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A corporal work of mercy.
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Saturday 31 March 2018


Bergoglio Crucifies Jesus all over again

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As I wrote two days ago, it was my intention not to blog this week, particularly over the Sacred Triduum. My peace has been disturbed and has yours no doubt, by the man sitting on the Chair of Peter. "Don't let him disturb your peace," some will opine. To which I respond, "So, we should abandon Our Lord at His Cross, His new Calvary?" 

We are not little children, we are not even Bergoglio's "yoots." We can take the truth, we can survive our disturbed peace to call out what is now clear to all, a heretic Pope named Jorge Bergoglio.

The comments attributed to Bergoglio by Eugenio Scalfari have been denied by the Vatican press experts. They state that he has not been "quoted" therefore, the comments have no basis in fact and should be dismissed.

Sorry, Greg. Sorry, George. Not good enough!

This is not the first time Bergoglio has made these comments about Hell to Scalfari and he has reported them. He continues to go back to this atheist communist like a dog to vomit. If he is trying to convert Scalfari, it is not working. Yet, this Bergoglio is not a stupid man, He is not a fool, he is not suffering from dementia. He is a manipulative, calculating, spiteful, deceitful, vindictive malefactor who has been thrust on the Seat of Peter by evil men and inept Cardinals. 

The fact that those Cardinals who have a reported "buyers remorse" sit by whilst this boil on the papal seat continues without rebuke is to their own damnation.

This scandal by Bergoglio, that no Hell exists, has made the global media. Just this morning on Twitter, I have seen it on Fox, the Wall Street Journal and even, Rush Limbaugh. It is the same worldwide.

The fact that this man has done this in Holy Week shows his arrogance, egoism and diabolical narcissism. He cannot let Our Lord Jesus Christ outrank him. Some will say, "Ignore him, you are doing the work of the devil by focussing off of him." To those who do, I say, "You are the real Pharisees. you do the work of Satan, your father. If you lost a dollar on the Sabbath, would you not search for it? Would you not go to the peripheries to search for the lost sheep leaving the ninety-nine behind?"

Greg Burke can issue all the statements he wants. Bergoglio's toadies and butt-kissing sycophants in the media and Church can spin all they want, it is not good enough.

Nothing less than Bergoglio publicly stating that Scalfari did not quote him correctly and that he affirms the Catholic and Biblical truth of Hell is good enough.

Until he does that, then we have no choice to believe that Scalfari's report is correct.

There have been many occasions before but it must now be positively obvious to everyone. Jorge Bergoglio, Bishop of Rome, is a formal heretic.

He may have the legal office of Pope, but he no longer has the Grace of Office and must be treated as such.

In his pride, his arrogance he has engaged in a massive overreach. He has been "found wanting."

Cardinals, Bishops, do your duty.

Friday 30 March 2018

Triduum 2018: Christus factus est

CHRISTUS factus est pro nobis obediens
usque ad mortem, mortem autem crucis.
Propter quod et Deus exaltavit illum et dedit illi nomen,
quod est super omne nomen.

CHRIST became obedient for us unto death,
even to the death, death on the cross.
Therefore God exalted Him and gave Him a name
which is above all names.

Thursday 29 March 2018

Triduum 2018: In Monte Oliveti

IN MONTE Oliveti ad patrem oravit:Pater si fieri potest transeat a me calix iste.Spiritus quidem promptus est caro autem infirma.Fiat voluntas tua.Vigilate, et orate, ut non intretis in tentationem.
Spiritus quidem promptus est caro autem infirma.Fiat voluntas tua. 
ON THE MOUNT of Olives he prayed to his Father:"Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me.The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.Let your will be done.Nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will,Let your will be done."On the Mount of Olives I prayed to the Father:

At the doorstep of the Holy Triduum, Bergoglio declares there is no Hell

With sorrow to interrupt what was to be no posting.

It must be posted so that you and I can share in the sufferings of Our Lord Jesus Christ, betrayed by Judas Iscariot and by Jorge Judas Bergoglio.

