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The Legacy of Thomas Cardinal Collins: Failure to change the "Deep Church" Apparatchik - Toronto's own version of James Martin.

As the great celebration of embracing gratitude for His Most Serene Eminence, Thomas "No Mass For You" Collins approaches, it behooves us to recycle some posts from the past.

Brian Clough was ordained to the priesthood in 1968. Interestingly enough, I was at his first Mass at his home parish. My father was a barber and was barber to Mr. Clough and soon to be Father Brian. St. Dominic's was all the rage back then, it was the place to be to rock in Vatican II with the Dominicans. It was a notorious parish. One extremely popular priest was Kelly Walker. He left the priesthood and became a lounge singer at La Castille Steak House's piano bar. Eventually, he, ahem, came out, as they say.  He now, at 83, lives with his "husband" in Stratford. The Pastor was the notorious Claude Poirier, O.P. who after leaving St. Domenic's upon the removal of the Dominicans from the parish, Poirier taught liturgy for 25 years at St. Augustine's Seminary. Poirier died in 2005, just before the appointment of Thomas Collins. There are stories of notorious homosexual debauchery associated with Poirier, none of which was ever made public. It was all hushed up.

The man who was in charge of all this was Brian Clough. When Collins arrived, there was great hope that he would clean house and expose the rot.

He did not.

The question now is, will his successor?

Saturday, 25 August 2018

Toronto Catholic Chancellor - "Understanding is urged for gays."

From "Canada's National Newspaper," The Globe and Mail, May 8, 1976, page 40. (click for larger).

The priest interviewed was Father Brian Clough of the Archdiocese of Toronto. Father Clough went on to become Rector at St. Augustine's Seminary and was removed by Emmett Carter and later returned to be appointed by Aloysius Ambrozic as Judicial Vicar for the Archdiocese of Toronto. 

Father Clough grew up and was ordained at St. Dominic's Church in Mississauga which was a Dominican house from its inception until 1985. The parish history includes the names of two prominent Dominicans - the late Claude Poirier, O.P., and the long-ago laicised, Kelly Walker, O.P.

Reading this old article is like reading James Martin, S.J.

Wednesday, 22 March 2023

The Legacy of Thomas Cardinal Collins: "I will shut you down" Who was it? Where was it?

As the great celebration of embracing gratitude for His Most Serene Eminence, Thomas "No Mass For You" Collins approaches, it behooves us to recycle some posts from the past.

The most disgraceful action of Thomas Cardinal Collins, though he was not alone and that is no excuse, was the shuttering of churches during the Wuhan Virus pandemic.  The pandering to corrupt governments and public health officials was a scandal. The obedience before Cesare was something we found hard to believe. Given what we did not know in the first few months some restrictions may have been justified at the time, but these should have been reasonable and sensible. Certainly, the State has a right to set occupancy limits for buildings, as they do for fire. This should have been set at 50% occupancy and the order of the Cardinal to have more Masses. Yet the Cardinal, and others, sat by whilst the churches were reduced to zero and Costco and Walmart had hundreds. In fact, Collins shut down Toronto churches before the provincial government itself! When the Ontario government later allowed churches to open to 10 persons, it wasn't because Collins asked for it, it was to satisfy the need of Jews to have a quorum for worship. Collins refused to open, even with ten, rather conjuring up some ridiculous communion service. 

This was a clear sign of many of the frauds we were living in. The issue of masks was another. I only argued to put on a mask for the sake of preserving our Latin Mass communities from bishops who demanded it or lose the church. Collins stood there at his sedilia and his ambo and demanded all take the jab out of "common sense" and the "common good" even though people were already becoming injured and died and terminated from their employment. He did not defend these and in fact, did the same for his own employees. We, who opposed these were right about all of it, he was wrong about all of it. Thomas Collins stood by and allowed the State and compromised corporations to persecute the faithful and he did nothing to stop it. 

In an online meeting with all priests which was downloaded and then uploaded and a link made available, Collins with his No Mass for You finger in the air stated, "I will shut you down" to any parish who defied his ban on Holy Communion on the tongue. Pointing to his mouth he referred to a parish doing it. 

This is what Collins did that Christmas.

