A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Monday 28 May 2012

Lying Premier, Buffaloed Bishops, Suffering Catholics

Catholic Premier Dalton McGuinty
Taking a page out of the book "How to Lie to a Cardinal" from Barack Hussein Obama, (Timothy Cardinal Dolan of New York), Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has done the same thing to Toronto's new Cardinal, Thomas Collins. While Obama is trying to intimidate the Catholic Church in America, McGuinty, a Catholic, is going to force Ontario's Catholic Schools to implement so-called, "Gay-Straight Alliances." At least Obama has an excuse, he's not Catholic. Dalton is a Catholic and should no better; good-luck to him on Judgement Day.

Laurel Broten, Minister of Education has been designated by Dalton to lecture the Catholic Church the Bishops and the Ontario Catholic School Trustees' Association on "acceptance" and the Catholic faith.

The Bishops of Ontario, through the Ontario Assembly of Bishops has taken a quiet, behind the scenes approach. They have misjudged and they have been misled by a lying, deceitful Premier and government which has manipulated the bishops' presumptuousness of good intentions on the part of the government.

They have arrived late to the party.

When was the first time you heard this debate? Was it with the Halton Catholic DSB last year or TCDSB after every other Catholic School Board in Ontario had to deal with it? Do you remember the homosexualist pressure applied to the Halton Trustees championed from a Judas on the inside who ran for election as Trustee for this singular purpose?

The Bishops of Ontario let our Catholic School Trustees enter this debate improperly armed and guided on a matter that is fundamental to Catholic Schools.

Where was the statement from the pulpits to the Catholic faithful last year and the year before to wake-up and respond to this assault on our religious liberty? Did you even hear anything 15 months ago when Dalton McGuinty tried to pass a law that oral and anal sex talk be part of elementary school curriculum? At least Evangelical leader Charles McVety was out there, where were our bishops?

Of course bullying is unacceptable. Bullying of all types is unacceptabl! It breaks the Fifth Commandment and is a Mortal Sin which can only be relieved by Confession and Penance and hopefully recompense to the victim. I was bullied. Most are bullied. But, I'll tell you, the facts don't add up that those with same-sex attraction are the number one reason for bullying. It is body image and then it is ethnicity and race and academic ability and awkwardness.
Wake up, being "gay" is in and the homosexualist lobby and the secularists who hate the Catholic Church because She is all that is left that stands between truth and falsity, despite the sins of her members, want Her destroyed.

This is nothing more than an attack on our religious heritage and liberty.

Yes, Ontario. Your religious liberty.

It is the same fight being waged on the Church by the liar in the Whitehouse.

Don't tell me as a faithful Catholic, "Do away with the system and then we'll have real Catholic schools."

No. Sorry. You don't have that option. Is the system as Catholic as it should be? No, but you don't tear it down, you fix it! What have you done to help?

If you don't stand up as a Catholic then consider it a betrayal of Michael Power, Armand-François-Marie de Charbonnel and Sir Richard W. Scott who fought for our rights 170 years ago. It is a betrayal, even to the likes of Sir John A. MacDonald and George-Étienne Cartier. To all the nuns and priests and your parents and grandparents and great grandparents and great-great grandparents who did without so that there would be Catholic Schools to preserve our faith and convert the world.

This is an attack on us and it is the first step to attempt to do away with us. Are you going to let it happen? Are you going to let this rotten government, this lying deceitful Catholic Premier of scandle from Ornge and EHealth to his Green Energy Boondoggle and of the campaign lie of No New Taxes do this?

Today, the Cardinal has come to the fight in the public. He has penned a response; an articulation that sums up the matter quite appropriately The approach is measured and forthright.

It has clarity and it has charity.

Is it enough? 


May 28, 2012

Observations on a recent change in government policy re: proposed anti-bullying legislation

For some time now we have all been particularly concerned about making sure that our schools are safe and welcoming places for everyone. This concern has been reflected in new educational policies over the last several years, and most recently in proposed legislation such as Bill 13 and Bill 14.

For the comments of the Ontario bishops concerning these bills, and the wider issue of bullying that has occasioned them, I refer you to our brief published on the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario website.

