A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Tuesday 31 October 2017

Masonic - Catholic conference to take place in Italy!

Promoted on the Twitter page of the Masonic Grand Orient Lodge of Italy is this conference to take place on November 12 in Siracusa (Syracuse) located on the southwest coast of Sicily with relevant reading at:

See also our own writings on the Grand Lodge of Italy and their praise, still existing on the Masonic Press Agency web page, that under Bergoglio, "nothing will be the same again."

Take courage friends. Stay close to Our Lord and the Rosary. 

Monday 30 October 2017

Catholics arrested in Brussels Cathedral

These things have I spoken to you, that you may not be scandalized. They will put you out of the synagogues: yea, the hour cometh, that whosoever killeth you, will think that he doth a service to God. And these things will they do to you; because they have not known the Father, nor me. But these things I have told you, that when the hour shall come, you may remember that I told you of them. John: 16. 1-4

In the Cathedral of St. Michael, the seat of Jozef De Kesel, Bergoglio appointee to the See of Mechelen-Brussels, a group of Catholics were arrested for praying the Hail Mary. They were doing penance for the blasphemous celebration of the protestant revolution and the praising, in the same cathedral, of the heretic, Martin Luther. 

Welcome to the merciful FrancisChurch.

Sunday 29 October 2017

The Ecumenical Mass of Bergoglio is straight out of Hell

Early this year, the blogger "Fra Cristoforo" on Anonimi Della Croce posted about the development of an "Ecumenical Mass" for Catholic and Protestants to celebrate together. The blog is now back with a new address and the rumour has actually gained some credibility. 

We wrote about the latest on this blasphemous matter in a story by Marco Tossatti. Now, in his blog, Stilum Curae, Tossatti goes even further in describing the unrestrained influence of a lay Italian "liturgist," Andrew Grillo, who is involved in a major way, in the process, Grillo is a professor at the Pontifical Academy of Saint Anselmo.

“Transubstantiation is not a dogma, and as an explanation it has its limits. For example, it contradicts metaphysics.”

What does Bergoglio think of all this?

Be strong friends, it is getting very rough. Remember that Christ has already won it. Do not submit to these malefactors, these liars, these haters of Christ. Denounce these men. Denounce their actions. Denounce this ecumenical abomination of desolation which removes Christ from the Mass. Denounce any bishop who forces it. Denounce any and every priest who participates in this blasphemy. Do not accept it under any circumstances.

Amoris Laetitia is more about the Holy Eucharist then anything else. They hate the Truth, they hate Our Lord, they hate His Church, they hate you.

And Bergoglio still will not genuflect at Mass.

Cardinal Brandmüller: Defenders of a Second Union are "excommunicated"

Image result for Brandmüller

Has Cardinal Brandmüller just thrown down the gauntlet at Bergoglio?

Does he have bodyguards and a food taster?

Bergoglio will not answer the dubia. If he answers one way, he would need to renounce his program of error and uphold magisterial teaching. If the other, he convicts himself of heresy and would cease to be Pope.

The logic then, is that Bergoglio is already in heresy, it is only that it has not been formally proclaimed by those empowered to do so - cardinals and bishops in an "imperfect Council." Following logically then, whether an imperfect Council takes place or not to declare the formal declaration of heresy - that is one thing, the reality of the fact is quite another, that Bergoglio is in heresy. Then the real tough question must be asked, "If Bergoglio is in heresy, is he still Pope?"

"Anyone who says a new union can begin while a legally married partner is still alive is excommunicated, because this is an heresy," Cardinal Walter Brandmüller, 88, told the German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (October 28).
Brandmüller explains: "The fact that marriage is a sacrament and therefore indissoluble is a dogma." It points out that no adulterer can receive Holy Communion.
The Cardinal can not understand the fact that Francesco does not respond to the Dubia about the Amoris Laetitia. He asks: "Can something be good today, if it was a sin yesterday?" Also: "Are there still actions that are always morally condemnable in every circumstance, such as murder or adultery?" Brandmüller is concerned about a "schism" in the Church.

More reading on this:


Saturday 28 October 2017

Archbishop Paul Gallagher admits that the ecumenical movement is not about Christ!

Paul Gallagher is the Secretary for Relations with States at the Vatican's Secretariat of State. 

He is quoted as saying:
“Some have tended to see ecumenical endeavour as a question of church, or as an internal Christian affair in which our unity will be good for the growth or even survival of Christ’s church. Given all we face today, given the urgency and precariousness of our situation I would argue rather that ecumenical engagement is a moral imperative for all of us who are baptised in the name of the Blessed Trinity. We must proceed together as the one Body of Christ, not because it will be nice or cosy to do so but because we have to in response to the pressing needs of humanity.”

More false oecumenism for these modernists. If these Church leaders continue to refuse to make it clear to protestants that the goal must be their acceptance of the One, True, Church and the Real Presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Eucharist and the priesthood, then there can be no oecumenism. 

Barona at Witness has solid commentary.

