A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Wednesday 29 November 2023

Bergoglio confirms he has stripped Cardinal Burke of his Roman privileges

Bree Dail, Rome correspondent for The Daily Wire is reporting that an alleged journalist is now on the record having recevied a note from the ailing Bishop of Rome. Bergoglio confirms the actions to remove Cardinal Burke's salary and Rome apartment but that he didn't call him his "enemy." The blog where the alleged journalist went on record states that Cardinal Burke "has spent a decade publicly attempting to undermine Church unity and the papacy." 

We all know that statement is an outright lie. Anyone can go back and read any statement by Cardinal Burke - in interviews, on his web page, live speeches. If anything, he has gone to great pains and suffered criticism for not being firmer. Lies, all lies. 

Will the next move be to strip Cardinal Burke of his red?

Is Cardinal Mueller next?

Motus in fine velocior - movement is faster at the end. 

Get the popcorn and your rosary.

The Catholics Full Movie

Friday 24 November 2023

Toronto Catholic Register trying to make Thomas J. Rosica relevant


Serial plagiarist and litigious priest Thomas J. Rosica of the Congregation of St. Basil continues to try to be relevant, this time with the aid of Toronto's Catholic Register. 


Rosica, who attempted to sue this blogger for publicly challenging his heterodoxy and scandalous comments, was first outed as plagiarist on this blog, and years later notably disgraced repeatedly in Catholic and secular media for his serial plagiarism dating back decades.


Rosica, an American from Rochester, is now a chaplain to retired Basilians at Presentation House in Toronto, a retirement home for various declining religious. As noted previously in comparing him to Michael Voris, hubris and narcissism are two things these disgraced men share.

As a reminder and as a revelation to more recent readers, here are some non-plagiarised quotes of Thomas J. Rosica from, "The Rosica Letters."

“How sorry I feel for you.  I know people who know you at the XXXX XXXX (my place of employment) and elsewhere.  They have also expressed the same thing.”

When challenged he responded.

“Say no more!  I don't speak to your co-workers.  They speak freely about you. Broadcast yourself.”

Note, he was talking about my employer, he was trying to undermine me and my career!

More can be read here.

Other emails, a dozen, have included such quotes from Tom Rosica directed to me:

"Something went wrong somewhere and I feel your sadness."

“May the Lord help you as you wallow in a vortex of sadness and negativity. “

“In addition to a good confessor, you should seriously consider a counselor of sorts to assist you..”

"I might make the suggestion the title of your blog be changed to "Vox Umbris" rather than Cantoris!"

"May the Lord grant you the peace you are seeking this Lent. No guarantees you will find it this side of the Resurrection but keep seeking."

"All it takes is a keyboard and screen to become an expert. Fr. Z is one of many. Why do you feel it necessary to follow the crowd? What is really eating away at you regarding the liturgy? It says much about you."

"Your keyboard and your monitor do not make you a bishop or liturgist."

"God bless you and grant you peace you are not finding in our Church! Amen."

"In "broadcasting" yourself, you actually set yourself further and further away from the Church. You are above any form of recommendation and suggestion and are part of a clericalism far worse than any cleric."

"How sorry I feel for you."

"The Father Corapis, Eutenauer and the Vorises (all gone now from the public square for the same reason as his own failure, except for his attempt to become relevant again, doomed to failure. Vox, 23.11.24.) of this life will not lead you into true life and authentic healing. I know you know that but will simply not admit it."

"I am sure you would have difficulty with her (Mary's) response to the angel, and her Son’s response to the sinners with whom he kept company."

"As the stories emerge from those who know you and from the pastors and parish communities whom you tried to assist with your "chant" and succeeding in causing such division, know that we keep you in our prayers. It is indeed a very sad story that hides itself behind Latin, chant, and a blog that is nothing more than a story of anger and sadness."

And then there was this. Rather than enjoy his time with Pope Benedict XVI in Madrid, he went there and found me living rent free in his brain.

