Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Charamsa and Rosica - saying the same thing?

Let me begin by stating the old phrase, "hate the sin but love the sinner" and let me publicly acknowledge that I too am a sinner and in need of sacramental confession, grace and redemption from Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Let me also state that persons who suffer from same-sex attraction, be they men or women, are our brothers and sisters. They deserve respect as individuals. I did not tell the cashier at the organic market on Saturday that he was a sodomite and that he was going to Hell. I do not have to accept the aggressive and fascist homosexualist movement that is undermining freedom and the family.

When priests engage in sodomy and advocate it and when bishops such as Raymond Lahey, are found with child pornography - of boys on their computers, they are sodomites and that is a valid word in the dictionary the bible and the catechism.

We call someone who murders a murderer, a bank robber is a robber and a thief. It would follow that someone who commits adultery is an adulterer and someone who commits sodomy is a sodomite.

Language is important. So is clarity. Some people think the Church should change its language in an effort to reach out. This is not Catholic. This is not what Jesus did and He said much about sodomy, unless you deny that He is God and was present throughout the fullness of scripture and speaking through the ancient prophets, so don't even think He did not say anything about "homosexuality" in the New Testament. The word wasn't invented until just over a century ago. 

Our Blessed Lord said plenty about it and so did his apostles and evangelists! They keep forgetting about "whitewashed sepulchres" and "murders of the prophets" and "vipers" and "go and sin no more." They want, as Father Oko so brilliantly stated, "a childish notion of a God who only soothes and caresses." they "have not grown out of this childish notion."

The sodomite priest, Krzyztof Charamsa  who will soon be forgotten, "truly, he has his reward" and his fifteen minute of fame issued a manifesto just prior to the Synod.
"We demand that the Catholic Church divest itself of activities, the mentality and language of homophobia, hate speech, humiliation and depreciating, marginalization, stigmatization and rejection of LGBT people. We demand the cessation of the Church of discrimination and soft persecution of these people so within it as well as beyond its borders."
Yesterday, Zenit carried an interview with Thomas Rosica, CSB the Vatican's English-language Synod spokesman in which it is reported that:
'There must be an end to exclusionary language and a strong emphasis on embracing reality as it is. We should not be afraid of new and complex situations.'... 
"The importance of changing language used to address certain difficult situations, Fr. Rosica said, was highlighted. "The language must be renewed,"... 

"The Jubilee of Mercy requires a language of mercy," he stated. Father Rosica underscored how language ought to always be inclusive, rather than exclusive, particularly for homosexuals.

"In particular, when speaking about homosexuals or gay persons," he said, "we recognize them for who they are: They are our sons, our daughters, and brothers, sisters, neighbors and colleagues."
Clearly, Charamsa was a mole working deep in the bowels of the Church. His work in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has been instrumental and influential for even Father Thomas J. Rosica seems to be saying the same thing.

This proves one thing. Charamsa was not fired for being in a relationship with another man and presumably violating his vows, he was fired because he "came out." They didn't care about the poor man's soul or what he did at night and with whom, they only cared about their image and the disruption and distraction that Charamsa caused.

The secular media has taken yesterday's Zenit report by Father Rosica, as well as the inane comments by the Archbishop of Gatineau in Quebec about deaconesses and had great fun with it. The morning papers in print and online will tout these great changes coming in the Church. It will be a rough day thanks to ill-advised words.

And yet, today; Father Paul Nicholson is reporting that:
"Yesterday, during a press conference at the Holy See office, the English spokesman transmitted to the media sentiments that sounded like consensus in the Synod.  He stated that there must be an end to "exclusionary language", "in particular in regards to homosexuals and gay persons" (We discovered today, October 7th, that in fact, only one or two bishops actually mentioned homosexuality, it wasn't a broad consensus as reported)."
It is diabolical in every way and it will lead to a loss of souls. We are living a repeat of Vatican II and Humanae Vitae. Careless prelates and priests are making statements, intentionally or not, and these statement are being used. Expectations are being raised. The Church is being mocked in the public square, Our Lord Jesus is suffering all over again and is being ignored in all of this. 

When all of this is done, Francis has two options. He can do what these men and the world demand and cause a schism and condemn himself and his history. Or he can uphold doctrine and refuse to change the Catechism and two thousand years of teaching which is essentially what they are asking, and thousands will fall away because their expectation were not met.

Either way, there are losses of souls. Our dear Pope Benedict XVI spoke of the "council of the media." We are living it all over again. 

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

God help us, please; and help the Pope.

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Anonymous said...

This Fr. Rosica is a disgusting man not worthy of the priesthood of our Lord. He is full of lies and falsehood I can't help but notice his nose is getting bigger and longer by the minute like Pinocchio. I hate to think of it but he's the official spokesman of the Sodomites in the Vatican. Very disgusting..he makes me want to puke!

Mr. Vox Cantoris - thank you for your blog and covering the rigged Sin-Nod. I'm sure you will earn a lot more enemies for speaking the truth and remaining in the the truth of Our Lord Jesus Christ.May God reward you!!!