Keep your wits about you, friend. It's going to get rough.

Next, the ecumenical "Mass" and the denial of Transubstantiation.

Bishop Crosby of Hamilton "commemorates" the Reformation! His Cathedral is to Christ the King!

Coming Together in Common Prayer: The 500th Anniversary of the Reformation
One of these is Bishop Doug, the Catholic Bishop of Hamilton
In a Diocese with one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Canada outside of Quebec built in the 1930 and named after Christ the King, which commemorated the then recent institution of the Social Kingship of Christ the King by Pius XI on the protestant "Reformation Sunday," Bishop Douglas Crosby, OMI of Hamilton joins in celebration with Lutherans, the heretical poisonous action of that lecherous malefactor.

Clearly following the lead of Bergoglio of Rome, the one thing Crosby didn't do is erect a chocolate statue of the heretical Augustinian.

Celebrating and commemorating the loss of nation and peoples from the Church, the destruction of monasteries, the murder of hundreds of thousands of faithful Catholics, the spread of heresy, the creation of an environment of philosophical and theological error that persists to this day and which lead to the French Revolution, Freemasonry, Communism and Illuminism and the complete loss of faith of Germany and the rest of Europe. Yes, let us commemorate and celebrate that.

The article states, "the Spirit of God is calling us in our time to a renewed sense of common mission, prayer and service." What blasphemy. The Holy Spirit would only call protestants back to the unity of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Fifty years of this wretched false ecumenism and all it has done is make Catholics, protestant.

How many more stories such as this will we be subjected to this weekend?

Perhaps Bishop Doug should read this!

by Gerhard L. Cardinal Müller
There is great confusion today when we talk about Luther, and it needs to be said clearly that from the point of view of dogmatic theology, from the point of view of the doctrine of the Church, it wasn’t a reform at all but rather a revolution, that is, a total change of the foundations of the Catholic Faith.
It is not realistic to argue that [Luther’s] intention was only to fight against abuses of indulgences or the sins of the Renaissance Church. Abuses and evil actions have always existed in the Church, not only during the Renaissance, and they still exist today. We are the holy Church because of the God’s grace and the Sacraments, but all the men of the Church are sinners, they all need forgiveness, contrition, and repentance.
This distinction is very important. And in the book written by Luther in 1520, “De captivitate Babylonica ecclesiae,” it is absolutely clear that Luther has left behind all of the principles of the Catholic Faith, Sacred Scripture, the Apostolic Tradition, the magisterium of the Pope and the Councils, and of the episcopate. In this sense, he upended the concept of the homogeneous development of Christian doctrine as explained in the Middle Ages, even denying that a sacrament is an efficacious sign of the grace contained therein. He replaced this objective efficacy of the sacraments with a subjective faith. Here, Luther abolished five sacraments, and he also denied the Eucharist: the sacrificial character of the sacrament of the Eucharist, and the real conversion of the substance of bread and wine into the substance of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. Furthermore, he called the sacrament of episcopal ordination, the sacrament of Orders, an invention of the Pope — whom he called the Antichrist — and not part of the Church of Jesus Christ. Instead, we say that the sacramental hierarchy, in communion with the successor of Peter, is an essential element of the Catholic Church, and not only a principle of a human organization.
That is why we cannot accept Luther’s reform being called a reform of the Church in a Catholic sense. Catholic reform is a renewal of faith lived in grace, in the renewal of customs, of ethics, a spiritual and moral renewal of Christians; not a new foundation, not a new Church.
It is therefore unacceptable to assert that Luther’s reform “was an event of the Holy Spirit.” On the contrary, it was against the Holy Spirit. Because the Holy Spirit helps the Church to maintain her continuity through the Church’s magisterium, above all in the service of the Petrine ministry: on Peter has Jesus founded His Church (Mt 16:18), which is “the Church of the living God, the pillar and bulwark of the truth” (1 Tim 3:15). The Holy Spirit does not contradict Himself.
We hear so many voices speaking too enthusiastically about Luther, not knowing exactly his theology, his polemics and the disastrous effect of this movement which destroyed the unity of millions of Christians with the Catholic Church. We cannot evaluate positively his good will, the lucid explanation of the shared mysteries of faith but not his statements against the Catholic Faith, especially with regard to the sacraments and hierarchical-apostolic structure of the Church. 
Nor is it correct to assert that Luther initially had good intentions, meaning by this that it was the rigid attitude of the Church that pushed him down the wrong road. This is not true: Luther was intent on fighting against the selling of indulgences, but the goal was not indulgences as such, but as an element of the Sacrament of Penance.
Nor is it true that the Church refused to dialogue: Luther first had a dispute with John Eck; then the Pope sent Cardinal Gaetano as a liaison to talk to him. We can discuss the methods, but when it comes to the substance of the doctrine, it must be stated that the authority of the Church did not make mistakes. Otherwise, one must argue that, for a thousand years, the Church has taught errors regarding the faith, when we know — and this is an essential element of doctrine — that the Church can not err in the transmission of salvation in the sacraments.
One should not confuse personal mistakes and the sins of people in the Church with errors in doctrine and the sacraments. Those who do this believe that the Church is only an organization comprised of men and deny the principle that Jesus himself founded His Church and protects her in the transmission of the faith and grace in the sacraments through the Holy Spirit. His Church is not a merely human organization: it is the body of Christ, where the infallibility of the Council and the Pope exists in precisely described ways. All of the councils speak of the infallibility of the Magisterium, in setting forth the Catholic faith. Amid today’s confusion, in many people this reality has been overturned: they believe the Pope is infallible when he speaks privately, but then when the Popes throughout history have set forth the Catholic faith, they say it is fallible.
Of course, 500 years have passed. It’s no longer the time for polemics but for seeking reconciliation: but not at the expense of truth. One should not create confusion. While on the one hand, we must be able to grasp the effectiveness of the Holy Spirit in these other non-Catholic Christians who have good will, and who have not personally committed this sin of separation from the Church, on the other we cannot change history, and what happened 500 years ago. It’s one thing to want to have good relations with non-Catholic Christians today, in order to bring us closer to a full communion with the Catholic hierarchy and with the acceptance of the Apostolic Tradition according to Catholic doctrine. It’s quite another thing to misunderstand or falsify what happened 500 years ago and the disastrous effect it had. An effect contrary to the will of God: “… that they may all be one; even as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be in us, so that the world may believe that thou has sent me” (Jn 17:21).

