A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Tuesday 21 February 2023

The latest on the traditional Latin Mass from the tag team of Bergoglio and Roche

Yesterday, February 20, Pope Francis received Cardinal Roche in audience. This morning the Vatican issued the minutes of the meeting translated below by Edward Pentin:

It seems to contradict the authority of the motu proprio. Essentially, the bishop is in charge but he is really not. It also seems to enforce after 15 months, the regulations and dubia responses by Cardinal Roche.

Wednesday 15 February 2023

What is Arthur Cardinal Roche-clip up to?

"Brazen self-confidence."

This is the man that wants to persecute faithful Catholics who desire to worship God as their ancestors. 

Will Pope Francis allow this manipulation of him? After all, it is making him look bad.

Of course, the most likely answer is the most obvious.

They are in cahoots!




Father Eagle Pfan and his liturgical abuse

On Candlemas, 2015, I wrote a blog post that is the second most-read blog post with nearly 40,000 direct hits, even more than Rosicagate. It was about a priest in Seattle defaming the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the worship of the Seattle Seahawks.

Vox Cantoris: Behold, the Tabernacle of Seattle Seahawks 12

It's hard to believe, but it has happened once again. 

Catholic Priest wears NFL vestments to celebrate Mass on Super Bowl Sunday - LifeSite (lifesitenews.com)

Oh look, Father Eagle even convicted himself with a video. What a diabolical narcissist. 

The Pastor

From: Vox Cantoris [mailto:voxcantoris@rogers.com]
Sent: Wednesday, February 15, 2023, 8:00 AM
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Subject: Help me, I'm desperate
Importance: High

To know what kind of diabolical narcissism and idiocy you possess that would cause you to do such a blatantly blasphemous and abusive thing? 

Enjoy the publicity. 

Repent, lest Jesus cast you into the outer darkness!

Vox Cantoris

Tell me again how the Latin Mass is a problem?

Oh, what is this? They made their YouTube private?

Tuesday 14 February 2023

Has Pope Francis been "manipulated" into promulgating Traditionis custodes?"

Infovaticana, an Italian website has published an article citing Gerhard Cardinal Müller that Pope Francis was manipulated to attack the traditional liturgy. It's been previously reported by Dr. Peter Kwasniewski that Andrea Grillo has had influence in this matter. Having it
confirmed by 
Cardinal Müller is quite astounding. 

Can we dare hope that Pope Francis will realize the manipulation and soften his heart and be a shepherd and father to all the flock, including those smelly sheep on the peripheries? 

Francis manipulated into promulgating Traditionis custodes, says Cardinal Müller

Members of the St. Anselm Athenaeum and others convinced the Holy Father that the Traditional Mass is "divisive" and encouraged him to restrict it until its virtual demise, Cardinal Gerhard Müller argues in his recently published book "In Good Faith."

The decision to promulgate Traditionis custodes, the motu proprio with which Francis abrogates the liberation of his predecessor's Traditional Mass reached in Summorum Pontificum, was "unexpected and for traditionalists it has been like receiving a slap in the face," says Cardinal Gerhard Müller, former prefect for the Doctrine of the Faith, in his recent book "In Good Faith." "The prohibition to attend this form of liturgy has created chasms, has caused suffering. It would have been more useful to distinguish between the substance of the sacraments which derive from Christ through the Apostles, and are essential, and the liturgical form which exists in various rites in the Church", where there are up to 23. 

Müller blames this decision on the pressure of "some professors of the San Anselmo Athenaeum, who approached the Pope and conditioned him for their own interest. Of them I know some according to whom the only legitimate liturgical form is the conciliar, all other forms should disappear, although the Council has broadened the horizons in a harmonious unity on the essential". 

What Benedict wanted with Summorum Pontificum was "to facilitate the unity and progressive inclusion of traditionalists. Years later, under the current pontificate, a group of advisers of Francis went to lament maintaining that Benedict XVI with that measure had taken a false step, causing further divisions and that, to rebalance the situation, it was better to return everything to how it was before. In short, they manipulated Francis," says the Cardinal.

Saturday 11 February 2023

Francis Leo, new Archbishop of Toronto

Pope Francis has today appointed a new Archbishop of Toronto, Bishop Frank Leo [Catholic-Hierarchy]. Archbishop Designate Leo will replace Thomas Cardinal Collins whose resignation was accepted. Archbishop Leo, 51, was only consecrated Auxiliary Bishop of Montreal in September 2022. Yes, Montreal! Given the history of the Maple Leafs and Habs, there is much one could say about this.

