Saturday, 24 October 2015

Do not be optimistic friends - it is not going to be good

"Aye, fight and you may die. Run, and you'll live, at least a while. 
And dying in your beds, many years from now,
would you be willing to trade all the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives,
but they'll never take our Church!"

Friends, today is the day.

As I write, the bishops are getting the report, the Relatio. They have been ordered by the Synod manipulators, Balidsseri and the others to remain silent on it. These malefactors, and that is what they are, demanded of the Synod Fathers that they do their work in secret and then demand that when they go home, the Relatio is not to be shared. Yesterday, the bishops had to fight as they were not going to be even given copies, it would have simply been read to them. By whom, one wonders. 

(The Synod decisions on the fly have now released it in Italian only - they can't even get their skullduggery right)

Do you believe how evil these men are?

The Catholic faithful have a divine right to know what Holy Mother Church's prelates are thinking and doing outside of the confessional. We demand to know what is in the Relatio!

We must depend on some bishop to let sunlight be the best disinfectant.

Balidisseri, Lombardi, Forte, Wuerl, Cupich- these are men committing great evil in the darkness.

I call upon faithful bishops to defy their heinous order of secrecy and release to the Catholic faithful the truth. The truth that these malefactors want hidden. What will it cost you? I have an extra room and Fox and Vox are good cooks. You can live here.

The faithful bishops should have walked out.

What kind of evil do these men do under the nose of the Pope himself? We know some of their names don't we friend? The Lord knows all of them and He will execute his judgement on these faithless and evil men. These Freemasons and sodomites in the priesthood and episcopacy. These vile and disgusting and immoral sons of Satan. These men and the adulterists and homosexualist ideas and lusts in their poisoned minds and souls filled with bile. Their Hell will be severe and they will go there for engaging in a Synod of Heresy, a Synod of Sodomy, a Synod of Adultery. Repent or be damned. 

Is the Pope behind this? My sources say that they are manipulating him. Why he allows this we do not know. Is he part of the problem? At least in that he allows it, yes. He needs to dismiss these heretics. He cannot ask for "pardon" for all these scandals and allow them to continue under his nose. 

Pope Francis, find your courage! Out these men before it is too late. God and history are both terrible judges.

When we look back over the last three decades, Benedict XVI and John Paul II allowed them to get away with it as well. What they have with Francis is either a simpleton and innocent or a cooperator. Our problem is, we don't know really know which it is. We can say that if he is a simpleton and ignorant, then he is being used and abused. Then what is it? What is it that prevents this Pope from condemning these heresiarchs?
In the post below, Cardinal Thomas Collins of Toronto hits back at Wuerl and Father Thomas Rosica over the Pope's message of questioning and openness and then their mockery of the thirteen when they tried to be open to the Pope. 

My contacts in Rome this morning tell me that there is little doubt that the letter of the thirteen was leaked by the synod agitators of heresy to make it appear that it was one of the thirteen in order to make them look like they were against the Pope. Cardinal Collins's comment to the Star, "What do we want, everyone to say nothing?" is one-hundred percent accurate. These Synod manipulators and deceivers want no dissent from their own dissent from the faith.

There are two possibilities; the Pope is an innocent, simple man with the best of intentions who has been used and abused and for whatever reason does not realise it or does not know what to do about it, if he does. You know the other possibility.

What I have been told, I will tell you exactly as it has been said to me.

The goal of these malefactors is divide us and make us look as if "we don't like the Pope."

Do not be optimistic.

This is the 43rd verse of a very bad song that had been written many, many years ago.

Pray the rosary.  

And mediate upon the lamentation of our Lord at Calvary.

Something some men have forgotten about.


TLM said...

Is the Pope a simpleton, or is he a cooperator? This is the 64 million dollar question in my mind anyway. I vacillate back and forth. One thing however, is certain.....the Pope has CHOSEN the most blatant of heretics to surround himself with. Has he been that ignorant of their heretical agenda? From the two plus years that we have been listening to this man, the chips fall on the 'cooperator' side, me thinks. We will see in short order, but if I were to bet money, I would bet on the 'cooperator' side. Why do you think they connived and conspired to put him in the Chair of Peter in the first place? Cdl. Daneels said as much in an interview. I would LOVE to think that the Pope has just been ignorant and easily manipulated, but I'm not betting the house on it.