Thursday 26 October 2017

The slap in the face heard around the world

The praise of Bergoglio's Evangelii Gaudium, his "manifesto" or his "mein kampf" displayed for all who would read and comprehend, the destruction this fiendish and unscrupulous derelict had in mind for the Church of Christ.

Image result for bishop slap in the faceSandro Magister reminds us of that fact in this morning's post about the humiliation and rebuke of Robert Card. Sarah by the Bishop of Rome, a man incapable intellectually and spiritually of walking in the shadow of the African.

The "devolution" of the Catholic Church spoken of by Bergoglio after the second Synod on the destruction of the family is in full swing. He told everyone he would do it, and bishops and cardinals sit by and do nothing whilst this enemy of Christ and His poor abuse flock continue to react in horror as to what this malefactor undertakes.

Because the “process” that Francis wants to set in motion is precisely that of changing, through a devolution of liturgical adaptations and translations to the national Churches, the overall structure of the Catholic Church, turning it into a federation of national Churches endowed with extensive autonomy, “including genuine doctrinal authority.”
These last words come from “Evangelii Gaudium,” the agenda-setting text of Francis’s pontificate.

Devolving doctrinal authority to local bishops conferences is not Catholic. 

Wake up people. Wake up to the reality that is in front of us

Do not, however, do not abandon Christ, or His Truth or His True Church. What is coming on us is going to shake the faith, shake the belief in the indefectibility of the Church. Do not doubt that, the Church of Christ, Catholic is indefectible, what these malefactors are doing is creating a false church.

Do not follow these men into Hell.

Remain faithful to Christ, eternal Rome and the magisterial teaching of the fathers.

"The worldly gospel has unleashed Hell on Earth." Now - which priests would those be who preach this "worldly gospel?"

Tuesday 24 October 2017

The "Mass" of Bergoglio

In the article one below on Cardinal Sarah and the posted story by Marco Tosatti, there are two paragraphs which deserve to be highlighted separately.

Another humiliation occurred when the pope eliminated most of the existing members from the Congregation for Divine Worship and replaced them with people who are more hostile to Sarah and his liturgical views. And there is the matter of the “Ecumenical Mass,” a liturgy designed to unite Catholics and Protestants around the Holy Table. Though never officially announced, a committee reporting directly to Pope Francis has been working on this liturgy for some time. Certainly this topic is within the jurisdiction of the Congregation for Divine Worship, but Cardinal Sarah has not officially been informed of the committee’s existence. According to good sources, Sarah’s secretary, Arthur Roche—who holds positions opposite to those of Benedict XVI and Sarah—is involved, as is Piero Marini, the right-hand man of Monsignor Bugnini, author of such noted works as La Chiesa in Iran and Novus Ordo Missae. 
To those names, add the Undersecretary of Divine Worship, Corrado Maggioni, and a layman, the extremely “progressive” liturgist Andrea Grillo. Recently, Grillo harshly attacked Benedict XVI after the pope emeritus wrote in the preface to one of Sarah’s books that with Sarah, “the liturgy is in good hands.” And Grillo attacked Sarah himself, calling him “incompetent and inadequate.” If Grillo behaves so uncouthly, it must be because he is sure of being protected by friends in high places . .

Arthur Roche, Piero Marini - Bugnini is back from the grave.

Benedict XVI and John Paul II's work is all straw to these men.

Refuge is in the traditional Latin Mass.

Is the Pope using Alinsky tactics against Cardinal Sarah? Is racism behind the attacks by his minions?