Twelve days later there would be pushback. It was a small church where on a dark Epiphany morning people gathered in defiance long before dawn. No organ to awaken the neighbours only four feet away next door. No lights but the altar candles and a side door unlocked. I was honoured to have been invited, together with my wife. Well over one hundred defied his edict with no masks and packed in. Those who went to communion received on the tongue. Nobody contracted the China Virus! Generations earlier, these people refused to back down. They defied the communists that threatened to close their churches. They stood their ground, and they kept their faith. On that quiet dark winter morning, light shone. The light of faith and freedom and defiance to a Cardinal who threw in his lot with Ceasar. I was never so humbled and at the same time, so proud. After the Mass, the priest and I embraced. we cried tears of joy and sadness for what we had been building over a few years and what we knew we were losing. He had already been censured privately and publicly over Holy Communion, he didn't care. "I answer to a higher power, I will not do this to the people. We didn't let the communists shut us down, why would we let it happen now by a bishop?" 

One of Collins's now-canceled priests, forcibly retired and sent away. 

Tuesday, 21 March 2023

The Legacy of Thomas Cardinal Collins - The Pilar Interview reveals an admission of incompetance and failure

As the great celebration of embracing gratitude for His Most Serene Eminence, Thomas "No Mass For You" Collins approaches, it behooves us to recycle some posts from the past. However, today we feature a very recent article and interview from The Pillar. It reveals a churchman who stood by and did nothing. He abdicated his responsibility for leadership on medically assisted murder/suicide and the cultural revolution in our catholic schools. His answers reveal a level of immaturity and a lack of sophistication for a man of his education and stature. The "tall cool drink" as some referred to him fifteen years is nothing more than warm, skunky beer in a paper cup.

'The storms are rising ... We go onward!' - Cardinal Collins on the mission of the Church (

Monday, 20 March 2023

The Legacy of Thomas Cardinal Collins: No Mass For You

 As the great celebration of embracing gratitude for His Most Serene Eminence, Thomas "No Mass For You" Collins approaches, it behooves us to recycle some posts from the past.

Lest we forget. No Masses, minimal sacraments, shaming of priests and faithful, and threats to "shut you down."

Too many to recall but this link shall remain for all posts on NO MASS FOR YOU!

Vox Cantoris: No Mass For You

Saturday, 28 November 2020



"I do not want ever to shut down the Church again." 

So said, Toronto Archbishop Thomas Cardinal Collins on November 13, 2020 only to go against his own words by doing exactly that on November, 23. Ah, wait, he is correct, he did not "shut down the Church again," he only banned the public worship of God in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The good Cardinal left the churches open for private prayer to a maximum of ten established by the Ontario politburo diktat of General-secretary Douglas Ford after being advised by the same "virtuous" medical professionals spoken of by our good Cardinal. The same ones that recently murdered a woman by lethal injection, an elderly woman now before God and one who could not bear another shutdown. The Cardinal said he "did not want collateral damage." Well, he got it bigtime.

So, the Cardinal can make a distinction. He did not "shutdown the Church again." He only shutdown the Holy Sacrifice of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

How does this make sense and why has he done this?

If the church can have ten people, why can it not have eight faithful, a priest and one server to make up those ten. I am not trying to justify General-secretary Ford's diktat, but let's just try for a moment to work within the decree.

If ten can gather and distance and mask and sanitize at St. Clare of Assisi Woodbridge which holds over 1,000 to recite the rosary, why can they not gather for Mass? It hurts the brain to try to unravel this riddle.

It is simple. 

As I have been told by more than one who would know, "It is just not worth it." That is the view of the Cardinal, his Auxiliaries, the chancerycrats and the close circle of priests around him. It's just not worth it. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is just not worth it. 

Christ, is not worth it.

You, are not worth it.

You, my friend, you are not worth the trouble of figuring out which ten. But hey, the priest has his Mass. Talk about clericalism. 

Is part of the riddle, the distribution of Holy Communion? We know he has violated the rights of the faithful to receive on the tongue and has approved the dropping of the Host in one's hands, where it may fall on the floor and particles, each of which contains Christ, scatter. We know that without authority, Toronto Public Health and presumably others, have threatened the Church over this matter. It is not acceptable. 

