A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Tuesday 16 April 2024

Will Toronto's "Vegan priest" push his ideology on the people at Guardian Angels in Brampton? Will he be welcomed with a pig roast?

The annual priest transfer is underway for the Archdiocese of Toronto. It is larger than it has been in several years, certainly since the No Mass For You period of Tom Collins.

In early 2021, the Catholic Register, owned by the Archdiocese of Toronto, featured the pastor of St. Ambrose in south Etobicoke who declared that our God is a vegan god Animal welfare and the Church (catholicregister.org):

“I remember in the beginning I was a little bit more urgent (with preaching about transitioning to plant-based living) because I was kind of going through it,” he said. “I understand it kind of takes (small) steps with certain people and obviously people have been open to it as well. If you’re always talking about it, I think there are people that don’t want to hear it all the time unfortunately. It’s a delicate matter at times because you are dealing with people’s palette.”

How much did this priest preach of Jesus Christ?

Good luck to him as he takes up his new role at Guardian Angels in Brampton, a parish where Filipinos and Africans dominate. I am sure they will welcome him with a parking lot pig roast.

Vox Cantoris: Food for thought! Toronto pastor preaches "veganism" from pulpit - says we have a: "Vegan-god!"

Friday 12 April 2024

It's been one year now. Can you help?

Hello Friends,

As you can see above, I have been raising funds for a friend, Andrew Rivera, for a year.

Easter Sunday was April 9, 2023. I had seen Andrew at the Holy Saturday vigil. A few days after Easter 2023 Andrew faced a great health crisis. Currently, $42,322 has been raised towards a $50,000.00 goal. Andrew is facing more surgery due to nerve damage as a result of the coma and stroke. The issue is now more profound regarding a return to work. Andrew will need to retrain and seek a new career and that is not even in the immediate future.

I am reaching out once again. If you have given already, I thank you profoundly, as does Andrew. If you can, I ask you to do so again and if you have not, or this is new to you, please consider this worthy cause. 

Please click above on the picture of Andrew and his son.

God bless you all.  

David Anthony Domet