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A corporal work of mercy.
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Monday 6 August 2018

Father James Haley - A priest persecuted for exposing the filth in the priesthood

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This post was originally published on March 16, 2015. It is timly to repeat it.

This post has nearly 4,500 direct hits and still receives comments. People obviously search for Father Haley on the Internet and end up here. Perhaps he will read this post or those who know him will read it. Perhaps it will be a means for people to reach out and assist him. Perhaps it may encourage him to fight again and expose those who covered up the filth.

The history of abuse is primarily a homosexual problem. The erudite such as Marie Collins and those behind the John Jay Report and the secular and most Catholic media will not admit this. 

Every bishop that covered up this filth must be outed. Priests and former priests and even existing seminarians must come forward.

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Father James Haley, Bishop Loverde and the Boy's Club - a story retold

March 16, 2015.

Please pray for Father Haley. I've been in touch with someone that knows him. His faith has been shaken and he needs to know that Catholics care what happened to him and are praying for him!
A recent post on the persecution of priests lead to a comment about Father James Haley, formerly of the Diocese of Arlington. I had not heard of this case prior until now. I have heard today from someone who knows Father Haley; he is still "suspended" and has been shaken by this ordeal. He is living in a trailer near a nursing home where his elderly father resides. He picks up odd jobs where he can to support himself. 

Let us pray for him and that God will bring justice to him and restore his priesthood to him and bring good out of this evil.

All of us need to understand the intricate connections of what is happening now with the Synod and those who manipulate and undertake machinations, including what Edward Pentin called on Saturday, a stacking of the deck." The roots of the last October's Relatio by Archbishop Bruno Forte with the full knowledge of the Bishop of Rome as confirmed by the Secretary of State run deep. One can only recall the admission of Bella Dodd and conclude that we are living in the School of Darkness.

I am sure that John Vennari at Catholic Family News won't mind this reprint from the Daily Catholic where permission was once given for its publication.  What struck me was that one of the priests which Fr. Haley had complained about to Bishop Loverde was later removed because his collection of pornography was discovered.

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Originally posted at The Daily Catholic the Editor's notes include: We have received the gracious permission of John Vennari, editor of Catholic Family News to reprint various articles that have appeared in his publication that would be of interest to our readers. We urge you to subscribe to John's excellent monthly publication for only $20 a year by calling 1-905-871-6292 or e-mail them at CFN.

Bishop Paul Stephen Loverde turns seventy-five in September and will submit his 
resignation to the Bishop of Rome. This story was covered significantly in its day. It is a story worth retelling lest any of us think that the infiltration into the heart of the Church is not well-established and very, very deep. Let us pray that his successor in Arlington will bring justice to Father Haley and the have the courage to do what needs to be done there. The article below does not make for easy reading, but it is necessary reading to further highlight the struggle that we are in to preserve our own faith and protect our families and to fight for our Holy Mother, the Church.

Father Haley and "The Boys Club" 
by Mark Fellows

For years governments have had laws protecting whistle-blowers, These laws shield from retaliation those employees who come forward with evidence of illegal or immoral practices within their agency. The case of Father James Haley makes it evident that the Catholic Church in America offers no similar protection to its priests.

Father Haley, a priest in the diocese of Arlington, Virginia, has been permanently suspended by Bishop Paul Loverde for testifying in a legal deposition about the immoral practices of his fellow diocesan clergy. In a formal notice to Haley, given on October 28, 2002, Bishop Loverde stated that Haley was guilty of violating an order for him not to publicize priestly wrongdoing in order "to avoid scandal, to maintain ecclesiastical discipline and to protect the reputation and privacy of both the faithful and priests of this diocese." 1. As quoted in The Washington Times, November 13, 2002.]

In fact Father Haley never went public with any of his incriminating information. For years he went privately to Bishop Loverde, not just with his complaints, but with indisputable evidence of clergy immorality in his diocese. Bishop Loverde's reference to Haley "publicizing priestly wrongdoing" concerns deposition testimony given by Father Haley pursuant to a law suit brought against Bishop Loverde and his diocese by a parishioner, James Lambert. The suit alleged diocesan negligence in failing to remove an obviously unfit priest who had given public scandal for years. 2. The lawsuit was eventually dismissed for failing to comply with the statute of limitations.

After failing to get a judge to keep the contents of the deposition sealed, the Arlington diocese claimed Haley was not legally required to give testimony, but did so voluntarily. This, according to Bishop Loverde, meant that Haley had violated a "no talk" rule the Bishop imposed upon him a year previously. But the deposition, which is reproduced in its entirely on the Roman Catholic Faithful website, 3. See www.rcf.org. In addition, Father Haley's attorney, Greg Murphy, has sent me a copy of the original subpoena requiring Father Haley to testify. Although the Arlington diocese publicly maintains Haley was not subpoenaed, in their legal efforts to seal his deposition testimony diocesan lawyers admitted that Father Haley was testifying "in response to this subpoena." Letter to Bishop Loverde, from Greg Murphy, Esq., January 3, 2003, p. 5. clearly reveals that Father Haley was subpoenaed. 4. Deposition of Father James Haley, conducted by Gregory L. Murphy, Esq., on July 24, 2002, pursuant to the civil lawsuit Lambert v. Bishop Paul Loverde and the Diocese of Arlington, p. 4. (Hereinafter cited as "Deposition, p. __"). This means he was legally required to answer questions under oath about certain priests and practices in his diocese. Consequently, even if one considers deposition testimony "publicizing", Haley did not do so voluntarily. Since Haley was legally and morally obligated to tell the truth, Bishop Loverde's treatment of Haley strikes many as retaliation.

