A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Open Letter to Father Dwight Longenecker

Dear Father Longenecker,

You have publicly written an article entitled, "Do we need Michael Voris." As someone who knows Mr. Voris personally, I am saddened that you, as a Catholic priest, would even begin to write something against a just man and to actually title it, as you did. 

The point of this letter to you is not to defend Michael Voris, that is not necessary. His faith, reputation, the people he has aided by his work and the comments in the Vortex segment you referred to speak volumes. This letter is about your action and words and those of Mr. Shea, Mr. Coffin and others who, for the last few months, continue to spew forth epithets of insult and defame the character of Catholics at every opportunity.

This is distasteful. It is uncharitable. It is not doing the work of Christ.

You as a priest have made a public defamation of Mr. Voris, by your unreasonable letter and title. I, as a Catholic layman, have every right and duty to publicly correct you.

With all respect Father, you owe Mr. Voris and others an apology for your imprudence.

As for Catholic Answers, they will see not one red cent from me to help them through their current financial dilemma brought about in part because of their radio program and use of derogatory terms. Good luck to them.

Yours in Christ,

Vox Cantoris

For the full account please visit "Connecticut Catholic Corner."

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Latin Mass in London, Ontario

Next Sunday, September 1, the traditional Latin Mass in the Diocese of London begins a new phase. One year ago, the Mass which had been celebrated at the former convent of the Sisters of St. Joseph came to an end. The Mass returned to London in July with a temporary location in the small chapel at Pope John Paul Secondary School. Now that the site construction is complete, the community can move to its permanent home at Regina Mundi College. Built as a minor seminary for the Diocese of London, the college opened in 1963 and closed a decade later and is now part of the Catholic school system. It is located on Wellington Street just south of Hwy. 401. 

The Missa Cantata will begin at 2:00 P.M. 

Saturday, 24 August 2013

The Best Vortex -- EVER!

What kind of bishop would ever be a "registered Democrat" or a registered anything for that matter. 

Once again, Michael Voris nails it.

You out there, yes you who would call him and the rest of us us "Taliban Catholics" and "Rad-Trads" and "extremists." 

Watch this.

