A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Friday 29 June 2018

No faithful priest or bishop can hide the homosexual clergy mafia any longer!




Tell me, Fathers; how is it possible for you to go about your priestly life to serve Christ and His people, his Church and tolerate this filth? How many of you know with conclusive proof that the pastor in the next parish or the auxiliary bishop not only has the "objective disorder" of same-sex attraction but is "objectively disordered" because he acts out on them? How do you sit there and do nothing? What are you afraid of?

A failing parish? A suspension? Mocked?

Do you know what I've noticed?

Since I have ramped up the discussion about the homosexual mafia in the Church, how it must be outed and how no homosexual is fit for the priesthood, I have, as Steve Skojec states below, been ostracised. Certain priests want nothing more to do with me. I guess it is true, for some, it was "all lace and no grace."

Their loss, now and forever.

Wednesday 27 June 2018

What did Rocco Palmo know about pervert McCarrick and when did he know it?

Rocco Palmo, who has blocked me on Twitter, publishes the gossipy insider Lispers in the Loggia blog.

Since 2002, at least, it has been known that McCarrick was a diabolical narcist, homosexual predator and fraud. 

With all of Palmo's contacts and his access to the AmChurch Power Brokers, what did Palmo know about it and when did he know it?

This deepens Wuerl's complicity in the McCarrick scandal. Wuerl put out an extremely vague statement denying any "charges" during McCarrick's time in DC. Yet this report says the harassment settlements were reached when he was in DC. Wuerl did zip to warn seminary houses, etc

Francis accuses Middle Eastern priests of living la vida loca

Bishop of Rome Bergoglio has chastised the suffering priests of the Middle East. Being of Maronite ancestry myself, I found his remarks insulting, repugnant and hypocritical.

Bergoglio said that they live in luxury.


"There are perhaps - not many -some priest, bishop, a religious congregation who profess poverty yet lives like a rich person."

Like this?

Image result for pope santa marta room
Bergoglio Bedroom at Motel St. Martha
Image result for pope santa marta room
Lobby at Pope's Apartment

Image result for spadaro tagle booze
Antonio Spadaro, EssJay and his special friend, "Cardinal" Tagle having fun in poverty
Slumming in Rome, thinking about the luxury rectories in the Middle East

Monday 25 June 2018

Who is behind the persecution of Father Frank Phillips and the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius?

As my dear readers may recall, Father Frank Phillips, Pastor of St. John Cantius Parish in Chicago was removed from active ministry by Blaise Cupich, the Cardinal Archbishop pending an investigation into accusations. 

That investigation is complete and Father Phillips has been exonerated. Yet, Cupich has prohibited him from public ministry.

Oakes Spalding of Mahound's Paradise is a parishioner there and has a unique insight. His past columns can be read at this link:


Oakes writes of the enemies of Father Phillips and the broader war against him and the Canons Regular. He intends to name, names.


Out them all, Oakes.


Sunday 24 June 2018

United States Catholic Bishops are complicit in human smuggling

Follow the money.

There is a reason that the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is so eager to see open borders. The sodomites hidden away are complicit in a vast smuggling operation, human trafficking, in order to provide a steady supply of child sex slaves. In addition to sex slaves, wages of low-income Americans, mostly Black, continue to be depressed. Hollywood celebrities desire cheap service and a steady supply of sex slaves.

Catholics in America must withhold every single dollar from the collection plate and special collections. You must educate yourselves into the real corruption in the Deep State which includes the Catholic bishops. This is not the Church of Christ. Make no mistake about that.

Out the bastards.

Be like him!

The People Smuggling Industry
By: Bill O'ReillyJune 21, 2018
It is quite apparent that the national press in America is no longer concerned with finding the truth about important matters.  Ideology and the crass pursuit of profits have pretty much destroyed honest journalism in this country.

A vivid example is the chaos surrounding the southern border.  Millions of foreign born people have illegally crossed from Mexico and congress still cannot come up with policies that might stem that tide.  The truth about what is happening down there is horrifying but largely unreported.

Smuggling human beings into the USA is now an enormous criminal enterprise that operates openly in Central America and Mexico.  The process begins with the “vaquetones,” usually young men who scour poor neighborhoods for desperate people who want to live in America.  The vaquetones (translation: the brazen) direct the migrants to the actual smugglers called coyotes, a term invented in the 19th century to describe Mexicans who provided laborers to the Southwestern United States.

Read the rest at  https://www.billoreilly.com/b/The-People-Smuggling-Industry/880073800259692626.html

Saturday 23 June 2018

Monsignor Carlo Pervert Capella found guilty of trafficking in child pornography

Child porn pervert Msgr. Carlo Capella has been fined and sentenced to five years in jail. Capella, pictured below, bearded; was a Vatican diplomat who accessed and traded in child pornography while in Washington and on a trip to Windsor, Ontario.