The Outsider

Although Father Haley has been silenced, his story is told in his deposition testimony. Here we learn that James Raymond Haley was ordained a Roman Catholic priest in 1987 at St. Thomas More Church in Arlington, Virginia. "Homosexuality within the priesthood is something that I did not know about when I was ordained," the forty-six year old Father Haley testified, "but from my very first assignment at Saint Mark's (in Vienna, Virginia) became more and more aware of." Haley "started to see associations between those who were exhibiting homosexual behaviors and friendships." Homosexual priests supported each other, and adopted "a defensive attitude towards anyone who might threaten them." 5. Deposition Testimony, p. 139

Haley was also troubled by what he heard about the homosexual priest network in the confessional, but the list of priests he could confide in was getting shorter. One of his seminary classmates was also a priest in the Arlington diocese. He told Haley about entering the rectory at St. Mary's and finding his pastor having anal intercourse with the maintenance man, and the time he visited another parish where the priest had an eighteen year relationship with another homosexual man. Haley's former classmate complained to the diocese, became depressed when they did nothing, and left the priesthood. 6. Deposition, p. 146.

Determined not to leave the priesthood, Haley sought out Bishop John R. Keating, then bishop of the Arlington diocese. Over the course of many meetings Haley recounted to Keating "a whole list and litany" of homosexual activity in the diocesan clergy. Like the "extraordinarily gay-looking masseuse" who regularly came to the rectory to give closed door massages to Haley's pastor. Or the event that occurred a week after Haley began his first parish assignment. There was a knock on the back door. A man asked for Haley's associate, calling him by his first name. Haley knocked on the pastor's door. The priest, expecting his friend, surprised Haley by answering the door naked. Haley told him a man was downstairs, and the priest said, "Send him up." 7. Deposition, pp. 141-142.

Bishop Keating confirmed Haley's alarm over the homosexual network in the Church. According to Keating the problem went higher. "He indicated a problem existed even among the bishops and cardinals, naming some that surprised me," Haley testified. 8. Deposition, p. 140. Although he was sympathetic, in the end Keating was no help. According to Haley, Keating said "he could not do anything about homosexual priests or their activities." 9. Ibid

Haley was stunned to learn that  "A bishop would knowingly ordain a homosexual man…I thought that they would want to know that a man or a seminarian or a priest was homosexual. And they couldn't care less, so I started to feel like the outsider, like maybe I was the unique guy. That it wasn't the gay men that were unique, it was the straight men that were unique." 10. Deposition, p. 144.
Adding to his discomfort was what he was hearing in the confessional: "I was becoming aware of some significant sexual problems among our priests, which I could not say to anybody." In 1995 Haley began seeing a psychologist, "to help me deal with the emotional burden of knowing what I did not want to know about my fellow priests through confession." 11. Deposition, p. 118.

"The Boy's Club"

In 1997 Father Haley was transferred to All Saints Church, the largest parish in Virginia. He joined two other associates to Pastor Jim Verrechia, an up and coming priest who seemed destined for bigger and better things than parish life. Father Verrechia was on the Board of Directors of Catholic Charities and St. Mary's Seminary; a Judge on the Diocesan Tribunal; a frequent columnist for the Arlington Catholic Herald; the Bishop's Master of Ceremonies, and so on. 12. See Arlington Diocese Racked By Sex Scandals, by James Bendell, Esq., www.rcf.org. He also liked to visit homosexual pornography cites on the Internet, a fact Father Haley discovered while using the rectory computer. 13. Deposition, p. 18. Another discovery was over three hundred e-mail letters Verrechia had written to a married female parishioner.

This last discovery was less a surprise than Verrechia's appetite for homosexual pornography. Father Verrechia had for some time conducted a very public romance with Nancy Lambert. The two spent hours together, sometimes socially, like the parish party where they sat together in a hot tub drinking wine, Verrechia's arm around Nancy. Other time was spent privately, like the time Haley ran into Nancy coming out of Verrechia's bedroom very late at night. It was called "the Father Verrechia show," and was a source of scandal to All Saints parishioners, and a source of pain for Nancy's husband and children, who were also parishioners.

"It was a full-blown scandal by the fall of 1998," Haley testified. 14. Deposition, pp. 211-212. Numerous parishioners and one of the associate pastors complained to the diocese about Father Verrechia and Nancy, but nothing changed. Bishop Keating died in 1998, and in 1999 Pope John Paul II appointed Paul Loverde as Arlington's diocesan bishop. That same year Father Haley presented to his new bishop indisputable evidence of Verrechia's misconduct: he downloaded Verrechia's letters and visits to gay porn sites onto compact disc, and presented it to Loverde. According to Haley, Loverde told him he was going on vacation and didn't have time to look at it. 15. Deposition, pp. 70-71.