So, let us work for a moment again within the politburo diktat. After all, what would St. Thomas More, who Cardinal Collins so often quotes praises, do? 

"I'd give the Devil the benefit of law, for my own safety's sake." 

The Cardinal has the authority to say that there will be no distribution of Holy Communion at Mass. The faithful do not need to receive the Eucharist at Mass. The priest must, as the Levitical priests old, consume the Holy Sacrifice. It was later, distributed the Hebrew people. Holy Communion can be received by appointment (contact tracing) on the hand or tongue alone as an individual or family circle with proper sanitizing measures before and after. 

If this little layman can figure this out, why can't the Cardinal.

My friends, as Ontario politburo General-secretary Ford is wont to say, my friends, I can only do so much. I am one person, what are you doing? What has happened to us. Do we need to use Adam Skelley as our role model? 

I wrote yesterday that we will back the Cardinal, we will defend his priests, our priests. 

Cardinal Collins, you wear red for a reason. You have forgotten. You will be judged by Jesus Christ for this. Imagine if Our Lord Jesus Christ said in the Garden, "Father, its just not worth it!"

Restore the public Mass in Toronto and Peel now. Do it, now  and do not do what you have done again.

Advise the Premier today that as of next Sunday, we will return to 30% and in order to increase the number of Masses, limit homilies to five minutes and eliminate the distribution of Holy Communion in the Mass and do it by appointment.

Advise the Premier and the Medical Officers of Health that they can issue whatever citation, or fine, or penalty they wish. They can even arrest you and your priests as they did Mr. Skelley, who as of this writing has in his war chest $229,229.00.

Let them drag you in handcuffs from the Cathedral. 

Yesterday, I visited Adamson's BBQ. It was barricaded with concrete barriers and there were over fifty police, none of whom wanted to be there. They were borrowed from across the city. I asked an Officer, "what would happen if 100 or more did this as a protest." He told me, "absolutely nothing, we could not handle it."

Bullies back down.

Unless the coward lets them continue.

Cardinal Collins, you speak much of More and Fisher as you did at the Oratory last Saturday and your Sunday homily from the same Ambo disgraced a few weeks ago by Justin Trudeau, whilst you the servant of us and an Apostle of Jesus Christ, sat behind a pillar, muted  and struck dumb with a face mask. You, were silent whilst Justin Trudeau seized the place of the Word of God and received the Holy Sacrament whilst the cameras panned to the ceiling and for which I have witnesses.


As St. Catherine of Sienna said, "We've had enough exhortations to be silent."

To my fellow Catholics, she commanded us, "Cry out with a thousand tongues - I see the world is rotten because of silence!"

See also:


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The Legacy of Thomas Cardinal Collins: Go Leafs, Go!

 As the great celebration of embracing gratitude for His Most Serene Eminence, Thomas "No Mass For You" Collins approaches, it behooves us to recycle some posts from the past.


Friday, 17 March 2023

The Legacy of Thomas Cardinal Collins: From the Ambo - take the jab!

As the great celebration of embracing gratitude for His Most Serene Eminence, Thomas "No Mass For You" Collins approaches, it behooves us to recycle some posts from the past.

Monday, 15 March 2021

Cardinal Thomas Collins says you "need to vaccine" it is "common sense" and an "act of charity!"

In comments after the Postcommunion in an empty St. Michael's Cathedral yesterday (begins at 54:00), Thomas Cardinal Collins said from the Cathedra that "we need to vaccinate the population" calling it "common sense" and an "act of charity." Not commenting on the recent suspension in much of Europe of the Astra-Zeneca gene therapy, Collins said that "it is a sign of hope" and that it is a "sensible way to get beyond" the virus, a virus that originated in a laboratory in communist China and was released accidentally or intentionally and has spread throughout the world causing illness, death, and economic destruction. Collins mentioned nothing about the testing of these "vaccines" or in some cases the containment of fetal stem cells within it.

We have read and heard from various quarters in the Church, including the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and from many theologians and bio-ethicists that the fact that the HEK 293 stem lines from an aborted baby girl are not something that we need to be concerned about. As with Collins, the word "charity" is the theme heard from Rome to Toronto and beyond throughout the Catholic world. 