Blindness about Obama
Hello everyone and welcome to The Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and
exposed. I’m Michael Voris.
A few days ago, Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence Rhode Island told a Rhode Island
TV station he was changing parties from Democrat to Republican.
The 65 year old bishop who has been a registered democrat since 1969 says the big
moment of awareness came for him when he saw the 2012 Democratic Convention and
it’s insistence of promoting the culture of death.
While all faithful Catholics should be happy about His Excellency’s self-described “a-ha
moment”, this should also be a HUGE indicator of just how deeply flawed things are in
the Church these days.
How could it possibly take SO LONG for a Catholic bishop to see the evil that the
democrats have foisted on America?
And for the record – we know the Republican party leadership in many ways, also
supports many of these same evils, but just treads a little lighter because of the rank and
So this is no homage to the Republicans .. but rather a serious questioning of what is in
the minds of many American bishops.
It has been clear since this megalomaniac appeared on the stage of an earlier democratic
convention out of nowhere that he is an agent of Hell. And if you think that is over the
top language .. actually, its quite tame when you look at his record.
From the slaughter of millions of pre-born innocents, to the advancement of sodomy, to
the continued destruction of the family through his social and economic policies, to his
almost casual race-baiting and class war agitating, and so forth, this man does the will of
Satan at every turn.
And so does his party. And enough already with the tired old line – well, they care for
the poor. They care for the poor like Hell!
Their social justice garbage and pretended war on poverty has been and is nothing more
than a giant wealth re-distribution program aimed at creating an enormous underclass that
they throw a few crumbs from the table to so they can get their votes every election cycle.
They have wrecked the schools, planted Planned Parenthood in their neighborhoods,
backed any and all thoughts, fads and philosophies that decry any reverence or thought of
God, appointed judges who dismantle whatever natural law reasoning actually was
present in the founding documents and directly caused the deaths of tens of millions
Americans who were never given a chance to see daylight.
This has been their game plan and action since Lyndon Johnson and his so-called Great
Society back in the 1960s.
And what do we have – death, destruction, marginalizing and mockery of religion and a
society rushing headlong into Hell.
And it took until the 2012 Convention for a Catholic Bishop to see this??!?!
In various interviews with a number of different bishops over the past few years, they
have each admitted that Obama enjoyed at least 50-50 support among the US Bishops
and some said he enjoyed majority support.
So here is a serious question – how on earth can a bishop who supports this agent of
Satan be trusted to ensure that the Faith is being faithfully transmitted? Seriously?
The great defense on the part of these liberal-minded bishops is .. oh, the poor, oh, the
poor. The death penalty. The death penalty. Poverty and execution are not intrinsic evils
– check the Catechism – but abortion, sodomy, euthanasia, contraception certainly are
and they are the backbone of the democratic party and have been for decades.
Yet, every election, we hear this liberal bishop pabulum conflating intrinsic evil with
social ills as though they are the same. They will not take a stance against these things
because they, in their minds, are locked in the halcyon days of the 1960s and live in a
pretend world of peace and joy and flower power.
For the liberal bishops who have contributed to such an undermining of the faith all these
decades – there is much more here than coming to some dim awareness of the evil that
has been staring you in the face all these years.
There is a requirement to renounce your personal contribution to it – not bemoan some
vague set of social circumstances that are complex and difficult to get your hands around.
You liberal bishops have helped create this culture of death directly, by the work of your
own hands. Don’t think that the blood of those babies, of those souls that fall into Hell
because of their evil sexual practices will not weigh in the scales against you on your
judgment day.
You are successors of the Apostles – not political operatives for an evil agenda that
sounds nice and sugary on the surface, but is evil to its core on the inside.
You need to repent – all of you liberal bishops. You liberal bishops who stamp on
tradition in the Church, who let the rot of horrible catechesis flourish in your own
diocese, who let abuse after abuse remain unchecked in parishes under your care.
You have supported a political system which has brought morality in this country to its
knees and made a virtuous life the butt of jokes. Yes you! Do you think you will escape
responsibility for your deeds and their consequences – your sins of omission and
commission – what you have don and what you have failed to do?
The truth of the Faith has been strangled on your watches with your complicity.
Your are shepherds appointed by GOD Almighty to souls to Christ, but you have led
souls right into the arms of the enemy. You have compromised with evil – you covered up
the rape of children and plead ignorance afterwards.
You have allowed hordes of homosexual men to become priests and then promoted them
after ordination to influential positions on the Church where they could reign down their
spiritual terror on the unsuspecting faithful.
You have not just allowed but encouraged a spirit of radical feminism to run wild in the
Church, in your own ranks and in the pews, universities, parishes, seminaries, houses of
formation and so forth.
You have sat atop a near total destruction of the faith unprecedented in the history of the
Church that it would have made Nero blush.
You have coddled murderers and sodomites and evil men of every sort. You have rolled
out the red carpet for them in your cathedrals. You have delivered Holy Communion to
them as surely as Judas handed over Our Blessed Lord.
You have abdicated your role as shepherd and let the wolves ransack the flock.
In all the sincerity it is possible to muster, with the deepest charity for your souls, you
need to repent publicly. You need to say much more than I switched parties.
You need to do much more than simply say we were gun shy when it came to talking
about sexual morality as Cardinal Dolan told the WSJ last year.
You need to say, I have been unfaithful. And then you need to open your eyes and see the
destruction of the faith that YOU have brought about and you need to spend your
remaining days trying to amends.
GOD Love You,
I’m Michael Voris

Sodomite Mafia: Filth in Scotland

The homo-mafia in the Catholic Church must be outed and exorcised. Why didn't Archbishop Conti do something about it when the situation occurred. His silence makes him complicit.

The Holy Father must act to rid the Church of this filth.