From Rorate:

Will @pontifex or @gregburkerome deny this?

Will any bishop or cardinal have the courage to demand that this Argentinian scandal foisted upon the Chair of Peter be called out to reject this heresy?

Cowards, all of them.

To hell with them, literally.

[Scalfari:] Your Holiness, in our previous meeting you told me that our species will disappear in a certain moment and that God, still out of his creative force, will create new species. You have never spoken to me about the souls who died in sin and will go to hell to suffer it for eternity. You have however spoken to me of good souls, admitted to the contemplation of God. But what about bad souls? Where are they punished?
[Francis:] "They are not punished, those who repent obtain the forgiveness of God and enter the rank of souls who contemplate him, but those who do not repent and cannot therefore be forgiven disappear. There is no hell, there is the disappearance of sinful souls."

Revelation 21:8
8 But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”

Matthew 25:46
46 “Then they will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.”

Psalm 9:17
17 The wicked go down to the realm of the dead, all the nations that forget God.

2 Thessalonians 1:9
9 They will be punished with everlasting destruction and shut out from the presence of the Lord and from the glory of his might

Matthew 13:50
50 and throw them into the blazing furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Acts 2:27
27 because you will not abandon me to the realm of the dead, you will not let your holy one see decay.

Mark 9:43
43 If your hand causes you to stumble, cut it off. It is better for you to enter life maimed than with two hands to go into hell, where the fire never goes out.

Jude 1:7
7 In a similar way, Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns gave themselves up to sexual immorality and perversion. They serve as an example of those who suffer the punishment of eternal fire.

Proverbs 15:24
24 The path of life leads upward for the prudent to keep them from going down to the realm of the dead.

Proverbs 23:14
14 Punish them with the rod and save them from death.

Matthew 13:42
42 They will throw them into the blazing furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Matthew 25:41
41 “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.

Revelation 19:20
20 But the beast was captured, and with it the false prophet who had performed the signs on its behalf. With these signs he had deluded those who had received the mark of the beast and worshiped its image. The two of them were thrown alive into the fiery lake of burning sulfur.

Proverbs 15:11
11 Death and Destruction lie open before the LORD— how much more do human hearts!

Matthew 16:19
19 I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

2 Peter 2:4
4 For if God did not spare angels when they sinned, but sent them to hell, putting them in chains of darkness to be held for judgment;

Revelation 20:13-14
13 The sea gave up the dead that were in it, and death and Hades gave up the dead that were in them, and each person was judged according to what they had done. 14 Then death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. The lake of fire is the second death.

Matthew 10:28
28 Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

Ezekiel 18:20
20 The one who sins is the one who will die. The child will not share the guilt of the parent, nor will the parent share the guilt of the child. The righteousness of the righteous will be credited to them, and the wickedness of the wicked will be charged against them.

Triduum 2018: Ubi caritas

UBI caritas et amor, Deus ibi est.
Congregavit nos in unum Christi amor.
Exultemus, et in ipso iucundemur.
Timeamus, et amemus Deum vivum.
Et ex corde diligamus nos sincero.          

UBI caritas et amor, Deus ibi est.
Simul ergo cum in unum congregamur:
Ne nos mente dividamur, caveamus.
Cessent iurgia maligna, cessent lites.
Et in medio nostri sit Christus Deus.       

UBI caritas et amor, Deus ibi est.
Simul quoque cum beatis videamus,
Glorianter vultum tuum, Christe Deus:
Gaudium quod est immensum, atque probum,
Saecula per infinita saeculorum. Amen.

WHERE charity and love are, God is there.
Christ's love has gathered us into one.
Let us rejoice and be pleased in Him.
Let us fear, and let us love the living God.
And may we love each other with a sincere heart.

WHERE charity and love are, God is there.
As we are gathered into one body,
Beware, lest we be divided in mind.
Let evil impulses stop, let controversy cease,
And may Christ our God be in our midst.