More reading on the debate can be found at: 

Let us make no mistake. These chemicals offered by Phizer, Astra-Zeneca (now being banned throughout Europe) and Johnson & Johnson and others, are not vaccines in the traditional sense. A little bit of SARS-CoV-2 is not in the serum as with polio or smallpox. This is experimental gene therapy and the long-term results are not known. The experimental testing is going on in the broader populace. There are documented cases of illness and death as a result of people taking these therapies. This is beyond the fundamental problem of fetal kidney cells from an aborted baby contained within or used to test these products. It also begs the question of how many other products we use daily are never reported as to their testing protocols using fetal stem lines. 

Fundamentally, the taking of these therapies is an individual decision. Should you take it, you must do so with full informed consent and that includes the perennial teaching of the Church, not just now but what She has taught before. I am not a theologian, not a bio-ethicist but it seems pretty simple to me, a "very remote cooperation with evil" is still cooperation with evil. I cannot answer the question of how many angels dance on a pin others have tried and let them continue. I will not subject my body to an experimental therapy that may cause the end of my life or significant negative consequences that do not outweigh the risk from actually catching the disease but more importantly, I will not benefit directly with full knowledge that the benefit is due to the murder of a baby girl by the crime of abortion. I will not be confronted or accused by that child at my particular judgement for benefitting from her death. This is what my conscience dictates, my sins are already grave enough.  Everyone must examine their conscience in this matter.

Returning to the commentary by Cardinal Collins, one must ask a few questions to His Eminence. The Cardinal or His Excellency Mr. Neil MacCarthy are invited to answer (yes, they read these.)

Was your promotion of these gene therapies tied to the niggardly increase of church occupancy to fifteen percent in the grey lockdown areas?

Do you believe that you should personally benefit from the murder of an aborted child?

Are you afraid of speaking against these genetic therapies and the connection to abortion because YouTube may remove your live-stream Mass and Facebook will ban you and thus prevent you from promoting it?

Are you going to demand on pain of suspension that every priest receive the therapy?

Will you punish any parish employee or contractor in the Archdiocese of Toronto who refuses to accept the alleged morality or medical efficacy of the genetic therapy?

Will a "vaccine passport" be necessary to come to Mass?

Are you so much the compromiser as to take the advice of the same "virtuous" public health official that limited church attendance to ten? It was YOU Cardinal Collins that closed the churches and shut down the Mass in November!

Are you prepared for the lawsuits from those who have an illness or the estates of those who may die from these experimental gene therapies that you are promoting and who may take them only because they were confident because "the Cardinal said it was an act of charity and I must be charitable?"

This is just another example of a weak and ineffectual Shepherd who only a few minutes before gave a homily about the Sacred Heart of Jesus and an upcoming pastoral letter. That Heart of Jesus has just been wounded again, not by a faithful shepherd but by a hireling who has sold us out to Cesare.

Thursday, 16 March 2023

The Legacy of Thomas Cardinal Collins: Give us your money for something you didn't do!

As the great celebration of embracing gratitude for His Most Serene Eminence, Thomas "No Mass For You" Collins approaches, it behooves us to recycle some posts from the past.

Saturday, 24 September 2022

Cardinal Collins shut down the Mass for you but wants $30,000,000.00 of your money for pagan "Indigenous spirituality!"


The Archdiocese of Toronto will hold a special collection next weekend, October 1/2, to support the Indigenous Healing & Reconciliation Fund. Catholics throughout the Archdiocese of Toronto are invited to participate in this collection. The collection is a national grassroots effort to assist healing and reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples of This Land. The fund was the result of a $30 million financial commitment made by the Canadian Bishops in September 2021. 

Funds will support culture and language revitalization, education and community building, healing and reconciliation for communities and families and dialogue involving Indigenous elders, spiritual leaders and youth with a focus on Indigenous spirituality and culture. This is an opportunity to follow the invitation of the Holy Father made earlier this year for each one of us to become engaged in the healing and reconciliation journey.

