Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Shut-up you stupid little Catholic. It is I, the great Clericalist Wizard of Coleridge who knows best - The Faith is not "timeless" and I've seen the "risen lord"

This proves that we are getting to them and we must not stop.

It also proves that they don't give a rat's patootie what you or I think.

They are clericalist on top of being heresiarchs.


On the Road Together – Invective, fear and surprise "Those voices, clinging desperately to some imagined or ideologised past, cannot point the way into the future. History will have its way, however much we try to cling to illusions of timelessness."

Connect with Archbishop Mark Coleridge:
October 20, 2015
Whatever about the press conference itself, the big surprise for me has been the ferocious reaction in some quarters to what I regard as my quite moderate remarks. Twitter has been frothing with invective, which shows what’s out there – by which I mean the fear, even the panic this Synod seems to have provoked in some. That sort of thing doesn’t look like the Holy Spirit to me – red-eyed joylessness cannot be of God. The impression is that, if you touch the slightest jot or tittle not so much of what the Church teaches but of what her pastoral practice has been or how her truth has been expressed, then the whole edifice built up over 2000 years will come tumbling down. If I believed that, I’d be panicking too and hurling lemon-lipped diatribes this way and that. But I don’t believe it and therefore find myself trusting in the path that’s opening before us, with the abuse rolling like water off a duck’s back. Voices of fear, even panic, have also been heard in the Synod Hall and the small groups, but what’s clearer to me now is that those voices within have strong links to similar voices without. It’s also clear that those voices, clinging desperately to some imagined or ideologised past, cannot point the way into the future. History will have its way, however much we try to cling to illusions of timelessness.
Once we’ve done our work, it goes to the 10-man commission who are writing the final document. They’ve been hard at it, dealing with the first two parts of the working document. Cardinal John Dew told me that they were huddled over the work yesterday afternoon and into the room unannounced walked Pope Francis – like the Risen Lord, though not (I think) walking through a locked door. He simply wished them well in the work and urged them to give him a good document. They promised to try. Another moment of the Pope of surprises. Let’s hope for some surprises from the final document.
Connect with Archbishop Mark Coleridge:


torchofthefaith said...

No ''lemon-tipped diatribe'' here - just a few simple statements of fact: Adultery is adultery no matter how Archbishop Coleridge tries to cut it.

We'd all be a lot more impressed if it were not so blatantly obvious that the whole Synod is being manipulated just like it was in 2014.

The faithful would be much more confident in the Synod if the likes of Cardinal Danneels were called to account.

And again, if sacrilegious Communions were not being promoted by complete moral relativists.

This is clericalism of the worst kind.

The Archbishop suggests that ''History will have its way.'' Actually, God will. Repentance is in order.

DJR said...

So much for "listening" to the "sheep."

What a bunch of garbage. These men no more want to listen to anyone than a zombie does.

George Brenner said...

This must be forwarded to all the lukewarm and wimpy small 'c' catholics whether they be cleric or layman.....

Aye, fight and you may die. Run, and you'll live... at least a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willin' to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they'll never take... OUR CHURCH (Braveheart) .... Get off my ARK! (Airforce, I mean ARK ONE)

Maudie N Mandeville said...

'Another moment of the Pope of surprises.' My God, he sounds like an obsequious little kept boy.

Anonymous said...

How appropriate that Michael Voris was just talking about the masonic synod. Albert Pike, the 33-degree mason, stated in his "Morals and Dogma":"...all truths are Truths of Period not truths for eternity". It is the situational ethics, a belief that there are no eternal truths. It is the opposite of Christianity.

I see free-masonic thought everywhere in this synod, and in the many "ecumenical" pronouncements and actions of this pope, as well as his predecessors'.

Either Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, or He is a liar. He can't be both, though Francis, his ecumenical predecessors, as well as growing numbers of intellectually and morally challenged Church hierarchy seem to see no conflict here. Either this or they are masons, the self-proclaimed elites, who deems it a virtue to lie to the little people, supposedly for their good, for the creation of heaven on earth.

I am convinced that Jesus spoke clearly about who the real elites are. These are the humble people (truly humble, not acting out humility for the enjoyment of the populace), who hear His voice. Heaven can be reached by following the Voice of the eternal God, not machinations of lying, puffed up followers of ancient mystery religions.

Barona said...

I noticed that this man also claims that their are fearful Fathers who are in contact with fearful Catholics outside the Synod. Interesting. Is he complaining that perhaps, just perhaps a Father who does not take to adultery or sodomy speaks to concerned Catholics? My, my what clericalism! One thing definitely, the Synod roughshod that they had planned to shovel onto Catholics has failed.

Anonymous said...

Coleridge: "Those voices, clinging desperately to some imagined or ideologised past, cannot point the way into the future. History will have its way, however much we try to cling to illusions of timelessness."

"Cannot point the way into the future." Is coleridge saying the Words of Jesus Christ did not/cannot/will not determine the future? How Obama-like!

"illusions of timelessness." Is the Holy Word of God not timeless mr coleridge? Is the Bible 'an illusion'?

As St.John Chrysostom said, "The floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops!"
Just another self-serving appeaser and bad shepherd who should hit the road.