Haley stressed the importance of the situation, and Loverde repeatedly said he was going on vacation first. According to Haley, Loverde did not seemed surprised by anything Haley told him about Verrechia, and was not happy to receive hard evidence concerning the bad priest. Haley testified that when Loverde finally found time to look at Haley's evidence, he suggested that Haley authored the e-mails. When Haley laughed aloud at the idea that he had composed hundreds of e-mails, Loverde implied that Haley had "doctored" the e-mails.

Word got back to Verrechia far more quickly than Loverde got back to Haley. The day after he delivered the evidence to Loverde, Haley discovered that Verrechia had deleted all his e-mails to Nancy Lambert from the rectory computer. Shortly after this Haley was transferred to St. Lawrence Church in Alexandria.

Here he met Father Erbacher. One of the first activities the two priests shared was Erbacher going through the St. Lawrence picture book and showing Haley "the boys of the previous pastor." 16. Deposition, p. 145. By this he meant altar boys the former pastor had paid $500 or $1000 to continue as his altar boys, a duty that included, among other things, vacations at the pastor's beach home. 17. Deposition, p. 153, which includes a similar story concerning a different priest. Erbacher was either very careless or very confident, for he also told Haley how he regularly embezzled funds from collection baskets. The trick to embezzlement, according to Erbacher, was that "you have to be consistent" in how the money is taken. According to Haley, "there were conversations that indicated Father Erbacher had been trained by certain priests of the diocese on how to handle and obtain money." 18. Deposition, p. 149-150. Some of the stolen money was used to increase Erbacher's collection of homosexual pornography, which featured young boys. 19. Deposition, p. 225-226. Pictures of much of this evidence were marked as Exhibits at the deposition. In addition to evidence of embezzlement, there are also photos of a large pornography collection. One of the titles is "Merry Christmas."

Erbacher also voluntarily revealed to Haley many more of the homosexual priests in the Arlington diocese. He called the gay priest network "the boy's club." Erbacher's chattiness may have come from the security of being well connected to "the boy's club." One of Erbacher's best friends was Chancellor of the Arlington diocese, and rumored to be, like Erbacher, a homosexual. This did not stop Haley from presenting to Bishop Loverde:  "pictures of his (Erbacher's) homosexual pornography collection of basically young boys, very similar to what Father Verrecchia had been looking at, but much more extensive…And so I had gone to Bishop Loverde and told him he had a significant problem at Saint Lawrence. That there was immoral and criminal activity occurring and that it was very obvious and that he needed to go and see it." 20. Deposition, pp. 155-156.

Bishop Loverde did not visit St. Lawrence. The only immediate change in the parish was Father Haley's transfer, to St. Mary's parish in Fredericksburg. Two months later word of Erbacher's activities was leaked to the media. After Father Erbacher's activities became public knowledge, Bishop Loverde immediately removed Erbacher and ordered a financial audit of St. Lawrence. The Washington Post reported that Fr. Erbacher stole approximately $320,000 from parish collection baskets. 21. Washington Post, December, 28, 2002.

Father Haley had noticed a pattern. He was being transferred shortly after each conversation he had with Bishop Loverde about immoral priests. Upon arriving at St. Mary's, Haley testified that the parish priest, Father Daniel Hamilton, was "involved in extraordinarily graphic and incredibly disturbing sadomasochism, sexual torture, cross-dressing, transgender pornography that involved she-males. He (Hamilton) was completely addicted, daily immersed in this kind of sexual horror." 22. Deposition, p. 183.

In September 2001 Father Haley went to Bishop Loverde again. He asked Loverde for a leave of absence "to find a place in the Church outside the diocese of Arlington, where a true respect for priestly holiness and morality and some sort of policy against homosexuals and homosexual activities was to be found." 23. Ibid After requesting leave to find another diocese, Haley also mentioned that there were "problems at St. Mary's." According to Haley, Loverde replied "he was tired of me telling him these vague references to people - priests with problems - and unless I gave him substantial, credible information he couldn't do anything about it." 24. Deposition, pp. 184-5

Haley had presented Loverde with substantial, credible evidence concerning Fathers Verrecchia and Erbacher. Loverde's response with Father Verrecchia was to suspect Haley of manufacturing and doctoring the evidence. While Loverde stated he had told Verrecchia to stop seeing Nancy Lambert, Verrecchia was not suspended or evaluated for his unpriestly behavior. His relationship with Lambert - and the public scandal it caused - continued until Spring of 2000, when Verrecchia voluntarily and abruptly left the Church to marry the newly divorced Lambert (on Holy Saturday), after impregnating her earlier that year.

Bishop Loverde was equally ineffectual with Father Erbacher. He never visited St. Lawrence's parish to investigate the evidence Haley had given him, and only acted after Erbacher's activities were publicized. Loverde appeared more effective at transferring good priests than disciplining bad ones. "It seemed," said Father Haley, "that the only person that was getting into trouble was me."