For more information or to donate online, visit:

That there is generational suffering amongst many of the indigenous peoples of Canada is undeniable. This has been a result of government policy, the tearing up of the same treaties, the perversion and corruption of chiefs and so much more. Is there clean water even yet in Attawapiskat? Over a century ago, the Government of Canada developed a policy of integration and assimilation. On one hand, there were good reasons for this, including full participation of native peoples in social and economic society. On the other, the national interest of resource development, railroads and Eastern European wheat farmers necessitating getting them off their historic land to make room. It is a complicated issue. I have written previously that, in my view, the great error of the Catholics of the day, mainly religious orders, was to work hand in hand with the government in an action against the interests of the people and of truth (as with the shut down of churches over the flu). 

In two days, we will recall the Feast of the Canadian Martyrs who, while three centuries earlier, lived amongst the people and preached Christ and salvation. Those Orders and Bishops should have used St. Jean de Brebeuf and St. Isaac Jogues and companions as examples, not partnering with the secular state. Yes, we will go to their teepees and long houses and we will educate them and guide them, but we won't take them from their homes." This is what the response should have been. The question of residential school graveyards is an opportunity for anti-catholic hatred and bigotry. Yes, there are graves. Children died of diseases, influenza, diphtheria, meningitis, and measles. Maybe some were abused. A tragedy, but these are not mass graves as we understand them from Hitler or Pol Pot or Stalin.

To return to the statement above, Toronto Catholics and others in Canada are being asked to fund $30,000,000.00 in "dialogue involving Indigenous elders, spiritual leaders and youth with a focus on Indigenous spirituality and culture." What does this mean? A return to their pagan routes? The grandmothers of the four winds or whatever other pagan practices have been reborn amongst the current generation of indigenous witch doctors? They shut you out of the church and now expect you to pay for their errors while they affirm these people in pagan idolatry and deny Jesus Christ.

Not one penny. 

Wednesday, 15 March 2023

The Legacy of Thomas Cardinal Collins: Smudging in the Cathedral

 As the great celebration of embracing gratitude for His Most Serene Eminence, Thomas "No Mass For You" Collins approaches, it behooves us to recycle some posts from the past.

Friday, 7 October 2022

The first "Smudging" of Thomas Cardinal Collins, Archbishop of Toronto - November 2021

Well friends, this is probably the first "smudging" of Thomas Cardinal Collins and he gets a good smudge. The second was with the Pope and Canadian bishops and the third, more recently.

Smudge one. Smudge all!

Tuesday, 14 March 2023

The Legacy of Thomas Cardinal Collins: The sanctioning by refusing to fight on consitutional grounds the dreams of a convicted educrat pervert!

As the great celebration of embracing gratitude for His Most Serene Eminence, Thomas "No Mass For You" Collins approaches, it behooves us to recycle some posts from the past.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and the children - hers and yours

For those readers visiting this blog from outside of Ontario, the provincial government here has introduced a new curriculum that will provide explicit sexual education to our children. Those in Ontario should be well familiar with it by now and if not, you had better get familiar with it, and now! 

I have written about it before on numerous occasions and the association between the Premier, Kathleen Wynne pictured on the left with her "partner" and the convicted child pornographer Benjamin Levin, a professor at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education and former Assistant Deputy Minister of Education in the Government of Ontario's Ministry of Education. Levin, who even tried to entice a mother to abuse her own child on camera for his filthy pursuits wrote this curriculum originally under the previous government. The topics for elementary children, including those in our Catholic schools include so-called same-sex marriage, multiple gender identity, oral copulation, masturbation, sodomy, and so on beginning in the first grade.

For all those Catholics and other Christians out there who voted a few months ago for the Liberal government in Ontario, what did you think was going to happen? If you are thinking about Justin Trudeau in the next federal election, think again.

Elections have consequences and you are now the victim, or should I say, your children will be the victims. Do you really want your little girl to come home one day and talk about fellatio over the pasta? How about your little boy coming home and telling you he is going to masturbate tonight because they learned it in school today.

Premier Wynne, herself a lesbian, has called parents opposed to the change in the curriculum "homophobic." Wynne was married with three children and invited her lesbian lover to move into the master bedroom while her husband ended up in the basement. The destruction of her own family is documented in a book in which she and they participated in; now it is playing out for yours as is quite clearly demonstrated at Henry Makow, Ph.D.


Monday, 13 March 2023

Ten years later: the Bergoglian Scandal of subservience to Communist China!

It has been an outright betrayal not only of the real, underground Church in China and the suffering people, but all of the lao baixing. 

