Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Do you still have the rosary Justin? Maybe you should learn to use it, again!


Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

When the rosary and the cross can be so misused/abused by interlopers - squatters, and aliens to Christ - it takes great grace and an unworthy recipient to understand the truth of where is the Church and why the Papal Office of Holy Ghost protection is being so efficiently slandered...and worse, the slander so universally accepted.

Dorota said...


When the Papal Office habitually rubs shoulders with enemies/deniers/mockers of Christ and the Church, while simultaneously entertaining "Catholic" company with tales of rosary counters: "Pelagian current. It's like turning back 60 years! They count rosaries... Please, don't laugh" - we may be provided with sufficient evidence to have to accept reality and to stop calling it a slander.

I know I recall correctly - Jesus said that IF people do not listen to His teaching, we, who are given the mission to take it to the people, should leave their company, shake the dust off our sandals and seek out others, who might listen. Jesus dined with everybody, he did not run a background-check on all who joined His company, but there is no reason to believe that he would have blessed adulterers or persecutes of Christians or deniers of His Word. To those people He always had a harsh word, a call to repentance. He did NOT make friends with them, nor did he encourage them in sin.

Jesus knows that sin is what keeps us from Him and His grace. Obviously, He Who waits for us to open the door for Him, so He could out-pour His grace, would not want us to bar the door.

When I talk about people who LISTENED to Jesus, I mean hearing the message and turning it into daily practice, not disregarding it in the name of mercy.

As in: OK, Jesus, I hear ya, and I know ya love me unconditionally just the way I am, so... thanks for dying for me and lifting off me the sins I am going to commit now. Talk to ya later. BTW, Wish me luck at my peace-meeting with those who deny You!

Dorota said...

Vox, allow me to add post scriptum:
What could be the reason for the current pope's statement that a personal relationship with Jesus is dangerous ground (not an exact quotation)? If I do not take Jesus personally, am I not in danger of institutionalizing my faith, and denying His personal presence in my life? Could I be misled by unfaithful and misguided priests, if I gave them the authority to interpret Jesus for me from their subjective and self-serving perspective rather than from the Word of God and Church Holy Tradition?

If I let people smear my daughter/husband/mother or ridicule them in my presence or publicly, when I was not around, would I be faithful and loving toward them? Would I expect them to be convinced of my love for them, no matter what I let others say about them and do to them, as long as I said: Peace to all? Or maybe I should say: Peace and Unity! Unity with those who mock and rape my daughter/wife/husband/mother? To expect them to appreciate such a "love" would be mad, unconscionable.

Jesus is a Person, so teaches the Church.

I suggest that NOT having a personal relation to Jesus, but rather a herd mentality, and a herd morality (lets us poll the populace and see if we have already achieved 50%+ of sodomites among us, so that we can elevate sodomy to the status of virtue; move over Jesus, we have our results!) is dangerous.

Collectivism is anti-human, anti-Christian, genocide and poison, unity between truth and lie is an impossibility.

Slander - a strong word, one that needs to be used with caution in face of evidence. God is merciful and just, so teaches the Church. God will not be mocked.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

@Dorota. You said 'When the Papal Office habitually rubs shoulders with...'

Christ 'rubbing' (preaching/beseeching) shoulders is missionary. What is happening now in the name of Christ is satanic.