For the moment, I would simply like to comment on the recent change in government policy concerning one method of addressing one form of bullying, and of providing personal support for some students, namely Gay-Straight Alliances.

All of those who care about Catholic education are committed to assuring that Catholic schools are formed by the principles of the Gospel, in which all people are treated with love and respect. As we Christians put it, not as some pious platitude but as a practical norm for life: Catholic Schools must be places where each person is received as Christ.

This may not always happen in a Catholic school, for we are all sinners, but we earnestly try to live up to this standard. We have a rich array of spiritual resources, and methods developed out of our faith tradition, which not only fight bullying, but shape a school environment that is welcoming to all. Our schools also provide competent and compassionate personal support for individuals. We also consistently have sought, and continue to seek, to work together co-operatively with the Ministry of Education to assure that Catholic schools meet and exceed all government standards.

Bullies use many excuses to mistreat others - it is usually because someone stands out in some way. If any students are mistreated, because of whatever factor attracts the attention of the bully, then that is evil. Our concern is that all students be welcomed and loved, and that none be bullied. In Catholic schools we seek to attain that goal through methods that arise out of our Christian faith tradition, are shaped by it, and are in harmony with it.

A "Gay-Straight Alliance" is a particular method of addressing one form of bullying, and providing personal support. The GSA model was developed in the United States in the 1980's. Because this model is so closely related to a movement with particular views concerning the human person and the issues of life, people who disagree with those views are understandably concerned that the model can serve as a means not only to address bullying, but to promote the views with which they disagree. Those who share those views will no doubt wish to use the GSA methodology. They are certainly free to do so.

I question, however, why provincial legislation should make this particular method normative in a Catholic school, which has its own different but effective methods of attaining the goal of addressing bullying and providing personal support for all students, ones which, unlike GSAs, arise out of its own fundamental principles and are in harmony with them. If the point is that there is something unacceptable about those Catholic principles, then I find that troubling, and wonder whether caricatures of Catholic faith are in play. I recognize, of course, that even among Catholics the richness of our faith, and the reasons for its teachings, have not always been communicated effectively. This is even more true within the popular culture in which we live, the sea in which we all swim.

GSAs are the only particular method or strategy mentioned by name in Bill 13. That is interesting. Now, with the recent change in policy, if any student insists on this particular method, then the trustees and principals who are responsible for the religious foundations of the school are compelled to agree.

As pastor of a large diocese, on the road constantly visiting the people, I have again and again heard concern from parents and educators about the proposed imposition of the GSA methodology on Catholic schools. That same concern has been expressed to me by people of other faiths, since parents often choose to send a child to a Catholic High School precisely because they expect a particular approach to life which is largely in harmony with their family and faith convictions.

Names of organizations carry with them a distinct content: if someone asks you to join the Liberal, Conservative or New Democratic Party, you rightly expect something different from each. These groups each have their own traditions, their own shape. So the key issue is not just the name itself, but the content connected with the name, with the "brand". Is it something that you want, or something that is in harmony with your basic principles? If it is, then fine; but it should not be imposed on a community.

Some questions come to mind:

1. Why is a piece of provincial legislation being used to micromanage the naming of student clubs?

2. Why are Catholics not free to design their own methods to fight bullying, and provide personal support to students, as long as they attain the common goal of a welcoming and supportive school? Why must they instead be compelled to accept a particular method that comes from a different approach to the great issues of life?

3. The leadership of students is crucial in the fight against bullying, and in making their school a place of love and respect for all. In fact, the most effective way to stop bullying may well be the example of fellow students. Students work together with the adult leadership of the school to promote the good of all. But trustees and principals are legitimate stewards of the spiritual tradition of the school, and in a Catholic school, that includes the Catholic faith tradition. Why should the power of provincial law be used to override that legitimate adult authority so that this one particular method can be imposed by any student who wants to do so?

