A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Thursday 18 October 2007

More good signs from Rome

Many of you are no doubt familiar with Sandro Magister's coverage of all good things Vaticano and may indeed have already read his latest.

For those of us interested in liturgy, Gregorian chant and the Traditional Latin Mass as well as the ongoing Reform of the Reform this is all important news.
A New Musical Season Opens at the Vatican – And Here's the Program

Pope Ratzinger seems to be stepping up the tempo. The curia will have a new office with authority in the field of sacred music. And the choir of the Sistine Chapel is getting a new director

by Sandro Magister
Read it here.

Thursday 11 October 2007

Bishops and the Devil!

Courtesy of Father Z!

“The motu proprio Summorum Pontificum on the Latin Liturgy of July 7th 2007 is the fruit of a deep reflection by our Pope on the mission of the Church. It is not up to us, who wear ecclesiastical purple and red, to draw this into question, to be disobedient and make the motu proprio void by our own little, tittle rules. Even not if they were made by a bishops conference. Even bishops do not have this right. What the Holy Fathers says, has to be obeyed in the Church. If we do not follow this principle, we will allow ourselves to be used as instruments of the devil, and nobody else. This will lead to discord in the Church, and slows down her mission. We do not have the time to waste on this. Else we behave like emperor Nero, fiddling on his violin while Rome was burning. The churches are emptying, there are no vocations, the seminaries are empty. Priests become older and older, and young priests are scarce.”...His Excellency Most Reverend Malcolm Ranjith, Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments.

Hear about the Archbishop and more here!

Here you can find out what Bishop Trautman thinks... (assuming he does of course)