Defrocking the fraudulent priest and then castrating the pervert should be the next step.

Every sodomite must be found out and driven out of the priesthood and episcopacy.


VATICAN CITY — A Vatican court found Msgr. Carlo Alberto Capella, a former staff member at the Vatican nunciature in Washington, guilty of possessing and distributing child pornography.

Judge Giuseppe Della Torre, head of the tribunal of the Vatican City State, delivered the verdict June 23, and sentenced Msgr. Capella to five years in prison and fined him 5,000 euro ($5,833).

The Vatican press office said he would serve his sentence in a Vatican cell located in the building of the Gendarme Corps of Vatican City State, as the Vatican police force is formally known.

It is presumed to be the same cell prepared for Paolo Gabriele, the former papal butler who leaked reserved papal correspondence in 2012, and Msgr. Lucio Vallejo Balda, former secretary of the Prefecture for the Economic Affairs of the Holy See, who was found guilty of leaking confidential documents about the Vatican's financial reform in 2016.

Both Gabriele and Vallejo Balda were pardoned after serving a few months of their sentences.

Msgr. Capella was accused of having and exchanging with others "a large quantity" of child pornography; the quantity is such that the charges are considered "aggravated" by the Vatican City court.

Prior to verdict, the judges presiding over the case listened to Vatican prosecutor Roberto Zanotti who recommended the court sentence the Italian prelate to five years and nine months and fine him 10,000 euro ($11,668).

Roberto Borgogno, Msgr. Capella's lawyer, pleaded with the court to give the monsignor a reduced sentence and referred to his client's crimes as "a problem" that required intense therapy and not a heavy sentence.

Before adjourning in the morning, Msgr. Capella addressed the court, saying that the "mistakes I have made are evident as well as this period of weakness. I am sorry that my weakness has hurt the church, the Holy See and my diocese. I also hurt my family and I am repentant."

Referring to his possession and distribution of child pornography as "a bump in the road in my priestly life," the former Vatican diplomat said that he wants to continue receiving "psychological support."

The Vatican press office said a decision regarding Msgr. Capella by the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith would be made at a later date. The congregation's investigations of clerical sexual abuse cases is separate from how those cases are handled by criminal courts.

The U.S. State Department notified the Holy See Aug. 21 of Msgr. Capella's possible violation of laws relating to child pornography images. The 50-year-old Italian monsignor had been working in Washington just over a year when he was recalled to the Vatican.

On Sept. 28, police in Canada issued a nationwide arrest warrant for Msgr. Capella on charges of accessing, possessing and distributing child pornography. 

Is Pervert Uncle Teddy McCarrick one of Bella Dodd's grandchildren?

Image result for isabella visono dodd
Bella Dodd, baptised Maria Assunta Isabella Visono, was an Italian immigrant to the United States of America. She was a brilliant woman who attended university in the early 1920's and became transfixed with Bolshevism as did many of her generations at the time. She joined the American Communist Party and rose within its ranks.

After a reversion to the faith in 1950 with the aid of Fulton Sheen, Dodd testified before the United States Senate, in talks and in her book School of Darkness, that the Communist Party was infiltrating all ranks of American society, in fact, this infiltration happened here in Canada and throughout Europe. After all. were we not told in 1917 that "Russia would spread its evils?"

Image result for isabella visono doddDodd also testified that she was personally responsible for placing over one thousand men into Catholic seminaries, men who had no faith, -- atheists, communists, homosexuals, all to become priests and later bishops and cardinals whose mission was the destruction of the Catholic faith. It would not have been a hard sell, These men would have been promised an easy life, respect and prestige, a place to live, free food, security and all the sex with concubines and other communists agents they could want and for those who were so inclined, access to young boys.

Many of these were ordained and became pastors, seminary rectors, vocation directors, bishops and cardinals. Dodd did this work in the 1930's and into the middle 1940's. Those who became rectors and seminary professors and vocation directors and bishops then brought in the next generation, more atheists, communists and especially, the homosexuals.

Theodore McCarrick was ordained in 1958, I was two years old. A decade later, a young boy about my age was experiencing a priest fondling and masturbating him one Christmas before Mass in the sacristy of St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York. That priest was McCarrick. It could have been me, it could have been you, it could have been any one of us.

McCarrick's perversion was well known. Those out there who are his "nephews" must out him, those who protected him must be exposed.

Was McCarrick really a priest? Was he a bishop? Were the Masses he offered valid, the Confessions?

Was McCarrick recruited by one of Bella Dodd's "nephews?" If they did not have the necessary intent were their ordinations and all that flowed from them, valid?

