Friday, 23 October 2015

Cardinal Thomas Collins defends his faithful and just Synod actions in manipulative story by the Toronto Star. Will the Basilians have him STFU too?

Cardinal Collins is one of the thirteen or whatever number it was that signed and sent a letter to Pope Francis at the beginning of the Synod. A few days ago, Cardinal Donald Wuerl lashed out in a Jesuitical periodical that some people, insinuating the thirteen, "just don't like the Pope." According to a Toronto Star reporter, Father Thomas J. Rosica sent the article to journalists allegedly stating, "I fully share Cardinal Wuerl's assessment."

The Toronto Star, contacted Cardinal Collins in Rome to explain himself, as if he answers to the Holy See Press Office or that anti-Catholic use for bird-cages and fish. Cardinal Collins stated, “I don’t know where they’re coming from, either Cardinal Wuerl or Fr. Rosica.” He went on to say that, “The Holy Father has been really clear: If you’ve got some concerns you express them."

In a post on LifeSiteNews, John-Henry Weston writes that "As for the Canadians, there are three who have garnered much attention.  The heroic act of Toronto Cardinal Thomas Collins as one of the thirteen Cardinals to sign on to the letter to the Pope expressing grave concern about manipulation at the Synod caused him much suffering. I met him at a restaurant and he looked very tired. I expressed a simple thanks and offered him prayers on behalf of life and family activists.  Archbishop Paul-Andre Durocher planted himself firmly in the progressive camp along with Fr. Thomas Rosica early on in the proceedings."

Cardinal Collins has remained clear on doctrine and has paid a personal price for it. Durocher was an embarrassment out of the gate with a snide comment on doctrine and his call for "deaconesses." There are no vocations in Gatineau and less than 50 priests left. Let it die.

Manwhile, Father Thomas J. Rosica, of the Congregation of St. Basil and based in Toronto with Salt + Light Television of which he is Executive Produce, had much to say at the Synod. Little needs to be said here. Thousands of Catholics on blogs and social media around the world have discovered for themselves what some of us already knew.
As for that Basilian Congregation, they have been hit with millions of dollars in lawsuits and settlements due to the now old and perverted sodomite priests in their Congregation who raped and abused so many boys dating back sixty years to the 1950's. This past July, after a nearly a century, they vacated the historic Holy Rosary parish in a joint decision with Diocesan officials. We have been given information which indicates that there was an extensive and unauthorised "kitchen renovation" which occurred within the year or two preceding their departure. Holy Rosary now has the former Seminary Rector and Monsignor appointed as Pastor.  

Still with these Toronto Basilians, Tim Scott and allegedly ordained priest made quite effective use of Twitter in exposing the kind of holiness is sought after within the Congregation of St. Basil. During the Extraordinary Synod on the family last October 2014, Scott Tweeted"Just a little advice to #CardinalBurke to STFU." Scott, pictured at the left, was found out in February and promptly deleted the Tweet, then removed his Twitter account after it all became public by the good people at  He had been public spokesman for the Basilian Congregation. Basilians have much to say, it seems. They seem to think that nobody else should.  

Cardinal Collins went on to state that sending the Pope a letter expressing certain concerns is, "Hardly opposing the Pope," adding that it is "ridiculous" to think that it would follow that one would not "like the Pope," in Wuerl's words for sending a letter. The Cardinal then asked the Star reporter rhetorically, "What do we want, everyone to say nothing?”

Yes, Your Eminence, that is exactly what they want.

Thank you for not giving it to them and by not giving it to them, you actually gave it to them good!


John-Henry Westen's editorial can be found at:

The Toronto Star story is below:
Do some cardinals dislike Pope Francis?
In a dispatch this week from Rome, Rev. Tom Reese, a close Vatican observer, put it bluntly: “Never in my lifetime have I heard of bishops and cardinals being so disrespectful of a pope, challenging his organization of this synod, even a few referring to him as a Protestant and threatening a fractured church if he goes against their wishes.”The public sniping was triggered by a letter to the Pope, leaked to an Italian journalist on Oct. 12. The letter was signed by 13 cardinals, including Toronto’s Thomas Collins, New York’s Timothy Dolan and the Vatican’s enforcer of Catholic doctrine, Germany’s Gerhard Muller.
They alleged the synod had been rigged to achieve “a predetermined conclusion.” They challenged the 10-member committee drafting the final document as appointed by the Pope “without consultation.” They also feared the synod would be dominated by attempts to lift the ban on divorced Catholics receiving communion after they remarry in a civil ceremony.
Pope Francis distressed some conservatives when he recently made it easier to annul marriages. Once annulled — if a spouse did not freely consent to it, for example — the couple is free to marry again and receive communion. Francis’s next step, conservatives fear, is to lift the communion ban on those who remarry without an annulment.
The Pope tried to ease conservative concerns during an address to the synod. But he also warned against giving in to conspiracy theories.
As debate heated up, German Cardinal Donald Wuerl lashed out at critics in an interview Sunday in the Jesuit magazine, America. Rev. Thomas Rosica, a Toronto priest and the Vatican’s English-language media attaché, emailed it to journalists with this message: “I fully share Cardinal Wuerl’s assessment.” “I wonder if these people who are speaking,” Wuerl said, “sometimes surreptitiously, sometimes halfway implying, then backing off and then twisting around, I wonder if it is really that they find they just don’t like this pope.” 
Cardinal Collins, Catholic archbishop of Toronto, dismissed Wuerl’s comments.
“I don’t know where they’re coming from, either Cardinal Wuerl or Fr. Rosica,” Collins said in a phone interview from Rome. “The Holy Father has been really clear: If you’ve got some concerns you express them. That’s hardly opposing the Pope or something; that’s ridiculous. What do we want, everyone to say nothing?”
Collins would not discuss the details of the letter. He described it as fulfilling a cardinal’s duty to give “candid and honest advice to the Pope.”
The synod’s 253 participants, most of them bishops, have presented hundreds of amendments to 147 sections contained in a draft working document to be voted on Saturday, Collins said. The synod is an advisory body; the Pope has the final say.
Collins said he could not imagine the synod recommending that remarried Catholics be allowed communion. But on Wednesday, German bishops — progressives and conservatives — proposed a compromise. The church ban on communion remains, but remarried Catholics could get it lifted privately by a priest or bishop after a period of penance. The proposal was backed by Cardinal Muller. 


My Blog said...

I encounter the same attitude when I face and corner the sodomites and sodomy-supporters wherever I comment.

When they have nothing to say because they are faced by hard facts, they use CAPITAL letters yelling, "SHUT UP" or "STFU."

It's the only way the Left, the Liberals, the Progressives, the sexual perverts know to argue and communicate with the opponents.

And at the end of the day, they ask and demand "equality" and "freedom of speech"!!!!


lmpivon said...

Those 13 Cardinals PLUS all the other good prelates, including Cardinal Burke, Archbishop Athenasius Schneider & Cordeleone, etc., etc., needed to fly into Rome TOGETHER-----ALL OF THEM----and do SOMETHING!

Don't people get it? The very same banking elite families who own the MEDIA and control the MEDIA are now in control of the Vatican. THAT is the reason the Media ignores the truth. THAT is the reason the Evil Prelates are so sodomized and paganized! They don't work for GOD. They work for the evil governments & the rich elites who own them.

Only a banding TOGETHER would make a statement and have an impact. COWARDS will be judged by God, you can be sure of that.

These good prelates MUST NOT hide on the grounds, "Hey we weren't invited". To hell with that! God is inviting them to STAND UP against the EVIL that is infesting St. Peter's Basilica and Rome!

Aged parent said...

I admire you, Vox. How you can write about that brown-nosing sycophant Rosica without throwing up is really remarkable.

Toadying to the powerful is really one of the lowest endeavors of a human being. Rosica apparently desires to go even lower than one thought possible.

TLM said...

News flash for Cdl. Wuerl........there is no doubt that at this point there are a lot of Catholic Christians that nope do NOT LIKE THE POPE. It's not a Catholic mandate to do so. We are called to LOVE AND PRAY FOR HIM. It's not the same as 'liking' him.
After listening to the schizophrenia and sometimes anti Catholic rants from this man for over 2 years now, it's pretty difficult to get all warm and fuzzy about him. Even so, and maybe especially so, we are called to pray intently for him with love that the Holy Spirit guide him in the way God wills for His Church. I pray for him daily and intently, but nope I do not like him.

Luciano said...

Thank you so much VOX for posting this, its been the highpoint for me a lousy week. I am so grateful that the good Cardinal basically said both Fr.Rosica are out to lunch!!
As a result of your post I think everyone should write the Cardinal a note of appreciation and encouragement as I am sure the PC/heterodox crowd have isolated him.

Lee said...

"I fully share Cardinal Wuerl's assessment." What? NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU THINK ROSEY!



Anonymous said...

For some of them its just a career ,its advertised as such they scrapped the word vocation .those 13 cardinals only owe loyality to the Pope when he upholds the Word of God not when he contradicts Christ .,that's known in the modern world as breach of contract .

Anonymous said...

So many errors in this article. Example: Cardinal Donald Wuerl is the archbishop of Washing DC in the United States. He is not German.

Anonymous said...

"I wonder if it is really that they find they just don’t like this pope.”
It's not that. It's that we love JESUS CHRIST and His Holy Church better!

Anonymous said...

I was watching the Italian news..and WHO should be in every shot annoying Francis at the Synod like a hornet from hell? The well-fed Rosica of course!

Give it up Rosica..we know you are a viper.