Ana Milan said...

The first duty of the 13 Cardinals and their supporters is to have PF resign immediately. It will be difficult for his collaborates to carry on without his backing. The next thing they need to urgently attend to is the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. If they act very quickly and decisively on these two issues the CC can renew itself rapidly, as there is still a strong body of faithful laity. Our Lady did say the consecration would take place but late, and when all seemed hopeless that would be her hour.

Dorota said...

Thank you, Vox for this place.

I can no longer allow myself to not see what I see. This pope has free will. If he is blackmailed, there is a very simple solution. Let it all out. If he is not blackmailed, we have had a very clear view of what he believes for a long time.

I believe in Jesus Christ. He does not. I am a middle-age woman with no background in theology, he is the pope.

By encouraging heresy and sacrilege he is causing much evil. He has no fear of God, unless his god is humanity. Then he fears. Didn't he just say that he is the pope and he will do what he wants?

Last thing I am going to say is this: If a woman entered her house and saw her husband, butt-naked, with another woman, screaming in ecstasy, and if he would say that he was just showing her his new underwear - and she really really liked it, would she be sane to believe him? Would she be virtuous for believing him?

I can not do it with this pope. No one in their right mind should. This is really serious, if the Catholic Church from before V II was teaching us the truth.

I am not under a spell, I want truth rather than delusion, I see it.

It is not true that we Catholics are so dumb, we would rather believe a pope's lies then the Truth coming from God.

Not me.

They created a new religion. Me, I do not want it. It is disgusting.

George Brenner said...

In the Gospel, Our Lord Jesus Christ informs us that in the last days the true Faith would hardly be found on the earth. He tells us that “in the holy place” itself there will be “the abomination of desolation” (Mt. 24:15), and a deception so profound that, if it were possible, even the elect would be deceived (Mt. 24:24).

Matthew 24:15- “When therefore you shall see the abomination of desolation, which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place: he that readeth let him understand.”

The New Testament tells us that this deception will happen in the very heart of the Church’s physical structures, in “the Temple of God” (2 Thess. 2:4) and “in the holy place” (Mt. 24:15). It will arise because people receive not the love of the truth (2 Thessalonians 2:10).

Fox said...

"God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son THAT WHO SO BELIEVETH IN HIM SHOULD NOT PERISH BUT HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE"

Sometime in these last 3 weeks it was said that, some of the synod fathers were championing the cause that the Church should allow the divorced and remarried (without a decree of nullity), and those in homosexual unions to receive Holy Communion; and that these people should not "discriminated against, and treated as if they are not human".

But it is precisely because they are human that these "men of God" should be teaching these people the reasons that they cannot receive Holy Communion. The desecration of the Eucharist, the broken vows, the homosexual behaviour, both private and public. Their immortal souls are in grave danger.

But these wolves in sheeps' clothing don't care for souls of these people. This Synod was indeed window dressing, as I heard another blogger call it, for the manipulation and the travesty that Jorge Bergolio has allowed to be perpetrated under his watch.

And all for what? So the few loudest, most liberal, heretical and homosexual priests can feel good about the choices they have made! So they can go out to the bars on Saturday night carry on in public and disgrace the priesthood, get up after only a few hours shut eye, and glad hand their congregations at Mass on Sunday; so they don't have to feel "guilty" about celebrating Mass in a state of MORTAL SIN! THEY CARE MORE ABOUT WHAT THE WORLD THINKS THAN WHAT GOD THINKS! They cannot believe in the Love of God and the Word Made Flesh if this is what they do. "By their fruits we shall know them".

It is to comfort their own consciences and to white wash their disgusting proclivities that they are shoving these changes down our throats.

It is not that the faithful are jealous of those who have been supposedly discriminated against; (sodomites, and adulterers). The faithful understand that to accept the Eucharist in a state of mortal sin, is a much worse sin against our Lord.
We would never want to do this to our Lord. And We would never want anyone else to, for their own good.

These heretical bishops and cardinals, have managed to manipulate Bergolio. And Bergolio has allowed himself to be manipulated.

But God knows what is in their hearts, and God will not be mocked.

They clearly don't believe in hell... They will when they get there.

Dorota said...

@ Fox

I disagree with you.
Pope "Call me Jorge","Good evening", "Now go home and a have a nice meal" - has nominated his favourite modernists with a clear purpose in mind - to use Satan's minions in the final stages of the Light-bearer’s, Lucifer's plan. Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.