The trouble continued one week later, when, in response to Bishop Loverde's complaint that he couldn't do anything without evidence, Haley presented to the bishop evidence of Father Hamilton's perversity. "At the end of that meeting," Haley testified, "which was basically a slide show of the pictures of his (Hamilton's) incredible collection, the bishop told me that I had better watch out, that I did not know what he (Loverde) was capable of doing." 25. Deposition, p. 190.

One week later Father Haley was summoned to the chancery. Loverde handed him a letter of resignation and told Haley to sign it. Haley refused, and asked Loverde what he was going to do about Father Hamilton. Loverde thrust forward another piece of paper, which according to Haley, read: "I hereby instruct you to get out of Saint Mary's parish by 7 o'clock this evening." 26. Deposition, p. 192. Haley persisted in asking about Hamilton, and Loverde said Hamilton was being told of Haley's allegations. He did not say that Hamilton was being investigated, evaluated, or suspended. 27. The Washington Post article (previously cited) reported that Bishop Loverde ordered Hamilton to undergo treatment. Father Hamilton resigned from St. Mary's parish in August, 2002, and appears to have left the priesthood. The Post article is interesting for the fact that it scrupulously referred to "pornography" rather than homosexual pornography that was beyond stomach turning. Then Bishop Loverde produced another piece of paper, which Father Haley describes thusly:

"If you tell anybody by any means what has happened to Father Hamilton or anybody you will be immediately suspended from the priesthood without any warning. And (Loverde) gave me a further document that (sic) if I said anything about any priest, past, present, or future, in any behavior (I suppose it would include criminal behavior or child rape), that I would be suspended. And I said you mean I'm going to get suspended if I tell the truth to anyone but you, but if I tell you the truth you don't seem to do anything about it. So he took away my faculties, he took away my ability to preach." 28. Deposition, pp. 193-194.

Diocesan spokeswoman Linda Shovlain confirmed that Haley's right to celebrate Mass and administer the sacraments was revoked in October, 2001. 29. The Washington Post, December 28, 2002. Bishop Loverde has referred to this episode as granting Haley a requested "period of discernment" to discover whether he had a vocation to the priesthood, but very few priests in the history of the Church have begun a period of discernment by being stripped of their priestly faculties, forbidden from any type of pastoral ministry or preaching, and slapped with a (seemingly immoral) penal precept of silence. Loverde's period of discernment sounds more like a prison sentence.

Moreover, according to his sworn testimony, Haley had requested a leave of absence to find another diocese to be a priest in, not to decide whether or not to be a priest. He claims he told Loverde "emphatically, that I have never in the whole course of my priesthood asked to leave the priesthood." 30. Deposition, p. 206. In a June 14, 2002 letter, Haley told Loverde: "I have never requested a departure from the sacred priesthood." 31. Letter to Bishop Loverde by Greg Murphy, p. 4.

In spite of this, in all the letters Loverde has addressed to Haley since imposing a "period of discernment" upon him, the Bishop repeatedly writes: "Since it is your intention to leave the priesthood…I am more than happy to help you in your laicization from the priesthood." Haley believes that Bishop Loverde "is trying to strangle me out of the Church." 32. Deposition, pp. 205-206. He maintains Loverde has insisted that Haley enter treatment before he can regain his priestly faculties. He also states that Loverde "indicated to me in the letter of June 28th that on his part, he would not give approval for a transfer to any other bishop. So even if a bishop would want me, Bishop Loverde will not allow me to be transferred." 33. Deposition, p. 209. Father Haley presently subsists on a modest stipend from the Diocese of Arlington, which has required him to relocate several times. In January of this year he was back in Arlington, trying to meet with Bishop Loverde. His perseverance is noteworthy, particularly in light of his testimony concerning bishops and "boy's clubs":

"If everybody in these stories (about homosexual priests) gets together we're going to find out one little center and it always is the bishop in the diocese…they seem to know, but they will protect every single other person from knowing what they know." 34. Deposition, p. 173.
Bishop Loverde

Paul Loverde was born in Massachusetts in 1940, and ordained in the diocese of Norwich, Connecticut in 1965. He earned a Licentiate in Canon Law from the Catholic University of America. Father Loverde was an instructor in Canon Law and Bishop's Delegate for Clergy, as well as Chairman of the Presbyterial Council and Diocesan Pastoral Counsel. He became Auxiliary Bishop of Hartford in 1988, and was Bishop of Ogdensburg, New York, when Pope John Paul II appointed him Bishop of the Arlington Diocese. 35. From the USCCB Office of Communications announcing appointment of Bishop Loverde to the Arlington Diocese, January 25, 1999 (http://www.usccb.org/comm/archives/99-005.htm).