4. With the principle established that the legitimate local authority is nullified in this case, then is any student free to introduce any program, any club, or any advocacy group relating to any issue? Over a year ago, I heard the principle behind this new policy expressed this way: "if a student wants it, he or she has got it." That may sound attractive, but it is a very shallow and distorted view of student leadership. Trustees and principals are legitimate adult stewards of the common good of the school community at the local level, and it is not helpful when Queen's Park moves in to remove that responsibility.

5. Apart from whatever one thinks of the idea of GSAs, in any particular school is a GSA the most effective method to help students being targeted by bullies? Who makes that decision in a local school? Is it those adults who are entrusted with responsibility for the local school community and all of its members? The new policy says that they do not. Is that wise?

To the members of our Catholic community: I urge you to reflect on the implications for Catholic education of this sudden government change in policy, and of the extraordinary privileging of one particular way of dealing with bullying and personal support. Catholic educators should be free to make sure that Catholic schools are loving learning environments in which every person is treated with love and respect, and to do so in a way that arises out of our faith tradition and is in harmony with it. We need to consider the path ahead.

To our friends and neighbours of other faiths, or of no faith, including those who disagree with any or all of the beliefs of the Catholic Church, and those who personally support the beliefs that form the context for GSAs: please consider the implications for all when legislation is enacted that overrides the deeply held beliefs of any faith community in our province, and intrudes on its freedom to act in a way that is in accord with its principles of conscience. If it happens to us, it can happen to you, on this and other issues. When religious freedom becomes a second class right, you also will eventually be affected.

There is no reason for this controversy. We all want schools that are loving and welcoming places for everyone. We simply ask that diversity be respected in our society, and that we be able to attain the common goal of welcoming schools, and of personal support for students, using methods that are in harmony with the faith we cherish.

Thomas Cardinal Collins
Archbishop of Toronto
President, Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario

 TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, M4Y 1P9 • TEL (416) 923-1423 • FAX (416) 923-1509
www.acbo.on.ca e-mail: acbo@acbo.on.ca

Monday 21 May 2012

Vicious power struggle in the Vatican

From Catholic Church Conservation...
Machtkampf im Vatikan – Benedikts XVI. Plan diesen zu beenden – Neuer Staatssekretär? › Katholisches

Power struggle in the Vatican which Pope Benedict XVI plans to end - New Secretary of State?
A book, published in Italy is creating unrest in the Vatican and has made Pope Benedict XVI angry, which is the new publication "Santità Sua "(Holiness) by Gianluigi Nuzzi. In it were numerous confidential letters directed to the pope and his personal secretary, Monsignor Georg Gänswein. About such a breach of trust and violation of privacy, the Pope is furious. The Vatican announced on Saturday that it is initiating legal proceedings for "theft" and "receiving stolen goods". Legal proceedings have been started already within and outside the Vatican.

Code name "Mary" - behind the theft, the people around Cardinal Sodano are suspected
The journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi said that "Maria" was his source. Hidden behind this code name are several people who - according to the author - have smuggled documents from the Vatican which bring to light facts hidden by the Vatican State.

The Vatican looks quite differently on what is being sold as "noble deed" in the "struggle against dark forces" . There one sees the release of confidential documents in a power struggle of the old guard who turned against the appointment of non-diplomat Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone as Secretary of State for the Vatican State. The culprits of the confidential data theft were suspected to be supporters of Bertone's predecessor Cardinal Angelo Sodano.

Bertone's appointment was not accepted by the "old guard"
Cardinal Sodano is a different figure to his successor in the prestigious Diplomatic Academy at the Piazza Minerva in Rome. It is not that Cardinal Sodano is himself accepted as an initiator of the leak, but certainly his immediate people. The public dissemination of the leaks has only one purpose: to discredit the incumbent Secretary of State Cardinal Bertone and, ultimately, to affect Pope Benedict XVI himself.

Many of the letters published in Nuzzis book are strictly confidential. The secretary of the Pope, after he had read them will have passed them from the papal apartment to the State Secretariat. There, someone has crept in, made photocopies and passed them on. The leak come from far up in the hierarchy of the Vatican State. At least the perpetrator acted with conscious or unconscious cover. Only then can one explain how easily they moved in the smallest state in the world.