Quite the headline. Yet to be sure, one must ask the question?

Robert Cardinal Sarah has been, what can only be described as, abused, by Pope Francis and his minions such as Robert Micken, Massimo Faggioli and others when it comes to Cardinal Sarah. First, it was the Cardinal's comments a year ago about "ad orientem," now, he has been pubicly dressed down by Bergoglio to the cheering mobs of minions

Pure Alinsky tactics to discredit and malign. We also well remember Cardinal Kasper's comments about Africans, that "they should not tell us too much what to do."

Is racism an issue here? It's a fair question, because Caucasian European and American bishops and cardinals are making continuous statements that go against the faith. Yet, here we have this African who upholds the faith and the treatment is different.

My view?

The Holy Spirit is at work allowing complete freedom by withdrawing grace from the enemies to show themselves. At the same time, he is pouring out grace upon Cardinal Sarah to refine him from an dross as in a refiner's fire.

There is a reason why Bergoglio, Kasper, Faggioli, Micken and the rest or doing this.

They can see it as clearly as you and I.

The only question is, what name will he take?

Sunday 22 October 2017

Has Francis dressed down Cardinal Sarah over issue of translations of the liturgy?

On a Sunday, (October 15) of all days, Pope Bergoglio issued a letter to Cardinal Robert Sarah, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments on the matter of translations. 

Father Zuhsdorf has his take on it; particularly on the scumbags known as Massimo Faggioli, James Martin and Robert Mickens.




Pope tells Sarah power is indeed shifting from Rome to the bishops

Pope tells Sarah power is indeed shifting from Rome to the bishops
In a rare move, Pope Francis has issued a public letter to one of his own cardinals correcting their interpretation of one of his decisions. In a missive dated Oct. 15, Francis tells Cardinal Robert Sarah of Guinea, head of the Vatican's liturgical department, that the pope's recent document 'Magnum Principium' does indeed mean a power shift away from Rome and toward local bishops' conferences.

Not all is OK in Oklahoma

Since the retirement of Bishop Edward Slattery of Tulsa and his replacement with David Konderla, there has been some controversy. First, there was the departure of exorcist Father Chad Rippenger and then that of the removal of a fledgling group of nuns, the Daughter of Mary, Mother of Israel's Hope. 

The article below is a guest post by Laramie Hirch of The Hirsch Files.


The original modernist design 
of Sts. Peter and Paul.  Bare bones, 
vacuous, empty...modern.
I'm doing my best to try to not post much about the local Tulsa Catholic ordeal.  I never set out to be a reporter or any such thing.  Yet, if I don't document what has been happening in this particular diocese, I don't think anyone will.  And recently, something so beautiful--and, perhaps, even sad--has been occurring over the past month, and I think I would be neglectful to not share it.

But first, a few things.  I want to thank my online colleague, Vox Cantoris, for allowing me to share this information with you.  My blog, The Hirsch Files, is still currently down for various reasons, and I would otherwise have no way of sharing this story.  (Anyone who wishes to still view my blog and its archives can obtain an invitation by mailing me at nobious1 at gmail dot com.)

Next, some background.  Since September of last year (2016), I have been covering the incremental dismantling of the Traditional Catholic network in the Tulsa diocese.  This has been ongoing ever since the pro-Traditionalist Catholic Bishop Slattery went into retirement under Pope Francis, and was replaced with the young Bishop Konderla--a former college chaplain for Texas A&M University.  Since then, under this new bishop, Tulsa has witnessed the ouster of famed exorcist, Fr. Paul Ripperger, as well as the ouster of an order of nuns called the Daughters of Mary, led by Mother Miriam, host of Heart to Heart With Mother Miriam.  A wave of subtle and not-so-subtle changes against Tradition has been sweeping across the diocese.  For example, Vespers and ad orientum have been cancelled at the downtown Cathedral, much to the delight of the modernist priests in the diocese.

Another recent piece of sad news was the sabbatical of Fr. Timothy Davidson from Sts. Peter and Paul, the location of Tulsa's diocesan Latin Mass.  At this parish, Fr. Davidson oversaw Mass for the Novus Ordo English and Spanish communities, as well as the Tridentine Latin Mass.  Not only was Fr. Davidson loved by the community he worked for, but the conversion of his heart towards Tradition became known even to The Remnant.  It has been stated that Fr. Davidson left to take care of family out of state; however, one wonders if that is common practice for priests, and if perhaps something else is going on.  Fr. Davidson's absence has left the future of the diocesan TLM hanging on life support.

Which brings us to the recent phenomenon.


Before Fr. Davidson left Sts. Peter and Paul, he made sure to have a legacy plan in place.  Out of love for the communities that have formed around the parish, including the Latin community, Fr. Davidson made plans to perpetuate what he tried to build up for the glory of God.

Now, in order to perpetuate the TLM, Fr. Davidson made sure to teach another parish priest how to say the Latin Mass.  However, there was a problem.  This second priest did not speak English.  Therefore, an English-speaking deacon would give the homily.  This arrangement certainly has felt a bit dicey for that parish, and understandably, a few families have left the parish for the seemingly more secure FSSP parish across the Arkansas River.