Francis has literally signed a deal with the devil.

Masonic Lodge praises election of Jorge Bergoglio "Nothing will be the same again"

It was ten years ago today. Has there been even a day of peace for Catholics? I knew nothing of Jorge Bergoglio but when he came out on the loggia, I had chills and wanted to vomit, it went on for hours. There was a reason. 

"Nothing will be the same again." When the enemy tells you what they're going to do, believe them.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Grand Orient Masonic Lodge of Italy - Martini, McCarrick and how nothing would be the same again

Oh we have so much we could write but instead, I'll just give you these pictures and links to a couple of other sites and a search for you to find it all. I have written previously of the comment, "nothing will be the same again" as stated by the Grande Oriente d'Italia upon the election of Pope Francis. The Masonic Press Agency was publicising it as well and leave most of it for you to find and spread to all the Catholic world.

So let us see, we have a powerful man telling this Cardinal that said that Jorge Bergoglio can change it in five years and one that could potentially be blackmailed to make it so and talk him up and then when it all happens the Lodge issues a statement that "nothing will be the same."

Oh, one more thing; they failed in 2005 when Joseph Ratzinger was elected as Pope. Martini was their man and when they couldn't get him elected they drove the gentle Pope from his office. 

You can figure the rest out.

So be it.

Italian Fremasonry praises Pope Francis I -01

Italian Masonry praises Cardinal Martini

Card Martini was a freemason

The Legacy of Thomas Cardinal Collins: FSSP invited in, lied to about a church given and taken away and kicked out over Holy Communion on the tongue!

 As the great celebration of embracing gratitude for His Most Serene Eminence, Thomas "No Mass For You" Collins approaches, it behooves us to recycle some posts from the past.

The FSSP was invited to Toronto and promised a parish. The parish was to be Canadian Martyrs and was publicly announced on the diocesan web page. Outrage happened and the usual suspects ganged up on a weak and ineffective leader and he took back the public offer. Neil MacCarthy, his spokesman, blamed the Pastor for publishing it. I asked Neil, "Oh, and when did Father become your webmaster?" In November of that year, 2009, the H1N1 pandemic fraud began and Thomas Cardinal Collins banished Holy Communion on the tongue. The Fraternity priest did not comply, publishing in the bulletin, "At this Mass, in accord with the universal law of the Church, Holy Communion is only distributed on the tongue." I know, I was there. I was the Schola and Choir Master. In January 2010, the Fraternity met with Collins about the need for their own church. The meeting did not go well. A few weeks later the announcement was made after Mass. It was, I recall, the Second Sunday of Lent. They were gone after the next Sunday. The Fraternity issued a statement to cover for Collins. But we all know what happened. It was an early example of: "I WILL SHUT YOU DOWN."

Sunday, 21 February 2010


TORONTO--Only three weeks after a Solemn High Mass was held on Candlemas assisted by transitional Deacons and Seminarians of St. Augustine's Seminary in Toronto; and less than a week after a column appeared on Rorate Caeli Blog extolling the provisioning of the Traditional Latin Mass in Ontario, it was announced today after the Mass for Quadragesima Sunday that effective next Sunday, February 28, 2009, the Toronto Apostolate of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter will come to an end.

Apostolate Chaplain, Father Howard VenetteFSSP addressed the nearly 100 congregants following the Mass advising the shocked congregation that the departure was due to "internal personnel" matters. Father Venette will be reassigned to Orlando, Florida following his 19 month stay in Toronto.

The FSSP was invited to Toronto by Archbishop Thomas Collins with the hopes of establishing a personal parish for the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite. In September 2009, a public announcement was made by the Fraternity and on the Archdiocese of Toronto web page that the Canadian Martyrs parish would be the location over a six-month transitional period. Within days of this announcement and without public explanation, the situation changed and the parish plan did not materialize.

Recently, the Fraternity was advised that while a parish was not currently available, its provision would depend on the continued growth and financial viability of the community. In the last 19 months, attendance at the Sunday Mass at St. Theresa Shrine Church increased over 100% from the attendance under the former indult at the Missa Lecta to the Missa Cantata.