Commission anticipates rapid investigation
An ad-hoc commission formed under the leadership of Cardinal Julian Herranz, Josef Tomko and Salvatore de Giorgi to give a name to the leak and bring to light the person who committed this "outrageous" and "criminal breach of trust". Investigations are already underway. It is expected that those responsible will be quickly determined. The range of persons who have access to confidential documents in the archives of the Secretariat of State is very small.

Diplomats against the Salesian
The new style of government by the Secretary of State Cardinal Bertone which can be summed up with the formula "less diplomacy and more Gospel" angered the previous team. This was increased by several errors made by the new Cardinal Secretary of State, especially in the first five years of the reign of Pope Benedict XVI. Cardinal Bertone had not supported enough the prophetic intellectual momentum of the Pope and made it visible within and beyond the Church. Above all, he gave preference within the Roman curia to Salesians when appointing to posts that traditionally were in the hands of Vatican diplomats The Cardinal Secretary of State is himself a Salesian of Don Bosco. His desire to surround himself with people he trusts is natural. The newly appointed are distinguished in academic qualifications, but they have no diplomatic experience. The split between the new and the old guard has been deepened

The appointment of the Bishop of Savona, Domenico Calcagno, as apostolic administrator of the Holy See, the Bishop of Vercelli, Giuseppe Versaldi, prefect for Economic Affairs and the rector of the Salesian University, Enrico Dal Covolo, to the Pontifical Lateran University, while these three are undoubtedly qualified for these tasks, caused the old team anger. And it seems that the anger was so great that they wanted the new Secretary of State to feel it. In this context, the nominations of the Pope, which concerned his closest circle, became the object of criticism. There were the new secretaries, of course, who brought their own way of working and the women who lead the papal household. John Paul II was cared for by nuns, but Benedict XVI prefers consecrated laity of Memores Domini, as the Vaticanist Paolo Rodari notes

Viganò made the power struggle public
The case of Viganò exemplifies the grave internal struggle and allowed it for the first time to be openly visible to the outside. Afterwards blows were returned and are thus likely to be directly related. Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, a faithful follower of the former Secretary of State Cardinal Sodano, Secretary of the Governorate since 2009, the Papal States, was removed in October 2011 before the expiration of his term of office in the Roman Curia. Viganò, number two in the administrative office of the Papal States, wanted to become the new governor and competed to succeed Cardinal Lajolo. Instead, he was deported to the post of nuncio to the United States of America.

The ambassadorship is one of the most prestigious in the world, but Viganò did not wish his "deportation" to occur without comment. Probably in the hope of being able to prevent his transfer, the Curial Archbishop let off his the first "bomb". He wrote several letters to among others, Secretary of State Cardinal Bertone and Pope Benedict XVI in which he gave the names of those whom he claimed had placed him in a bad light with the goal of doing him a disservice The letter to Cardinal Bertone was leaked to the media and read in the television broadcast of journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi , who has since published a book. The appointment of Viganò to the US looks ill-fated. Especially now that the bishops are engaged against President Obama in a bitter struggle for religious freedom.

The "old guard" campaigned for Viganò
Viganò claimed in the letter that he had been removed because he wanted to take action against "bad apples" who had allegedly been lining their own pocket behind the back of the Pope. He did not forget to note that these "apples" stood close to the Secretary of State Cardinal Bertone. But there is nothing more could be done.

The Pope had decided that Viganò after his two strongly worded letters which immediately appeared in the media, and probably because of it, should leave Rome. He had to go although in his favour, and ultimately against Secretary of State Bertone, several important cardinals had offered support who invariably belonged to the old guard of John Paul II and who had prevailed mainly in the last years of his pontificate. Among them was Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re, the former prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, who was regarded in 2006 as a possible successor to Sodano as Cardinal Secretary of State, Cardinal Georges Cottier, theologian of the Pontifical House, and especially Cardinal Agostino Cacciavillan who sent the Pope an urgent letter, and is also a close companion of Cardinal Sodano.

