Wednesday, 21 October 2015

What is the role of the Freemasonic Lodge at the Synod?

Last week, I wrote a post about Masonic commentary on the death of Cardinal Martini, Danneels presence at Lodge and the praising of the election of Jorge Bergoglio as Pope by the Grand Master of the Orient Lodge of Italy.

Did you get that?

Now, we have a comment by this heroic bishop that some at the Synod are promoting the interests of various "international organisations."

Now, if you follow the link above, you will find a video of Theodore McCarrick the former Cardinal Archbishop of Washington wherein he states that a "powerful and influential man" lobbied him to organise and elect Jorge Bergoglio.

Wake up people! 

You bishops and other Vatican minions reading this, and I know you are because has been dropping by more than frequently, fear Christ or get out!

(translation: Toronto Catholic Witness. You may use, but you must credit us). 


Bishop Białasik: At the Synod there were certain topics that should not have been discussed

The Synod of Bishops was a wonderful experience of the universality of the Church, but it also had its weak side. Many important family matters were not taken up, said Polish bishop missionary from Bolivia, Krzysztof Białasik. He claimed that many beautiful words were expressed at the Synod, it was a valuable witness, but family issues were not exhausted. In the opinion of  Bishop Białasik, there was an unnecessary preoccupation with issues not associated with the gathering. 

Bishop Białasik: 

"In my opinion it is sad that we consumed so much time on issues that the Synod should not have been touching, because those issues are of a different nature. It surprised me that there is a particular group of cardinals and bishops who have spoken out not always properly on issues of the family, interjecting issues that should  be considered in another situation; especially Communion for the divorced and homosexualism. These are other problems, problems that are either doctrinal, or [problems] that have been artificially conceived to destroy the family. These are exactly the matters promoted by various international organizations, in the first place from the USA and Western Europe. But it is surprising that they also have an influence on certain bishops. I do not know what is behind all this; but, if there is such a group of cardinals or bishops, and there is, it means that something is standing behind all of this. This is what pains me the most, that there can exist such people amongst the bishops". 


Dorota said...

Yes, Masons, if you are reading this while pretending to be Catholics, consider the possibility that Christ has risen, that there WILL be a last judgement, that your victory is an illusion. Even if you can no longer believe in the Catholic faith, at least stop lying. Come out of the Church! God is merciful, there is hope for all of us, but we must speak truthfully.

Barona said...

That is it. The moment I read what what the bishop said, I knew what he meant. Finally, we have a bishop going public that there are real enemies, men (Judas bishops) who actually hate Him and His Church and are working to destroy Her. God draws good from evil; this Synod will go down in history as the beginning of the end for the malefactors. In their terrible vanity and conceit, they have "come out".

Anonymous said...

Issues about family life ... I've been reading the Old Testament recently, and one thing that keeps coming up is how mixed marriages weaken a person's practice of their faith. Come to think of it, St Paul also warned against this.

But of course The Synod will not say anything about this. Unless it says that such unions are beautiful.

Felix M

TLM said...

The Masonic groups have plagued our Church for a VERY long time. They work behind the scenes methodically and until now mostly under cover, but it is NOW that they are 'coming out'. This information should be blasted from the rooftops and especially among our hierarchy, they need to stand strong against these Satanic groups that are now quite visibly trying to destroy the Church of Christ, come what may. Now is the time for our faithful Bishops to lead the way to our persecution if need be. THE TIME IS NOW.