Have millions of Catholics been denied the Sacraments because there is no grace due to a defect in the Sacrament of Ordination, and later, episcopal consecration? Are thousands of priests today, well-meaning and sincere, only really laymen because the bishop who laid hands on them no more a bishop than I?

These filthy frauds must be outed. If that means that the physical Church and its property must collapse, then so be it. Holy Mass in my dining room will have more to offer than all the sacrileges in Cathedrals.

It is time to face up to the reality.

Thursday 21 June 2018

Bergoglio dissolves the Catholic Church

In a stunning statement on the journey back from Switzerland, Bergoglio of Rome said that the decision on eucharistic communion for protestants should be made by the local bishop.

Bergoglio has declared himself an apostate. 

Cardinals, Bishops, call now an imperfect synod or council and denounce this enemy of the faith, this enemy of Christ.


Is Francis a liar? Says he was never told about the dubia

In a stunning interview, Jorge Bergoglio denies any knowledge of the Dubia of Four Cardinals on the heretical realities present in his Apostolic Exhortation, Amoris Laetitia.

Not only does the state that he found out about it "only from the newspapers," but he mocks the Cardinals stating, "a way of doing things that is, let's say, not ecclesial but we all make mistakes."

Image result for dubia cardinals

That very statement is as preposterous as it is deceptive. The dubia is exactly how the matter should e addressed.
Make no mistake, Bergoglio is not ignorant of ecclesiastical norms or canon law, he knows full well what is required. Do not believe for a moment that he is simply demented. The fact is he is evil and a fraud.  

He stumbled and nearly fell in Switzerland today. 

Wednesday 20 June 2018

Theodore Cardinal McCarrick - Bergoglio's Lobbyist Confirmed as a Pervert and Sexual Predator

“He put his arms around me and wrapped his legs around mine. Then He started to tell me what a nice young man I was and what a good priest I would make someday. He also told me about the hard work and stress he was facing in his new role as Archbishop of Newark. He told me how everyone knows him and how powerful he was. The Archbishop kept saying, “Pray for your poor uncle.” All of a sudden, I felt paralyzed. I didn’t have my own car and there was nowhere to go. The Archbishop started to kiss me and move his hands and legs around me. I remained frozen, curled up like a ball. I felt his penis inside his underwear leaning against my buttocks as he was rubbing my legs up and down. His hands were moving up and down my chest and back, while tightening his legs around mine. I tried to scream but could not…I was paralyzed with fear. As he continued touching me, I felt more afraid. He even tried several times to force his hands under my shorts. He tried to roll me over so that he could get on top of me, but I resisted, I felt sick and disgusted and finally was able to jump out of bed. I went into the bathroom where I vomited several times and started to cry. After twenty minutes in the bathroom, the Archbishop told me to come back to bed. Instead I went to the recliner and pretended to fall asleep.” Source

Theodore Cardinal McCarrick, a former priest of the Archdiocese of New York and Archbishop Emeritus of Washington D.C., has been confirmed to be a sexual predator.

In a statement released by New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan, in whose diocese, James Martin, S.J., continues his advancing of the homosexualist cause, stated that McCarrick a former priest of New York, "is no longer to exercise publicly his priestly ministry." A review board found certain allegations of predatory sexual abuse, “credible and substantiated.”  At the direction of Jorge Bergoglio, who was put on the Seat of Peter by much lobbying by McCarrick after being approached by “a powerful and influential Roman,”  the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, has instructed Cardinal McCarrick that he is no longer to exercise publicly his priestly ministry.”

The Diocese of Metuchen, where McCarrick served as bishop in the 1980’s has no record of McCarrick having abused minors, however, there had been multiple incidents with adults. The diocese has issued a statement by Bishop Checchio stating that "In the past, there have been allegations that he engaged in sexual behaviour with adults. This Diocese and the Archdiocese of Newark received three allegations of sexual misconduct with adults decades ago; two of these allegations resulted in settlements."

Cardinal Archbishop Joseph Tobin, the Archbishop of Newark, known to be actively sympathetic to the homosexualist cause, acknowledged that there had been allegations of incidents with adults in the other dioceses.

McCarrick himself has stated, "While I have absolutely no recollection of this reported abuse, and believe in my innocence, I am sorry for the pain the person who brought the charges has gone through, as well as for the scandal such charges cause our people.” 