WHERE charity and love are, God is there.
And may we with the saints also,
See Thy face in glory, O Christ our God:
The joy that is immense and good,
Unto the ages through infinite ages. Amen.

Triduum 2018: O Sacrum Convivium

O SACRUM convivium, in quo Christus sumitur: recolitur memoria passionis eius; mens impletur gratia et futurae gloriae nobis pignus datur.     

O SACRED banquet, in which Christ is received, the memory of His Passion is renewed, the mind is filled with grace, and a pledge of future glory given to us.

Wednesday 28 March 2018

French "priest' claims Bergoglio approved the blessing of sodomite "couples"

While it is a desire to quiet down for Holy Week and ease up on the blogging, it is particularly hard to do with hirelings in place of shepherds and a Church overrun by sodomites, malefactors and malfeasant and faithless men. I think that it remains upon us to not run from it and not hide from it so that we can share with Our Most Blessed Lord Jesus, the sufferings he continues to endure.

Here we are on Spy Wednesday, the day when we recall the betrayal by Judas and what do we find?

A so-called priest, from France, Daniel Duigou, has announced in a television interview that the so-called Pope of Rome has encouraged him and approved of his blessing of a sodomites as a so-called, couple.

So-called, priest, pope and couples -- all of them, filthy Judases.

Is this priest a liar? Did Bergoglio really tell him this?

Is this Daniel Duigou a pervert and sodomite himself?

I highly doubt Bergoglio corrected this Son of Satan for his lack of clerical dress.

French Priest: Pope Francis approved my blessing of homosexual couples

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March 28, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A French priest has announced in a televised interview that Pope Francis approved of his blessing of homosexual couples. The news comes in the wake of silence from the Pope at the suggestion of one of his main advisor Cardinals that spiritual encouragement of homosexual couples should be undertaken and blessings for homosexual couples should not be ruled out.
Father Daniel Duigou, priest of the Church Saint-Merry in Paris, France, is a late vocation and a former journalist who holds progressive views. According to a recent interview he gave to the international news service Konbini News, he just published an Open Letter to Pope Francis (Lettre Ouverte d'un Curé au Pape François) in the form of a book in which he calls for a “reinvention” of the Church and for a removal of the “monopoly” of the role of the priests in the Church.
Most importantly, Father Duigou also claimed to have received Pope Francis' personal support for blessing homosexual and “remarried” couples.

In the interview, Duigou said that he had a 45-minute personal meeting with Pope Francis. The photo on the cover of his book released this month supports his claim of the private meeting. 

Sunday 25 March 2018

Bergoglio and his Yoots talk together

Silly little sissies.

Related imageOh, look, they're all sitting in circle on the floor just like they did in Kindergarten with the teacher sitting over them in the big chair reading them a story.

What pathetic, immoral abuse being committed by this Bergoglio and his filthy minions upon these "yoots" and the Catholic faithful.

Get ready for the next Synod from Hell. This summary at OnePeterFive gives you a clear idea of what will be on it. 

Question any priest who spends his time fretting over and promoting these kinds of exercises for youths. Question his manhood and keep your children away from him. 

Thursday 22 March 2018

The Dictator Pope's minions have proven that he is a Dictator Pope

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For a few days now, it has been revealed that the author of The Dictator Pope is actually the historian, Henry Sire. Publishing under the name Marcantonio Colonna, the second edition is about to be released in hardcover.

Sire is a Knight of Malta.

Sire was suspended from the Knights of Malta.

The Dictator Pope, who disembowelled and took over the Knights of Malta and put in place his German stooges, has proven to one and all that he is indeed the Dictator Pope.