Bishop Frank Leo was on someone's radar but was not one for the obvious ones. Rumours have been MacGratten from Calgary, Smith from Edmonton, or Bolen from Regina and he is one of the youngest Archbishops appointed to Toronto since Michael Power. Rejoice, my fellow that it was not one of these nor our former or current Auxiliaries!

Archbishop Leo has an enormous task ahead of him. Many Toronto priests are demoralized, and many have been "canceled" by the Collins regime. Others have been "thrown under the bus" of political correctness and media mobs.  The decision by Thomas "No Mass for You" Collins to throw our lot in with the government and the "virtuous public health officials" has devasted Mass attendance and parish sustainability. The hollowing out of the faith in many old neighbourhoods of Toronto will leave Bishop Leo with the dirty work of closing dozens of churches. Bishop Leo comes into a cesspool within the Chancery. He will need every grace from the Holy Spirit and the intercession of the Blessed Mother to deal with it.  

The Marian logo on his miter and his crozier is a good sign rather than the wooden stick carried by Collins. His letter below is beautiful and may it indicate for us a renaissance for the Church in Toronto. 

Greetings Message to the People of God in the Archdiocese of Toronto from Archbishop-designate Most Rev. Francis Leo

11 February 2023, Memorial of Our Lady of Lourdes 

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

Praised be Jesus Christ. 

I am reaching out to you all to convey my heartfelt greetings on the occasion of my appointment by the Holy Father to serve this beloved archdiocese as its archbishop and servant leader. I am deeply humbled by Pope Francis’ confidence and am profoundly grateful to him. I am very eager to get to know you all personally. Relying on the Lord’s unwavering assistance to fulfill the mission with which I am being entrusted, I place my hope in our Heavenly Father’s bountiful mercies as He journeys with all of us along the path of the Kingdom. I am also following in the footsteps of Thomas Cardinal Collins and in continuity with the committed, strong and selfless episcopal ministry he has provided for many years and for which we owe a huge debt of gratitude. 

Strikingly, it was the Annunciation scene that came to my mind and heart when the Apostolic Nuncio notified me of the appointment. I thought of the Blessed Mother, her amazement and questioning, her trust and her availability to join forces with the Holy Spirit in bringing about the Incarnation; in accepting to play her unique role in the Lord’s loving and saving plan; to be a humble instrument in the hands of our loving and saving God. Upon learning of the Holy Father’s decision to appoint me, I too was asked to utter my own personal and ecclesial Fiat – and I have done so with all my heart. 

My ministry among you as a Shepherd in Christ will no doubt provide copious occasions to share our faith, to walk together in holiness, to foster ecclesial communion, and to bring Christ to others in new ways. Together with Mary, each is invited to bring the presence of Jesus to life within our manifold communities. Our profound attachment to the Lord, remaining firmly rooted in His teachings and those of His Bride the Church, will enable us to sow seeds of enduring hope and be builders of bridges for that unity the Lord desires of us. 

I will open my heart and mind to listen to you, to hear from you, and I will do my best to be for you an example of Christ the Good Shepherd. I trust that the Lord Jesus will open up new horizons before us, will accompany us with his grace, and allow us to experience abundant life. To my brother bishops, to the priests and deacons, seminarians, women and men in consecrated life and lay faithful engaged in ministry in the archdiocese, I look forward to engaging in close collaboration with you as we build up the Body of Christ, working out of our diverse vocations and charisms. As we abide in His love and walk with hope and authenticity, let us be reminded that it is Christ who is our Chief Shepherd and guides us all to the fullness of truth and life. 

In embracing this new “calling within the calling” and so taking up the senior leadership role in the Archdiocese of Toronto, I truly believe that I stand to learn much from you: the very People I will strive to love and to serve, to empower and to inspire, to guide and to lead. As you know, I hail from the great city of Montreal and am the son of immigrant parents. My varied experiences in parish ministry and school chaplaincy, as a seminary formator and university lecturer, my years in the Holy See’s diplomatic service, my service at the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops and most recently as auxiliary bishop, vicar general and moderator of Montreal’s curia – these have been for me incredible graces beyond all telling and helped prepare me, through Divine Providence, for this new office of leadership and service in the midst of the ecclesial community. I will bring to this ministry all that I am and all that I have. 