In the lead up to the conclave that elected Jorge Bergoglio, McCarrick engaged in lobbying for the election of Bergoglio which when combined with what is already known about the election of the Argentine, invalidated the election and resulted in the automatic excommunication of McCarrick and Bergoglio. McCarrick discloses his evil machinations on a video of a talk given a Villanova University, home of modernist “theologian” Massimo “Beans” Faggioli, who claims his name means, “noble fagus (tree)”

Even the secular media knew of the connection between McCarrick and Bergoglio:
As this writer has reported in the past, in a recorded address at Villanova University, McCarrick stated: 
Just before we went into the general conversations when everybody can talk, a very interesting and influential Italian gentleman came to ask if he could come and see me, so I said “sure.” He came to see me at the Seminary, at the American College where I was staying; and we sat down. He is a very brilliant man, a very influential man in Rome and we talked about a number of things. He had a favour to ask me when I get back to the United States, but then he asked, “What about Bergoglio?” I was surprised at the question, I said, “what about him.” He said, “Does he have a chance?” I said, “I don’t think so, because no one has mentioned his name, he hasn’t been in anybody’s mind, I don’t think it’s on anybody’s mind to vote for him.” He said, “He could do it you know.” I said, “What could he do?” He said, “He could reform the Church, if we gave him five years, he could put us back on target. “ “Well, he’s 76.” “Yeah, in five years, if he had five years. The Lord working through Bergoglio in five years could make the Church over again.” I said, “That’s an interesting thing.” “I know you’re his friend.” “Well, I hope I’m his friend.” He said, “Talk him up.” That was the first that I heard from people that Bergoglio would be a possibility in this election.

This blog has reported on McCarricks’ machinations previously.

We have also reported on important articles by Matt C. Abbott and Richard Sipe showing that the repugnant perverted behaviours of this filthy sodomite were long known.

How many more? 

Who else?

Expose them all.

"They knew and they let it happen, it could have been you, it could have been me, it could have been any of us."

Tuesday 19 June 2018

Bergoglio's perverts have seized control of the Youth Synod

We knew this would happen, that the ridiculous idea of a Synod for kids would be taken over by a cabal of sodomites and other virtue-signalling perverts.

The proof is now here for all to see.

Never before in a Church document has the language "LGBT" been used.

Bergoglio is a stinking buffoon.

Enemies of Christ, all of them.

To Hell with all of them.

Monday 18 June 2018

The Hypocrite Pope

The man called Donald Trump un-Christian for want to build a wall to protect America from hoards of migrants.

He has spent five years calling the faithful everything from "rosary counters" to "self-absorbed, Promethean, neo-Pelagians."

He slandered the victims of the priest and episcopal perverts in Chile.

I could go on.

At least he knows himself. 


Dictators begin by slandering groups of people, Francis warns


Drawing from the account of Jezebel and Naboth, pope says we need to be on guard, both with political leaders and in our own lives

Dictatorships advance by slandering persons or groups of people, such as happened with Hitler and the Jews, but also, Pope Francis warned, as is happening in many countries today.
The pope said this today in his morning homily, drawing from the First Reading, from the First Book of Kings, which recounts how Jezebel, the cruel wife of King Ahab of Samaria, used slander and falsehood to have Naboth killed in order to take possession of his vineyard, which her husband greatly coveted.

American Catholic Bishops are useful idiots and dupes of the Democratic Party

Writing from Canada, I am aghast at the absolute stupidity of the political system in the United States that cannot deal with the problem of illegal immigration.

What is more scandalous is the position taken by certain Catholic bishops in the United States on this issue.

What a bunch of putrid, communists, What useful idiots who have lost any sense of being a Shepherd of Christ and instead have put their hopes in a political machine whose roots are in anti-Catholic and racist known as the Democratic Party. The bleating about these poor children by the same hypocrites who kill them in the womb is nauseating.

The bishops who support this sham can go to Hell, with their money.

American Catholics, without every penny from the collection. Starve the bastards.

Sunday 17 June 2018

Blasphemy and Sodomy tolerated by Timothy Dolan

The "art" promoted on "Out at St. Paul's", a "gay" Catholic ministry in New York cannot be posted here, it is an abhorrent blasphemy of Our Lord.

Joseph Sciambra has it in this article. 

God bless Joseph for his courage. As for Timothy Dolan, well...


Sunday 10 June 2018

Regina's Jesuit Campion College swallows the Gay lifestyle

Good, no HUGE news!

I have just heard that the "rainbow" logo of Campion College has been taken down. Out of respect for those at the College who did not agree with it, I have removed the logo and the commentary from the Facebook page, the link shows the post does not exist.

Let us all remember in our prayers the good Jesuit Fathers and administrators on campuses who strive to do the Lord's work and to remain faithful.


Wednesday 6 June 2018

Tucho and his fights

Just really busy.

So, you can read about how Archbishop Kissyface is now married to a diocese and the current Archbishop has been told to hit the road.


If that doesn't make you puke, you can always read about the Vatican Secretary of State, Pietro Parolin attending the Bilderberg Conference.