Sunday 18 March 2018

The shiftiness and bluster of the Bergoglian papacy

From Father Hunwicke:


If this man Vigano were to be kept in office, it would be the final detail in the unfolding public demonstration of the moral corruption right at the heart of this failed pontificate. In politics, it is often not the big issues that bring a crisis to its head, but something that starts off as insignificant to the point of pettiness. During this Bergoglian era, the two major disasters have been the shiftiness, accompanied by unbecoming bluster, in the area of paedophilia and coverups and cronyism; and attempts to get away with perverting the Church's moral teaching by stealth. Those things matter infinitely more than the current silly and minor episode.
 But 'Lettergate' provides such a vivid snapshot of dirty little men involved in dirty little plots for thoroughly dirty purposes. Even anti-Ratzinger veterans among the Commentariat like Robert Mickens can see this.
If PF cannot be made to understand the need to clean out his own Augean Stables, surely he should be made to go. Not next week, but this week.

I would go further and say that last week would not have been too soon!

Bergoglio's lying minions: More of the "Letter" is revealed and it is not complimentary.

Yet even more of that letter from Ratzinger has been revealed and it is not complimentary. We can agree now that it was written by Joseph Ratzinger, but the attempt by the Vatican apparatchiks to manipulate it is just so revealing of this whole disgusting papacy.

All of these deceits and scandals continue and no one is held accountable. Whether it is betraying a confidential letter, lying to the world's media, consuming cocaine, masturbating child-porn aficionado's or evil filthy homosexual priests and child molesters. 

Bergoglio sits by silent.

Benedictus XVI
Pope Emeritus
Most Reverend Msgr. Dario Edoardo Viganò
Prefect of the Secretariat for Communications
Vatican City
February 7, 2018

Most Reverend Monsignor,
Thank you for your kind letter of 12 January and the attached gift of the eleven small volumes edited by Roberto Repole.
I applaud this initiative that wants to oppose and react to the foolish prejudice in which Pope Francis is just a practical man without particular theological or philosophical formation, while I have been only a theorist of theology with little understanding of the concrete life of a Christian today.
The small volumes show, rightly, that Pope Francis is a man of profound philosophical and theological formation, and they therefore help to see the inner continuity between the two pontificates, despite all the differences of style and temperament.
However, I don’t feel like writing a short and dense theological passage on them because throughout my life it has always been clear that I would write and express myself only on books I had read really well. Unfortunately, if only for physical reasons, I am unable to read the eleven volumes in the near future, especially as other commitments await me that I have already made.
Only as an aside, I would like to note my surprise at the fact that among the authors is also Professor Hünermann, who during my pontificate had distinguished himself by leading anti-papal initiatives. He played a major part in the release of the “Kölner Erklärung”, which, in relation to the encyclical “Veritatis splendour”, virulently attacked the magisterial authority of the Pope, especially on questions of moral theology. Also the “Europaische Theologengesellschaft”, which he founded, was initially conceived by him as an organization in opposition to the papal magisterium. Later, the ecclesial sentiment of many theologians prevented this orientation, allowing that organization to become a normal instrument of encounter among theologians.
I am sure you will understand my refusal and I offer you cordial greetings.
Benedict XVI

Saturday 17 March 2018

Francis & Antonio: Out of Time

The snakes driven out by Patrick are back

Isn't that a grand face. Quite the little leprechaun. 

The snakes driven out of Ireland were not literal snakes, they were sodomites. Ireland's pagan culture was worse than that of Greece for its affection for sodomy and what we now call homosexuality. 

It has not gone unnoticed how many homosexual priests in Canada convicted of abusing children were of Irish ancestry. Sorry Irish friends to rain on your St. Patrick's Parade.

This is what makes James Martin and Daniel Horan's homosexualist advocacy so infuriating, it was homosexuals admitted to the priesthood who abused the boys. Dead stop.

No man with any homosexual orientation should have ever been ordained to the Catholic priesthood. Every one who is should be removed.

Homosexuality is an intrinsic disorder. A man who is homosexual is incompatible with the Catholic priesthood. 


Malachy Finnegan, why was this sodomite ordained?

A former Catholic priest remembers Fr Malachy Finnegan when he was at the Stroud treatment centre for sex offenders in Gloucestershire, England. It was 1995, and the former priest had himself been sent there because he was gay and was considered a sex addict by church authorities.
He recalls Finnegan during group therapy sessions when everyone was expected to be open and honest about their activities as part of their treatment “He never opened his mouth for the four months he was there [at the sessions] except to say, with resolute stubbornness, ‘I’ve done nothing wrong’.”

