Thursday, 15 October 2015

Raymond Cardinal Burke speaks to LifeSiteNews on Synod

John-Henry Westen of LifeSiteNews interviewed Cardinal Burke on Thursday in Rome. This is how a Cardinal speaks, with truth and clarity and a supernatural faith

The fact that the Pope has not invited this Cardinal to the Synod is a disgrace, a scandal and something that will come back to haunt Francis in whatever time he has left in this papacy and his life.

LSN: What do you make of the idea of “regional diversity” in the Church? Should local bishops have the authority on a pastoral level to deal with questions pertaining to the “social acceptance of homosexuality” and with “divorced and remarried persons?”
Burke: This is simply contrary to Catholic Faith and life.
In much of the discussion which has taken place, beginning with the infamous presentation of Cardinal Walter Kasper in the Extraordinary Consistory on February 20 and 21 of 2014, centered around this idea that somehow doctrine and pastoral practice are in conflict with one another. 
This is absurd. ... These are just false distinctions — false contrasts — ultimately can lead people into serious error with great harm to their spiritual life and their eternal salvation. 
We follow our Lord Jesus Christ. He is our Master. And we are all held to be obedient to him and to his word, beginning with the Holy Father and with the Bishops.

I understand that there are very strong disagreements within the Synod. 

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Barona said...

God bless the great Cardinal for defending Our Lord and His Church. This gives us great consolation as laymen; that we are not alone, that Christ will always provide for us great pastors.

George Brenner said...

Everyone who is Catholic should take comfort from the words of Cardinal Burke and obey and heed his counsel in this time of crisis.

......and so we pray

George Brenner

Lynda said...

One among many heretics and apostates and enemies of the Faith who use their official positions as bishops and pope to lead souls to hell. Lord have mercy.

Anonymous said...

God Bless you Cardinal Burke. A true Defender of the Holy Faith.
Yes, not just a 'faith'...A HOLY FAITH which is true to the Word of God.
Sodomites, Liars, pretenders and those who seek an abomination of the teachings of Jesus Christ....Expose yourselves! In the Light, your evil is NOTHING!

TLM said...

We are truly BLESSED to have Cardinal Burke and many like him that are on the front lines fighting the Lord's fight for His Church!! Very encouraging and comforting. He and others like him are truly leading the Church Militant on the road to eternal glory. These good Cardinals and Bishops are the Lord telling us: Trust me! I will NEVER leave you alone!!