Bishop Loverde cannot be blamed for the condition of the diocese he took over. His predecessor appears to have allowed "the boy's club" to become firmly entrenched before Loverde arrived. In these circumstances it is understandable that a new bishop might, in prudence, take some time to familiarize himself with the homosexual order in the diocesan power structure. In this respect Loverde appears to have been very prudent. Initially, however, his actions pleased Arlington Catholics. Shortly after his installation the new bishop held prayer services outside several abortion clinics. Over 400 Catholics attended, and Loverde led small groups in the recitation of the Rosary. 36. Arlington Catholic Herald, April 8, 1999, reproduced online at www.geocities.com/Heartland/Estates/4152/loverde.htm". Loverde also canceled an event at a Dominican retreat house when he learned that radical feminist speakers, including Mary Hunt, had been invited to speak to retreatants. 37. Arlington Catholic Herald, reproduced at http://www.petersnet.net/browse/2581.htm. In his decision Loverde quoted Mary Hunt referring to herself "as a Catholic feminist liberation theologian, pro-choice and lesbian."

But under Bishop Loverde the Arlington diocese was also home for many "mini-Assisi" events, like the inter-faith prayer service Loverde hosted in February 2001, where care was taken to present the Bishop as an equal among equals with his separated Protestant brethren. 38. Arlington Catholic Herald, February 1, 2001, which features a picture of Loverde in the background, while in the foreground a Protestant minister leads a "Litany of Thanksgiving" at St. Bernadette's Catholic Church. I am in the possession of numerous other flyers and parish bulletins indicating that the insipid and dangerous drivel known as post-conciliar ecumenism - including inter-faith Good Friday services and petitions "For the Jewish people to enjoy a New Year" - is flourishing in the Arlington diocese. 39. These materials, too numerous to cite here, were provided to me by RCF attorney James Bendell.

Then there is the apparent belief of Bishop Loverde that unity in liturgy bars kneeling to receive Communion. This was enforced in his Cathedral during the same week Loverde permanently suspended Father Haley. The Cathedral rector not only refused Communion to Virginia Delegate Richard Black, he chased Black to the back of the Cathedral, shouting that Black was "a conservative idiot" and a "liar." 40. This incident was widely reported in the electronic press. I am quoting from an eye-witness, Joseph Strada, who wrote Loverde a letter of complaint. This lesson on how unity at all costs only causes disunity appears unheeded. 41.The Director of Seton School in Manassas, for instance, has declared that the custom of receiving Communion standing is "the custom and posture in every parish in the Diocese…we should avoid confusion and disunity…The fostering of unity in the Diocese of Arlington is one of Bishop Loverde's hopes since his arrival…" Sentinel, Thursday, January 25, 2001. Also unheeded is a Vatican statement declaring that "any refusal of Holy Communion to a member of the faithful on the basis of his or her kneeling posture to be a grave violation of one of the most basic rights of the Christian faithful…" 42. Statement of The Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments, Responses to Questions on Kneeling, published in the November-December 2002 edition of Notitiae.

As miserable as these anecdotes are, they only support the remarkably unremarkable conclusion that Arlington Catholics are victims of the usual post-conciliar muddle. But Bishop Loverde's treatment of Father James Haley has definitely raised the bar. Instead of acting like a shepherd by promptly investigating Haley's evidence in order to protect his flock, Loverde disbelieved Haley's proofs, transferred him twice, failed to give him promotions due a priest of his tenure, threatened him, stripped him of his faculties, publicly discredited him, blocked his transfer to another diocese, and permanently suspended him. Some of his public statements appear knowingly false, like his claim that Father Haley was not subpoenaed. The diocesan attorneys knew this, and surely Loverde either knew this as well, or should have investigated the matter before making his public statement. It is very probable that he also knew that diocesan lawyers tried repeatedly to postpone Father Haley's deposition, then declined to appear at the deposition to question Haley. 43. Deposition preamble by Greg Murphy, Esq.

Bishop Loverde appears unmoved by the protests of Arlington Catholics over his treatment of Father Haley. He maintains that he has acted properly in disciplining Father Haley, and in his treatment of the priests Father Haley exposed as unfit. "I expect every priest to live a virtuous life in keeping with his sacred calling, including his commitment to celibacy and chastity," he affirmed recently. 44. As quoted in Whistle-Blower Priest In Trouble With Diocese, ABC News Report, December 2, 2002.

This public statement conflicts with testimony Haley gave concerning statement Loverde allegedly made to him regarding homosexual priests. According to Haley, Loverde told him "there was nothing wrong" with homosexual priests, that "he never asks" if a priest is homosexual: "He said 'I have no right to ask.'" 45. Deposition testimony, pp. 157-158, p. 187. If true, this is a curious attitude not only for a bishop, but for the NCCB Chairman of the Vocations Committee, another position Loverde currently holds. 46. See U.S. Catholic Bishops, Secretariat for Vocations and Priestly Formation, Interview With Bishop Paul S. Loverde, at http://www.usccb.org/vocations/ordination/loverde.htm.

"When he consecrated the Sacrament, his voice would just tremble with emotion," a parishioner said of Father Haley. "We were bitterly sorry to lose him." 47. ABC News, Whistle-Blower Priest In Trouble With Diocese, December 2, 2002.