Benedict XVI resolute advocate of transparency should be discredited as "coverer-up"
One purpose of the publicly leaked documents was also to discredit Pope Benedict XVI. The Pope, who more than any other supported since the beginning of his pontificate transparency and internally insisted on several occasions tackling unpleasant and painful affairs openly and aggressively, and not only supported this in the paedophile scandal but also implemented it with new rules is placed by the indiscretions which have a distortionary character as someone who puts the brake on and covers up. Whoever committed this breach of trust, reckons on the anti-religious reflections of many journalists.

"New Guard" does not give the expected backing of Pope
The truth is quite different. Behind the back of the Pope, two groups of the Roman Curia are in a bitter struggle against each other: the old guard, which Benedict XVI. wanted to overthrow after his election and the new guard, in which he placed his confidence, but which has not yet repaid that trust in reality. From it, he has not received the hoped-for support to strengthen the reform and renewal plan that Pope Benedict XVI envisions for the Church and with which he wants to equip the church for the third millennium.

These include profound reorientation such as in Europe taking leave of the traditional idea of a national church. It seems that different, heterodox old forces want desperately to hold on to the idea. To some extent they also include the paradox of "grassroots" groups that adorn themselves with the label of radical reformers. The Pope sees on the other hand faithful Catholics as a minority in Europe and ventures to speak for them in contrast to bishops and lay representatives . He sees his task is to strengthen the minority and not to indulge in the fiction of a national church, which no longer exists.

The Pope actually the victim of intrigue - appointment of a new Cardinal Secretary of State?
Pope Benedict XVI is the real victim of scheming game. But the Pope differently from that commonly assumed is a strong man of action. His understanding of many things is different from prevailing ideas. The Roman Curia is close to new structural reform including the appointment of a new Cardinal Secretary of State. As a candidate for the office of the Vatican's "prime minister", the French Archbishop Dominique Mamberti is discussed. Mamberti, currently Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Secretariat of State, and thus "foreign minister" of the Holy See is a member of the Diplomatic Corps. He is said to possess the ability to work well with both factions This peace, the Pope needs as a prerequisite for his renewal program. Thus, with this as well as the appointment of a new prefect of the CDF, two key changes are in the offing.

Pope plans to fundamental transformation of the Roman Curia
Pope Benedict XVI last Wednesday took advantage of the Wednesday meeting of theCDF at which the future of the SSPX was discussed to receive the Regensburg Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Muller in audience. Personnel decisions have not been taken neither for the one nor for the other post been taken. Completely other names for the Secretary of State and the CDF could arise.

Bishop Fellay: "It is the will of the Pope"

There is not one thing in the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI that will be more controversial than that which is now before him. He will decide. What he will decide will shape the Church for decades to come. Do not doubt how big this is.

There are enemies on both sides trying to prevent this. Those who are against this, do the work of Satan.

From Rorate and Gloria TV:

"You have surely heard that, in the last few months, Rome has offered us a solution - we could rather say, a recognition.

"This structure that is being offered to the Society is in fact entirely appropriate. That is, if it actually takes place, you will feel absolutely no difference between now and afterwards. We will remain as we are, so to speak. The problem is the [existence of] safeguards: will it actually happen this way? The fear is great that we will be transformed. ...

"It is quite clear that this offer is also very, very controversial in the Church at large. I can assure you: It is the will of the Pope. This must not be doubted. But it is certainly not the will of everyone in the Church.

"Whether this will come to fruition depends on terms that are not yet clear terms. There are still points that remain unclear. It could happen that, in the upcoming days, weeks - it is very hard to ascertain this - the Pope will decide directly. It could be that he takes the case back to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. There is a lot of pressure in Rome. Which is why I couldn't say more than this. That is the current status.

"One must not think that things will be easy afterwards. To use the words of the Pope that describe the situation quite well: 'I know,' he said, 'that it would be easier both for the Society and for myself to leave the situation as it currently is.' This describes very well the situation, and also that the Pope himself knows that he, when he does it, will be attacked. And also that the situation will not be easy for us. That which will arise out of this situation will be with Rome or against it. Both of which will be difficult.