The Latin community's continuation is also dubious because the Bishop of Tulsa has placed a priest in charge of the parish who is not, exactly, friendly to Tradition.  His approach, it has been said, has been rough around the edges, and it appears the new pastor has a hesitation to accept the new parish, being averse to Tradition.

Why do I say this about the new priest, and what has happened?

One of the first things that occurred with the arrival of the new priest was that ad orientum was abolished in the English and Spanish Masses.  The altar is a modernist "supper table" once more.  Furthermore, the new priest has insisted that it's okay for the laity to stand to receive communion irreverently in the hand.  And, I could be wrong, but I think the new priest intentionally does not help the Spanish-speaking priest with the TLM during communion--though he will dart in and give a homily now and then, darting out again when he's finished.

Beauty Under Siege

There is still a Spanish-speaking priest officiating the Universal Mass of the Ages at Sts. Peter and Paul.  The Anglos at the TLM don't understand him much, but they do understand his intentions--and struggles--to keep Traditional Catholicism alive.  The pressure upon the Spanish-speaking priest must be great, as he has not only the weight of the official parish priest to bear, but also the weight of Bishop Konderla's disdain for the TLM and the Traditionalist community.

Consequently, as a result of the undoing of the loving work of the former pastor, some families from the Spanish community have come over to the Latin Mass.  These families are tired of the modernist subversion tactics, and they seem to be going against the New Order that is being forced upon them by the new parish priest.  They are retreating towards Universalism.  They are escaping to the true Catholicism that once united the entire world.  And, I say again, these families are Spanish-speaking parishioners.  They have replenished the numbers of the Latin community.

For years, I can tell you, Fr. Davidson sought to do his best to merge the English-speakers and the Spanish-speakers into one community that would be universal.  That is the reason why the Mass was always in Latin.  Because it was a universal language that people of different cultures and languages could mutually understand together.  Yet, Fr. Davidson just couldn't pull it off during his tenure.  There were hang-ups in the past, for whatever reason.  Perhaps the Hispanic community was hesitant about the idea of the TLM, which was something they didn't understand.  Perhaps they were too comfortable with Mass being said in the vernacular.  Perhaps they took Fr. Davidson for granted when he was still in the parish.

However, now it is being demonstrated that a Spanish-speaking priest is trying to carry out the universal mission of the Catholic Church with the TLM.  And the Hispanic community at Sts. Peter and Paul are beginning to see that this priest--who can speak their language and understand their culture--is under a sort of attack.  And so they come to his aid with their numbers.  Are they acting out of love for true Catholicism, which they are beginning to understand now under the duress of struggle?  Is this merely a tribal reaction to show support for the Spanish-speaking priest?  I cannot tell which is the case, but this phenomenon is happening, and there is much potential for friendship and solidarity between the Hispanic and Anglo community.  

This little event at Sts. Peter and Paul is a microcosm of what the Universal Church is all about.  It is sad that it takes soft persecution, veiled threats, and struggle in order to come to something like this.  But it's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen in a church community in my entire life.


At long last, the Anglo and Hispanic communities at Sts. Peter and Paul are finding a place to have common ground.  They are uniting under the Latin Mass.

Will Sts. Peter and Paul return to
its spartan, blank style?
I pray that Bishop Konderla, the new priest at Sts. Peter and Paul, and all modernist priests in the Diocese of Tulsa consider this wonderful thing that has happened in the diocesan TLM community.  It is said that Bishop Slattery was once a sort of Baby Boomer bishop whose heart converted.  Dear Lord, please let it be the same with this parish's new priest and bishop.

There is more to the Catholic Faith than just liberal novelties stemming from the late 1960s.  The Faith can be as deep as the ocean if you allow it to be.  There is no end to the number of profound things that can occur in a Tradition that has been built up for 2,000 years.  Catholicism holds a vast arsenal of incredible truths and much potential beyond our imaginations--if only our modern pastors would stop fighting against it. 

There is nothing wrong with a Renaissance.  

Friday 20 October 2017

Francis Bergoglio corrects Jesus Christ and manipulates the words of Holy Scripture

Greg Burke, the Bishop of Rome's spokesman, owes it to the Catholic faithful to state whether Eugenio Scalfari of La Repubblica is telling the truth in his statement of what Jorge Bergoglio said:
“Pope Francis has abolished the places where souls were supposed to go after death: hell, purgatory, heaven. The idea he holds is that souls dominated by evil and unrepentant cease to exist, while those that have been redeemed from evil will be taken up into beatitude, contemplating God.”
This is heresy. The heresy of "Annihilationism." It denies the eternal soul and the eternity of Hell. 

The second heresy is "Universalism." This is the heresy that everyone is saved. 

Sandro Magister has written this morning about the various times Jorge Bergoglio has either "corrected" Our Lord Jesus Christ or the Holy Apostles, or he has manipulated the words of Our Lord and Holy Scripture by not finishing the sentence.