In the upside down world of the American Catholic Church, it appears that to have a vocation to the priesthood is grounds for suspension, and questioning whether a priest is a homosexual is morally abhorrent. As the rays of sunlight from the New Springtime of the Church fail to provide warmth, as we behold bare branches unadorned by the green leaves of renewal promised from the "New Pentecost of Vatican II," may Father Haley and other faithful Catholics gain consolation from the prophet in Wisdom:

"For the creature serving thee, the Creator,
Is made fierce against the unjust for their punishment…
Afflicted in a few things,
In many they shall be well rewarded,
Because God hath tried them,
And found them worthy of Himself…"
"The souls of the just are in God's hands,

and the elect find grace and mercy."


Dymphna said...

Loverde has reached retirement age but I'm not happy. In fact, I'm a little worried because unless there is a miracle we will surely get a bishop who is even worse.

Osusanna said...

Daily prayers for Fr. Haley.

susan said...

Fr. Haley we love you, and you are prayed for. Keep the Faith, and run the race to the end.

Eames said...

Father Haley, may our Lord God give you the strength and fortitude to continue fighting the injustice bestowed upon you. May those who inflicted these abomination to our Church and to our God received their due punishment.

Anonymous said...

Ft. Haley I will continue to pray for you daily. Your faith inspired and encouraged me, and your daily extemporaneous sermons were beautiful, a tough act to follow. Your bosses may have deserted you, but God hasn't.

Anonymous said...

Arlington will receive a very humble, prayerful and generous priest in Bishop Burbidge this December. I pray that our loss will be your gain and you will heal from this tragedy. God Bless all of you...your Brother from Raleigh

Unknown said...

Father Haley- I was disgusted by what the Bishop did to you and to us at st. Mary's. I needed to hear your Homilies and that was taken from me and everyone else. Now that he has retired, Can you become a priest again?

Cathy said...

We miss you, Father Haley. May God bless and keep you.

Blogger22303 said...

Can you get in touch with the person who knows Fr Haley, so that we can hear how he is doing AND ask the best way to establish a fund for him to receive our donations--such as GoFundMe or if he has a PayPal account. His stipend and health insurance were cut off years ago. He is in no different of a situation than we see with the homeless. Let's no longer stand by and just pray this turns around. We too have an obligation to God to take care of the one He sent to help our souls. Did not Christ followers take in the Apostles, feed and give shelter for the night? Are we going to stay in the shadows, like the Apostles did the night of Christ's arrest? That story is in the Bible for a purpose other than just to tell what happened that night. It is an example to show us not to stand in the shadows but to stand alongside Truth. If we allow Fr Haley to go to his grave--which most likely will be in a government-funded unmarked grave, without helping him, are we no better than those who have left him there to die?

Cathy said...

Yes! Please let us know if there is a GoFundMe account for Father Haley! There are many people who would like to help to offer him monetary help and encouragement.

Anonymous said...

If there is not a Go Fund Me Page, then let's set one up

Anonymous said...

This is news I did not know until recently and my heart is broken that Bishop Loverde would treat a priest in this way. I wish we knew where Father Haley is so we could help him. So sad. We need more priests like him.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Haley's name has been mentioned recently in the following online articles:

The American Conservative (Rod Dreher's blog)

Lifesite News

One Peter Five

Rod Dreher's mention of Father links to this 2004 Washington Times article that tells his story:

If anyone knows how to reach Fr. Haley, please let him know there are people out here who have not forgotten about him. We're praying for him and would like to support him in any way we can.

I've recently reread Fr. Haley's 2002 deposition: http://www.rcf.org/pdfs/hdep.pdf
Maybe now is the time for Father to speak out about his experience in the Arlington VA Diocese. Maybe other priests in the Arlington diocese (or former Arlington priests) will have the courage to come forward to support him.

Fr. Haley, Thank you for all you've done for the Church. Please consider contacting someone like Rod Dreher to tell your story. It would be a real service to the Church if you did.

-Maureen M.

Ana Milan said...

Another of JPII's appointments with apparently PBXVI's agreement (was right-hand-man of JPII) whose activities should have been well known to both men, yet no action taken. Was allowed the leverage to dismiss a good & honest priest whilst allowing perverts to remain in their positions. There must have been a reason for this to happen - maybe a personal empathy that considered sodomy of no significance, like so many of our present-day prelates? Although PBXVI is reported as having removed hundreds of perverts during his short tenure in the Papal Office, he didn't manage to get round to what was (& probably still is) happening in Arlington. I have always felt that our popes & hierarchies since VII have been compromised & not for the good of the CC, as they always claim, otherwise this dreadful Apostasy couldn't have gained much hold. Lack of diligence to prayer, the power of the sacraments & the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with due veneration is always lacking in these deviants. +Sorondo's remark that Chinese communists are more like Christians is probably liked & agreed with by PF, Parolin etc. hence no will to change attitudes.

