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VATICAN ENGLISH LANGUAGE SERVICE CAUGHT MISTRANSLATING OR LYING - WHICH IS IT? A proposed power-grab that would lead to heresy and dissent from doctrine!

BREAKING: English Translation Differs from French, Pushes More Control to Bishops’ Conferences

"[T]he group proposes that the episcopal conferences hold a determined power"

by Matthew Pearson  •   October 9, 2015   7 COMMENTS
VATICAN CITY, October 9, 2015 ( - The official Vatican English translation of the minor circle discussions at the Synod significantly differs from the original French translation and pushes for more power for bishops' conferences.
During the first week of the Synod, some of the most concerning rhetoric is that of more control — or relegation of duties — to bishops' conferences on decisions about Church discipline concerning the reception of Holy Communion to the divorced and remarried. 
This is incredibly problematic as this would essentially, in practice, result in an organized schism and would make Roman Catholicism a carbon copy of the Episcopal Church.
Adding to this concern was the release of the minor circle (circuli minoris) summary by Vatican Information Services (VIS). The summary was translated by VIS into English, French and Castilian, where a very striking difference emerged between the French and English translations, as discovered by faithful Catholics on Twitter.
Citing Msgr. Francois-Xavier Dumortier, S.J., rector of the Pontifical Gregorian University, the English section, which refers to bishops' conferences having more control, reads:
In this respect the group proposes that the episcopal conferences hold a determined power to allow their pastors to be good Samaritans in their ecclesial service. 
But when the French translation is consulted and properly translated, the message is very different:
A cet égard, il a été proposé par l’un d’entre nous — sans que cela ait été discuté par tous — que ...
The correct English translation is:
In this regard, it has been proposed by one of us — without this having been discussed by all — that ...
The official Vatican translation inaccurately states that the "group" made the proposal, whereas the actual French original clearly shows only one Synod Father proposed this idea without any input or discussion from others. The English translation deceptively makes it appear as if the proposal has backing from many, when in reality only one Synod Father offered the idea.
How can the English translation differ so drastically from the French translation on such an important issue? Catholics are wondering whether embattled Vatican spokesman Fr. Thomas Rosica exercises any influence in this regard, as he is on the staff of the English language team of the Holy See, and is the English language representative for the Synod on the Family.
The translation error in this instance is a grave one — if not an outright deception — by the Vatican's English translators, and it's incumbent on them to offer an explanation or a correction.

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Barona said...

Censorship, lying.... what is this leading to? When will this end? Holy Father, do something! We are waiting!!