It is a revealing and damning indictment of Bergoglio and the lapdog minions like Greg Burke who help him sell his snake oil.

What follows below are the highlights of the Gospel According to Bergoglio, the rest of this indictment can be read at: 



On Wednesday, October 11, at the general audience in Saint Peter’s Square, Francis said that such a judgment is not to be feared, because “at the end of our history there is the merciful Jesus,” and therefore “everything will be saved. Everything.”

In the text distributed to the journalists accredited to the Holy See, this last word, “everything,” was emphasized in boldface.


At another general audience a few months ago, on Wednesday, August 23, Francis gave for the end of history an image that is entirely and only comforting: that of “an immense tent, where God will welcome all mankind so as to dwell with them definitively.”

An image that is not his own but is taken from chapter 21 of Revelation, but from which Francis was careful not to cite the following words of Jesus:

“The victor will inherit these gifts, and I shall be his God, and he will be my son. But as for cowards, the unfaithful, the depraved, murderers, the unchaste, sorcerers, idol-worshipers, and deceivers of every sort, their lot is in the burning pool of fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”


And again, in commenting during the Angelus of Sunday, October 15 on the parable of the wedding banquet (Matthew 22: 1-14) that was read at all the Masses on that day, Francis carefully avoided citing the most unsettling parts.

Both that in which “the king became indignant, sent his troops, had those murderers killed and their city burned.”

And that in which, having seen “one man who was not wearing the wedding garment,” the king ordered his servants: “Bind him hand and foot and throw him out into the darkness; there shall be weeping there, and gnashing of teeth.”


On the previous Sunday, October 8, another parable, that of the murderous vine dressers (Matthew 21:33-43), had undergone the same selective treatment.

In commenting on the parable during the Angelus, the pope left out what the owner of the vineyard does to those farmers who killed the servants and finally the son: “He will put those wretches to a miserable death.” Much less did he cite the concluding words of Jesus, referring to himself as the “cornerstone”: “He who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces; but when it falls on any one, it will crush him.”

Thursday 19 October 2017

Gregory Baum is dead

Image result

Gregory Baum is dead at 94.

Canada's peritus at the Second Vatican Council, theologian, priest, betrayer of his call, husband, sodomite, Protestant, father of the Winnipeg Statement, heretic, -- has gone to his judgement. 

Steve Jalsevac of LifeSiteNews has written:

"Msgr. Foy, whom I personally knew very well, possessed documents which claimed that Gregory Baum was a Marxist spy sent to Canada to infiltrate and corrupt the Catholic Church. That cannot be verified, but it is not beyond reason to consider the claim could be true, given the devastation that Baum caused in the Church."

I don't think there is any doubt that if Bella Dodd was telling the truth, this man was one of their "better" plants.

Whatever prayer can do him good at this time, - "may God have mercy upon his soul," for now, Gregory knows the terrible truth.

For more on Baum.

Wednesday 18 October 2017

Well then George, if the Church must listen and respond to questions, then answer the Dubia!

Better to say nothing that I am thinking.  

Pope on interviews: Church must listen, respond to people’s questions

Pope Francis answers questions from journalists aboard his flight from Yerevan, Armenia, to Rome last year. (CNS/Paul Haring)

Pope Francis answers questions from journalists aboard his flight from Yerevan, Armenia, to Rome last year. (CNS/Paul Haring)
By Cindy Wooden
Catholic News Service
VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Replying to questions and giving interviews are a “pastoral risk” Pope Francis said he is prepared to take, because it is the best way to know and respond to people’s real concerns.
“I know this can make me vulnerable, but it is a risk I want to take,” the pope wrote in the introduction to a new book collecting transcripts of question-and-answer sessions he has held all over the world.
The collection in Italian, “Adesso Fate le Vostre Domande” (“Now, Ask Your Questions”), was edited by Jesuit Father Antonio Spadaro and scheduled for release Oct. 19. The pope’s introduction was published Oct. 17 in the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.
“I want a church that knows how to enter into people’s conversations, that knows how to dialogue,” Pope Francis wrote.
The model is the Gospel account of the risen Lord’s meeting with the disciples on the road to Emmaus. “The Lord ‘interviews’ the disciples who are walking discouraged,” he said. “For me, the interview is part of this conversation the church is having with men and women today.”
The interviews and Q&A sessions “always have a pastoral value,” Pope Francis said, and are an important part of his ministry, just like inviting a small group of people to his early morning Mass each day.
The chapel of the Domus Sanctae Marthae, where he lives, “is, let’s say, my parish. I need that communication with people.”
And, in interviews, the journalists often ask the questions that are on the minds of the faithful, he said.
The most regular appointment he has for responding to questions is on the flights back to Rome from his foreign trips when he holds a news conference with the journalists who travel with him.
“There, too, on those trips, I like to look people in the eye and respond to their questions sincerely,” he wrote. “I know that I have to be prudent, and I hope I am. I always pray to the Holy Spirit before I start listening to the questions and responding.”
His favorite interviews, he said, are with small, neighborhood newspapers and magazines. “There I feel even more at ease,” the pope said. “In fact, in those cases I really am listening to the questions and concerns of common people. I try to respond spontaneously, in a conversation I hope is understandable, and not with rigid formulas.”
“For me,” he said, “interviews are a dialogue, not a lesson.”
Even when the questions are submitted in advance, the pope said he does not prepare his answers. Watching the person ask the question and responding directly is important.
“Yes, I am afraid of being misinterpreted,” he said. “But, I repeat, I want to run this pastoral risk.

