A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Saturday 13 July 2024

Friday 5 July 2024

Viganò excommunicated!

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has been excommunicated due to the crime of schism. It is a sad day for him and the Church. Others who abuse women and boys and steal and defraud and bless the sin of sodomy and teach heresy are only "sinners" and are excused.

Viganò is wrong. Bergoglio is the Pope. The priests of the Diocese of Rome recognize Bergoglio as their bishop, therefore, he is the Bishop of Rome, and thus, the Pope of the Catholic Church. That's it, friends. Simple as that.

If he is a heretic he cannot be judged in any process that would remove him. That's the Law. If he is a heretic, he has lost the grace of office, but that doesn't mean he does not have the power and there is no mechanism to remove him.

"The boss is not always right, but he's always the boss." Ergo, the problem.

Sedevacantists, pope-splainers and ultra-montanists have caused this. All of them have elevated the pope to a god and believe that he farts frankincense, it smells nice and we are to enjoy it and that kissing his feet is some kind of reverence to God.

The First and Second Vatican Councils have done this. In the case of the First, it has been abused against what was actually intended, to tie the hands of a pope and infallibility to faith and morals; and, in the case of the Second, abused because of a vague thing called the "spirit" that refuses to be slain.

A future Pope and Council must fix all of this. It may very well make a declaration on Jorge Mario Bergoglio and his actions and they may, including the excommunication of Viganò, be declared anathema.

Until then, friends, we are stuck with the boss who is not always right but remains the boss for good or ill.