As with the Chile Bishop crisis & Maradiaga's friend, Pineda, PF needs to be pressured into demanding more & more resignations (rather than retirements), de-frockings & even excommunications of all perverts within the CC. The "Who am I to judge" on certain topics but not on his own opinions is not acceptable to the vast majority of Traditional Catholics who are, in fact, he so-called remnant, & we all ow must gather together , so to speak, & find a way to get our message to PF directly - these perverts will no longer be tolerated in our parishes - get rid of them once & for all time.

I noticed that change.org had a petition some time ago re the above affair but it didn't work apparently. Maybe some reader would be in a position to offer another route?

Anonymous said...

there were priests treated the same as poor Fr Haley that hav gone into obscurity all over this country. Would that they would come back en masse to fight this scourge. F John Gallaher comes to mind. He reported a fellow priest he caught grooming a 14 yr old with pornography. The priest confessed to the police ,Bishop Barbarito punished Fr Gallagher.The Palm Beach sheriff even wrote to the Vatican ob his behalf. The Bishop retaliated by having a letter read in every parish at Mass accusing Fr Gallagher of being a liar and insane. Fr Gallagher fought back by suing the Bishop for slander after which, the Diocesan high priced lawyers appealed and won by stating Fr Gallagher was just angry he wasn't promoted. They blocked the slander suit.
Now Fr Gallagher is trying to have Florida's supreme court hear his case against Bishop Barbarito.
This is exactly how Bishops stomp down every case in which a priest has brought charges against his Bishop for punishing the priest one way or the other for reporting pederasts and doing the right and decent thing.

TLM said...

ABSOLUTELY keep us all posted as to either setting up a go fund me acct. and most importantly...WHERE to send it to. And to let Fr. know we are all praying for him!!

Oh...and Vox.....I did of course post this on twitter and asked for it to be retweeted.:)

Anonymous said...

David, I believe this article will give others the courage to expose the filth in the Canadian Church as well. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Just think what the laitie's donations are been spent on .they should boycott those parishes ,and put a picket outside the Bishop's residence.

Ana Milan said...

Anonymous: Re- Fr. Gallagher.

++O'Malley was also involved in this incident & had, I believe, a lot to do with the outcome. I remember Fr. Gallagher in my nightly rosary & also José Galat who was abominably treated by an excommunication order for upholding the True Faith, not to mention the countless priests that have been suspended for not administering HC to unrepentant sinners. I wish we could tell them that we haven't forgotten them.

Anonymous said...

The trials of Fr. Haley are severe, to be sure but we must note that in one way or another those who speak up in the face of these crimes or who in keeping with diocesan regulations report what has been deposed to them are either punished or given subtle and not so subtle messages to keep quiet or else. Infractions are rewarded, NOT disciplined. This is the pattern and it begins in the seminaries. Only an intervention on God's part will cleanse us from this filth. Pray the rosary every day in reparation and support the priests who are either persecuted or banished. They are deliberately sent to parishes that struggle financially while their homosexual counterparts live in luxury. Ecclesiastical masonry has succeeded and only Our Lady can obtain a victory. May God hasten the triumph of Our Lady's Immaculate Heart!

Unknown said...

El Padre aqui: I have been always surprised that a very liberal "bishop" was appointed bishop of Arlington replacing the very Late "conservative" bishop Keating. It never made sense to me. In my own honest opinion Fr. Haley should've been more prudent when exposing those gay priests. He did his part by exposing the situation to his "bishop" and the rest is for God to intervene. The Church I realize now is infested by very corrupted priests. Fr. Haley with the good education you have received you can really find a very good job in the private or government areas and start a new life.

Anonymous said...

As far as priests leaving and starting a new life, my old Diocese was full of them .They often went to work for the Delaware Mem Bridge Commission. An ex priest was on the Bridge Commission . Good priests who left because their Bishop hated them often were seen working in these toll booths.
One more thing Catholics do not understand.....Fr Gallagher tried to and was okayed by a judge to sue Bishop Barbarito for slander by the lower court. Bish Barbarito punished him for turning a pederast priest who later confessed into the police. Then Bishop Barbarito had a terrible letter read in all the parishes in which he accused Fr Gallagher of insanity. Later in court Bishop's defense changed into the lie that Fr Gallagher was angry he was not made a pastor.....
Civil court claims made by priests against their Bishop are almost always turned into a case claiming internal church governance by the Diocesan defense, which the courts will not rule on, because of the separation of Church and State.

Tom A. said...

Or he could have become a real priest in SSPX or independent chapel.

Kathleen1031 said...

Our understanding of the personality and psychology of homosexuals is entering a new phase. It has been documented, studies have been done, and there are experts. Search homosexual + narcissism personality and you'll probably get the info, if Google hasn't weeded it out as unflattering to their favorite subclass. There is a reason homosexuality was categorized in the DSM (Psychiatrist's bible) as a mental disorder. The APA removed that designation after being pressured by activists, but the reality of psychiatric or personality defects in homosexuals did not diminish by hiding from the truth. It's still there, with co-morbid effects such as extreme narcissism, callous about the needs or wishes of others, and anger. These co-morbid personality defects add up to a man who makes a very poor priest, all child and boy buggering aside. Vindictive, cruel men, who prey on others, have an impaired sense of morality, and are vicious besides, are unfit from the beginning, to enter a priesthood where they are to represent Christ, with all that holy office entails. They are not capable in most cases of being spiritual fathers in any sense, and as long as these men are in our churches, we are going to continue to have the lives of boys being destroyed, our sacristy's used as hotel rooms, and the truth of the faith will be ignored, or as we see with so many of these perverts, trampled on so as to turn it into something else. These men are often the dissenters who hate the faith.