Catholic Herald

Cardinal blocked abuse investigation, says Archbishop of Glasgow
By  on Friday, 23 August 2013

Cardinal O'Brien blocked an investigation, according to Archbishop Conti

The former Archbishop of Glasgow has said that Cardinal Keith O’Brien blocked an investigation into the Scottish Catholic Church’s handling of sex abuse in 2012.
In a letter to the Tablet, Archbishop Mario Conti wrote: “It was the intention of all but one member of the bishops’ conference to commission an independent examination of the historical cases we had on file in all of our respective dioceses and publish the results.”
He continued: “But this was delayed by the objection of the then-President of the Conference; without full participation of all the dioceses the exercise would have been faulty.”
A statement from the Catholic Church in Scotland said: “Archbishop Conti’s letter refers to a decision taken in 2011 by the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland to commission an independent academic analysis of statistics relating to abuse and allegations of abuse over a 60 year period from 1952 to 2012.
“This project, with the cooperation of each of the eight dioceses in Scotland, started and ran until 2012, at which time, the then President of the Conference, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, withdrew from the project.
“Without the participation of all the dioceses a ‘National Audit’ was not possible so the analysis was stopped.”

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Patriarch of Antioch Refuses to Leave Syria

Patriarch of Antioch Refuses to Leave Syria

Zakka I Iwas rejects speculation about internal church dispute over abducted bishops of Aleppo Vatican City (kath.net / KAP) The Syriac Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch, Mar Ignatius Zakka Iwas, does not want to leave his headquarters in Damascus. He made it clear to his office, reported the press service Vatican Fides on Monday. In a statement, the to Fides, it has denied rumors that Zakka I Iwas wanted to move the seat of the Patriarchate because of the Syrian civil war to Turkey. Such a move only magnify the risk that the Syrian Orthodox Church would be "wiped out".

Since the beginning of the fighting there were multiple bombs detonated in the Christian Quarter of Damascus and dozens of people were killed. Radical Islamic fighters among the ranks of the rebels are allegedly suspected to be behind the attacks.

"We don't want only the survival of the See of Antioch in Syria, but also that all people across the country to stay here," he says in the letter. This applies to "our Muslim brothers" just as we hope for the other Christian communities in Syria. The 80 year old Patriarch further informed the office he is in good health. Speculations were rejected with indignation, according to which there has been an intra-church dispute over the abduction of the two Archbishops of Aleppo. There is no sign that bishops Mar Gregorios Yohanna Ibrahim (Syrian Orthodox) and Boulos al-Yazigi (Greek Orthodox) missing since since the 22nd of April re still alive. Copyright 2013 Catholic Press Agency, Vienna, Austria


HT to The Eponymous Flower for this.

Two priests, one Mass, one abomination

This is the Mass. (h/t Rorate Caeli Blog)

First Holy Mass of Father Bertand Lacrois, FSSP; Notre Dame de Victoires, Paris
This on the other hand, is an abomination.

Father Petr Hruska, Parish Priest of Cheb, Czech

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

To Mark Shea...

Dear Mark Shea,

Thank you for the enormous rise in my readership today. 

I can see that you are still finding it necessary to be uncharitable to those who would disagree with you and sadly you have sucked others into your own vortex.

I won't come back to your site as I refuse to feed the bear (by giving you a nickle for each hit at Patheos.)  You see, I've come to the conclusion that the reason that you are so uncharitable in your combox is that you want people to keep coming back to feed the bear more, just to see how outrageous you have become.

Your brother in charity,

Vox Cantoris

To My Partners in Evil, Patrick Coffin and Fr. Dwight Longenecker

Dear Patrick: What is the matter with you? Why didn’t you have your Liturgy Cop Police Scanner on this morning and catch this photo for immediate commentary and condemnation? Me and Longenecker were down at Dunkin Donuts getting breakfast and you were supposed to be monitoring the internet for all signs of liturgical abuse! Do I have to do everything around here?

Who are the Pelagians?

You've clearly labelled the "rad-trads" Father Longenecker; (I won't link to it, lest I literally feed the bear) as have Mssrs. Staples, Coffin and Shea (talk about anger issues), Mr. Self-published theologian wannabee with all the blurbs and some questionable apologist and his "minions" to say nothing of the others assortment of poseurs who are doing the devil's work of name-calling and labeling your fellow Catholics; now, what do you call this abomination? 

