A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Saturday 31 August 2019

Bergoglio promotes another thug - just the kind he likes


The Peronist "Pope" continue to promote thugs and surround himself with corrupt men. He has nominated Mgr. Dario Edoardo Viganò, as Vice-Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, with a specific competency on the area of communication. 

This is the same man who forged a letter by the real Pope, Benedict XVI and distributed what was a confidential letter. 

The man has "competency" in lying.

Just the kind of scum Bergoglio likes.

Wednesday 21 August 2019

On Pell

Just because you think a man is innocent does not mean he is not guilty. I am disgusted with the lemming attitude here. Let's remember as a commenter said, he had to be warned not to return to a club where he had been naked with boys in a changeroom. What priest does this? One who is innocent, or one who is emotionally immature and sexually confused or perhaps one who is just evil and wants to temp sodomitic lust, desensitise youth and set up a potential victim for grooming? A holy man does not do this

I have always had an open comment box and allowed a free range of discussion. At this point in the year, I have neither the time or temperament to continue this debate. If I lose more readers now as I did after my article on the Satanic attack on good Muslims in New Zealand and the hope that in spite of their error our good God might be merciful to them, (as a Muslim colleague at work said about a deceased former colleague, "May God save his soul," then so be it. I don't need you to read this, I make no money on this blog unlike others. Be gone!

At this point, this box is now closed! Thanks, you did it!

It seems no surprise that this writer is not entitled to an opinion. I thought all the neo-fascists were on the Left, you know, the anarchist/Antifa types? Yet, I am insulted in the combox because I raise the possibility that George Pell, may have in fact, done what he is accused of doing. Is it possible that the Vatican set him up? That sodomites in Australia did him in? I suppose so. But did he not have highly paid lawyers who questioned the "ladies and gentlemen of the jury" as to their views and whether or not they were hidden anti-Catholic bigots? I was not there, I did not read the transcripts. I doubt any of you were either. My son is now 30. Would I have left him alone with a priest at 12? Well, maybe then but not now.

I went after that rotten Basilian Order a decade ago (the abuse by Rosica was just another) for what they did to me at the age of 13, I am now 62. A close personal friend was sodomised by a priest and groomed to be the faggot that he wasn't. You sit there and judge this man, Pell, as innocent, a lamb. I sit here and say, "he may have done it."  That is my perspective. Australia uses the same legal and justice system as we in Canada and the United States, both come from Common Law and the Magna Carta. 

Three are in the know, Pell, the victim and God. If Pell is innocent, he will receive great grace. If guilty, I would have hanged him.

Stop attacking me and if what I wrote causes you leave the reading of this blog, well, knock yourself out, don't the let the door hit you and have a nice life.

George Cardinal Pell, convicted of sexual crimes in Australia has lost his appeal and returns to prison. 

I did not write much about Pell or comment because from the very moment he was charged, I asked myself, "What if it is true?" If one reads comments from Catholics on various social media, Pell is enduring a "white martyrdom," and is a "sacrificial lamb."

Yet, I ask the same question now as back when he was originally convicted. 

What if he really is guilty?

Is he being defended by so many because he seemed to be "conservative?" 

Can any of these be trusted?

Is the court system in Australia really that corrupt? It is not North Korea.

Denial is not healthy.