Friday, 30 October 2015

The "Twerp" smacked down by the Man - but what I want to know Johan Bonny, is she a blonde a brunette or is she even a she?

He's so upset. He just can't handle himself around real manhood, as opposed to those in some fantasy.

The poor, poor whittle Bishop of Antwerp, Johan Bonny - smacked down at the Sodomy Synod to Destroy the Family by Robert Cardinal Sarah, Prefect of the Congregation of Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. You know, one of those silly, narrow, bigoted Africans that "should not tell us too much what to do."

"There was no way of discussing it in a peathful way" cried little Johan Bonny when each time he raised the matter of fisting, felsching and rimming. he was smacked down, by an African.

Poor, poor whittle Johan; the big, bad Afwicans wouldn't wet him talk about his gerbils. 

After all,  according to Johanny, "one knows that homosexuality exists also in the world of animals" so that makes abusing them for your anal thrills just fine, eh Johan?

How often do you masturbate Johan? How much pornography do you watch? Straight or gay porn? As the great Fulton Sheen once asked, "Is she blonde or is she a brunette." Or is she a he? Which, or what is it? Because there has to be a reason for such a darkened intellect and a lack of faith.

What is important for me is that Pope Francis moved tags. This greatly exited me. I can not remain a neutral spectator of these changes, I want to participate. Furthermore, everyone at some point in his life is confronted with relationships, friendships, family and the education of children. We must not deny that there is trauma about these matters in the Church. Far too many people have felt excluded for a long time. The Church can fix the breach of trust by talking openly and sincerely about the issues which are really bothering people...
As bishops, we have too long thought it impossible to discuss some lessons or disciplinary rules: we have acted pragmatically to avoid damaging the Faith. Thus, a gap has widened between the Church’s official teaching and daily practice...
 Before Francis, there was an official status quo about these topics and very few opportunities for discussion. In less than two years, the Pope has managed to get a discussion started about these issues...
 Personally, I find that in the Church there should be more openness for the recognition of the substantive quality of the LGBT couple. Their form of shared life must meet the same requirements as religious marriage. Basic values are for me more important than the institutional form. Christian Ethics champions lasting relationships in which faithfulness, loyalty and care for each other are central; and which are open to new life, or at least recognise the responsibility of the partners to be generous towards children and young people. We must accept that those values may be present in a relationship of diversity and we must try to give form to these relationships...
 We need to seek within the Church for a formal recognition of the “relationality” which is as present in many couples which are homosexual as in those which are heterosexual. Should it be a sacramental recognition of marriage? Maybe the Church should instead think about recognising a diversity of patterns.
 This discussion is the same for civil marriage. In Belgium, the same model is used for gender relations of homosexual and heterosexual couples; but there are other possibilities, which I believe are valid. It may not be necessary to force all relationships into the same model...
 Just as there is in our society a variety of legal frameworks for partners, so the Church should recognise a diversity of relationship forms. This would avoid the pitfall of complex ideological disputes. I favour the recognition of a variety of forms which emerge from a reflection on pastoral experience, rather than theoretical discussions; because they often degenerate into sterile disputes and generate discord...
 Life is a practical thing, is not it? Such issues can only be dealt with credibly if humanity and understanding are exercised; not by theoretical discussions. The same dynamic is active in the Church. The ecclesial community is a big family and my main concern is how to encourage this style of response. I do not want to downplay the significance of the doctrinal issues; but... I also want to keep the family together. I want all the family members to celebrate Christmas together and form a united community.
[J. Bonny in “De Morgan” 27th December 2014]

On animals as faggots

On the "ordaining" of married men and even women

On proportionalism and conscience


I can't wait until Francis makes this heresiarch Primate of Belgium and Archbishop of Brussels, it will be as much fun as Wuerligig.


Barona said...

"...OTHER possibilities..." What does this Judas/homo bishop mean? "Ideological" - is that what Our Lord Jesus Christ is? The questions from your post all focus on one: how can this man(?) REMAIN a bishop? How was it possible that the Belgian bishops elected him to attend the Synod? Do they not know what he stands for? Are they practicing homosexuals themselves? Do some of them not indulge in unnatural and perverted sexual acts, but have a mistress instead? Or, have some covered up child abuse of boys and girls, or (as in the United States) is blackmail evolving around the homosexual abuse of teenage boys and young men by sodomite Judas-priests? Catholics, and all men and women of good will need to know the answers.

Ana Milan said...

Some way must be found to block such episcopal appointments in the future. It is not correct that they are foisted on any Diocese (and indeed the CC as a whole). In fact, they shouldn't be ordained in the first instance. The spiritual lives of the priests & families under their care have to be affected by men like Bonny, Danneels, Wuerl, Cupich and the many others that we all know about. The way these appointments come about must be amended so that only straight & honourable men get appointed to these positions. This is one area in which the laity must become actively involved.

lmpivon said...

Just when we desperately need a truly loyal and traditional Catholic Church with good Bishops and Cardinals as our leaders, we have men like this, men who are traitors to Christ.

Instead, these so-called priests don't want to stand up for the Doctrine of our Faith, because they are weak men and find it much easier and more fun to lean towards a paganized world.

Instead of confronting the elites who control the Media and manipulate the masses, instead of showing being courageous as St. Michael, these prelates would rather be "popular" and cave into the snares of the devil.