Thursday 15 March 2018

Vatican manipulators betray Ratzinger's "Personal reserved" letter!

Oh the tangled web that Bergoglio and his minions have set for themselves. Not only did they manipulate the letter of Joseph Ratzinger, but they betrayed him in releasing it as Sandro Magister reports:

Given that Viganò gave full reading of the letter of Benedict XVI in front of numerous journalists, it should be added that on the envelope that contained it was written: "Personal reserved".

You really could not make this up.


The double "foolish prejudice". The complete text of the letter of Benedict XVI. With a Post Scriptum

Viganò 01.25.22
The press office of the Holy See did not disclose the full text of the letter sent by Benedict XVI last February 7 to the prefect of the Secretariat for Communication, Monsignor Dario Edoardo Viganò.
Viganò, however, has read it (see photo) on the occasion of the presentation to the press of the series "Theology of Pope Francis", published by the Libreria Editrice Vaticana and made of eleven pamphlets, by various authors, on various aspects of written and oral teaching current pontiff.
The letter is dated February 7 and is in response to a previous letter from Viganò dated 12 January. But since it was announced on the evening of 12 March, the eve of the fifth birthday of the election to pope by Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the public came as if it were a sort of "vote", more than good, given by Benedict. to his successor at the end of his first five years.
This press release was also encouraged by the press release issued for the occasion by Viganò himself, who mentioned the letter only the second and third paragraphs.
In which, however, Benedict XVI rejects not one but a double "foolish prejudice": both that according to which Francis would be "only a practical man devoid of particular theological or philosophical formation", and the other according to which he himself, Joseph Ratzinger, would be " only a theorist of theology that would have understood little of the concrete life of a Christian today ".
To Francis, Benedict recognizes what is undeniable: to have had a profound "formation" in theology and philosophy. As well as recognizing an "inner continuity" between the two pontificates, where the adjective "interior" is at least as good as the noun "continuity", given "all the differences in style and temperament".
And then there is that final paragraph, omitted in the press release, in which Ratzinger, with sincere candor, gives proof of his fine vein of irony. Read it. And who wants to intend intends.
Here is the complete text of the letter, from the heading to the final signature.
Benedictus XVI 
Pope Emeritus

Most Rev. Mons. Dario Edoardo Viganò 
Prefect of the 
Secretariat for Communication
Vatican City 
7 February 2018
Most Reverend Monsignor,
I thank you for your kind letter of 12 January and for the attached gift of the eleven small volumes edited by Roberto Repole.
I applaud this initiative that wants to oppose and react to the foolish prejudice that Pope Francis would be only a practical man devoid of special theological or philosophical formation, while I would be only a theorist of theology that would have understood little of the concrete life of a Christian today.
The small volumes show, rightly, that Pope Francis is a man of profound philosophical and theological formation and therefore help to see the inner continuity between the two pontificates, even with all the differences in style and temperament.
However, I do not feel like writing a short and dense theological page on them because in all my life it has always been clear that I would write and express myself only on books that I had also really read. Unfortunately, even for physical reasons, I am not able to read the eleven volumes in the near future, all the more so because I am already waiting for other commitments.
I am sure he will have understanding and I greet him cordially.
Benedict XVI
POST SCRIPTUM - Given that Viganò gave full reading of the letter of Benedict XVI in front of numerous journalists, it should be added that on the envelope that contained it was written: "Personal reserved".
Moreover, Nicole Winfield of the Associated Press found that the photo of the letter released by the Vatican was voluntarily rendered illegible in the first two lines of her last paragraph, for the remainder covered by the booklets on the theology of Pope Francis:

Wednesday 14 March 2018

Bergoglio's Fake News Liars in Vatican caught red-handed manipulating the world's media and Catholic Faithful


These corrupt minions of Bergoglio have been caught again. The liars and manipulators are running scared now. They knew that if the world saw the real letter from Ratzinger they would doubt the credibility of the boss, Don Bergoglio. Therefore, what to do but blur it out -- blur out the lines that Ratzinger wrote that he had no time or desire to read that great depth of philosophical and theological wisdom emanating from the brain of the Argentinian boil on the Seat of Peter.