From: Thomas Rosica [mailto:rosica@saltandlighttv.org]
Sent: August 18, 2011 10:36 AM
To: xxxxx.xxxxx@rogers.com
Subject: Voris' TV exposed for what it is

Dear David,

For all your chant and rant, you obviously have very poor judgment in those you prop up as your gods... and those with whom you enjoy being photographed!

Read this story below which has broken in the news today as Mr. Voris is exposed for what he is... and isn't.

I beg he Holy Spirit to open your eyes, heart and mind to the Truth, not the myth you are pushing as the real Church, the "real" Catholic TV, the real nonsense.

God bless you... from Madrid .

Fr. Rosica

Wednesday 22 November 2023

Some thoughts on Michael Voris

As you probably know by now, Michael Voris has been ousted by St. Michael's Media/Church Militant for violating a "morality clause." Voris released a video which can be found on his X account as did Christine Niles who apparently left the company a few weeks ago. 

I first met Michael in 2012. I was the Cantor at a traditional Latin Mass community where he had heard about the pastor and had him visit Detroit and appear on a video for a chat about the traditional Mass. Michael would visit the parish and there were at least two fundraisers organized by people there for what was then Real Catholic TV, later renamed. I knew him from these visits and fundraisers as well as conferences in Toronto. During that time, I did not suspect anything untoward about him. 

For those newer readers, in February 2015, a papal spokesman, head of Salt + Light Television, and Basilian priest Thomas J. Rosica launched a lawsuit against me for alleged defamation.


The Priest vs. The Blogger: A Case in Canadian Conflict – Catholic World Report

Vatican Spokesman Threatens to Sue Catholic Blogger (breitbart.com)

Uneasy Truce: Vatican Spokesman Will Not Sue Canadian Blogger for Public Criticism| National Catholic Register (ncregister.com)

That evening, after hearing it from a mutual friend, Michael Voris contacted me to help. Michael and I, my wife, and that loyal friend collaborated on a plan. He was instrumental in creating pushback from bloggers all around the world in multiple languages. The publicity generated and the legal strategy that followed forced Rosica into a humiliating public retreat. Funny enough, it still appears on his Wikipediathough not with the bold sub-heading, as previously.

A year later, I defended Voris against the advice of someone dear to me. He had made the decision to "out" himself before an expected public outing regarding his sodomitical past that was about to break. There was an effort then by some associated with St. Michael's Media to have him leave quietly and prevent the scandal. Voris refused. He was media savvy and understood how one had to get out in front of a story. He did and it worked. I owed the man my thanks and I stood by him. I remember the day specifically and the telephone call tipping me off to what was coming. I do not regret standing by him. I have a sense of loyalty. After all, while not suffering from the sins of his past, I have my own, we all do. 

But, it was not long after that I saw and became aware of certain other matters. Some were public, such as his irrational and almost pathological attack on the Society of St. Pius X, notwithstanding any failings by specific clerics. In addition to that, there was a falling out of any sense of cooperation and camaraderie with other Catholics in the new media. Nobody seemed good enough for Michael. The laudable goal by Michael Matt to "unite the clans" fell on deaf ears in Detroit. I stopped following Voris, removed links from here to there, and stopped any communication. Simon Rafe and others associated lacked any sense of loyalty to me in communications. It was time to permanently cut my ties. 

But there is more that cannot be discussed other than this.

I am keenly aware of something greater here and I see the hand of Almighty God in it. One of God's servants had been terribly persecuted and lied about and in this, Voris had a hand, a very big hand. I am angered by what he did. Niles and Rafe were his minions when I approached them about it and they were cultlike in their defense of him and attacked me for daring to question their motives.  There was an attempt to destroy a good man. I am still upset by it all. Yet, this man bore this persecution with faith, love, patience, humility, and personal suffering. throughout. His steadfastness has now been rewarded as he is restored in every way, no; in even better ways. God is good and has reached down and picked up his servant and washed him in the salve of love and mercy and set him on a new road to carry out His work. 