It is not a mistake that his superior general was asked to participate in the composition of the final report. It was not about making anyone feel better. To these men, who while praying with those who reject Jesus, claim that they aworship the same god, the stakes are much higher. Expect more than occasional chrislam "churches", more than Imams pronouncing Allah's victory in front of Jorge in the Vatican gardens.
One world government was announced by the pope in the UN (or an urgent need for one) just weeks ago, the global banking system is also inevitable (as planned for centuries, of course), one world religion is practically here.

Do you know the names Kenneth Copeland and Tony Palmer? Do you know who Tony Plamer was, what the pope wanted him to be, what kind of burial he insisted on for him, and what kinds of dealings Jorge's little known ambassador of religious syncretism/best friend Palmer had with Bergoglio and Copeland?

Before Palmer had his tragic motorcycle accident, he posted a you-tube video, where he used the phrase - spiritual racism. When I heard it, I knew with an incredible dread that soon they would come after us. I was glad Palmer's career was shortened, God have mercy on his soul, but I also knew Bergoglio was not going stop until he destroyed the Church.

Bergoglio believes that cabalists, Muslims and Christians all pray to the same god. He does not believe in a "Catholic God". God is a creation of socio-geographic-historic contexts.

Now stop this wining and get on with social justice and sustainable development. Whatever you do, have an abortion or two.

Dorota said...

Fox, I am truly sorry for the mistakes and the impatient tone.

I think we should stop compartmentalizing, and gather up all our strength and face reality. When Bergoglio meets with all these religious leaders, when the so called Bono who rubs shoulders with all the mighty ones, pushes for ONE World like a madman, when our movies and commercials and award ceremonies push for the same, when our synod "fathers" care more for what they call unity than for God and His Truth, when all these politicans-puppets can't stop talking about the New World Order, while simultaneously denying it, what is this about? Why won't you wake up? Why didn't Bergoglio say anything about sodomite "marriage" in Ireland?

If there is to be a religious unity, if all protestants are already part of the Catholic Church (Copeland announced in front of a beaming Pope that protestantism was officially over; wait for Catholic celebrations of Luther already in plans), Catholics must "stop obsessing" about abortion and divorce and sodomy, about confession and Holy Eucharist. This "unity" was not for free, IS not for free.

We WILL be persecuted, as we already are, and Bergoglio set it up this way. He KNOWS about our plight, and definitely rejoices seeing it, as he never neglects to continue to go after us.

Have you seen the video of the tango mass on the altar in Argentina, to the delight for Jorge? He wants this farce,

Sorry again. I will calm down now. I should pray.

Fox said...


No apology necessary.... The truth is I agree with you! I struggle with myself leaving these comments here, and trying to be charitable towards Jorge et al. But it was I who first spoke against him in our home. At first it did not go over well. You can see now that Vox agrees with me, you, and so many others.

I should have taken my point further in my comment... But now there is no need as you and many others have done it in different posts here.

I am aware of the "pastors" you mentioned and yes, there is much to be concerned about, to say the least. (Master of understatement)

BTW... Do you blog? Or have you ever considered starting a blog. Love your comments, keep them coming.

God Bless,


Tweck9 said...

People are not evil, sins are. And making blind assumptions, spreading conspiracy theories about the Church, and publicly detracting bishops is wrong and divisive.

Vox Cantoris said...

No Matthew, you are incorrect. Sins are not evil. Sins are a result of evil. Evil from without and evil from within. People can be evil and we can do evil things. Have you read the final relatio? Do you understand any of it? Do you hold to the indissolubility of true matrimony and that sodomy between men and men and women and all that sodomy entails in it broadest sense is wrong and sinful and nothing good is to be found in it?

Detraction of bishops? When they themselves publicly speak words of heresy, it is not detraction to call them out, it is duty and it is charity.

Divisive? Me? I hold to the teaching of the Catholic Church founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ and proclaimed for 2000 years. If that makes me divisive, I am guilty before your eyes.

The words of Our Blessed Lord need to be read again by you.

34 “Do not think that I have come to bring peace on earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35 For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; 36 and a man’s foes will be those of his own household. 37 He who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; and he who loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me; 38 and he who does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me. 39 He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for my sake will find it.