What more can one say then these malefactors are on the run. They know they've been caught long before this or they would not have manipulated it in the first place.

They are trying to make the boss look good.

It didn't work.

He looks as Peronist, as corrupt, as heretical, as stupid, as manipulative and as vindictive as ever.

Happy Fifth anniversary George. May your sixth be spent as an Emeritus sipping Mate in some seedy little bistro in the worst barrio of Buenos Aires.

VATICAN CITY (AP) — The Vatican admitted Wednesday that it altered a photo sent to the media of a letter from retired Pope Benedict XVI about Pope Francis. The manipulation changed the meaning of the image in a way that violated photojournalist industry standards.
The Vatican’s communications office released the photo of the letter on Monday on the eve of Francis’ five-year anniversary. The letter was cited by Monsignor Dario Vigano, chief of communications, to rebut critics of Francis who question his theological and philosophical heft and say he represents a rupture from Benedict’s doctrine-minded papacy.

Read the rest at:

Tuesday 13 March 2018

The Ratzingoglio Reality

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Much is being written and spoken of today with regards to the preface to a series of books which includes the comment in the post below by Joseph Ratzinger. I am of the view this is not his writing because of style. None of us really know.

What I have determined is that too many of us have let Ratzinger off the hook. We loved him. We had illusions of who he was and of course, his Reform of the Reform and then Summorum Pontificum endeared us to him. He seemed to sincerely attempt to rid the Church of the "filth" and perversion, more so than any pope before him or clearly the current occupant of the papal office. Clearly, we have seen him as a father.

But the reality that we must all face is that he is a coward. A pathetic failure. A man who threw down his cross and abandoned his children to wolves, to evil men. The three links below are from people with much more time and inclination to research and report than this writer, particularly the extensive essay by Hilary White at The Remnant.

I don't profess to know the full truth but what I do know is this, it is not found to be in workings of Jorge Bergoglio.






Monday 12 March 2018

The Vatican clearly knows that nobody believes Bergoglio is fit for office, so much so that they need to bring out Joseph Ratzinger to say that he really is

Featured Image

On the eve of the fifth anniversary of the darkness of the Bergoglian papacy that descended upon the Chuch, the Vatican says, after Pope Benedict was presented with a Vatican-published series of 11 books entitled “The Theology of Pope Francis," he said:

“I applaud this initiative, it contradicts the foolish prejudice of those who see Pope Francis as someone who lacks a particular theological and philosophical formation, while I would have been solely a theorist of theology with little understanding of the concrete lives of today’s Christian."
 The books, he says, “reasonably demonstrate that Pope Francis is a man with profound philosophical and theological formation and are helpful to see the interior continuity between the two pontificates, even with all the differences in style and temperament.”


Saturday 10 March 2018

The Sodomite Church of Bergoglio - leave any others in the combox to join the hall of shame

Featured Image

Image result for ricca pope
Msgr. Ricca with Fr. Bergoglio

Image result for msgr ricca
Msgr. Capozzi

Image result for msgr ricca
 Krzysztof Charamsa

Image result for don inzoli mauro
Don Izzoli

From Darota, how could I forget?

 (Don) Michele de Paolis

 Catholic priest Father Andrea Contin faces being defrocked as police probe bondage orgies allegedly filmed in his rectory
Don Luca

Fr. Luca Morini
Fr. Luca Morini 
And how could I forget this child porn aficionado of the Roman Rota.

Msgr. Pietro Amenta
Msgr. Pietro Amenta

And then this child porn uploading masturbator wanted in Canada and the United States but quietly shuffled out of Washington to protect him under "diplomatic immunity."

Image result for msgr capella child
Msgr. Capella