At the same time that this restoration was underway, another had begun - the humiliation of Michael Voris is a result of his own hubris, arrogance, ego, and narcissism. It is the same with the aforementioned Thomas Rosica who through his "plagiarism" (this writer was the first to expose it here), was brought down low. Both of these men despised each other as the record shows. Both of these men have had their public reputations degraded by their own actions. Both of them unjustly attacked innocent men. As God was not finished with that good man and restored him, and protected me and my family God is not finished with Thomas Rosica or Michael Voris. May their well-deserved humiliation and degradation work for their salvation.

Pray for all involved. 

Saturday 18 November 2023


From LifeSiteNews:

Strickland recalled a conversion with the Apostolic Nuncio to the U.S., Cardinal (then Archbishop) Christophe Pierre, that happened two years ago. The conversation, as Strickland recalls it, shows that his removal may have been in the making for years.

“I can’t quote directly that he [Cardinal Pierre] said [the deposit of faith] doesn’t exist, but it definitely wasn’t an emphasis, and that’s what they were telling me two years ago: ‘Quit emphasizing this so much and get with the program.’ It’s what I heard. I mean, he didn’t use those words, but that’s what I heard,” the former bishop of Tyler said.

“And with this, what happened a week ago, His Eminence basically said, it was sort of: ‘You didn’t get the warning two years ago; Pope Francis has made his decision: You need to be relieved of your work as Bishop of Tyler.’”

“I said I can’t resign. I said I respect that, yes, the Holy Father, as Supreme Pontiff, has the authority, if he chooses to, to remove me from that office, and he did choose to do so.”

Arroyo asked Strickland if Cardinal Pierre offered any reason for the Pope’s request for him to resign.

“Yes. He read several pages of issues of concern,” Strickland replied.

“He was just sort of giving me information about what the decision was based on,” he continued.

He emphasized that Pierre “didn’t mention a single administrative concern” regarding his diocese. “He did mention a lack of ‘fraternity’ with my brother bishops, which I think basically comes down to […]: ‘I’m speaking up and they’re not.’”

“The fact that I didn’t implement Traditionis custodes” was another reason cited by Pierre, Strickland recalled.

“We have a few Latin Masses, and as I said, I felt like I couldn’t deprive that portion of the flock of the nourishment they were receiving,” he explained, adding that the Latin Mass parishes are “packed to the gills” with “great young families.” He also mentioned that there is one Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) parish in his diocese.

“So that’s accurate,” Strickland said. “I didn’t implement that. I think other bishops have not responded to that, as maybe the Vatican wishes.”

Another issue that Strickland mentioned was his lack of support for the heterodox Synod on Synodality.

“That’s one of the things that was listed: I wasn’t supportive of the synod,” he stated. “And, you know, I stand by that. As I said in one of the tweets, I said, ‘Why are we discussing things that shouldn’t be up for discussion?’ It’s settled truth that God is revealed to us, as far as everything I know.”

He mentioned that Pierre also cited Strickland’s “social media presence” as a reason for his dismissal.

Friday 17 November 2023

An update on Andrew Rivera

Update #6
November 17, 2023, 7:14 am

It is now November 17, over 7 months since Andrew's collapse from a diabetic coma and the resulting complications, including kidney failure (now resolved) and a stroke. During the medical crisis and testing it was found that Andrew had a hole in his heart. I'm glad to write that in mid-September, it was repaired in surgery and Andrew continues to recover. However, the effect of the stroke and the whole period of being in a coma means that his recovery is still ongoing. Make no mistake, he is improving, but, there is no indication of when he will be able to return to work. It may be many, many months, I cannot predict.

I ask you not to forget Andrew and Orlando and to remember them in your prayers.

I thank each of you for your kindness by way of financial support. Many of you have given multiple times. Some have given small amounts, like the recent $7 donation. That is the "widow's mite," and the opus Dei! Thank you so much.

Please, please, share this on your social media. Please help us get to the $50,000 goal by Christmas.

God bless you.

David Anthony Domet

Saturday 11 November 2023


Not that we didn't see this coming. 

Patience friends. Bergoglio's time is short, very short. The dividing is there for all to see. The sifting of the flour continues. 

Keep the faith. 

Pope removes Texas bishop who’s been a frequent Francis critic | Crux (cruxnow.com)