To those who are near and actively engaged in the life of our Church, as well as to those who are more distant or struggle to choose her as their “spiritual home” - know that you are in my prayers daily and I will endeavour to be a loving pastor, a devoted father, a dedicated brother and an encouraging witness for you. In the immense and beautiful diversity of this archdiocesan family made up of parish communities and religious houses, educational institutions, health care and social services, ecclesial movements and associations, women, men and children, the elderly and the young, persons living on the margins, those with means and the needy, families of all walks of life, cultures, languages and traditions, and those persons in search for meaning, hope, healing and love, whatever your situation may be – know this: the door of my heart and that of our archdiocese are open to you. 

As a committed community of faith in the Risen Lord Jesus, we know, nonetheless, that we will inevitably face difficulties and trials. The key, however, is to remember that we are never alone. If we accept to come together in order to encourage and support, challenge and lift each other up, not only will we know the joy of belonging to the Lord and be pleasing to Him, we will likewise be blessed with new dynamism, heartfelt fellowship, and a sense of family in the Eucharistic faith community. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is our most treasured gift; the Kingdom we seek is one of justice and peace; the path is that of holiness and fidelity. I delight in the Spirit with you, as with one heart and one soul we will endeavour to share this gift, to seek this Kingdom and its righteousness, and to walk humbly along this path. 

Please remember me in your prayers so that I may faithfully serve the Lord in and through serving you. We are God’s beloved children and with Him all things are indeed possible. 

May Saint Michael the Archangel, our patron saint, defend us always and protect us everywhere. 

Yours sincerely in Jesus with Mary, 

+Francis Leo 

Archbishop-designate of Toronto

Wednesday 8 February 2023

Voris and the SSPX

I have refrained from any comment because Michael Voris once came to my aid. It was when Thomas J. Rosica, CSB, attempted to sue me and my family into poverty. Voris gave advice, sound advice I should add, and a vehicle to create pressure against the derelict Rosica.

However, the continuous attacks on the Society of St. Pius X have come to the point of being pathological. Whatever issues of sexual perverts or incorrect procedures are not the issue. They had no more and very many fewer than other orders. One is too many. We know that. But the continuing attack at this time, in particular, is repugnant without merit and justice.

He needs to stop.

Tuesday 7 February 2023

Bishop Schneider on Crisis, Disobedience, & the SSPX | A Michael Matt I...

Listen carefully to the good Bishop's words. He has words here for priests who must disobey and yet, must also fall under the authority of a bishop. I expect if the worst happens, the Society of St. Pius X will need to develop a system of affiliation. Bishop Schneider also indicates other, perhaps retired bishops. May God guide us all.

Holding my tongue for the sake of the 204%

There is a lot going on. I should have something to say. I do and I don't. I am, in prudence, restraining. It is not easy but I need to keep my own peace at this time. You know that to which I refer. 

Father Zuhlsdorf has something good to say today for all of us, particularly about you seminarians out there. I know you read this blog so urge you to read his comments and take them seriously. 

To the others who read this blog in the Chancery, and I know you do, will you allow the little flock, even if some of them be nasty, crabby to be put out of the house? Do these smelly sheep not deserve your attention?

To you over in Rome,  yes, you read this blog too, you who blame bloggers for all the ills and profess that we know nothing about liturgy do you really think you are going to win this? You have the power, but you won't have it forever. Maybe not even for one more year. Your end is coming, it won't be pretty. Your eternity will be severe. You will have deserved it all. 

Some people think that the problem is this blog and other blogs and Taylor Marshall. No, the problem is that people came awake and sensed something was wrong. They began to look and if this blog was part of that awakening, then I am humbled. It is not about lace and incense, it is about doctrine and devotion and truth and stopping what is coming, but they can't and they know it. In fact, their attack will only cause the "disease" to grow. They can't have that and they are too ideological to accept it.

Here is the reality. The community where I chant the Mass and conduct the choir has grown by 204% since June 2020 when the China Virus lockdowns ended for the first time. Yes, you read that correctly:


Do you think these people are going back to what they left and just forgetting what they found?

To the Pastors that read this blog. How has your parish fared since June 2020?