Tuesday 17 October 2017

Divine Worship at St. Thomas More Ordinariate Parish in Toronto

The Anglican Ordinariate of St. Thomas More Parish is home at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church on Roncesvalles Avenue in Toronto. Divine Worship is Sunday at 12:30.

Monday 16 October 2017

It was Martha - the story of a woman who sought the pearl of great price

For twelve years now, I've republished this memorial to my late mother. How terrible of me, I had totally forgotten until early this afternoon, around the time of her passing, I saw a Tweet referring to the fact that today is the Feast of St. Hedwig and for reasons you will discover shortly, that made me recall this day. There are no coincidences.

Putting aside the insanity of Rome, may this lift your heart as it continues to life mine.


On October 16, 2006 in her 92nd year, my mother was called home to the LORD. She was a woman of great faith in God and taught many lessons to all those who came into contact with her. This was especially true in her last few years. She suffered the loss of her first grandson and then her first son from cancer and bore much physical suffering with faith, trust and humility.

October 16 is, according to the calendar for the Traditional Latin Mass, the Feast of St. Hedwig a medieval Polish duchess; she died on October 14, 1243. She was also maternal aunt of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, incidentally my maternal grandmother's name. So it was then for me a serendipitous moment when at the Mass that morning, the Epistle from the First Letter of Blessed Paul the Apostle to Timothy was read:

Dearly beloved: Honour widows that are widows indeed. But if any widow have children, or grandchildren, let her learn first to govern her own house, and to make a return of duty to her parents: for this is acceptable before God. But she that is a widow indeed, and desolate, let her trust in God and continue in supplications and prayers night and day. For she that liveth in pleasures is dead while she is living. And this give in charge, that they may be blameless. But if any man have not care of his own, and especially of those of his house, he hath denied the faith and is worse than an infidel. Let a widow be chosen of no less than threescore years of age, who hath been the wife of one husband having testimony for her good works, if she have brought up children, if she have received to harbour, if she have washed the saints' feet, if she have ministered to them that suffer tribulation, if she have diligently followed every good work.

The Gospel was the parable about the "pearl of great price." Martha spent her life auctioning all for that pearl and I believe she found it.

A few days before she died it was my 50th birthday. We sat at the kitchen table eating dinner. I was feeding her and told her that 50 years ago we were in the same kitchen and at the same places at table except she was feeding me and now I was feeding her. We had a conversation and she told me that she was ready to go whenever God was to call her. Often we hear or read of those things that are “unexplained” except by coincidence, of course. To those who know and love God, “there are no coincidences.” Not even the fact that the Epistle read that day was one of the two options from the "Common of Holy Women."

That day started as many others. I woke my son for school, I got ready for work and before dashing out the door and bidding her adieu the home care assistant was there to help her get ready for the day and stay with her whilst I was at work.

I had gone to Mass at the Oratory on my lunch hour. I had just gotten back to work around 1:00 PM as the second aid arrived for the shift-change back at home. Her name was Bridget and as she arrived she went into the family room. My mother had only moments earlier complained to Cora, the morning aid, of difficulty breathing and then closed her eyes. Bridget yelled out her name, “Martha, Martha!” and gently slapped her. She stirred and let out a long breath.

My mother Martha, died.

I got the call moments later and on the way home it was clear from speaking to the paramedics that she was gone. She suffered a merciful cardiac arrest, yet because I refused to post a Do Not Resuscitate as experience taught me that would include choking to death, the paramedics were working on her with Adrenalin and heart paddles but were not having any success. I spoke to Bridget and told her that a priest from the local parish was on his way (the Sacrament of the Sick, what we used to call Extreme Unction had already been administered by one of her faithful Oratorian Priests a few weeks earlier.) I asked Bridget to go to my mother’s bedroom and retrieve the sick visit Crucifix from the wall above her bed. (This is a Crucifix which slides off and is placed in a stand; on either side are then candle holders and some of the necessary items for the Sacrament).

When I arrived home my mother’s eyes were open and she seemed semi-conscious but staring straight up to the ceiling, she was unresponsive. The priest arrived a few moments later and anointed her. She was transported to “St. Joe’s,” where my father also died, and she did not regain consciousness again. I sat with her and prayed the rosary and sang the Divine Mercy Chaplet to her. After a priest from the Oratory visited and prayed, and then after consulting with him, I instructed the medical staff to remove the respirator and all the intervention they forced upon her in my earlier absence, it was around 5:00 PM. Just after 8:00 I went outside for some air and a few minutes later my sister came to get me that our mother had died. She had just gone out of the room to the nurses desk to make a phone call. My sister was not out of the room a half-minute and no more than 5 metres away and mother passed. It was as if she could not let herself go whilst we were with her.

