Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Other bonds of love and interdependency may be "good" and why the language needs to be even "harsher"

There has been much talk of language at the Synod and how it needs to change to conform with the world. Consider then this:

We must never forget that other bonds of love and interdependency, of commitment and mutual responsibility exist in society. They may be good; they may even be recognized in law. They are clearly not the same as marriage; they are something else. No extension of terminology for legal purposes will change the observable reality that only the committed union of a man and a woman carries, not only the bond of interdependency between the two adults, but the capacity to bring forth children. Let us recommit ourselves to building up the human family, to strengthening marriage, to blessing and nurturing children, and to making our homes, families and parish communities holy, welcoming places for women and men of every race, language, orientation and way of life.

How can they be "good" if they are based on sodomy?

If they are "something else" what are they?

The "law" allows "two adults" to adopt children, regardless of whether the adults are one man and one woman. Is this rightly ordered based upon the teachings of the Church?

People are always "welcome" no matter their "orientation." What we must each struggle to purge from our lives is sin and some sins are harder to purge than others. Is this something we must continue to do or do we not call an "orientation" that is based on an "objective disorder" which can manifest as "intrinsically disordered," sin?  Do we leave people oriented towards their sin?

So, it is all about changing the Catechism and the Truth for the sake of language in a false idea that this will bring millions back to the Church. It will not. It will ease the pain of a guilty conscience in some and leave others to suffer dreadful sickness, early death and eternal Hell.

You see friends, the people in the Church think and advocate for what really is a "sodomy synod" are simply wrong. They are in charity misinformed or deluded. They may be advocates of the change in language for a variety of reasons. They may be blackmailed. They may be evil. Whatever the reason, they are wrong and they are not doing the work of Our Lord; they are not working to save souls, they may think that they are, but they are not. 

How can any of hold this opinion and belief? Because it is what the Church has taught through Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition for two-thousand years and She has not been wrong. But these men in clerics are and we know who they are, there is no need to name them. If this Synod has been good for anything it has unmasked them for all to see.

Let us consider what this man who was once a practicing homosexual, pornographic performer and occultist who was saved from all of it by Our Lord Jesus Christ think? How must this man, who has struggled to overcome a life of hell on earth because of God's grace and the Sacraments, feel? The Synodal Fathers seem to be all about "feelings," well, what about the suffering that Joseph Sciambra must endure as he sees what these bishops and cardinals, whatever their reasoning or motivation are out to do?

When Pope Francis and the rest of these men in clerical towers want to go to the peripheries and smell like the sheep, here is a man that can take them there.

God bless him; for he has more faith than some of our shepherds.

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