Thursday, 8 October 2015

Because the LORD really cares about baseball




Insulting to every Christian persecuted by Muslims; to Asia Bibi. A disgrace to those expected to shell out over one hundred million dollars to this Archdiocese. 

We have a Synod going on where heresy is discussed and tolerated; and this is what the Communications Department in the Archdiocese of Toronto has time to do?

It won't work though. 

It didn't work for the Leafs.

Sorry, Your Eminence, it's out there. What can I say?


Sandpiper said...

Nincompoops. You are absolutely right, Vox. How shameful. They've not put away childish things. Bread and circuses are their main concerns.

Unknown said...

Dear Lord, save us from these pathetic realities... Really, there is nothing else the Archdiocese could think to pray for, oh, I am going on their web and posting a comment now, they might delete as they have deleted so many of my comments, but I have to try.

Barona said...

Vox, you just hit a GRAND SLAM!

Unknown said...

Very tacky.

Anonymous said...

Sick of these worldly, Mickey Mouse Club, undignified idiots.

Unknown said...

And then Donaldson and Bautista get hurt in the first game... I guess God loves Texas more(?).