P.S. If you've come here courtesy of the generous link from Mr. Shea, welcome and come back again.



"Firstly, I would like to be able to choose music when I log on to a website - not have it forced upon me.What exactly would you have the people mentioned in your rather confusing post do about liturgical abuses which took place in 2011 in the Czech Republic?" Victoria.

Well Victoria, the fact that it is in 2011 in Czech is hardly the issue. The issue is abuse. It seems that it has suddenly become de riguer for many Catholic commentators to use the words "rad-trad" and "mad-trad" and "radical traditionalist" as a slur against there fellow Catholics. This has come from little know people and well-known people as mentioned above, even priests. It is wrong. Period, it needs to stop. It is not from the Lord that these slaps and slanders are executed. In fact, it is straight out of Hell. There is nothing the Devil wants more than an end to the traditional liturgy, Latin, Gregorian chant and a permanent divide of the SSPX from Holy Mother Church. Why? Because it all starts with the Mass and its dignity and solemnity and prayer and the examples above are the antithesis of it; oh, and please enjoy the music. As for confusing, it is not I who is confused.  


Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Eucharistic disgrace at WYD Rio!

Messa in Latino, Italy is reporting on Holy Communion being distributed at World Youth Day in Rio from plastic cups

When is this disgrace of World Youth Day going to stop!

Dancing bishops' instructor

Do y'all remember that pathetic exercise of dancing bishops in some "flash mob" demonstration preparing them to do it before the Holy Mass at WYD in Rio?

Well, the alleged "man" in green below that lead them was ...

... this apparent man appearing in various homoerotic publications.

Why am I not surprised?

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Why We Should Stop Saying "Radical Traditionalist" and "Rad Trad"

Because it is a direct slap-in-the-face to our beloved Benedict XVI!

Do you get it yet; aside from dividing the fabric of Christ, insulting your Catholic brothers and sisters?

Kevin M. Tierney nails it!

Pope Benedict XVI with Coat of Arms"A few weeks ago, Catholic Answers live did a show on “radical traditionalism” that drew the ire of traditionalists across the board, “radical” and otherwise.  The two senior apologists hosting the show took to the Catholic Answers blog to defend their show from the “Radical Traditionalists” and “mad-trad” point of view.  They have also promised that on August 12, they would devote another show to the issue, in the hopes of clarifying any misunderstandings.  If they really want to help with these misunderstandings, the first thing they must do is the thing they will be least inclined to do:  drop the moniker “radical traditionalist” and “radtrad” entirely.  At best the phrase is a relic of a time that is no longer relevant.  At worst, the term is creating animosity and perpetuating a growing sense of tribalism within Catholicism, especially in America."

( ... )

A final reason to drop the moniker is that we tell Pope Benedict XVI his efforts weren’t wasted.  He worked harder than anyone else in his life to reconcile the SSPX and other groups to full communion with the Church, removing every possible barrier, as long as doing so didn’t contradict defined Church teaching.   

Read it all here.

The Blessed Martyrs Massabki

In these days of continued persecution of Christians in Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Gaza let us remember the Brothers Massabki. My maternal grandfather would have been born just around the time of their martyrdom.

Holy Martyrs Massabki, pray for us.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters.

On a brighter note to what has been going on locally and in Rome, take a look at this magnificent picture. Sixteen, count'em! Sixteen new postulants this year alone for the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

The community began with four from the Nashville Dominicans of St. Cecelia. They now have 115 and the average age of a nun is 28 years.

Here is a video of the production of their upcoming recording.


Of course, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto are more the norm; but ask yourself this?

Who will be left in twenty years?

Will the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto use their multi-million dollar nest egg from property sales to rebuild their Order by following their Rule and the true implementation of the Second Vatican Council as these Domincans have?

Or will they simply blow out the candles?

Due acknowledgement for the title to Irving Berlin.