So, what does this have to do with coincidence?

The next day I called Bridget and asked her to stay on for a few more days to be at the house to tidy and answer the phone and assist with guests. Bridget was quite upset to be sure. She had been with my mother daily for the last year and often spoke of how well she was always treated and “their little talks.” She came to me with apprehension that she really needed to talk to me about something.

The paramedics, with all of their intervention, “brought her back.” It took 14 minutes from the time they began to get a pulse. What was disturbing Bridget was that there was no reaction to their work; nothing, until my car screeched in the driveway.

“I have a pulse!” exclaimed the paramedic. It was simultaneous with the screeching of my tires, said Bridget.

But there is more. Bridget was shaking and in tears.

“David, I had a dream Sunday night," my mother having died on Monday.

She went on to say that she as typical she had forgotten the dream; until at least she went to my mother’s bedroom to get the Crucifix. Upon seeing Jesus on the Cross the dream came back to her for just a moment and then again, it was gone. The house after all was a mass of confusion, police, fire-fighters, the paramedics, and eventually me, and the Priest; Bridget was now a bystander.

After we left for the hospital, Bridget was alone and tidying up and it was what happened then that she was so desperate to tell me.

At that singular moment in time something happened to Bridget that she will never forget. Nor will I.

Bridget recalled for me her dream.
“I was standing on a street-corner in small town with other people. We were laughing at this man dressed in a robe and with long-hair. He said his name was Jesus and we were making fun of him. Just then a young beautiful woman stepped off of the curb and started to cross the street; she turned around and looked at us, she had tears in her eyes, tears of overwhelming joy, she was happy, really happy. It was then that Jesus took her hand and walked across the road with her.”
That was Bridget’s dream, but I didn't understand.

She went on to say that when she woke up from it she was aware that she needed to be more like the woman who walked across the street. That she needed to have “more faith in Jesus.”

I told her that it seemed like a pretty plausible conclusion.

“Wait” Bridget said, “There is more, you don't understand."

I waited and listened as she started to cry.

“David, I remembered the dream only for a moment when carrying the Cross.”

“When I was tidying up I put the Cross on the end-table over there.”

“Yes, it looks nice there” I replied.

“No, David, you don’t understand, the picture, the picture beside the Cross.”

“Yes, Bridget, what is it?”

“That picture of your mother at graduation.” Bridget started to cry.

“It was her; she was the girl in my dream, it was Martha!"


Sunday 15 October 2017

The SSPX: "But if it be of God, you cannot overthrow it."

This writer does not attend the Society of St. Pius X chapel in Toronto. On Sundays, Vox and Fox drive two hours and two dioceses away to assist in developing the community there in a properly offered traditional Latin liturgy, with Gregorian chant and organ. Our choir is growing, mostly young women, our organist, at 13, can perform on the organ, and the community can sing, Mass I, II, III, IV, VI, VIII, IX, XI, XII, XV, XVII and Credo I-VI plus the Marian antiphons and sprinkling rites. That is the labour that this writer attends to on  Sundays, it is tiring and it is greatly rewarding to see how the community is growing. It is a humble group of faith. No rancour. No polemics. Only the gift by God to allow me to see where the future will be as we pass on to others what we have been given.

In full disclosure, in the past, between other cantor appointments and at other times on special request when their regular director was not available, I have assisted at the Toronto Chapel of The Transfiguration. I have great respect for what they have accomplished across southern Ontario from the St. Michael's Priory. I was a great honour to have been part of the Schola that sang the requiems for Father Nicholas Gruner and Father Stephen Somerville. I have great respect for the Society of St. Pius X and its priests and bishops. Without them, there would be on traditional Mass. The slander that they continue to put up with by people within the novus ordo culture is regrettable. When it comes by those lay pretenders to tradition, it is even more deplorable.

One day when the Church emerges from this darkness, She will acknowledge before God and man the error that overwhelmed Her. She will condemn these and declare them anathema. Then, She will acknowledge the legacy of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and "restore all things in Christ." 

When one views the pictures below and at the link, I defy anyone to state that this is not the work of God. This would not be happening if the Holy Spirit were not directing it. To fail to see this is to be blind. This is not to say that the SSPX is the "Church," but that the SSPX is within the "Church." 

Those who deride them are wrong and do not know scripture.

We only need to look at the Book of Acts and the very words of Holy Gamaliel himself:

ACTS 5: 38. And now, therefore, I say to you, refrain from these men, and let them alone; for if this council or this work be of men, it will come to nought; 39. But if it be of God, you cannot overthrow it, lest perhaps you be found even to fight against God. And they consented to him.