arisen, we baptized and confirmed members of the People of God are called to reaffirm our Catholic faith.

The Second Vatican Council authorizes us and encourages us to do so, stating in "Lumen Gentium," n. 33: "Thus every layman, in virtue of the very gifts bestowed upon him, is at the same time a witness and a living instrument of the mission of the Church itself 'according to the measure of Christ's bestowal' (Eph. 4:7)."

Blessed John Henry Newman also encourages us to do so. In his prophetic essay "On Consulting the Faithful in Matters of Doctrine" (1859), he spoke of the importance of the laity bearing witness to the faith.

Therefore, in accordance with the authentic tradition of the Church, we testify and confess that:

1) A ratified and consummated marriage between two baptized persons can be dissolved only by death.

2) Therefore, Christians united by a valid marriage who join themselves to another person while their spouse is still alive commit the grave sin of adultery.

3) We are convinced that there exist absolute moral commandments which oblige always and without exception.

4) We are also convinced that no subjective judgment of conscience can make an intrinsically evil act good and licit.

5) We are convinced that judgment about the possibility of administering sacramental absolution is not based on the imputability of the sin committed, but on the penitent’s intention to abandon a way of life that is contrary to the divine commandments.

6) We are convinced that persons who are divorced and civilly remarried, and who are unwilling to live in continence, are living in a situation that is objectively contrary to the law of God, and therefore cannot receive Eucharistic Communion.

Our Lord Jesus Christ says: "If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free" (Jn 8: 31-32).

With this confidence we confess our faith before the supreme pastor and teacher of the Church and before the bishops, and we ask them to confirm us in the faith.

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Sunday 8 April 2018

Divine Mercy image and theology? Where are His wounds?

This post will no doubt be controversial to many. It is not my intent to offend. I am not stating that Sister Faustina is not a Saint nor that she did saw an apparition of whom she thought was Jesus.

NOTA BENE: Tuesday, April 10. I was correct, it was controversial and some found it offensive; and yet, there are many who agree with me. I put this devotion in the same place as Medjugorje. I don't believe either but if God brings good out of what was a fraud, then that is His perfect will. The fact is, there was a reason it was banned and a Polish Pope who undid it not just be enshrining it but by having it unbanned decades earlier, to be studied. When I first saw the image, I saw the Polish flag and still do. You can believe that it was a real apparition, but it is in the realm of private devotion. It has debased Fatima and the Sacred Heart.

How ironic is it that on a Sunday where in the Gospel of the Mass we recall the actions and words of St. Thomas the Apostle where he literally places his fingers in the wounds in the hands and sides of the Lord Jesus and then proclaims, "My Lord and my God," we find the day has been co-opted by the cult of Divine Mercy and a Jesus who has no wounds.

Think of two hymns. That Eastertide With Joy Was Bright; -- "He showed to them His hands, His side, where yet those glorious wounds abide. Alleluia."  Think of the great Advent hymn, Lo! He Comes With Clouds Descending, "Those dear tokens of His passion, still, his dazzling body bears, ... with what rapture, gaze we. on those glorious scars."

The Venerable Saint Bede (commenting on Luke 24) taught that Christ kept His scars. 

First and chiefly for Christ’s own glory. Christ “wears [His scars] as an everlasting trophy of His victory.”
Second, these scars confirm the hearts of the disciples in the faith in His Resurrection. The scars increase our faith.
Third, Christ retained his scars so “that when He pleads for us with the Father, He may always show the manner of death He endured for us.” They have propitiatory signification in Heaven!
Fourth, Christ kept His scars so “that He may convince those redeemed in His blood, how mercifully they have been helped, as He exposes before them the traces of the same death.” This reveals that He is the Divine Mercy of God!
Fifth, Christ will appeal to His wounds so that during the Judgment Day “He may upbraid them with their just condemnation.” The holy wounds will silently sentence the damned to Hell.

It has always been the teaching of the Church that Christ's glorious wounds remain. 

When Our Blessed Lord appeared to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque she testified of the visibility of His wounds.

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Did Sister Faustina see Our Lord Jesus?

If she did, where are His wounds?

She was apparently so insistent with the painter, how did she not insist on the presence of His wounds?

Why has "Divine Mercy" been allowed to surpass the Most Sacred Heart?

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