It is time that the good Bishops and Cardinals force Pope Francis to resign, and find some way to oust the Marx's and Kasper's of the world.

My Blog said...

I would argue the following and I would like Pope Francis and his like-minded buddies and the sodomites-in-clergy-clothing to answer this question:

If, and when the Catholic Church becomes (is becoming) like the world in the matter of morals (no morals) and rejection of God's teachings, watering down the faith to the point of dismantling it, what will be the point, the reason, the incentive for anyone to be Catholic if one can do whatever he or she wishes to do outside the Church without belonging to her?

I will give a possible answer:

The "New Sodomite Catholic Church" is using God to promote and promise people Eternal Life if they belong to her, but that comes with a price: Money.

Filling up the pews, donate to her and make the clergy richer under the guise of "mercy," "helping the poor," etc.

That is the only incentive (Eternal Life) to belong to a religious institution that is becoming similar to the world.

But you might ask: If people believe in Eternal Life, then they must believe in God, right?

My answer is:

Not necessarily.

The god presented by the "New Sodomite Catholic Church" is not the Christian God. It is the "god of mercy, Bergoglio's way", the "god of nice," the "god of no judgment," the "god of do what you want and we'll accompany you."

There is no Hell, there is no final judgment. It's the new church of honky-dory, of everybody is the same, everything is free for all, come on let's dance together, we're the church of nice and fun.

No doctrines, no dogmas, no Bible, no mean and judgmental god.

No burdens, no conscience, don't feel guilty because there is nothing called "sin" in our new church.

We want everybody's money therefore we welcome everybody regardless of their sexual orientation or anything and we'll adjust the church to make people happy.

Whatever you want, we'll have it for you.

We are the church of "feeling good."

Remember, sodomite "marriage" was a big deal, but the talk about it died after it became legal.

Some faithful Catholics are saying that the Catholic Church will never be the way I just described, but I say, like legalizing sodomite "marriage", sooner or later the Church will lose her Christianity, but gradually. And the talk about the heretic clergy will die down.

Those who are making the change occupy powerful positions and are in large numbers around the world especially in the Vatican. So, I'm not optimistic.

The only thing we, faithful Catholics, can do is to stick to our traditional faith, read, study and meditate on the Word of God and hope that Jesus comes soon and ends the mess.

Unknown said...

What about the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith? If the Pope is fine letting the heretics run around, can't Card. Muller do something himself?!

Maudie N Mandeville said...

Google ‘veterinarian called to repair torn anus after gay bulls sex’. Hint: you won't find anything. If some animals are as gay as some humans, why don’t they have the same problems, even worse medically speaking? They don’t have KY jelly. If you've ever seen a bull or stallion doing a female, it's quite easy to see what he's doing. When the cows are segregated the bulls will at times hump each other just like my little Yorkie tries on your leg. Ask a veterinarian it he's ever had an animal brought to him with a ruptured prostate or torn anus. These problems don’t exist in the millions of animals we commonly see, so homophiles have to go to Africa or Antarctica to find some blurred video with monkeys, penguins, or octopuses and then tell us they're having anal sex. Ask your veterinarian if he’s ever had an animal brought in with a damaged prostate or torn anus. If he has, the owner was wearing drag.

Anonymous said...

The story of Bishop Sheen is interesting.

It has been said that all heresies begin below the belt.

Fr. Richard McBrien advocated, among other things, the end of celibacy for priests, and the morality of artificial birth control. Not coincidentally, it seems that it was an open secret that he lived much of his life with a woman companion.

There is another ++Sheen story that one of his priests was going on and on about how wealthy the Church was, and why doesn't She sell Her possessions and give the money to the poor. The archbishop's next question was something along the lines of: "How long have you been stealing from the parish collections?"

I think it is necessary to wonder why some clergy (cough! jamesmartinsj cough! wuerl cough! rosica cough!) seem so supportive of the sodomitical lifestyle? (cough! cupich cough! cough!)

'scuse me while I go get a drink of water.

Anonymous said...

Great quote from Archbishop Fulton Sheen ." “There are two kinds of ‘atheism’: the atheism of the right, which professes to love God and ignores neighbor; and the atheism of the left, which professes to love neighbor and ignores God.” Archbishop Fulton Sheen (Those Mysterious Priests)"

Unknown said...

Can he be put on trial for heresy?

Anonymous said...

It's funny how you, Vox, ask if a man is masturbating himself and at same time you claim to be a defender of Christ and His supposed bride. Aren't you perceiving some pathological distortion in your character, if you are able to make a proper judgement?

Barona said...

Anonymous 4:05. I think you have misunderstood Vox's post. Vox raises very legitimate questions. When we learn that bishops are allowing strange sex-education into schools, when we hear of them being obsessed with homosexuality: we have to ask the most obvious question: why? To this we add the fact that a very significant minority (at least in the United States) and there are some studies that put the number at a majority - of clergy are homosexual. I am not implying that they are all practicing. But, studies exist (peer-reviewed) that raise the issue of practicing homosexuals in the clergy. Therefore, when a bishop advocates for actions that are always and everywhere - without exception - intrinsically evil (e.g. homosexual activity), it is very legitimate to ask the question: if bishop so-and-so a homosexual.

If you can obtain a copy of The Homosexual Network by Fr. Enrique Rueda, I would highly recommend it.