"Yet we have trust in the good God. He has guided us very well so far. We must not think that, praying so much, He would abandon us in the moment of greatest danger. That would be [a thought] against hope. We are counting on God's assistance. His will be done.

Sunday 20 May 2012

SSPX Canada District Superior -- "Let us trust in the leadership"

In the past year, the SSPX District Superior moved from Toronto to their new St. Joseph Centre at St-Césaire, Quebec Father Jürgen Wegner. I came to know Father Wegner a little while he was in Toronto as I sang Tenebrae with them one Triduum a few years ago. He is a fine priest and has issued an extensive letter dealing exclusively with the current situation between the Holy See and the SSPX.

Let us remember today, those Catholics in Canada who attend Mass at the SSPX Mass Centres and that those who have doubts and do not trust the Holy Father and have in fact, developed a "schismatic mentality," some of whom I know, will humble themselves to the words of Father Wegner, the former District Superior now in the United States, Father Rostand and of course, to Bishop Fellay. Let us also not fall victim to rumour mongering or spread unfortunate misinformation.
Here is the introduction but please go to Rorate Caeli to read it in its entirely.

Dear friends and benefactors,

There has been, during the past few weeks, a veritable flood of articles and opinions concerning the relations between Rome and the SSPX. The information provided by these texts may seem alarming and even contradictory, threatening to trouble our peace of mind and obscure our judgment. I would like, during these confusing times, to outline clearly the purpose of the Society, its common and unwavering aim to promote the Catholic faith, and the importance of unity.

Saturday 12 May 2012

Toronto Missa Solemnis - Ascension of the Lord

In honour of the Ascension into heaven of Our Lord Jesus Christ; Una Voce Toronto is once again sponsoring a Solemn High Mass according to the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite (Roman Missal 1962). The Mass is on Thursday, May 17, 2012 at 7:30 P.M. at St. Lawrence the Martyr Catholic Church in Scarborough. More information is available here.

Organ Prelude: Prelude and Fugue in C major, BWV553; J.S. Bach
Processional Hymn: Sing We Triumphant Hymns of Praise;  Venerable Bede
Gregorian Chant Propers
Missa de Angelis
Credo III
Jesu Rex Admirablis; St. Bernard of Clairveaux - Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
Panis Angelicus; St. Thomas Aquinas - Cesare Franck
Regina Caeli
Recessional Hymn: Hail the Day That Sees Him Rise  Charles Wesley LLANFAIR
Organ Postlude: Choral Variations on "Veni, Creator Spiritus" Op. 4. Maurice Duruflé

Sunday 6 May 2012

Toronto Anglican Ordinariate Sodality

Today, Sunday  May 6, the Toronto Sodality of the Anglican Use will celebrate its first Holy Mass according to the Anglican Use. Congratulations to all those Anglicans in Toronto who have entered the Catholic Church and have the grace to have this wonderful liturgy. \

It is with great joy that the Toronto Sodality of the Anglican Use announces weekly Masses according to the Anglican Use starting Sunday, May 6th, 2012. Please spread the word!

Mass will be held every Sunday at 1:45pm at Sacré-Coeur (the Church of the Sacred Heart) at 381 Sherbourne St, at the corner of Sherbourne and Carlton, in downtown Toronto.  Anglican Use Masses fulfill Sunday obligation for all Catholics, regardless of whether or not they are of an Anglican background.  There is parking immediately north of the Church, a children’s program during the Liturgy of the Word, and coffee hour afterward.

The Toronto Anglican Use Sodality is a group of Catholics coming from the Anglican tradition who are in full communion with the Pope and who strive to preserve and celebrate our Anglican heritage as a Catholic parish church.

In the words of Anglicanorum Coetibus, we “celebrate the Holy Eucharist and the other Sacraments, the Liturgy of the Hours and other liturgical celebrations according to the liturgical books proper to the Anglican tradition, which have been approved by the Holy See, so as to maintain the liturgical, spiritual and pastoral traditions of the Anglican Communion within the Catholic Church, as a precious gift nourishing the faith of the members of the Ordinariate and as a treasure to be shared.”

Everyone is welcome to attend and we hope to see you there.

Laus Deo!