Upon arrival in Toronto, Father Venette was in residence at Holy Cross parish where the Mass was celebrated daily and on High Holy Days. Following the situation in September over Canadian Martyrs, Father was moved to St. Brigid's where the daily Mass schedule changed from week to week and the High Holy Day liturgies were split between St. Brigid's and St. Theresa's Parish.

According to officials from Una Voce Toronto, Archbishop Collins had indicated that he desired no less than "five" Extraordinary Form Masses throughout the Archdiocese of Toronto every Sunday.

A Solemn High Mass was being planned for St. Theresa's for March 19, the Feast of St. Joseph, Patron Saint of Canada, and has now been canceled. After the departure of Father Venette, the only daily Mass in the Extraordinary Form in the Archdiocese of Toronto will be at The Toronto Oratory Church of the Holy Family. The Oratorians continue to celebrate the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite Missa Cantata or Missa Solemnis Sundays at St. Vincent de Paul Church at 11:30AM.

Saturday, 11 March 2023

The Legacy of Thomas Cardinal Collins: Gaia and Antiochus in the Cathedral

As the great celebration of embracing gratitude for His Most Serene Eminence, Thomas "No Mass For You" Collins approaches, it behooves us to recycle some posts from the past.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Gaia and Antiochus both are welcome in the Archdiocese of Toronto!

Update: Confirmed from the concert organizer. "All details of the concert were discussed with (          ), the lady in charge of the events at St. Michael’s Cathedral. Posters of the event were dropped off at the Archdiocese in Toronto at 1155 Yonge Street, where they were further distributed to Catholic Churches across the GTA."

Clearly, this took place with the full knowledge of someone at the Chancery office, not just the Cathedral.

Again, what happened to the policy on concerts in churches under the late Cardinal Ambrozic which was in accord with the norms issued by the CDWDS?

Angelica's sensual performance in St. Michael's Cathedral
House of God turned into a cabaret

Look at what they've done to the Temple of God

Please excuse your writer for being a year or two behind the time but this is what they hope for. You understand right?; they want these things to pass under the radar (May 2011). Then one day, someone organises a concert in a Catholic Church with a composition of the Divine Liturgy dedicated to a pagan goddess known as Gaia and dares to call it a Mass and it is reported. Some other people read it and make recollections of other events. I've now asked a third time for the policy of the Archdiocese of Toronto on concerts in churches.  We had one once under Cardinal Ambrozic.

Msgr. Ronan is not amused
What you see above and below is so far from what is permitted in a Church and is nothing less than a scandal. This is a desecration of the sanctuary for commercial purposes. No fee or donation to the Cathedral can justify such a use of this sacred space. A lounge singer concert (and I mean lounge singer in the most positive of ways) in a strapless dress, singing profane music in the Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Toronto. The signing of autographs and selling of (non-religious) items in the forecourt. A poster showing her bare midriff, close-ups of her body during the concert -- all of this in front of the Altar of Sacrifice! 

The Rector of St. Michael's Cathedral, Father Michael Busch has shown a failure of stewardship and a complete disregard for the sanctity of this place and the Holy of Holies. He should be ashamed of his dereliction in this regard; debasing this House of God for money!

Is it any wonder why people find refuge in the SSPX? 

Is there not something fundamentally wrong with the Church and the administration of a diocese when this is allowed to happen?

Don't we take our hats off in Church? 
The Cardinal Archbishop of Toronto, Thomas Collins lives at the Bishop's Palace attached to the Cathedral where this desecration occurred. Your Eminence this is wrong, we are owed an explanation. What are you going to do about this? What are you going to do to ensure that this kind of desecration in our churches is going to stop? What about reparation to God?

No artist has a right to desecrate the Cathedral with a secular, commercial performance in a sacred space set apart for the worship of God. 

The dress is beautiful, the woman is obviously talented and fully suitable to Roy Thomson Hall, but not here, not in the Cathedral of Toronto.  Concerts of this type are simply not to be held in churches, the Vatican Congregation responsible has already stated it. 

The quote below is from a composition about Jesus sung and available in the authorized links below.
"Nobody's wrong and nobody's right. We're all givers of light... you just be truth, be truth yourself and lead you as you really are

The "Dictatorship of Relativism" sung loud and proud in St. Michael's Cathedral Cabaret, but I can tell you with certainty; this is not what Jesus would say.