If our church had been serious, the popes specifically, about the sexual abuse of boys and young men and the homosexual problem, they would have made entrance into seminaries by homosexuals pretty impossible, by stating that ANY homosexual inclination precluded one from seminary, and that furthermore at the first report of such inclination or behavior, the candidate would be ousted and barred from ordination. Any priest or Bishop or Cardinal caught in such behavior should be laicized, immediately.
All of this requires lay boards to oversee, of course, there is no way for the foxes to guard the henhouse. That's over with.
Until we are THIS serious about this matter, we are going to see this time and time and time again, more lives ruined by these degenerates. God IS mocked by these men. We do not wish to be complicit, do we? We cannot afford to continue to support or enable these men to rape the Church and trample the faith underfoot.

Fr. Haley can sleep at night, and face his Creator with full hands of what he has to offer Him, faithfulness and much more. May God give him his reward in the next world. If he can be rewarded by the faithful in this world too, so much the better.

Tom A. said...

It should be painfully obvious now that one cannot live a Catholic life in the Vatican 2 Novus Ordo conciliar church. The whole organization that purports to be the Catholic Church is a cesspool of heresy. The latest manifestation of the heresy of modernism is a sodomite culture. Clean out the sodomites and a new batch of heretics will continue the rot. Not until modernism is expunged will the Catholic Church again become relative in people's lives.

Sue Church said...

Good synopsis of Father AHley's 230-page deposition.

One excerpt that seems especially pertinent today is from page 140. In it, Father Haley talks about visits he had with Bishop Keating, Loverde's predecessor, before Keating died in 1998:

"And in some of those conversations he
had indicated a problem (active homosexuality) that existed even
among the bishops and cardinals, naming some
that surprised me, so I was becoming a lot
more aware of how significant the problem was
and how guarded it was."

Anonymous said...

Just read in a comment on another blog that Fr. Haley has been contacted by Rod Dreher and Michael Voris. Please pray for Father that he has the courage and strength to tell his story again. The Church needs him!


Blogger22303 said...

You should not be so quick to judge Fr Haley like bishop Loverde did. You aren't in Fr's shoes.

Anonymous said...

The joke at the NCCB was that Loverde, head of NCCB Vocations Secretariat at that time, was either coming to Arlington to figure out how to replicate the vocations, or how to destroy them.

1st thing he did was get rid of the Vocations Director, Father Gould. And though Father would never confirm it, we all knew why. He had given a presentation to the NCCB on how to recruit Priests... St Louis de Montfort, Adoration, prayer, etc. But no homosexuals.

Once Loverde arrived, that policy seemed to be thrown out the window. I have known Seminarians throughout his reign who confirmed it.

Ironically, two of the problem priests mentioned in this article, Fathers Erbacher and Hamilton, are still listed as Priests in the Arlington Directory, though one can only contact them through the Vicar of Clergy.

Father Haley... not so much. He's not in the Directory anymore.

Anonymous said...

Bishop Bransfield just resigned: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/13/us/bishop-bransfield-pope-francis.html He used to be the rector of the shrine in DC. Fr. Haley mentioned him on pages 154-155 of his deposition: http://www.rcf.org/pdfs/hdep.pdf

Blogger22303 said...

Anyone have media connections to get this public?

Before reading the article about Fr. Saunders' new appointment, read pages 147 and 154 about Fr. Saunders in the depostion, http://www.rcf.org/pdfs/hdep.pdf.

In this week's Arlington Catholic Herald, "Fr. William P. Saunders, pastor of Our Lady of Hope Church in Potomac Falls, was appointed episcopal vicar of faith formation by Bishop Michael F. Burbidge."


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what is Bishop Burbidge's opinion on Father Haley? Or is Bishop Loverde still too involved with the diocese for anything to change?

Anonymous 07 said...

Is there a way to start a trust fund in Fr. Haley's name to provide him financial assistance? Any suggestions on how even begin one where fellow Catholics could deposit funds directly to Father Haley trust fund. Any ideas on this?

Ray F B said...

This problem leads directly to the reaction of the bishops to the COVED-19 virus we face today. Close the churches, deny the sacraments, take the Lord Jesus from our midst, shelter yourselves in hiding to await the latest "permission" from our enlightened elected officials to reopen our churches. In the Acts of the Apostles, the first bishops, AKA the Apostles, put their lives and their fortunes on the line for Jesus and were rewarded with the fruits of their labors. Many more were added to their number every day!

Be stouthearted! Be brave! Do not be afraid! Give us back Our Lord and Savoir, now! Let the Word go forth from this place, God is alive and well in our land, now and forever!